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'Teen Mom OG' Star Catelynn Lowell 'Definitely' Wants Another Child After Suffering Miscarriage: 'Up to the Universe' (Exclusive)
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MY 20 WEEK PREGNANCY UPDATE *ULTRASOUND* - Cheyenne and Ryder K (YouTube)
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LOL I have absolutely no idea where this insane idea comes from either, people say the same thing about Chelsea and Adam too and it’s baffling, like why the fuck they think these normal women with entire ass families and husbands are thirsting over their drug addict train wreck exes from high school is baffling.

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While I don’t know what exactly it was Taylor got fired for, I can’t help but side eye MTV in that sense, given all the shit they’ve let slide with Farrah, Amber, Jenelle, Ryan, and Adam for so many years. It seems like MTV is selective in who they think should be fired from the show and who should stay.

She got fired because she said and did racist shit on the other shows she was on, including spitting on her black co-star.

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Redownloaded Tumblr to ask you what you thought about this 👀

YOU’RE ALIVE and I do not think Kail is with Javi and Creed is absolutely not his because Creed and Lux look way too much alike and too little like Lincoln for that to make sense but that is weird. I assume this is tea about Lauren? And how sad that I can suss that out just based on the context, but like girl WTF did you expect, he was literally on national television letting it be known that you were his third choice. Not even his second, HIS THIRD. Of course y’alls relationship was a lie.

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