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#teen wolf

If you’re my favorite character… I’m sorry.

I’m sorry because I am a writer.

I’m sorry because there is one undeniable truth-

and that to bring me joy you, my beloved, must suffer.

I’m apologizing now, before the story starts-

Because by the end of it you’ll be tired

Your emotions will be wired.

And, love, you’ll end up wishing

that my eyes had never set upon you.

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Fedora - ScarsLikeVelvet - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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I dunno but I want someone to draw Stiles Stilinski wearing a bombass dress and Malia next to him in his pants and his shirt

And Scott in the background lowkey checking them both out

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100 followers celebration !


I know it might not seem like much, but I’m so happy that we’ve reached 100 followers ! I love every single one of you, and you have no idea how much I appreciate that you’re bearing with me💗💗

For this celebration I’m doing something I’ve wanted to try for a long time; Headcanons.

How this event works is basically you send me an ask with a character (from my fandom list) + a scenario, and I’ll write 15-25 bulletpoints about it !

I’d highly appreciate if you reblogged your request!

For example: “Hi, can I get a ‘dating Draco Malfoy’ headcanon?” Or “Hello, can you do a “Being Katniss Everdeen’s sibling” headcanon?”

You can request as many headcanons as you want* until the celebration ends (12:00 am EET, 19th January 2021), but the requests have to follow my rules.

*the event is only headcanons, which means that all other requests work as usual.

To request you need to pick a fandom from my fandom list and choose a character from that fandom. Please include both the name and surname of the character your request revolves around. I only take requests sent by ask.

Reblogs and signal boosts on this post are appreciated :)

Tagging some mutuals to spread the word: @captainshazamerica@jorjawrites@swanimagines@bohemianpages@lxncelot@fangirlings-things@adoresobs@myriadimagines@literallyjamespotter

^sorry if I didn’t tag you, I’m really tired and I just tagged everyone I remembered^

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“Everything is wrong, but it’s alright
You’re the only good thing in my life.”

Stackson Moodboard for TW Bingo

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mornings with derek hale include…


Originally posted by churkey

  • derek usually wakes up first
  • but it kind of depends on the day
  • whenever you stay with him, he always tends to sleep longer
  • you usually wake up around mid morning
  • sometimes derek is still laying next to you
  • sometimes he’s making breakfast
  • sometimes he’s working out
  • he doesn’t really have a schedule
  • it’s more of a go with the flow kinda vibe
  • mornings when he stays in bed are your favorite
  • derek is in such a cuddly mood
  • you’ll wake up, limbs intertwined together, sheets a mess between the two of you
  • sometimes derek just likes to watch you sleep
  • but then he gets bored
  • and he peppers you with kisses to get you to wake up
  • his MoRnInG vOiCe
  • “morning baby.”
  • “morning der.”
  • messy haired derek
  • derek walks around shirtless for most of the morning to mess with you
  • cuz u definitely stare
  • you guys will make breakfast together
  • derek will just stop helping you bc he prefers to watch you instead
  • you wear his tee shirts
  • and they’re very large on you
  • derek loves u in his clothes
  • “you look better in them than i do.”
  • lots of kisses in between working around each other
  • you’ll be pulling biscuits out of the oven and derek will be right behind you to pull you into a kiss
  • “is breakfast ready yet?”
  • “you could always help.”
  • you make more food than you need for two bc derek eats a lot
  • i probably should have put this earlier
  • but if derek sees a pretty sunrise
  • he’ll make you a cup of coffee and wake you up
  • sunrises always remind him of you
  • you love coffee
  • so you make him try new coffee flavors with you
  • you guys don’t actually get dressed everyday,
  • but on days that you, derek likes to help pick out your outfits
  • he watches you do your hair
  • and makeup (if you wear it)
  • “you look beautiful baby.”
  • some days you guys will go on walks to get fresh air
  • hand in hand
  • there isn’t much talking involved
  • usually bc you guys are too caught in your own thoughts
  • some days you’ll go out for breakfast
  • derek likes to take you to your favorite little cafe
  • morning drives are also a thing
  • derek will wake you up really early and take you to the outskirts of beacon hills to watch the sunrise
  • “it’s too early, d.”
  • “get up, y/n. we can get coffee on the way.”
  • derek is pretty handsy in the morning
  • but when is he not
  • there are rare days when you wake up before derek does
  • “stay in bed.”
  • “usually i’m the one begging you to stay.”
  • “babe..”
  • “i’ll come right back.”
  • you both cherish mornings
  • they seem to be the most peaceful moments for the both of you
  • you guys truly seem to forget abt the stuff happening in beacon hills
  • “what do you want to do today?”
  • somedays it’s really hard for derek to get out of bed
  • so you lay there with him as long as you have to
  • his nightmares are that crippling sometimes
  • derek will lay with his head on your chest
  • you’ll run your hands down his back and through his hair
  • and that’ll be your morning
  • and those mornings are just as good as other ones
  • mornings with derek are pure bliss


