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#teen wolf gifs
saracamerons · 10 hours ago
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I'm not agreeing with Theo, but I do think it'd be easier to track down Aaron over a voice on a phone. That's agreeing with Theo. Yeah. But I thought I'd try to soften the blow a bit...
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Derek x reader
Instead of Derek going over when they’re fighting the alpha pack it’s his mate ?
He’s heartbroken thinks she’s dead he messes up the loft in his grief and then he hears her say seriously I’m gone for a few hours and you do this to the house
Happy ending !
thanks for requesting!
Tumblr media
You could feel your leg aching, while you took a deep breath, stumbling backward before finding yourself falling over.
You groaned, your vision still blurry before you pushed yourself up. You were in front of the loft, running your fingers through your hair before pushing yourself up, holding back a cry.
You found yourself making it to the door, leaning your head against the wall as the elevator went up.
There was blood dripping from your wounds, while you tried to ignore the ringing in your ears.
You pushed yourself up, leaning on the loft door before pulling it open.
You frowned, seeing the loft completely a mess. There was broken furniture turned upside down, there were ripped pieces of paper all over the floor, and books laid upside down.
"Who's there?!" you heard Derek yell as you jumped slightly.
He ran in front of you, your vision was blurry as you took deep breaths.
"(Y/N)..." Derek's eyes widened, before he ran to you, while you stumbled forward.
His arms were wrapped around you tightly, stroking your cheek.
"God, (Y/N). I-I thought you were dead," he stroked your cheek, while you blinked quickly.
"(Y/N/N)..." you closed your eyes, falling unconscious while Derek shook your body.
You coughed loudly, jumping up on the bed before crying out in pain, feeling your entire body aching.
"God!" Derek ran to you while you wrapped your arms around him tightly, feeling your body burning, but you didn't care.
"We thought you were dead," he shook his head.
"I thought I was dead too, well until I woke up anyways," you heard Derek scoff, before sitting in front of you, stroking your cheek softly.
"Are you okay?" he asked softly.
"I think I should be asking you that question. I mean, I was gone for like four hours and you fucked up the entire house!" you exclaimed.
You could see the tears in his eyes as he shook his head, chuckling.
"I'm sorry about what happened, w-with the alpha pack, and-"
"You aren't to blame, babe," you put your hand on his cheek as he nodded softly, pressing a small kiss to your hand.
"You look tired," you both spoke at the same time before you shook your head.
"I think we're both ready to pass out for the night, yeah?" you nodded before Derek pressed his lips against yours.
"I love you," he whispered.
"I love you too," he pushed himself next to you in bed, wrapping his arms around your waist.
You scooter closer, resting your head on his chest before you felt an overwhelming sense of exhaustion hitting you as you closed your eyes, letting yourself fall asleep in Derek's arms.
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 11 hours ago
Hi, I just have to say I love/hate this page. It always contributes to my increasingly large to-read list.🧡
I'm looking for a fic. It's Sterek in a supernatural known world, Scott is Stiles child and Derek adopts Issac after he rescues him in a bar from his abusive father. Stiles is a psychologist specializing in children development, he helps Isaac and they become a pack. Boyd and Erica try to get accepted in the pack. Jackson has a story with his parent hating him.
I remember it being super long and awesome but somehow I misplaced it in my bookmarks.😿
Thank you.
Hi @kaliban-p! @iwishsherlockisatimelord found this one.
Tumblr media
Past, Present, and Future by Code_Zackary
(24/60 I 182,512 I Mature I Sterek)
Deputy Derek Hale has just become a single parent, after adopting abandoned five-year-old Isaac Lahey, and drowning in his new responsibilities as a father, and Alpha. Add the babysitting of his new rookie partner, Jackson Whittemore, and the weight of his past bubbling to the surface, Derek isn't sure how he's going to keep his head straight.
Meanwhile, Stiles Stilinksi returns home to Beacon Hills to give his son, Scott Stilinksi, a better quality of life. However, raising a werewolf pup, as a human, is something he struggles handling on a daily basis. Stiles wishes nothing more than to find a werewolf willing to show his son "the ropes", so Scott can fit in with all the other pups come the first day of Kindergarten. But where would he ever find a werewolf willing to help a human?
When the two meet, their struggles in life will come to the forefront, as the loners become an invaluable support system for each other, and build a unique Pack all their own.
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braedenhales · 23 hours ago
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Teen Wolf “Wolf Moon” (1x01) // “Tattoo” (3x01)
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wheredidhiseyebrowsgo · 15 hours ago
Hi! I’m looking for an angsty fic. Peter has Stiles (Idk if he was kidnapped, but he’s later given to Derek so it might be a slavery kind of thing). Peter abused Stiles and made him sleep on the floor, eat dog food, and cook and clean. Peter dies and Derek is given Stiles, but no one knows about the abuse. Stiles thinks Derek is like Peter so he cleans and sleeps in Derek’s basement while refusing to eat anything. I don’t remember anymore, but I think someone came to Derek and accused him of abusing Stiles (bc he wasn’t eating) then Derek realizes what Stiles has been doing to himself.
Hi @kbb0! @iwishsherlockisatimelord found this one.
Tumblr media
Excess of Liberty by imthealphanow
(12/12 I 47,074 I Mature I Sterek)
In a society where Weres dominate and humans are usually enslaved, Stiles Stilinski is bought as a birthday present. Derek Hale is a reclusive author who is part of one of the most well respected families within Beacon Hills, and is also the resident Alpha, following the death of his family.
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hurricance · 3 months ago
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There are no wolves in California.

The pilot episode of Teen Wolf aired 10 years ago today (June 5th, 2011) on MTV. It continued for 6 seasons, until September 24th, 2017.
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bericas · 3 months ago
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You’re not a monster. You’re a werewolf. Like me.
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