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We Did It, Folks.
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Technoblade’s Entirely Average Babysitting Gig, Chapter Three: This Could Have Been Done Over Email is now out! We are done! 34,000 words and counting :D
What is Technoblade’s Entirely Average Babysitting Gig?
a dark sbi comedy fic featuring fucked up little chicken man tommy, evil literal corpse wilbur, villain crowfather Phil who loves his sons and LOVES his cool amazing sexy online evil girlfriend, and techno. just techno. babysitting and hijinx ensue. Completed, rated G, 34.2k words.
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ccerealbowl · a day ago
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“Michael Missing pt. 4”
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elliotl · 2 days ago
if c!techno and c!phil's names are not taken along with c!dream's for doomsday I'm going to start killing.
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monisalado · 23 hours ago
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New design
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no house?
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louvesqueee · 2 days ago
its been a long time since i posted on tumblr. hi tumblr!!! :D
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wasted-by-someone · 10 hours ago
Dream, Techno, did either of you have any other friends in the Ring, or was it always just the two of you?
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ask runaways rivals
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anarchy-and-piglins · 2 days ago
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POV: You’re Technoblade making notes to survive
The amazing @/hatethesyn on Twitter made this extremely cool fanart for my Backrooms AU. Link to them and to the fic are in the replies. But god I just... I love this so much...
(they even gave me permission to use it in the fic itself, so expect this to pop up in a future entry)
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sleepyfluf · 2 days ago
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Doodlin sbi as snow leopards until Maple writes her snow leopard au:
Day 31 - Neapolitan Trio
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o-o-nothing-relevant-o-o · 15 hours ago
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Technoblade warrior cat. I will be taking name suggestions cause yes, unless Boarpounce is a good name? No I did not steal the name idea off of a random website, what are you talking about?
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cat-the-kucing · 2 days ago
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Glory to the Blood God
[ #technofanart #technobladefanart #technoblade ]
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lilacandladybugs · 2 days ago
i’ve never noticed how much of philza’s stream outro is things he did with technoblade 
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beeindaclouds · a day ago
You have quackity dad,philza dad and dream dad! What about techno dad? You can just ignore
Hallo, thanks for requesting!
My Techno simp side cannot skip this request in any way, shape or form so 👀
Hope you enjoy <3
Having C!Technoblade as your dad
Tumblr media
Reader: They/Them
Requests are closed
I don't think he'd ever find a partner, so I imagine that he just found you in one of the village he was randomly raiding.
First of all, how in the heck did you manage to become the Blood Gods child?
The village had been attacked not too long a go, from god knows what, and you happened to be the last remaining human there
Imagine Techno's surprise to see a little kid around 3-4 years old just sleeping alone in this abbandoned village
Now he would have let you be, not even bothered to talk to you or to know why you were there, but he wasn't heartless
And that's how you, a random kid, became the only spared orphan by the Blood God /j
His journey with you had his ups and downs. It was never his plan to become a father or anything among those lines, but here you were
Phil was very helpful to both you and your now dad. Teaching him how to take care of you, while also assuring your safety
Techno is a good dad
He always puts you first, even making sure to lay low until you've grown old enough to stay home alone
You two bonded over a lot of stuff. Piggy back rides, night time stories, random morning walks, taking care of Carl and Steve, he did almost everything with you
Yes, he got attached to someone else even if he knew he shouldn't
But your childhood wasn't all good
I am 100% sure that at one point Dream tried to "take you away" as a way to blackmail the piglin
And that was the worst move Dream had ever made
Let's just say that Dream tried to do it in bright day light, with both Techno and Phil a few feets away from you
They gladly showed the masked man to never mess with you or them ever again :)
As a safety precaution, Techno started training you as soon as you hit 10 years of age
And in these few years you also met other kind people
The Bench Trio are probably your favourite, because they're basically children like you. And you liked hanging out with Michael too
You have met Mumza once or twice, a very beautiful women who you were enchanted by and loved to death like your own grandmother
I definitely see you becoming the next Blood God after Techno decides to retire with Philza u.u
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bleuberriies · a day ago
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Osmp character designs :)
Reblogs > likes
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prrism · 2 days ago
A Visit From…… The Manberg Festival
Relationships: platonic
Pronouns: unspecified/kept neutral
Well this took way longer to write then I thought. But to be fair writing down canon events without getting too wordy is not the easiest task to do (I rewrote this like 3 times just to get my favoured result) I hope the wait was worth it
Taking in the sight around you, you can’t help but feel yourself fall into a slightly false sense of security with the decorations lining the different stalls for some of the festivals activities. Of course you still had a good portion of your guard up, sure everything looked nice but why so much security if the point of this was to relax and have fun? You shake your head with a soft sigh, trying not to worry yourself too much over something that might very well be nothing at all.
