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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 7 months ago
When I miss you I sit down and write you letters that never gets sent
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creativepromptsforwriting · 9 months ago
I love your promts! Their all so creative and cute! I was wondering if you've already made prompts for a young couples. Like teens who love each other so much and act so loving towards each other it's tooth rotting.
If you haven't then don't mind me! Again, love your work! Keep it up!
Hi :)
Teen love is unfortunately not really my forte, but here are some things that came to my mind for a teen couple.
Teens in love
giving each other cute messages in school
talking on the phone a lot
constantly sending each other pictures
going on inexpensive dates
bringing each other to family events, but being embarrassed by nosey questions about their future plans
always trying to hold hands, wherever they go
being known as only coming as a pair
being gently (and not so gently) reminded by their friends not to forget about them
having their own "secret hiding space" to be together uninterrupted by family and friends
Hope this still helps in a way!
- Jana
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writergal02 · 5 months ago
(A/N: So I was given permission to write some fanfiction about this cute concept of an OC and Camilo. The original character belongs to @ai-katsuu , and the Encanto characters belong to Disney. ENJOY! This also takes place about a year after the Rebuilding of Casitia.I will also be doing different one shots)
(3rd POV)
It's been two and a half years since Mirabel saved the Miracle and the Encanto had been rebuilt and La Famila Madrigal was slowly but surely healing from years of mistreatment, and expectations:
Isabela didn't have to be Señorita Perfecta anymore, and she began to grow new fruits and veggies with Antonio talking to the bees.
Dolores and Mariano were going strong, taking their time, enjoying each other.
Luisa was able to find a nice work life balance.
Mirabel was helping the village's children occupied with helping them realize they're special in their own ways.
Antonio's bond with the animals surrounding the Encanto grew stronger.
Pepa learned that it's okay to feel her emotions and she shouldn't fight them.
Julietta began experimenting with new recipes.
Bruno was becoming more and more adjusted to beging apart of a family again.
Alma, "Abuela", learned to open her heart and ask for help, and to be a better mother to her familia.
As for Camilo Madrigal?
Well, he was bored. Nothing exciting really happened in  Encanto. It was a constant wash, rinse, repeat cycle and the 16 1/2 year old didn't know how much more he could take. He was currently lying in a tree, enjoying the gentle breeze and the warm sun his Mamà had made today. Camilo listened to the soothing rush of the river when foot steps catch his attention. He sat up, crossed leg on a tree branch, that hid him and allowed him to remain hidden from view.
He watched as a girl with skin a smooth as chocolate, hair as brown as caramel, knelt next to the resting river. She knelt down and took her shoes off, and dipped her feet in the cool water.
The girl sighed in relief, tilting her head back as the sun that warmed Camilo a few moments ago, now warmed her. Camilo couldn't help but feel entranced by her, after all, he knew everyone in Encanto, but she was a completly unfamiliar face.
The teen leaned forward to get a peek at her, but the branch creaked under him, before snapping. "Ay!" he yelped, his foot getting tangled in a vine, holding him upside down in front of the mysterious stranger, his ruana covering his face.
She screamed at the sudden presence in front of her.
Camilo screamed back, before untangling himself and falling into the water, soaking the girl.
He sat up slowly, auburn curls falling in his eyes, water dripping down his face. He heard a soft laugh before peeking a eye at the beauty in front of him.
She held a hand out, giggling softly, "Sorry for laughing. But after a rough day of moving, I really need something silly to happen." Camilo took her hand, before grinning mischeviously and pulling her into the river with him. She shrieked with laughter as she stood up.
She was laughing, and twisting her hair, to get rid of the water. She opened her eyes and gasped seeing hazle looking at her brown eyes shyly.
"Well,now, hermosa, we're even. Mi nombre es Camilo Madrigal. My name is Camilo Madrigal, and yours?" He asked, as they rested in the sunshine. "Ang pangalan ko ay Sofia Mendoza. My name is Sofia Mendoza."
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justsurviving · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I have so much to say but what’s the point. You chose him over me so now you can live with that choice .
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fuckin-chaos-and-me · a month ago
I need a break from myself
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railingsofsorrow · 12 months ago
I'll always come back for you
[ Peter Parker x Reader ]
Tumblr media
[gif it's not mine!]
summary: the one where reader gets hurt in the battlefield and worries everyone around her. specially her boyfriend, Peter Parker.
pairing: p.parker x potts!fem!reader
word count: 1.9K
content: we have aunt pepper potts and her motherly instincts, we also have a slightly hurt peter but that changes quick dw; oh! we deff have reader being my sweet pie & !tony stark! cause I love them.
warnings: blood gushing out of a wound; reader is stabbed; I think that's it? a bit of angst.
