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i feel like if u don’t have social media.. it’s as if you don’t exist in a way

like i don’t mean ‘oh ur a nobody’, no. i mean like, people forget about you, you become irrelevant, like even celebrities who don’t have social media, u barely ever hear anything about them, and they’re CELEBRITIES. and like when u meet people the first thing they ask for when they want to get to know u/be friends/more than friends is ur social media ‘what’s ur snap?”, what’s ur insta?.. like what if i don’t have any of those? do u still want to be friends? or are you not sure? I may be completely wrong about this but I feel like a big part of that is poor communication skills, like ppl are too scared to be upfront about shit or can’t communicate properly enough to just function thru text. 

you don’t need to see a selfie of me or a video I took in public or literally anything (that u find on my social media) to be able to decipher whether I am worth ur time, of course I’m not saying that that doesn’t help but like.. idk. 

what’s yall’s take on social media? do we need it to ‘exist’ in today’s day and age? this IS the digital age after all. 

i just thought of it, when u are completely off social media, you become unreachable.. inaccessible. in a way, it’s like u’ve gone off the face of the earth.

i think it also has to do with how fucking fast-paced our society has become… like everyone is always so busy/working/stuck in their own world and problems and only go to social media because it’s sometimes the only form of social interaction they have/have time for. crazy. 

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