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I’m not sure how many people actually think about this, but does anyone else wonder what happened to Valerie’s mom? Since we never see her in the show I assume she’s not a part of Valerie’s life because there wasn’t an off-screen story behind why it was just Damon and Valerie at home. I might have mentioned it in another post before, but I’m not really sure…

Anyways basically I’m trying to decide whether or not Mrs. Gray left the family when Valerie was a little girl or passed away either tragically from an illness or an accident. To be honest though I’m kinda leaning towards the first option because having her pass away seems a bit too easily dismissed or cliche you know? But having her still be alive could make for some good drama, especially if Damon just never told anything Valerie anything about her mother apart from her just being ‘gone’ which could be interpreted several different ways and after that he did his best to raise Valerie by himself as a single parent.

So here’s what I’m thinking:

Option 1: Mrs. Gray was a workaholic and barely home anyway so eventually she and/or Damon decided to file for a divorce for the sake of their daughter when they realized she needed at least one of them to fill the parental role in her life properly and Damon was the only one who really qualified.

Option 2: Mrs. Gray was angry with how busy Damon used to be developing security systems all the time so she left him and their daughter behind to teach him a lesson about valuing his family more. Or maybe Mrs. Gray did originally take Valerie with her too but she was too young to remember her dad asking her mom to give their daughter back to him at least so he wouldn’t be alone, promising to do better for her at least.

Option 3: Maybe Damon and his wife just grew apart and weren’t happy anymore so she left one day and never came back.

Option 4: Going a bit darker, maybe Mrs. Gray started to get lonely since Damon was busy all the time and left with another man, or if she was caught they filed for divorce because he knew it was unfair to push her to do something like that or he wasn’t making her happy anymore and wanted to set his wife free to live a happier life.

Option 5: Maybe Mrs. Gray was a pretty cunning business woman and never loved him at all and just got close to steal company secrets, even after getting married and having a daughter with him. This could go the route of her falling for him for real but getting caught in a lie or she embraces it and admits she never loved him and leaves them.

Option 6: Maybe Mrs. Gray joined the army or navy to get away from her family so she and Damon are technically still married but he doesn’t want to talk about her since she abandoned them.

And that’s about it as far as random scenarios, it might not be a big deal and I’m kinda just spitballing ideas but I’d love to hear some feedback! What do you guys think should be the backstory of Valerie’s mom? Should I paint her as the bad guy,someone lonely that just left the family, or a selfish woman who was only thinking about herself? I’m open to any ideas!

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I dreamt of you again last night

it happens often these days

that moment right when I wake up

and you’re still there

On a mattress on the floor

next to mine

last time we tried on each other’s glasses

yours were new but we were older

last time I fell in love with you

all over again


I dreamt of you again last night

Its bittersweet

to have you living

in my memory still

I wish I could see you one last time

laugh with you

hug you, hold you

I’ll find you again but for now

I will have to close my eyes

and dream of you again

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A lot of us are scared of the dark. Wide open darkness with anything waiting out there for you. Some of us are raised in the dark. We get short breaks of light before braving the dark once again.

My wish for you is that someone give you a flashlight and you never loose the ability to see the stars.

You will see the light again.

I promise

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so i just saw this on instagram. this is not my content (thankfully), but i wanted to know what everyone else’s opinions are on this.

don’t go sending hate to the account that posted this, but do reblog or just comment how you feel about this video.

i’m 99% sure it was staged like one of those god awful prank accounts, but again, how does this make you feel? because this is fucking scary to me.

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Poem To my Crush

After all these times we’ve been so close

Love still failed to blossom unopposed

I look across the class to catch your eye

So plain yet more beautiful than the sky

On the sunniest days so startlingly bright

Never too far but still out of my sight

My feelings for you left unattended have grown

Amazingly so for I can see your puzzled frown

Rings of doubts inside you –naturally you wonder -

Trust me I want you – this won’t be a blunder

I know you some what but I want to know you better

Now tell me – can I take you out for dinner?


Originally posted by dontgotnohalo

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Soft actor mark!? Hell yes!


Mark had to admit he missed the lavish parties during his limelight. He missed the loud music, the drunks, and most of all the dancing. You knew that and being the good freind you are decided to do something. Poking your head into his room you saw him over his desk, probably planning another crayon adventure. “Mark? Can you come here?” He didnt look up. You sighed and walked over “I have a surprise” this got his attention, turning towards you he titled his head “a suprise?”

You nodded and grabbed his hand to drag him up. After shaking off the surprise of the contact he let you pull him from his desk. “You have to keep your eyes closed till we get there though” he chuckled “oh really?” “Yup!” He sighed and closed his eyes “there, we going now?” You only starting moving in reply.