A/N: I read somewhere the “i'll come back for you” phrase and voilà, this thing was born (the night I wrote this I was hella missing international smol bean peter parker so... yeah)
➶ ➷
Y/N wasn't as fearless as she showed herself to be. Actually, she wasn't fearless at all. And now, she was fucking terrified.
Are you familiar with a sensation of extreme pain that makes you numb? Suddenly, you feel nothing. This feeling; this numbness is a natural reaction of your nervous system; when the wound it's bad and you stop feeling the damaged area... it means you're in shock.
So, if you think the wound isn't there anymore, don't fool yourself. It's still there. Your body is just trying to make amends so you can handle it. That or— or you blackout entirely.
Y/N Potts didn't feel anything when Peter Parker ran to her desperately asking if she was alright, uncountable times. She just stared at him confused, because what is he talking about? Why wouldn't I be okay— and then, she felt it. It was like a bomb going off from the middle of her right thigh to her stomach.
The girl's vision began to blur. A strange liquid drops all over her hands, coloring them a deep red. Y/N's eyes analysed everything, but her mind grasped nothing. Where is this blood coming from?
“... here. Y/N? Y/N!” the boy cried at his girlfriend. The only thing holding her up were his arms on her waist and the faint attempt of hers to try to stay standing. “What— what are you feeling? Can you tell me where it hurt-”
“What's wrong, Parker?” Tony interrupted his questioning, his suit coming undone the same second he got down and saw the teenagers commotion “Y/N?”
“'M fine,” she said, prying Peter off of her because she could stand on her own damn it!— Why... Why is the ground so far away? “Where is this blood coming from?!” Bella snapped, wiping it off on her clothes, although that wasn't working.
Tony stared at his nice—well, Pepper's niece, but who he considered as his own—specifically, at the huge dark spot on her shirt and the waterfall of blood coming out of her nose. He squeezed Peter's shoulder, making the boy turn to him with wide desperate honey brown eyes. It's okay, he muttered, pushing the boy away slowly, so he could laid Y/N down on the ground to put pressure on her wound.
“No, Tony.” Y/N pushed his hands away “I'm fine! Let me go!”
“Bella, stop. Stop, I'm trying to help you!”
“Mr. Stark—”
“It's okay. She'll be okay, kid.”
“We'll take her to the hospital and she'll be as good as new.”
That was the last the injured girl listened, until darkness consumed her completely.
Faint sounds played in the background. Well, that's what it felt like for Y/N, because she wasn't fully awake yet. So, she could only hear what her ears could pick up, which were hushed whispers a little far away from where she was and an annoying beeping noise too close for her liking.
“I can stay tonight.” a male young voice said, and another one sighed
“You have school tomorrow, Peter.”
She knew the second voice. But, why couldn't she open her eyes?
“But, Miss Potts—”
“She'll be in good hands. Don't worry. You can come right after school, but you missed two days already and that because Tony pretend he wasn't seeing you around.”
The girl hooked up on machines fluttered her eyes open slowly, adjusting to the light of the room. The first thing she saw was a boy around her age with sand brown curls pouting like a five year old that hadn't got a cookie after a well done math homework.
“You didn't give him his juice, Peps?”
Both snapped their necks to the bed where once a sleeping girl laid — now she was awake and talking.
And, of course, groaning in pain.
Pepper approached her niece instantly, holding her arms down so she wouldn't try to get up. What is this girl made of? Iron?
“Don't move a lot, your body is still recovering.” Pepper warned, taking stray strands of her hair from her eyes and smiling softly “How do you feel, honey?”
Y/N squints at the woman, her vision slightly blurred. She closed her eyes; maybe she hasn't woken up quite yet, “Better than yesterday,” she let out, voice rough from sleep “Was it yesterday...?” she opened her eyes again, blinking to adjust her vision more “How-how long did I sleep for?”
“Two days.” Peter spoke, a hint of a smile on his voice. He couldn't hide the happiness that she was finally awake.
Y/N can finally see something out of the blurring images after blinking a lot, so she sees Peter smiling by her side. A few bruises covered his face; one in his left eyebrow and two more on his cheek and upper lip.
