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Just imagine Jason’s personality if he was taken in by John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara.

One day John’s in Gotham and something magical was taken out of his pocket by a street rat(Jason). John follows him to get it back (it was something he needed and that a kid should not have) and asks Jason “Why out of all things did you have to steal that. Was my wallet not good enough.” And Jason replies something along the lines of he “felt like it and not like there was anything in your wallet” (magical and he did in fact steal John’s wallet too). And John has to take him in for one reason or another (to powerful of magic, would attract other magical beings, could end up hurting someone or himself, ect) and brings him to Zatanna.

Jason loves learning and especially things like Greek Gods, Magic, and Monsters (all things he thought mostly fake because not enough proof). And now he gets to learn all about them.

Jason doesn’t want his body to waste away though so he insists on working out (so he doesn’t end up like John). Zatanna ends up introducing him to Dinah when he shows and interest in martial arts/fighting. And Dinah may take him back to Gotham to train in Ted Grant’s Gym (he misses his home). There he may meet Selina Kyle and they would get along.

During Jason’s time with John and Zatanna he does some jobs. Backstage work for Zatanna mainly and whatever John does to get money. He loves when Selina teaches him more ways to steal.

His personality is a lot more eccentric and open. I imagine that his wardrobe would be mainly black jeans and band ts with crazy hair. When he might need more fancy clothes he’d go with black slacks and dark/warm colored button ups.

I like equally the thought of him not dying and being like 5'6 or something and a Demon killing/taking over his body and the Demon magic buffing up his body until John or Zatanna can cure him.

(I don’t know much about dc canon or the magical side of dc (besides for the bit of Legends of tomorrow that I’ve watched) but I like the idea of Jason’s magic being a bit more trick magic and slight of hand. He meets dick or someone and finds out about smoke pellets. Has a contraption to make flames(bigger), ect. Just a mix of actual magic and his fighting/stealing skills)

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