“(Y/n)! You made it!” Your thoughts are interrupted when Fundy bounds up to you happily. “Glad you could come.” He offers you a smile.
“Good to see you too Fundy. Figured I’ve been holding myself up in my house a lot so why not take a break check out the festival.” You say returning the smile, he nods and goes to greet a few other arrivals.
“(Y/n), hi!” A pair of arms gives you a quick hug, you turning around and easily returning the gesture once you saw who it was.
“Hi Niki. How’re things going?” You ask once you let go from the hug. She sighs and her smile drops a bit, making you frown in turn.
“Not too great Schlatt’s put me in debt, I don’t really know what to do.” She looks away with another saddened sigh.
“I’m sorry you’re going through that, I wish there was something I could do to help.” You try to help comfort her with a gentle pat on her shoulder. She places her hand on top of yours with a small but thankful smile. The two of you chat for a bit longer about random topics as you make your way over to a dunking mini-game Ponk had made, seeing the other festival attendees making their way over to it as well. While you watch the shenanigans happening in front of you between Fundy and Techno, chuckling at Fundy’s reaction Techno’s dramatic “drowning”, a sudden presence from behind you makes you jump back in surprise before you let out a sigh when you realize it’s just Callahan. He wasn’t someone you interacted with a lot, and the few times you did it was usually because he was picking up an order for the Greater SMP. You didn’t mind, aside from him almost losing the entire order on several occasions, the man didn’t seem to have any precaution for his own safety and yet somehow he was miraculously still alive.
“Man, we really need to get you a bell or something.” You joke, he gives you a playful glare and soft punch on the shoulder. Soon enough you’re all called back to the podium where Schlatt gives a small speech then move on to some dancing and a boxing ring. While watching some of the boxing matches you feel a buzz coming from your comm, you read the private message with confusion.
[Wilbur: Be ready]
[Y/n: Ready for what exactly?]
[Wilbur: If you hear Tubbo say let the festival begin, leave]
You were still confused until it clicked and you remembered the TnT Wilbur planted under the place, suddenly you felt extremely on edge. For now you distract yourself by watching a few more of the boxing matches and chatting with some of the other festival attendees before it’s time for Tubbo’s speech, and as much as you tried to listen to what was being said you couldn’t focus too much, just waiting for the signal to leave.
“You got anything else in the speech big guy?”
“Ah, no nono. Let the festival begin!” You felt your heart skip a beat, there was no way this was actually happening, still you get up and are ready to leave… or at least you were about to until Schlatt and Quackity surround Tubbo with concert, much to his and honestly everyone’s confusion.
“Tubbo I’m going to cut to the chase here. I know what you’ve been up to…” Your nerves felt like they were skyrocketing, Schlatt had figured Tubbo out and who knows what else the man had pieced together. “You know what happens to traitors Tubbo?”
“Nothing good.” You swear when Schlatt turns towards everyone his eyes locked with yours for a solid second. He then calls Techno up, who to your surprise is a bit hesitant but complies nonetheless.
“He’s just a kid, you can’t do this!” You find yourself shouting without thinking. You’re greeted to another cold glare.