Her eyebrows knitted in concern and her fingers moving instinctively to touch his face, “Shouldn't you be laying down too?”
Peter let out a breathy laugh, holding her hand and bringing to his lips, kissing it. “I can heal, remember?”
Y/N hums, leaning on her side so she could face her boyfriend better, although her body complained about that. She ignored it.
“Hey, what did I say about moving, Y/N?” Pepper said, walking towards her “Be careful,” she sighed, helping the girl adjust on the position she desired, even though it was against her motherly instincts
“I'm okay, Pepper.” she tried to calm the older woman, “Relax.” the girl gave her a wink, which made Pepper crack a laugh and roll her eyes.
“Right.” Y/N turned to Peter, “Radioactive spiders and all, huh?” Y/N said amusedly, refering to his healing, making Peter scoff, rolling his eyes.
Pepper watched both of them, a little far away. There was something there. Pepper always knew there was something there, whenever the two of them were together — It was pure. She could see it on their eyes the amount of care they held for each other. Kids that hadn't even reached the age of eighteen yet, already found love and security in each other's embrace. The older woman couldn't help wonder how powerful and dangerous that was.
She smiled softly at them – small touches were present here and there as they discussed something within each other. Oh, what was she still doing in that room? Pepper could practically hear Tony saying “leave the kids be, Peps.” So, she left the room, closing the door carefully so they wouldn't even realise the action.
“I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't mind to miss a little more of chemistry classes,” Y/N messed with the loose ends of Peter's blue sweater, a playful grin on her lips. Peter sighed, pushing her hands away from his clothing so he could lay his head down on her stomach. All in a swift motion.
He put her hands on top of his head. A silent request that Y/N had a vast knowledge of.
She began her quest on his soft curls, caressing his scalp. He hummed in bliss.
“You can't miss anything anymore.” He said, voice being muffled by her hospital gown, since he had his face down on her belly. He turned to the opposite side of her, facing the door. He figured it was a better position. “It's too glum without you there.”
The girl cracked a cheeky grin, “I know.”
Peter groaned, not missing the opportunity to tease her, even if his eyes were still closed and he was almost sleeping "So full of yourself—”
“Me?” Y/N gasped, faking disbelief “I'm simply agreeing with your statement, sweetheart.”
Peter had never felt his chest clench so hard as it did on that moment. He felt his heart being squeezed. Where did that pain come from? Out of nowhere? No. Peter Parker was well aware it had not came out of nowhere. The pain had a name and a last name. And she carried his heart every day and every hour. That very excruciating pain was caused by how he had reached a close point in losing Y/N Potts.
“You think MJ missed me? You know, she never admits it but I know that, secretly, she harbors—Peter?" Y/N frowned, watching the boy's body shake agaisn't her, “Are you-”
“No.” He cuted her off between sniffles. Realizing he wouldn't be able the stop anytime soon – really, how embarassing was that? His girlfriend had almost died and he was the one crying his heart out in front of her? — he distanced himself, getting up harshly and turning his back to Y/N, who studied him confused and worried. He tried to dry the tears as much as he could, but it was no use. All of that because... because she had called him sweetheart. Only now had he come to realise how much he had missed her.
“Peter, come here.”
Y/N passed her tongue through her dry lips, eyes begging for him to look in her direction, “Parker.”
“I almost lost you!”
Her eyes widened and she stopped trying to get up from the bed to go to him. Y/N watched Peter walk aimlessly around the room, his bright doe eyes with almost nothing of that usual spark. Now, Y/N could only find a pair of puffy eyes and a red dot on his nose.
“I got this close,” he gestured with his hands by connecting his index and pointer finger together, “...on losing you for good. There was no turning back time. Y/N, you were bleeding out- there was nothing I could do!” Peter's voice cracked in the end, making her heart break all over again. She started to get desperate. He was there but he was so far and she couldn't hold him and say thing's were alright. She couldn't hold him.
“Peter,” Y/N pleads, guilt eating her from inside. He looked at her and shook his head. The boy sat on the end of the bed and stared at his worn out all stars. He seemed more calm. “Will you listen to me now?” she asked, eyes never leaving his profile, which was the only part of his face that she could see
He said nothing. Silent overtook the room and that frustrated Y/N to her core.
