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Tuesday, November 24th:

A Teacher (hulu),
“Notes for My Son (netflix, Argentinian movie drama),
"Hillbilly Elegy” (netflix, theatrical movie premiere),
Dragons: Rescue Riders (netflix, “Huttsgalor Holiday” special),
“A Very Special G4 Holiday Reunion Special” (Twitch|YouTube, live),
“Porno” (Shudder, feature film)

(also new):
“Hollywood Exes: Reunited” (VH1, special, 90mins),
“A Christmas Tree Grows in Colorado” (Hallmark original movie, 2hrs++),
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team (CMT|MTV, season opener),
Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel (HBO, monthly special)

(hour 1):
The Voice (NBC),
The Bachelorette (ABC, 2hrs),
Cosmos: Possible Worlds (FOX),
Gilmore Girls: “A Year in the Life” (theCW, 2hrs, night 2 of 4),
The Haves and the Have Nots (OWN, season 8A opener)

(hour 2):
The Bachelorette (ABC, contd),
neXt (FOX),
Gilmore Girls: “A Year in the Life” (theCW, contd),
Inside the NFL (SHO),
The Curse of Oak Island (HIST),
Rise of the Nazis (PBS, part 3/3)

(hour 3):
FBI: Most Wanted (CBS),
Transplant (NBC),
Big Sky (ABC),
Tosh.0 (COM, series finale),
  / The Misery Index (TBS),
Supermarket Stakeout (FOOD),
Beyond Oak Island (HIST),
Frontline (PBS, “Supreme Revenge: Battle for the Court”)

[preempted, most returning next week:
Swamp Thing (theCW),
Tell Me a Story (theCW),
This Is Us (NBC) is on hiatus, resuming in January.]

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What to say about her… I never liked her, from the beginning I thought she is a spoiled rich girl who wants everything to be like she wants. I never changed my opinion about her, sometimes I felt sorry for her because it has to be very difficult to watch the man you love treat his fiancé like you always wanted to be treated by him, but I never liked her. And in every episode my opinion about her only worsened, she didn’t care about anyone except herself, she had a wonderful and loving fiancé who loved her so much, but no she run after Serkan every time. She dumped Ferit at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, she lied to him saying that she was at Piril’s house when she actually was at Serkan’s. She was ready to broke up with Ferit two days, TWO DAYS, before the wedding for Serkan. Oh come on girl…

And the thing that I don’t understand is when she understood that Serkan wanted her back? Which signals Serkan gave her to understand that? I really don’t get it.

And in episode 12 when Selin and Serkan talked about their feelings for each other he was so clear that he never loved her, and that he don’t love her, that he is in love with Eda. And Selin said that she actually fell in love with the idea of Serkan, a wrong idea. In that moment I thought ok she finally understands that this was never going to work, she will move on. But no she did not.

OK Ferit made a mistake by leaving her at the altar but she didn’t love him, not in the way he wanted. And after this Selin was jealous about him and Serkan. Really girl? Really?

She’s like a damsel in distress. She needs a man, and I don’t get that.

In episode 18 when she asked Serkan if she could stay at his house I was like she didn’t really did that right? She didn’t ask at Serkan if she could stay at his house… She doesn’t has parents, friends, hotels like Aydan said? In that moment I gave up on understanding her. And when in episode 19 she asked him if he would like to watch a film together i really lost my mind. I really don’t get her, and her behavior. And at end of the episode when she keep asking Serkan what he needs, or that she’s there if he needed something an he keep say Eda, Eda, I need Eda i was like read the signals Selin, he doesn’t want you there. What else do you need to understand that? And when Eda arrives at Serkan’s home she says “Welcome Eda” in an annoyed way… Ehm what?! That is not your home, what right you have to speak to her like that? And when Serkan tells her that there is the driver outside the house waiting for her what she does… She cry…

And I don’t understand why she was so angry at Serkan about the secret of Eda’s parents, what she wanted to use this against Serkan and Eda relationship? She was going to blackmail him? I don’t get it really.

She really doesn’t have self love. I think she has to love herself more, to be more self respectful. Where Is her pride?

Sorry for this outburst but I can’t take her anymore. I really hope that Serkan close the relationship with her forever after this. And he doesn’t even know that she covered Ferit about the agreement thing, I really hope that Eda tells him about that because he deserves to know what kind of person is Selin.

P.s: How beautiful is Bige though? She has those big blue eyes that enchant you. And I think that she’s a really good actress.

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“Болотная тишина”

Испания, 2019 год

Сначала не понял, а потом опять не понял 😂

Фильм основан на книге Хуанхо Браулио “El Silencio del pantano”.

Сюжет разворачивается вокруг писателя криминального жанра, который так сильно увлекается своей работой, что уже с трудом разделяет вымысел и реальность.

Даже если смотреть очень внимательно, понять, где реальные события, а где роман, который пишет персонаж Педро Алонсо, весьма затруднительно. У меня вот не получилось, честно 😅

Главный герой представляет собой эдакого злого гения, самоуверенного и в какой-то мере эгоистичного, как мне показалось 🤔

Фильм сам очень мрачный, загадочный, а пейзажи Валенсии этому очень благоволят.

Сложно для восприятия, но однозначно заслуживает внимания.



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Seemingly, a woman becomes infatuated with the cast of Full House, and it appears as though she imagines herself to be in an abusive relationship with Dave Coulier, and interacts with the other cast members as though they are friends of Coulier and the woman. Eventually we learn the woman actually believes she’s in an abusive relationship with her television itself.

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Lecture 20: The Sugarhill Gang, an early rap group from Englewood, New Jersey, had the distinction of singing the first rap song that became a hit on the Billboard Hot 100, climbing to #36 by January of 1980. “Rapper’s Delight,” a catchy-as-all-get-out song, released in 1979, featured hefty chunks of Chic’s huge disco hit “Good Times,” and instantly became a staple of dance joints and discotheques across America. The Sugarhill Gang also found themselves in constant demand, performing the tune countless times on television, including on Soul Train, American Bandstand, and just about every other variety show in the late 1970s and early 1980s. 

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