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#teen titans
ghostpaintersa day ago
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Spiderman and Nightwing: great irresponsiblity聽
I just started working on this for the heck of it, mostly for my sister and to get some practice it. I have no idea what I鈥檓 doing, but I鈥檓 doing it anyways. Apearently. Unfortunately. Eh, I鈥檓 making it up as I go.聽I blame my unhealthy intake of caffine and lack of sleep. Allnighter...unrelated to the comic...
Why am I even like this?
Here, have 3 pages of a halfbaked comic. I鈥檓 gonna go curl up and die for a few hours...or maybe a few days.聽
Sending y鈥檃ll my love, and stay awesome, AJ <3<3<3聽
PS. this is not legit or offical. I鈥檓 just a kid with a computer.聽
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arguablysomaya2 days ago
Dick: whenever I feel sad or frustrated that I can鈥檛 fix a problem I look at a picture of all of my siblings together
Wally: awwww
Dick: and I think if I can keep these dumbasses alive, then I can do fucking anything
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theartmage2 days ago
Tumblr media
Piece 15/31
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Tumblr media
Theyre in love your honor 鉁
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yeesa2 days ago
Tumblr media
I mean she did call him daddy鈥 馃憖
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kimberly-spirits132 days ago
Batboys with Red Room Trained S/O
Dick Grayson:
Tumblr media
you guys meet while he鈥檚 robin and on the Young Justice team
they鈥檙e on a mission to protect some different diplomats from some assassins that the league suspects will be lurking around
those assumptions were correct because you were assigned to go
the team had seen you once you and your team were firing from the rooftops
they started going for you since you seamed to be the leader and M started using her mind control and mind reading on you
that鈥檚 when she shattered the neurological control that the red room had on you
they watched as you started stumbling and then fell over
鈥淲hat鈥檚 happe-鈥 鈥淵/N location now鈥 you heard in your ear
you suddenly remembered everything that had happened and pointed at Robin
鈥淕ive me your weapon.鈥
鈥淲hat- no!鈥
M read your mind very quickly 鈥淒o it Robin!鈥
that鈥檚 when he did and you quickly cut the tracker that was in your neck out and crushed your ear piece
鈥淵ou have a place to run to right?鈥 you asked
and that was that
you started training with the team even though you were arguably leagues ahead of most of them
Robin was your only competitor so you would spend forever training and sparring together
that meant that you started to gain a connection
after a while he quite simply just couldn鈥檛 hide the feelings that he had very quickly developed
from quick russian remarks to wally and always seeming to know what to do, he just really really liked you a lot
you started dating after a while
this is when he finds out that you can鈥檛 have kids and all that jazz but we won鈥檛 touch on that since that鈥檚 specifically a woman thing and we all know what happens
whenever he moves to bludhaven, you go with him but you don鈥檛 join the police force
instead you鈥檙e doing work with the league since that鈥檚 all you鈥檝e really known
maybe you鈥檒l decide to drop it and just stick to some nightly work
dick appreciates that you two have some insane backgrounds and that you don鈥檛 really have set parents
you two end up having a ton in common which is kind of concerning but like it鈥檚 a small world
The only thing that really bothered him when he first met you was when the team was watching old Disney movies and you started reciting them in some reflective stupor
Jason Todd:
Tumblr media
You鈥檙e fresh out of the Red Room since its fall
You were one of the top assassins there and so you really had nothing else to do but start doing your own thing your own way
there were some things that the red room trained you to do that you just won鈥檛 really do anymore since it鈥檚 so violent but you know sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do
you were in Gotham trying to take out a drug lord that you decided needed taking out
that was when you met Red Hood who was doing the same thing
He recognized your widow symbol and immediately was like waiitttttt a minute
during the time that you were in the Red Room, they partnered with the league
this was when Jason had been taken in the league
you were both there at the same time and were the same age so you were paired together a lot for training
since he was also a protege to Talia, and she was your mentor there, you were together because of that
He recognizes you really quickly since he knows faces really well even if they鈥檙e covered some by a mask
鈥淵/N?鈥 鈥淪ince when did you get out of the Red Room?鈥
鈥渉uh? JASON TODD?鈥
you two start talking during the mission
it鈥檚 basically a highly trained Widow and Red Hood breaking bones and killing people while casually catching up
like very weird but somewhat oddly normal for what people might expect
you two kind of just move in together like as friends as first and then later you start dating
You and Artemis become best friends and Roy really likes you since you were trained in marksmanship and archery for a bit
he鈥檚 got a partner now for competition
Jason likes that you can take care of yourself
He starts taking bits of your own training and fighting style and incorporating it into his fighting
It kind of makes him a bit more dynamic and dare I say graceful during fighting
You guys are always together on mission and when you have to do things like go off and help another widow, he always waits and really misses you
The Batfam knows about your existence and Cass really really likes you a lot so she鈥檚 over a ton
You all have a lot in common
jason just thinks you鈥檙e amazing like
The man just loves you and always respects your boundaries since he knows that you would鈥檝e had a LOT happen during your time in the Red Room
Tim Drake:
Tumblr media
You two meet because you try and assassinate him