“Peter Parker!” his eyes widened as he turned to her, finally “Did you forgot that I can't quite move my hips yet because I go stabbed?” he opened his mouth, but she interrupted him right away “So, come closer.” she offered her hand, eyes softening “Please.”
Peter smiled sadly at the girl he loved, and did as told; her arms immediately going around his neck as his face found home on the warm area of her neck.
After a minute of comfort and silence, her voice reached his ears in a quiet murmur, “I'm sorry, sweetheart. I never meant to worry you like that.”
He backs away enough so their eyes can meet, “You've got nothing to apologize—”
“I do.” she said with finality, resting her cheek against his shoulder, “I know what it feels like to lose your mind when someone you care about gets hurt. Or, gets careless.” she bit her lip, sighing. “I'm sorry to make you feel like that.”
Peter frowned at her statement. “I'm sorry too, then. I guess, that relies on me too... Doesn't it?”
“Yes,” she pokes his finger, “You do that a lot. So, It does.”
He smiles sheepishly, although her head remained against his shoulder so she couldn't see.
“But, Peter?”
“I'll always come back for you. I won't stop annoying you for at least a few decades to come.”
He grinned, a fond expression forming, “Oh, I wouldn't dare to want otherwise.”
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superbpizzacollection · a month ago
my best friend found love at 13. The first girl he ever actually liked. They started dating, fell in love and it stayed
It stayed.
They faced difficulties, sure, but they always without a single doubt had each other, they did and would do absolutely anything for each other. They laughed and they cried but it was worth it for them to see each other smile. Even their kisses seem pristine, pure love, nothing sexual just pure beautiful expression of love. i've said it many times, boyfriends and girlfriends will come and go, but no one will their girlfriend more than my best friend loves his. They look at each other and nothing else and nobody else matters. I've watched this for years, i've watched them for years. They're the only reason i believe in love, the only reason i believe that there in fact is a person made just for you whose mere existence makes life better. I've seen them bright each others days just with a look, i've seen them cry over each other's problems, i've seen them hold hands for the first time, i've seen them make out, i've seen them have no form of communication through the entire lock down and still be as much, if not even more in love with each other. I've third wheeled them for ages, enough to know what loves looks like and enough to realise i'll probably never have that. I think, 20 years from now, i'll be taking care of their kids, i'll make a cool aunt, i'll tell the kids how their parents used to sneak into classrooms to kiss, i'll tell them how much i love their parents, the ones who showed me the purest form of love and they'll ask me if I have that and i'll say no.
i'll say no. I tried to find it, to find someone who liked me, to find something that made me feel like i was loved. I got crushes, i got rejected, I never fell in love with a person, maybe i fell in love with the ideas of the relationship i imagined with them, but not with the person. I only knew love from what i saw about it, never from what i felt, because all i have ever felt is momentary attraction, attachment to the idea of love and rejection.
But this not about me.
This is about my best friend.
My best friend who fell in love at 13
and it stayed .
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duex-amours · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Guys who can only fuck like "turn the woman to the side so I don't have to look at her face" should learn to have sex with 'Love'
Luiza Garcia
Manual colage
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lunastar92 · a year ago
Smiling at each other. 🥰😍
Damirae 🖤💜❤
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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fuckyou-but-in-a-nice-way · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 10 months ago
You said you never wanted to hurt me, but you hurt me the most
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moregaythanyourealized · a year ago
If you go into any american highscool and tell, “PLEASE LET THIS BE A NORMAL FIEDTRIP!” you will have a flash mob within seconds
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writergal02 · 5 months ago
Love is an Open Door
(3rd POV; this is a continuation of the other chapter. Start video when you see something crazy. This doesn’t include Camilo asking her to marry him yet) @ai-katsuu
Camilo and Sofia were resting in the sun, laughing and getting to know each other further. Camilo had a bag of his Tia Julietta's arepas with him, and they sat under the sun, laughing at the ridiculous stories traded back and forth. "And then he--oh! Lo siento, Camilo." Sofia laughed as she exaggerated a story about her accident prone father when she swung her arms out and jabbed the shapeshifter in his face. He laughed it off, and they continued eating.
Soon it started to get dark, and a warning thunder rolled over head. Camilo knew it was his Mama warning him to start heading home. "Senorita,what kind of gentleman would I be if I allowed you to walk home alone?" He grinned, holding a hand out to her, his heart racing when she took his hand to stand, and placed her hands on her hips. "I'll be okay, I'm a big strong girl." She joked making a muscle with her arm, patting his cheek, walking away.