Admittedly leading the guy around the manor without hitting things was kinda hard and it didnt help he kept asking questions. Each time he’d give you a “are we there?” Or a “what is it?” You’d have to remind him it was a surprise so no you weren’t going to explain it, and no clues either.

Eventually you did make it to the living room which you had moved about to have a clear place. Stopping mark almost hit you, you let go of his hand and stepped aside. “Okay, were here” you started watching him. He slowly opened his eyes looking confused as he glanced around “y/n? I dont get it..” a bit disappointed you explained “it’s a little dance date” you rubbed the back of your neck feeling flustered. “A d-date?” He almost felt his heart stop. A date? An actual date!? “I mean yeah, it’s not really a date date but” he cut you off by picking you up an spinning “aren’t you sweet!” He laughed. You really set this up for him?

He set you down and smiled “really its sweet of you y/n” you blushed “its nothing.” Mark clasped his hands together “well then let’s get started!” You didnt complain.

You spent a good time dancing around, drinking, and genuinely having a fun night. Mark and you even remembered how to tango. Which was what you were currently doing. Looking at you time seemed to stop. The way you smiled as you danced, or laughed as he spun you, you spent time setting this up..hell you had done so much for him. God he should be more appreciative “mark?” He came back to seeing you staring up at him. “I love you ” he blurted out without thinking. Your eyes went wide, he instantly regretted it. “I..I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-” you pulled yourself back up hugging him. “I love you too mark.” You two pulled apart to look at eachother.

It didnt take long before he moved closer closing the gap. The kiss was short and sweet, you both could taste wine. This time, once apart you pressed your foreheads together just silently loving the moment. You chuckled and fell back dragging mark with you. You both hit the couch mark landing atop of you. “Thank you y/n” mark said softly nuzzling his face into the crook of your neck. You didn’t mind the guy ontop of you, it was like a weighted blanket. Wrapping your arms around him, the two of you laid there.

A simple dance date…

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Is it okay if I talk about Julie and the Phantoms on this blog too? Like I don’t want to create a side blog and this will still be a watcher and BFU centric blog. I will use tags like “gabby speaks to the dead” and “not watcher” if you don’t want to see it. I really just want to gush about this amazing show but I don’t want to be annoying.

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Its not a big deal.

But it is a really big deal.

To know how someone feels.

If they feel the same feelings that you feel.

Do they speak the truth.

Do they lie?

What does it feel like to someone else when they feel broken?

Or how bout at bliling point on the verge of breaking?

Do you love the same way I love?

How do you really know what love is?

Is it everything that fear isnt?

Am i crazy?

Is the best first message to send out to people to connect to people in what my life’s purpose is and what it is i should be doing?

Are you okay?

Do you feel comfortable?

Can you tell me things?

How you might be feeling?

Are you still with me?

Are you still reading?

Are you okay?

Are you okay?

Can i ask you something?

Are you okay?

Are you?

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I just want to know my vibes to other people. ya know?

zodiac people drop your thoughts

Mbti people drop yours

the highly opinionated go ahead

the synathetic, the ideatheic? fair

follow me? dont follow me? do it

literally found this post in passing? i need to know

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hello, hello friends and buddies,

so i’ve got an ungodly amount of drafts and requests to work on and get out - 11, to be precise, idk how i let it get this bad smh - anywayyyyy

how would you all feel about me posting a fic every other day or every two days??? would it get to be too much?? pls send in ur opinion, reblog this with what you think, DM me idk i just want to get out as many as i can before november bc it’s making me go wild with these requests just sitting in my drafts

thank you

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You know I’ve been wondering if Julie knows about Willie, I mean I know she knows who he is but does she know about him and Alex. Like does Alex talk about him to her and she gives him advice about it or is she just clueless about it? Did no one tell her! I bet Luke or Reggie would have been like when she asks who Willie was and they were like Alexxx’s boyyyfrienddd. LIKE I NEED TO KNOW!!

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Warnings: None ( @iamnotyourmusebitch​ may have sparked some dom!thor fantasies and I am not mad about it….just thirsty.)

Time: 20 minutes


Originally posted by gifandmemeammunition-blog

It was early in the morning as you hopped pathetically to reach your mug. “Steve rogers you freaky bastard.” Squeaking as you jumped onto the counter leaning backwards to retrieve the item. 

“My Lady, what ails you?” The Asgardian inquired laughing softly to himself. 

“Were you—Thor Odinson you did not just watch me try and reach that mug.” Pointing your index at the much taller male in humor and agitation.

“I was unaware if you required assistance you are entirely self sufficient, typically.” You blushed looking down at the mug in your hand. It was true you seldom asked for help, you were used to doing everything alone.

Walking over he lifted your chin, “In the future I shall be aware of your needs.” your jaw dropped slightly at the insinuation. His blue eyes sparkling with mirth and promise until you felt your stomach tighten and breath stick in your throat.

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