It was during a gala and he was outside since this was at Wayne Manor
You were stalking him in the shadows and when you got into a fight with him, you weren鈥檛 expecting him to pull some really weird red dust on you when he saw your symbol
like a gentleman he catches you when you stumble over from it
he then patches you up after you take the tracker and stuff out of your neck
makes sure that the Red Room can鈥檛 find you until it collapses
you weren鈥檛 really sure how he got the stuff that takes you out of your neurological condition but you are grateful that he had it
he sneaks you into the cave and starts running tests on you to make sure that you鈥檙e all good
He already knows about all of the surgeries that you were forced to have so he doesn鈥檛 really ask about that unless you say something about it
Bruce comes down because like Tim is nowhere else to be found and he sees you in your suit
uhhhhhhh wtf are they down here
Tim explains everything and you corroborate it since Batman isn鈥檛 very trusting
Bruce offers that you stay at the manor so that you aren鈥檛 found until the RR ends
he was definitely convinced by Tim
After getting over you trying to casually kill him that one time you guys become really fast friends
You both just know a lot of things about a lot of things and he really really likes that
You two bond over shitty parents and childhood issues and trauma because why not
He eventually asks you to be his S/O after you started dropping some hints
You both partner together during things at WE and finish your studies homeschool so that you can advance as fast as you want and not have to deal with school
you both hate school because it鈥檚 school and there are annoying snobby people everywhere
You meet all of his friends and they all love you
you and Conner really get along because you feel like sometimes your only purpose was the fulfill the political or darker needs of corporations and leaders
Tim isn鈥檛 jealous since he knows your background and that you wouldn鈥檛 do anything stupid against Tim
the trying to assassinate Tim becomes a very big inside joke between the two of you
鈥渨hat would happen if *insert something dumb Tim would do*鈥
鈥榠dk Drake, maybe I鈥檇 kill you鈥
*bursts of laughter* *because you鈥檙e both mentally unstable lokey high key*
Damian Wayne:
Tumblr media
You two are friends as much as you two emotionally constipated babies can be
Like with Jason, you were training partners when the Red Room partnered with the league
since you were the top assassin you were paired with Damian
you didn鈥檛 really like him at first since he was snotty and privileged but eventually you made him respect you
that was when he started really seeing the cruelty that you went through
eventually though he left for Gotham and a little while later, the Red Room collapsed
the only person that you knew in the world was Damian so you went to Gotham to find him
imagine his surprise when you just show up one day
鈥淧ennyworth who was at the door-鈥
basically just tackles you trying to hug you
the only thing was that you鈥檙e not used to that kind of thing but at the same time like
sad but true
Bruce comes in and sees this when you yelp and then is like okay okay okay what鈥檚 going on
he basically interrogates you minus the light
Damian gets really defensive for you since he knows the atrocities that took place during your time in the Red Room
Bruce finds that you want to do the vigilante work but you didn鈥檛 really have the issue with killing people
yes you did assassin stuff but most of what you ended up doing was just quick sniper work and that wasn鈥檛 really a bad habit that you were having to get out of
Damian was kind of annoyed that you just adapted so well
that鈥檚 kind of the point of being a widow damian
you two actually start dating relatively quickly
you just bonded really well and since you already knew each other really well it wasn鈥檛 that big of a shocker
he is so proud of you and sometimes it feels like for no reason
he鈥檚 just like this is my beloved and they could kill you in 200 different ways and they鈥檙e also a lot smarter and overall better than everyone
if you have no self confidence now you do
you two help each other with nightmares since you both have them a lot
you also both really have a lot in common especially with the classics and just knowing things
although you never really had the stuck up issue
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blanddcheadcanons2 days ago
Bart made 鈥測our mom jokes鈥 at Kon and Tim before he realized that neither of them had one.
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raexbaebae2 days ago
can we PLEASE focus on beast boy more? where's the angst fan arts about him? more of the angst fics about him? content about his tragic upbringing, or even putting him in a completely different set up that brings out the worst in him? fan media that focuses on his depth of character, emotional complications, and the side of him that isn't so happy-go-lucky and bright?? hello??
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frikipilot2511 hours ago
Tumblr media
Nop, I鈥檓 not dead ! Sorry of my lack of activity, guys!
I haven鈥檛 really been able to draw a lot these last weeks.
I promise you I鈥檒l be coming back soon with more geek art, specially the Bad Batch art, of course!
Anyways, here goes a small Robin sketch because of yesterday鈥檚 awesome DC Fandom !!!!
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Tumblr media
Dickkory Week Day 5: Crime AU
talon!dick and evilqueen!kory getting up to schemes (schemes being an exiled kory taking over tamaran with dick acting as her body guard/personal assassin)
Tumblr media
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sophieleeart2 days ago
Tumblr media
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yeesa2 days ago
While the li鈥檒 girl, clearly, looks like Kory she also has Dick鈥檚 ears and lip shape. #perfectcasting
I like hardcore ship dickkory but even I haven鈥檛 analysed it that much haha thank you anon
*runs away to analyse episode pics*
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