The camelon's cheeks were red before he grinned and followed her, twirling her around, Sofia yelping as she clutched Camilo's shoulder. "Okay, okay! You can walk me home." She laughed, dancing out of Camilo's reach.
The teens followed the path to town, Sofia slightly hiding behind the Madrigal teen, shivering slightly. "Hmm, what's wrong, hermosa?" He tilted his head. Sofia looked down at her shoes, biting her lip as chills ran down her spine. Camilo looked at her curiously, before smirking to himself. "It is pretty chilly tonight. Toma."
Sofia looked up as yellow filled her vision. Camilo was standing in front of her with his ruana in hand. Sofia could feel her cheeks heat up as she observed the Madrigal in as he observed a few toucans flying ahead. As much as she adored him with the yellow, she admired handsome he looked with just his white button down, black slacks, and sandles.
Camilo turned to Sofia and admired her, deciding that she looked adorable in his ruana; the world fading out to just the two. "Okay,can I just say something crazy?" Sofia whispered, Camilo nodding.
The teens danced around the Encanto, singing in the rain, ending in front of Sofia's door.
She pulled the ruana closer to her body as she peeked at Camilo through her lashes. "Well, this is my stop." She gestured to the door, before turning to him. "Oh, I suppose you want your ruana back?" She went to take it off when warm hands stopped her. "It's okay, mariposa. Keep it for extra warmth tonight. I'll come back for it tomorrow. Buenas noches, Sofia." He kissed the back of her hand, before going to walk away.
"Espera!" He turned around, just as Sofia leaned forward, intending to kiss his cheek, when their lips met in a short, off guard kiss. The two pulled away, cheeks redder than a manzana. "M-Magandang G-Gabi, C-Camilo." squeaked the caramel eyed girl, before rushing inside. Camilo stood there, a hand pressed against his lips, before he slowly smiled.
Unaware of a toucan, watching the exchange from a tree. With a curious squawk, it flew off to find the 5 1/2 year old Madrigal.
----Timeskip: La Casita de Famila Madrigal---
"He did what?!"
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justsurviving · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
I wish we could just so I could have you in my life , but I don’t think I can ever know you without being completely and utterly in love with you.
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fuckin-chaos-and-me · 7 months ago
I'm having " Should I go and fuckin' tell them that I'm in pain but they won't believe " crisis right now.
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cheesytangerine · 9 months ago
Teens in love. Oh the thrill of it. Sneaking around behind everyone’s back. Taking the long way home just to get a glance. Finding excuses to meet each other. Feels like they are soulmates. All the experiences of first love keeping them high.
Romeo and Juliet, the star-crossed lovers. But were they really in love? Or were they in love with the idea of being in love.
So um this was a thought. Do comment what you think.
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coldishcasecreates · a year ago
For a prompt: obi wan and satine's first kiss and he freaks out about it
[Rating: G] || fluff, first kiss.
“I’m sorry,”
“It’s alright.”
“I dropped you-”
The Jedi Padawan looks up as the duchess-to-be’s hand lands on his cheek, calling his attention. “I said it’s alright.”
"You could have been hurt," he pushes, pulling his face away from her hand. "It's my job to protect you."
She sighs, and he can almost visualize the crease between her brows. "You did protect me, if it weren't for you, we'd both be much worse off from those Venomites. Now will you stop being ridiculous and let me take a look at your ankle?"
"I'm fine-"
"You twisted it when we fell, don't give me that." Her tone is stern, and he's forced to recognize she won't take no for an answer.
He tries anyways-- he's getting too attached, too drawn in by her. He needs to do something before this- this crush gets out of hand. Before his Master's amused looks become a scolding tone and disappointment. "I can take care of it, my Lady."
As he looks up at her, he sees the sadness tinging her frown, and his heart aches.
"Let someone else take care of you for once, Obi," she gently orders, and he can't say no.
The padawan reluctantly gets up, wincing as he puts weight on his sprained ankle. It's worse than he thought.
A quick hobble takes him to Satine’s other side, where he can prop his injured foot up on the boulder next to the fallen tree trunk they've made their resting place. She helps him tug his boot off, and then clicks her tongue at the sight of the swollen joint underneath. They had to run together for quite some time after their nasty fall, which only worsened the injury.