(not the double post. who am i?? anyways, i miss writing for derek.)

taglist: @hellishseaqueen @agentpretoria @pieces-by-me

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•incorrect teen wolf quotes•

Stiles: I miss you 24/6.

Derek: Why not 24/7 ?

Stiles: Sundays are my Spa days.

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•incorrect teen wolf quotes•

Derek: That giant box is Stiles’s gift for me?

Scott: Yup.

Derek: He’s inside it, isn’t he?

Scott: Yup.

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Date - Scott McCall x Reader

(the way…i’ve been inactive. i’m sorry. life has been crazy, but thanks for reading my stuff. we’ve been growing and i can’t wait to share more with you all!)

warning: mentions of anxiety, but otherwise fluff


Originally posted by bonniebirddoesgifs

You absolutely hated parties. Scratch that, you hated social gatherings. All of them. Getting out of bed and going to school each day was a struggle. How Lydia Martin managed to get you to come to a raging party at her lake house, you weren’t exactly sure. Never once had she managed to get you to come to a party, but she brought up the fact that it was the summer before senior year and you deserved to live a little. She also told you that the party was going to be small. She lied. Hordes of teenagers, freshman to seniors, danced throughout the large lake house. Many people, most of which you had never seen before, brushed past you, red solo cups in between their fingers. Smiles were plastered on their faces as they let loose. You wished you could be as carefree as the drunk teenagers before you, but your social anxiety held you captive. 

Taking a deep breath, you stood on your tip-toes looking for Lydia’s mop of red hair, but you had no such luck. Sweaty bodies continued to brush past you as you tried to make your way to an empty corner of the large living room. Your hands were shaking by the time you were able to distance yourself. You wiped your sweaty palms against your jean shorts, eyes bouncing around the room. No one seemed to be aware of your presence which you were grateful for. It helped that most people just looked over you. You hated being the center of attention. You sat at the back of the class, would sit outside during lunch, never start a conversation. You just liked to be alone. Growing up an only child required you to become familiar with being alone and comfortable in silence. Maybe you had grown a little too comfortable. The only reason you were friends with Lydia is because the two of you were partnered for a science assignment. You guys got the assignment done before the deadline and Lydia would invite you over for coffee or lunch and there bloomed your friendship. You were thankful for her. She knew of your anxiety and made you as comfortable as possible. She would never force you to come to a party, but she really wanted you at the party tonight…so you came. 

But now she had disappeared. And here you were alone again, but not in the comfort of your own room. Time seemed to pass by slowly and your anxiety increased. It seemed as if more people entered the house the longer you were there. Your senses were on overdrive and it was hard for you to the think. The music was almost as loud as your heartbeat and your muscles were tense.You could tell that you were on the brink of an anxiety attack. 

“Hey, are you okay?” 

A voice pulled you out of your frantic state, a pair of warm brown eyes meeting your own. A water bottle was extended to you and you took it quickly. 

“Thank you,” you said back softly. 

“You’re Y/n, right? Lydia’s friend?” 

You nodded. “Yeah, I am.” You weren’t aware that Scott knew who you were. Of course you knew who he was. Everyone did. He was the incredible athlete and one of the nicest people to walk the planet, plus he was insanely attractive. You couldn’t help but be infatuated with his golden brown eyes and messy brown hair.

“Do you, maybe, wanna go outside? Get some fresh air,” Scott suggested. You could barely hear him over of the loud music, but you nodded. He stuck out his hand for you to take and he intertwined your fingers to together. His thumb rubbed smooth circles over the back of your hand as he tugged you through the crowd, keeping you close. His touch caused your rapid heartbeat to slow. When you stepped outside, you breathed in the clean air, allowing your eyes to flutter shut.

