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#teddy's talk

you know when you read a character analysis and it’s so wrong you get like. personally offended

#teddy's talk, #okay one to be honest I’m not sure I agree with but it wasn't that like. bad, #I think it was mostly the fictive we have of that character being annoyed and it bled over, #but the other is like. '[x] wants to retreat back into his childhood and isn't coming to terms with growing up' would be. fine. if the 'gro, #wing up' part weren't clearly synonymous with 'getting a girlfriend'/'being interested in girls'*up' which would be fine, #like the only times I can think of that prove the analysis' point are when his friends are worried about one of their girlfriends breaking, #up with him and then drag [x] to the mall to try to fix it, #mostly because he was already hanging out with them I think., #and he's clearly not interested in what the other two are doing, #bc he wants to play d&d, #partially bc that's what they used to do but also like., #he was almost done setting up the board and stuff when they dragged him off, #my main point was how he's clearly implied to be not into girls (he's implied to be aroace for the most part actually but.), #which labelling being like. not straight. as not wanting to grow up is. h. I don't like it, #but also I know it bothers me as an autistic person when, #I have everything all set up and then my plans get interrupted, #so the whole not wanting to grow up thing takes a new perspective, #especially since that episode was a huge piece of evidence for the analysis, #anyway! yeah., #I typed this all up on my phone so hopefully none of the tags cut off
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twitter is nice bc like. I’ll open it and I see my friends posting and I have no clue what you’re talking about. you’re talking about games. you’re talking about… songs. I think. I don’t even know what you’re posting about. I think you’re loveposting but the character keeps changing. I leave some likes and then close twitter without making any posts myself

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honestly though like. if someone creating characters and personalities is impressive, isn’t it also impressive when people other than the creators take those characters and place them in new situations and… still have them be in character?

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oh also I think the teacher addressing me as mx. might have. just been bc I’ve had literally like 3 classes with her, all at the beginning of the year, and I sign all my emails as “teddy” which is. not a name that will tell you anything about the sender’s gender

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