Master Jinn left them to rest and recover here while he finds a suitable shelter for the night. Obi-Wan should be with him, but instead he's here, all because he couldn't watch where he was going. Some Padawan he's shaping up to be.
Satine helps him wrap a cold-set bacta strip around his ankle, then pull his boot back on to keep it from moving while the bacta does it's job. They'll need to get more soon, they're running low on supplies.
"I thought we were starting to get along," Satine says, her voice cutting like a vibroblade through his thoughts.
Obi-Wan blinks, surprised by the sudden dourness of her tone. "Aren't we?" He asks, suddenly unsure. He considers her a good friend already-- though it's hard to consider someone you've survived life-or-death situations with anything but a friend.
He'd like to think about her as more than that-- but no. Thinking too much about her, about how much he likes being close to her-- that's what made him fall in the first place. If his head had been on the mission, rather than the beautiful lady in his arms, he wouldn't have tripped.
He wouldn't have hurt her.
The eye-roll Satine gives him could kill. "I don't know, Obi. You tell me, you're the one who keeps pulling away."
Heat rises to his cheeks, and he looks away again as he realizes what she's referring to. Not far from where his thoughts were, really. "I am just respecting your space, my Lady."
A frustrated noise hits his ears just before the Duchess-to-be grasps his chin and forces him to look at her. "Perhaps I don't want you to."
"Lady Kryze-"
"Damnit Obi, call me Satine."
"... Satine-"
"Shut up."
Any protest Obi-Wan could have made is quickly smothered by lips against his.
It's like the world stops moving for a moment. He relaxes easily into it, not experienced enough to do much more than accept-- but then, Satine doesn't seem to know what to do either, just pressing their lips together and holding him in place by the front of his tunic.
Not that he's pulling away.
If Obi-Wan had to describe it... he would say that kissing Satine felt like finding his kyber crystal. Something in the galaxy around them just clicks into place, and the force around him buzzes with happiness. He couldn't say who it belonged to-- him, her, or the force itself. It just feels right, and he relaxes as little waves of joy and serenity wash over him.
It takes several seconds longer than it should for him to come back to his senses. He pulls back gently, too weak to tear himself away from her.
"Satine," he starts again, his heart pounding.
They shouldn't have done that. How could he allow it? How could he be so weak? Master Jinn will find out, he'll see again how unworthy Obi-Wan is... he'll be left here, like on Melida/Daan.
Would it be so terrible to stay here, if he's staying with Satine?
"Stop." She responds, tone firm still. She will make a wonderful Duchess, commanding authority already, at only 17.
"I haven't said anything," he protests, but it's weak. He is weak.
"Stop worrying, Obi." She specifies, her hand on his cheek again. He can't bring himself to pull away. "You think too much. A kiss won’t hurt anyone.”
How can she say that so easily? “A kiss alone, no,” he agrees, voice pained, “but what if I want more?” And he does-- he does want more, and he thinks she does too.
Her hand stays steady on his cheek, thumb brushing under his eye. “We can’t have more, Obi.” She sounds sad, and he wishes he could take that away, protect her heart as he protects her physically. “You will be a great Jedi, I can’t hold you back from that. And I must repair Mandalore from the aftermath of this Civil War. I can’t do that with a Jedi by my side.”
He knows she’s right, but it still hurts. “I know that,” he says quietly, trying not to sound dejected. He knows she isn’t rejecting him, but that’s even more confusing-- they both want what they can’t have. “So we shouldn’t-”
She stops him with another kiss, this one quick, just a peck to his lips. “We can’t have more, Obi... but we can have this, for a little while.” She takes his hand, squeezing it tight. “It will have to be enough.”
He bites his lip, nodding though he knows it will never be enough. He squeezes her hand back, shifting closer to her as he gives in to the basic human need for contact and closeness. “It will be enough,” he says, as if that can make it true. “For now.”
She smiles, kissing his cheek before leaning against him. “For now,” she agrees, resting against his chest. Maybe someday they can have more-- someday when Mandalore is at peace, when he's older and has fulfilled his role as a Jedi.
He hopes so. He's never felt more right than he does now, by her side.
It will have to be enough, for now.
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young-less · a year ago
we are old, no more cool kids known as weird teens, but still have the young drunk soul.
Tumblr media
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ummpleasee · 2 years ago
I love you more than everyone else in the entire world and that terrifies me so much.
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lunastar92 · a year ago
Tumblr media
All grown up!
Teenagers in love. But are tip toeing around it.
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