You muttered a low, “Thank you, Scott,” your eyes coming in contact with the lake.

Scott’s eyes followed yours. “You swim?”

“No, I mean I do, but I just love the water,” you replied. You pulled on Scott’s hand, walking down the trail towards the dock. Scott noticed how you clung to his hand tightly. He knew you had anxiety, he also knew that physical touch helped so he gave your hand a gentle squeeze as he walked behind you. “So could you, um, sense my anxiety?”

Scott sent you a surprised glance not expecting that question to fall from your lips. “You know?”

Nodding, you sat down, legs dangling over the edge of the dock. “Lydia spent the night at my house a few months ago. Had a nightmare. She screamed so loud that all of the mirrors in my house shattered and my ears wouldn’t stop bleeding. With what happens in Beacon Hills, I knew she wasn’t normal. So, she told me everything.”

“She trusts you. Lydia wouldn’t have told you about us if she didn’t.” You hated that they weren’t accepted because they were different. It’s not like they had control over their circumstances. They didn’t choose the supernatural life.

“Do you ever wish it that you were…normal? Not that you aren’t normal, because that sounds insulting. I just-“

Scott chuckled, interrupting your babbling. “No, I don’t. It’s made my life more difficult, yes, but my friends…the people I can help, I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

You turned to Scott, your hand still in his. “Thanks for saving me back there. I’m not very good with crowds or people.”

He sent you a warm smile. “You seem okay right now.”

You noticed that you were completely calm, your heartbeat steady. You were never this relaxed unless you were in the comfort of your own room. You couldn’t help but think that your relaxed state was because of the kid beside you. “I think you may have something to do with that,” you replied shyly.

To your surprise, Scott was the one blushing. You let out a quiet laugh as you nudged his shoulder. “Do you want to hang out after school tomorrow?”

“Yeah, yeah sure.”

You let out a soft gasp as a hand landed on your waist, tugging you into the back behind you.

“Hey,” Scott murmured into your ear. “I didn’t mean to scare you. You ready to go?”

Scott could feel you relax against him as you nodded. “Where are we going?”

“That’s a surprise,” Scott replied taking your hand. The two of you received a few stares as you exited the school. As far as they knew, Scott was single and most people didn’t even know you existed. Your heart began to race at the sudden attention. Scott obviously noticed and threw a protective arm over your shoulders tugging you close. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” you breathed out, “I just prefer to be invisible.”

Your eyes focused on the trees whizzing by as you tried to figure out where Scott was taking you. “If you wanted to kill me, you could have at least waited a few months.”

The boy next to you laughed throwing a glance in your direction. He stopped the car a few moments later and got out, running over to open your door. He grabbed your hand pulling you over to the edge of a cliff. It overlooked all of Beacon Hills. The sun was beginning to set, the city below you reflecting bright hues of yellow, pink, and orange.

“Scott, this is…gorgeous. How’d you find this place?”

“A friend brought me here once. Lydia told me you liked sunsets. This is probably the best view in Beacon Hills.”

You nodded, moving to sit on a huge rock that was nestled into the ground. You brought your legs up, resting your chin on your knees. The warmth of the sun shone across your face and Scott would’ve sworn that there was no other human being more beautiful than you. The first time he noticed you was at the end of sophomore year. You were reading a book outside during lunch, a look of contentment on your face. He was going to approach you, but was too nervous and decided to leave you alone instead. For the next year, Scott would plan out ways to will himself to talk to you, but out of fear of embarrassment…he never did. However, you started spending more time with Lydia and he was able to come to the conclusion that he was infatuated by you.

You were quiet and shy. Smart and intellectually sound, which is why you and Lydia got along so well. You appeared to be kind, with a smile that gave Scott a warm and fuzzy feeling. He noticed your little habits. Like how you always played with your hands or the ringers that adorned your fingers. You wore the same necklace everyday and listened to music to avoid human interaction. Yeah, Scott was so gone. So when he found you cooped up in the corner during Lydia’s party, he thought what better way to shoot his shot.

“Is this a date?” You asked curiously. You both could tell that this was more than just two teenagers hanging out, but Scott hadn’t said it was a date so it made you wonder. He wasn’t expecting you to ask such a bold question since that wasn’t really your style and normally you wouldn’t have.