“Oh yeah? What are you gonna do about it? Nothing! Unless you wanna be next!” You near growl at this because unfortunately he had a point, you weren’t someone to necessarily confront others often and even if you did it’s not like you had the skills to defend yourself if things got physical. You wanted to kick yourself for acting so naïve, you knew this whole thing was shady, you caught glimpse of those ominous undertones, and yet you decided to fall into that false sense of security anyways. He was never trying to “make amends”, he just wanted to show everyone what sort of power he had by making Tubbo an example. The crackle of fireworks going off snaps you out of your thoughts, and gave you the dreadful reminder of the TnT that could still be detonated at anytime.
Getting up you make a break for the exit, and with good timing too when the sound of more fireworks being launched into the crowd is heard, all at once he’ll breaks loose. People are screaming and dashing off in various directions, you look over your shoulder to see Tommy had jumped into the open but you don’t watch for long as you stumble into one of the small ponds surrounding the area. Having to drag yourself out of the water you scramble to your feet and continue making your mad dash away from the festival…
Finally making it home you feel exhausted yet filled with too much adrenaline to sit down, instead you change out of your damp cloths and head off to the only other place you can think to go, Pogtopia…
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knight-arts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Okay so
This was for @simplepotatofarmer ‘s dtiys but my brain only processed “rivals” and “nighttime” and “chickens” I got carried away? So yeahh
Dunno if it counts(?) or not but it was fun so meh
Twitter ver
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cumulonumb · 2 days ago
While I'm often frustrated with how the narrative treats c!Techno's actions, the concepts that surround him are so compelling. I want him to be amazing and cool and explored narratively like he rightfully deserves god dammit! He is so interesting!
So you've got this guy with a long history of fighting and violence and being The Guy™ you go to for battles, he's super OP and all in on anarchy. What the fuck happened to him? What kind of past does he have that is so full of blood and death? Does he worship a god of blood or is it a saying he's taken a liking to? Was he forced to fight or did he train under his own volition? How many people has he killed? Did he live under a tyrannical government and that's what planted the seeds of anarchy, or was it something he picked up along the way? Did he read about it in books or learn of it from word of mouth? Did he find traces of ideas in the literature books he studied? Does he collect books? If he's written as half or full piglin, how many remnants in him are there of that culture and whatever previous life he lived?
Then we find out that Techno has a pretty one track mind. He very firmly believes it is him against the world in every sense of the word. If you're not explicitly with his ideals, you're against him. If there's conflict between him and another character, he unwaveringly believes he's in the right, regardless of the circumstances. That's INTERESTING!! Holy shit! What kind of upbringing did he have that gives him this stark black and white mindset, that everyone that disagrees must be a threat? That all perceived threats must be destroyed until they're beaten and bloody with no chance of rising again? Do the voices have something to do with it? Did he spend part of his life being constantly beaten down and finally snapped and got tired of it and vowed never again?
He's also SHIT at dealing with emotions. He is not prepared for the overwhelming amount of trauma that ANYONE on this server has, and has no feasible way of dealing with it, not even in himself. Is the humor a coping mechanism? Is he desensitized to the war and bloodshed, considering so much of it litters his past and he had to come to terms with it a long time ago? How much has Techno silently grieved? How many manifestations of Phil's grief over Wilbur has he seen? Does Techno see himself as an outsider to the SMP and doesn't concern himself with their affairs unless he feels he has to, or does he refuse to because he fundamentally disagrees with so many of them?
Even so, when Techno cares about someone, he cares as violently as he hates his enemies! He would go to the ends of the Earth and back for Phil, all he needs to do is ask. He saw Tommy leaving his side as one of the worst betrayals he's ever faced. He teamed up with a guy he has a long track record of tension with (you know, public execution, calling Tubbo a tyrannical president) in the name of finding someone that Ranboo cared about. Even if Techno seems very muted and monotone, the emotions that drive his actions seem VERY intense.
THERE IS SO MUCH YOU CAN DO WITH HIM!! Man. if canon will not give me in depth techno character study i will make it myself
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gm08 · 2 days ago
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ARRRFGARHGA drew him instead of drawing my comic <3
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sleepyfluf · a day ago
Tumblr media
Doodlin sbi as snow leopards until Maple writes her snow leopard au:
Day 32 - Bedrockbros
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