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“I’m not doing this for you,” Bakugou mumbles. His lips brush the bare skin of Kirishima’s back because Kirishima sleeps shirtless—of fucking course he does. Shirtless is pretty much his constant state of being.

“Obviously,” Kirishima confirms. “You’re doing it for yourself.”

Bakugou wants to laugh. He wonders if there’s anyone else in the world that can possibly understand him better than Kirishima does. He would be okay if there wasn’t, as long as Kirishima doesn’t stop offering Bakugou things like his broad back and contagious happiness and his steady, outstretched hand.

Word Count: 4,173

Chapters: 1/1

Completed? Yes


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by queen_gee

T, 2k, wangxian pre-slash

Summary:  He heard the whip before he felt it.


It all began on one night, that first one on the rooftops of the Cloud Recesses. Wei Wuxian did not care for the rules of the world, not those tethered to man or to magic. One look, one smile, one laugh. Lan Wangji would have followed him to the ends of the earth from that very first night.


Lan Wangji suffers his punishment and thinks of Wei Ying.

My comments:  [I was on a #discipline whip kick at the time, out looking for hurt and angst.]  I really need to stop wallowing in all this pain. Mojo: go find something happy. Ack!  [Clearly this means the story ripped me up in EXACTLY the way I was looking for.]

canon compliant, discipline whip, 33 lashes, torture, corporal punishment, hurt lan wangji, pain, angst, character study, suicidal thoughts, blood and gore, lan wangji has a no good very bad day, hurt no comfort

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