Scott turned to you an eyebrow raised. “Do you want it to be a date?” The last thing he wanted to do was make you uncomfortable or move things too fast.

“Do you want it to be date?”

“I asked you first,” Scott replied, a playful glint in his brown eyes.

You let out a soft laugh. “I want it to be a date, but only if you want it to be a date.”

The McCall boy grabbed your hand, placing a hesitant kiss to the smooth skin. “It’s a date then.”


taglist: @hellishseaqueen @agentpretoria @pieces-by-me (let me know if you want to be added to my teen wolf taglist)

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hey everyone! The ninth chapter is finally out :) Have fun with it. It’s only small, but at least XD small but nice, as the saying goes.


Originally posted by chillassimagines


Originally posted by chrisargentgifs-blog


Originally posted by poisonparadise

I love this:)

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Sorry it’s been years but I still believe this is a Stiles/Danny scene deleted from Teen Wolf…

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The Tell

  • Oh my god Jackson is a sports movie buff I hate him
  • Oh shit was that Lydia’s first scream?
  • What was the fandom’s obsession with Stiles and curly fries?? I never understood that
  • I actually really enjoy the build up of resentment Stiles has for Jackson bc of how he treats his dad, I like that it actually goes somewhere
  • Derek brings Scott up to the roof for the drama of it all I can’t stand him
  • “Yknow I have a life too-“ “no you don’t” FUCKING KILLS ME HE SAYS IT SO FAST
  • The Argents are an actual cult, my cousin and I are gonna give them so much depth that’s a fucking promise
  • Lydia decorated Allison’s locker :’)))))) Lydia cares about people so much and she pretends not to So Hard you’re allowed to like people Lydia it’s okay
  • Stiles you trans ADHD haver bjtch im so sorry Harris is awful to you
  • “Jackson looks like he has a time bomb inserted into his face” IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE LINES
  • God Allison is so paranoid you’re in a cult I’m so sorry
  • The Lydia bedroom scene sucks lmao
  • Kate’s gang being a dad and a twink is hilarious tbh
  • “No behavioral issues” sir your son has ADHD I literally don’t know what to tell you
  • Derek you’re so fucked up im so sorry I make fun of you all the time
  • I always skip the date montage lol
  • I love that Dr. Deaton and Stilinski are friends. Dads :)
  • Here we fucking goooo parent teacher conference time
  • Love that it’s impossible for people to deadname Stiles bc people cant pronounce it right. The representation tbis bitch gives me 🤝
  • Harris I fucking hate you so much Melissa is doing the most all the time every day fuck you I’ll kill you
  • God the mountain lion scene lasts for fucking ever
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I personally think Lydia and Scott should bond over their shitty dads. I just want them to be friends so bad UGHHHH PLEASE TALK TO EACH OTHER SOONER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

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Stiles really said it’s my responsibility to keep my dad healthy so that he lives longer. I see people boil this down to “Stiles doesn’t care about anyone other than his dad” but they completely ignore the guilt kids can carry over things that weren’t their fault. Just throwing it out there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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2/3 Canon Scott McCall is a shitty planner and an even crappier strategist who’s utterly useless when left to his own devices and can’t even plan his way out of a paper bag without his “smarter than everyone else” friends Stiles and Lydia – AKA the actual planners and strategists of the group. Scott just reacts to things in the spur of the moment and has a willingness to ignore social norms (and other people’s boundaries and consent) for the greater good.

3/3 Scott hardly ever comes up with the plans, and the few plans he came up with in the show were either dumb, someone else’s, or relied on his friends to do all the heavy lifting for him. His stans had also managed to convince me that Scott was smarter than Stiles and Lydia and that Master Plan was a prime example of Scott’s “heroism” and “superior intellect”, so imagine my surprise when I watched the episode and found out the truth

Hey, anon, have you heard of this quotation credited to Alexander the Great of Macedon: “An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep”? Teen Wolf aimed to dress the show as the former, but achieved the latter. Scott McCall is a sheep in a wolf’s clothing with Alpha eyes that poses as the leader, so he appears to be the biggest threat and the most important person. What most don’t see is the army of lions willing (for some reason) to fight alongside him.

Keep reading

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