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I don’t know if it’s still an issue, But, back in my day, BBRae and BBTerra fans were vicious to each other and it got ugly. Let’s all join together, and enjoy our ships, huh?

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I have this headcanon in which the Titans have a room, hidden deep within the Tower, full of life-size cutouts of each member of the Justice League. 

It started as a joke after they found them for sale online, but it gradually evolved into a cross between a game and a means to blow off steam.

Sometimes they put makeup on them and dress them up, other times they like to play with them as if they were dolls. More often, the cut-outs just turn into a method of releasing their frustrations, or, target practice.

Batman has been replaced the most, for obvious reasons. Pretty much everyone has had beef with him at some point, even if it were just on someone else’s behalf. 

Next is Green Arrow, who perpetually has an arrow in his groin. At this point it’s really just a matter of principle, more than anything else.

Aquaman’s has seen better days as well, and generally if his is being destroyed, the ones on either side are as well.

No one’s usually terribly annoyed with Wonder Woman, but Donna once hacked it to pieces and everyone just kinda moved on with their lives.

The Flash is generally well-liked, as is Superman. 

Occasionally they get mad at other members, but it’s not as personal and they generally just make fun of them at that point.

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When you and your friends (@sapherina200 and @splinterwulf ) are discussing live action films and which directors would do them justice.

Jon Favreau make us a live action Deathstroke movie.

Taika Waititi need us a live action Young Justice/Teen Titans.

This is after we had a long discussion over the fact that S***der teased 10s of Deathstroke after the clusterfuck that was the JL movie and we have not heard anything since. They teased it and then dropped the ball on it.

I want a Slade Wilson Movie. I want to see a badass villain.

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Life Philosophy Headcanons

♖Do people, in your muse’s opinion, ever really change? Do they believe themselves to be capable of changing?

Gia doesn’t believe that people can change. They can make small changes in their lives, but the overall picture? The core of their being? They can’t change that.

(Terra wants to believe that people, and therefore herself, can change. She wants to believe it with everything she is. She wants to be good.)

♡How would your muse define love? Do they believe in soulmates? Do they believe this definition of love is achievable?

Gia isn’t sure about love. She sees other people claim that they are in it, but she’s seen a lot of them break up too. She believes that if it was love they wouldn’t have broken up. Rather they would have worked it out.

She doesn’t believe in the concept of soulmates. 

As to whether the definition of love is achievable? In theory, it should be easy. Just work out problems and stick with your chosen no matter what. In practice, it seems a lot harder.

(Terra defines love as someone who accepts her completely and without hesitation. She does not believe in soulmates. She doesn’t believe that that definition is achievable because she doesn’t believe anyone would accept her if they knew her truly.)

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I really loved the Winx club one I did recently and had to do it with one of my other favorite gal pals from my childhood. 
(Reference. DM me if you know creator)

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Random rant (sort of??) but I wish when people made nextgen OCs, they wouldn’t be so eager to do things like make them carbon copies of their parents (both appearance and personality wise), automatically make the character’s kid the BFF to their childhood BFF’s kid, etc. Please, mix it up a little!!

Make the sweet, kindhearted main character’s child a total, unapologetic bitch!

Make the protagonist’s kids find friendship with some rando’s kid instead of the the children from their mom or dad’s friendship circle!

Incorporate more adoption and surrogacy into m/f relationships!

Have more blended families!

Have more single parents!

Have the children be different ages so it doesn’t look like their moms entered a pregnancy pact!

Let the protags to be major screw-ups in their parenting sometimes!

Let the parents be lower and middle class!

Let their families be strained and dysfunctional!

Let the parents’ friendships become strained and dysfunctional!

Friendships degrade, families fall apart, good people don’t always make for good parents just as bad people don’t always make for bad parents, people that come from decent backgrounds can become rotten, children can be nothing like their parents, kids don’t always like their parents’ friends or their kids, not every m/f couple can get pregnant, not everyone has two parents, not everyone gets remarried, not everyone strikes it rich and becomes famous!

Do whatever makes you happy, of course, but don’t be afraid to try out different things!

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Admittedly this episode of teen titans iant very good. Raven has always tried to understand others…after hitting roadblocks with them. But the entire episode is ravem not even trying to understand these children, and not believing that an invisible guardian exists despite being a half demon herself

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Titans Together!

Continuing my series of every Teen Titan minifigure I have

Superboy, Impulse, Red Robin, Miss Martian, and Wonder Girl

NSFW blogs do not reblog

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