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365 DC Comics Paper Cut-Out Villains - One Villain, Every Day, All Year…

April 4th - Houngan

Jean Louis Droo was an accomplished computer scientist who worked for a prestigious firm in California’s silicon valley. He returned to his native Haiti when his father was gravely ill. Conventional medicine was unable to successfully treat Droo’s father, yet he made a full recovery after a visit from a local houngan (a practitioner of the voodoo arts). Droo subsequently became fascinated by voodoo magic and learned everything he could about it. He became a skilled houngan in his own right, greatly augmenting his abilities by combining the rituals and incantations with his advanced knowledge of modern technology.  He become hugely powerful, yet using voodoo magic for personal gain resulted in his being seduced by the influences of evil. Renaming himself ‘The Houngan’ he embarked on a career as a super villain and was recruited by The Brain into The Brotherhood of Evil.  As a member of The Brotherhood Houngan engaged in multiple battles with The Teen Titans. He would later serve alongside The Secret Society of Super Villains. Houngan first appeared in the pages of The New Teen Titans #14 (1981).

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Friendly reminder of the day that Roy is a native character and his Navajo heritage is very important to him/something he’s based most of his solo costume designs around and is a treasure he’s doing his best to pass on to his daughter even after feeling excluded from his tribe.

And also that Roy openly stated he was not fluent in English when he left the reservation (equivalently in the 40s) and that he’s often so singled out because he had an early linguistic barrier between himself and his peers that probably came along with an accent.

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“So, your telling me you bought some tickets for a movie to go with a friend. But now that friend says they can’t make it and so you are asking me to go with you? Why?” 

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Avengers arena and teen titans: The Culling are both basically the hunger games without anything that made the hunger games worth reading!! Funny how they came out the same year the first movie came out!!! Talk about cash grabs!

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I wanted to say thank you for 100+ followers!!! I meant to do this way sooner, I figured what better way to say thank you than with a DamiRae? Of course, I will be taking requests and asks as well, my inbox is open for any pairing! If preferred, I have a prompt list here. I’ll do my best, just as everyone here has welcomed me to the Tumblr community has done. (Sorry for mushiness) Really, thank you so much!!


“When you said relaxing and casual, I didn’t think you meant this.” Damian gestured at the people around them. They were dropping off their bags, jackets, phones, and keys onto shelves built into the back corner of the room, before lining up to take their places. In even spaces. Orderly rows and columns.

Earlier, Jon had suggested something about walking to get lunch at a new place. But Damian realized upon entry into this facility that he had been tricked.

“Are we in the same room? It couldn't get more relaxing and casual.” Jon sounded more enthused than he should have been. His dark waves whipped around as he glanced excitedly at loose t-shirts, sweatpants, and of course the bare feet.

“But still - why would you invite me?” Damian scowled in his joggers and tank top. “I should have just stayed at my office…”

“That attitude is exactly why I did - because it’s Saturday.” The taller man insisted. “You shouldn’t be working; you should be resting and refreshing yourself. For once.”

Damian folded his muscular arms. “Non-business day aside, the economy doesn’t rest, therefore neither should I.”

“Come on, D… see this one through.” He placed a hand firmly on Damian’s shoulder. “Or at least give it a few minutes. If you really want to go after that, I won’t fight you.”

Conceding through clenched teeth, he muttered in Arabic, what was presumably an assent, no doubt after a string of expletives. Damian exhaled. “Fine.”

“Good afternoon, everyone.”

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I got tagged by @randomduckydoodles !

Rules: Name your top 10 favourite characters from 10 different fandoms then tag 10 people

Aw this is hard tbh. I have so many.

1. Lena, Ducktales: I mean. She’s just dope. Magic?? Tragic backstory?? The angst? The goth theater kid vibes? What’s not to love? She’s bad ass. All the aus and headcanons and theories were so fun to put together too so that helps lol.

2. Zane, Ninjago: this was literally one of my first introductions to fandom world. And boy did I go crazy with it lol. I mean. Ninja? Check. Robot? Check. Cool ice powers? Check. 10/10 character. Would rewatch the series for him tbh.

3. Charlie/Marionette, FNAF: this one is a toss up cause I love the SL characters so much. But come on, smol puppet protector! Her voice is so cute! The design is great! The mechanics! She just wants to sleep and help her friends and protect the ones who died! She’s baby!

4. Wendy, Don’t Starve: ANOTHER BABY!! Weird little death obsessed bean! She can summon a ghost! She’s so cute!! Literally one of the only characters I play as! Her stats are good too so I mean. (I think this extends to Abagail too since they’re a package deal, and especially with the rework short. Abagail is baby too and I love her just as much)

5. Juuzou Suzuya, Tokyo Ghoul: look man. Idk why I love them so much. The aesthetic, the absolute bat shit crazy attitude, the weapons?? I have no idea! But they’re dope and I love watching the fight scenes with them in it cause Juuzou is absolutely feral!

6. Raven, Teen Titans (the anime): goth magic. Loves her friends. Stands up against those who try to use her. What more do I have to say? She’s just so cool! And learning why she was so cold and uncaring is top notch writing man. I love her.

7. Harley Quinn: I don’t even care which animation or comic she’s from. Give me feral Harley. Annoying as hell and goofy 10/10. Kind of an anti-hero sometimes?? Willing to beat up people who prey on those less fortunate in place of Batman or batgirl?? Perfect. Glory kills in Injustice? Also 10/10 and fun. My main girl. Has hyenas as pets!! Wonderful!!

8. Karen Beecher/Bumblebee, Dc super hero girls: BABY!! She’s so smol! Her voice! I love the shy characters way too much. And she’s obviously so smart too? Like she built that suit herself! (I loved the original janky one she had in the first episode. It was so cute)

9. Hornet, Hollow knight: I have no idea why but she’s so cool?? Her boss fight is so fun and her theme is good too?? She’s epic and I love her. Her abilities are cool! And her voice! 10/10 would ADIIDAS again.

10. Donnie, TMNT: mainly the 2013 and 2019 version, but the 2003 cartoon was really good too! He’s just really cool. And his tech was always fun. And his weapon is really cool! Especially in Rise! Sarcasm on point, best color, 10/10 turtle. (And his relationship with April was super cute)

There’s so many more but thanks for the tag!!

Not going to tag anyone tho soz

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