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blockgamepirate · 2 days ago
You know what, I wanna point out how incredibly rare it is for dsmp!Techno to take off his armour willingly.
I can remember one time that he did it for a joke (hiding in the posters in New L'Manburg) and a couple of times he showed off his pacifist arc skin. And obviously sometimes while sneaking around invis.
He almost NEVER takes his armour off, even for chill streams, and the rare occasions he does it's usually only for a utilitarian reason and he immediately puts it back on when he's done.
But he did it while visiting Tubbo to bring him the news of Ranboo's death and ask about Michael.
So it was a pretty serious gesture of goodwill right there, especially considering their history. He knows Tubbo has a lot of reasons to hate him, and also the last time he was armourless in front of Tubbo he got his head smashed in by an anvil.
Just wanted to appreciate that he took this interaction that seriously. For Ranboo.
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mellointheory · 2 days ago
people who think techno broke dream out of prison because they're friends are so fucking funny. dream was in prison for ten months and techno gave zero shits. ranboo goes to prison and techno leads a jailbreak literally the next day. that shit's hilarious.
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cat-26 · 18 hours ago
"I think I've accidentally radicalized a generation. 'Cause I keep seeing comments about how, like, concerned parents are having their kids turn to anarchy 'cause of some minecraft roleplay. And they don't even mention me by name, but I'm like 'uh-oh'."
- Technoblade in the Banter Podcast, 11:15
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demonboyhalo · 2 days ago
Tubbo, reading chat: "Go save Michael?" No I think me and Technoblade are going to team up and go an Amazing Friendship Journey where we turn from enemies to friends to save my adopted son...of the man who was murdered.
[Looks over at chat and laughs at them being sad that Ranboo's murder was mentioned]
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lilacandladybugs · 2 days ago
I’m thinking about how last year c!Technoblade didn’t think standing up for your allies was worth a chance at getting hurt,
How unapologetically and aggressively he responded to Tommy, how he dealt with the grief he had caused by causing even more,
Violence is the only universal language
Thinking about how this year Techno jeopardized the whole jailbreak for Ranboo.
How Techno thought standing up for Ranboo was worth everything.
How he approached Tubbo, grieving, armorless, and quiet.
You have the wrong hostage, I care
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cosmic-nopedog · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[click the images or I will cry]
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simplepotatofarmer · 2 days ago
ok but in the vein of cc!techno’s acting skills, can i Appreciate that moment after Ranboo is killed, we hear Techno scream, and then he makes the choice to just for a few seconds deafen his Discord, like his character is so overcome with rage and grief and distress that Dream’s pleas to flee, everyone’s confusion, Sam’s excuses and accusations, are *literally* falling on deaf ears, and the chat/the voices screaming for blood is all there is
everything about that moment was so great.
he's genuinely one of the best rpers on that server because he CAN do emotional! he can and it fits perfectly with his character.
c!techno is someone who feels so much and so deeply but doesn't always express it in ways that people read correctly. you can hear him get more and more panicky, more and more stressed. you can see the way he doesn't fight as well as he normally does. the movements are a bit sloppy, he's not approaching the situation in an optimal way.
it's just so perfect and perfectly in character and perfectly heartbreaking because he tried so hard to get everyone out and failed. and every single action that cc!techno takes drives that point home in a way that's sad but also not pure angst, not devolving into dramatics. just c!techno's grief and guilt and quiet rage and dedication to those that he cares about.
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o-o-nothing-relevant-o-o · 12 hours ago
Higher quality in youtube :]
I am both in pain and proud of myself for how some things came out. I honestly wish I can find a new editing program so that I can do more and not just be restricted to moviemaker. Sadge
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thepeacock · 2 days ago
ok but you gotta give techno credit for how hard he tried to not understand things. we've got
1. ranboo saying "he has michael" and techno runs around for another hour going "why would ranboo take off his armor???"
2. tubbo tells him that michael is "ranboo and I's son" and it goes in one piggy ear and out the other.
3. he starts saying "enemies to l–" pretends he doesn't know/he forgot what enemies-to-lovers is, and says "enemies to teammates" instead. yeah techno. we'll all pretend that's the original trope name for you.
4. and of course when dream asks him to let him and sapnap deal with their business alone techno goes "oh yeah of course i'll just move a little back :)" and dream has to directly ask him to leave
5. because sapnap and dream were so clearly struggling to concentrate on lore roleplaying when all they can hear is ARUNAOSDIFNAIWURNEFAKSJDNV from techno
in conclusion, technoblade will not understand what is going on, and nobody can stop him, not even gravity or NASA
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alvie-pines · 2 days ago
the fact that the richest people on the server keep saying "people matter more than materials, you plebs!" to the poor people and then using that as an excuse to bomb their country is... something.
"dont be mad that i nuked your home and community and everything you love! youre so fucking obsessed with the material! if you were a good person, all you would need to continue after that is people!" guys theyre poor as dirt, they actually need that shit. and their country was founded as a place for the poor and weak to protect each other, you are soooooo out of touch its awful
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lilacandladybugs · 2 days ago
love how both phil and techno’s justification for their characters not being related to c!tommy is that it would make them canonically shitty family members like im glad to hear we’re all on the same page
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