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#tell your husband thanky
Tumblr media
a sign (2021?) - found by husband
"ATTENTION: before sharting please fart on me thank you for your cooperation!!"
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twiddle-dee-twiddle-dumb · 4 months ago
Haikyuu! Boys React or Respond:
To Their Smol S/O Fast Walking
Warning: slightly suggestive, height jokes (???)
A/N: Please bear with me. I honestly don't know how to do this. HUHUHU. I apologize in advance. I'm open to suggestions. Feel free to comment or suggest. Help me do better. Thankies!!!!
1. T. Kageyama
It's the weekend. You and Kageyama decided to go on a movie date. You already bought tickets in advance and now both of you are on your way to the cinema from buying your snacks. You already reached the cinema entrance when you realized that your boyfriend isn't there behind you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. K. Sugawara
You are on a date with Suga in the city. You are walking around the block to find that hidden, cozy restaurant that your friend suggested. As you walk, your phone continued to sound. There are incoming messages. They are from Suga.
Tumblr media
Your brows furrowed in confusion. Wondering.
“Why would you text—” Your words were left hanging in your mouth when you saw Suga was not on your side. You stopped at your tracks as you inwardly laughed that you lost your boyfriend while walking.
Tumblr media
3. D. Sawamura
It’s a holiday so you and your husband decided to shop for groceries. It’s already afternoon and you guys already checked out all the grocery items. You and Daichi are walking towards the exit and to the parking lot. The grocery store is packed with people so….
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. K. Kozume
You and Kenma waited for this day. There’s a new game that your favorite game company is going to launch and both of you are invited. The venue of the launch is in the heart of the city’s tech hub.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
5. T. Kuroo
You and Kuroo have been married for months. You have been volunteering in a dog shelter. You tell your husband about your time there as an introduction to your main point which is to adopt a dog. Well, today is the day and both of you got to this point…
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Hey Laura! It’s Alex, I’m on anon bc I can only send asks from my main. Anyway I’ve been reading a bunch of your little Vermillion HCs and as cute as they are I feel like me or Kai or some people would really not enjoy being pregnant. Can you do HCs or a Scenario about pregnant reader having a bad day and is like crying when Fuego comes back bc they missed him so much, and how Fuego would comfort them. Thankies 🥺
Hi Alex! You’re right, not everyone would necessarily like being pregnant. And I’m sure that everyone would have those that would have looked forward to being pregnant, would necessarily like it all the time, or all aspects of it. This was a slightly bit more difficult for me to write, because I’m not a mother, and I can’t really know/imagine what it’d be like, but I do hope that you like the result ^_^
Warnings: The tone is a bit angsty, but there’s fluff (aka consolation happening)
It felt like the weight of the world was hanging over your head. The air wanting nothing more than to suffocate you; getting stuck in your throat. No, today hadn’t been a good day. In fact, lately there had been fewer and fewer of ‘good days’, the realization of which only made your head hang lower.
Your arms wrapped around your baby bump as tears started streaming down your face. You didn’t like the changes that were happening to your body; your breasts starting to grow and feel sore, your feet hurting, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster you were on and getting kicked into your internal organs by the life growing inside of you; it all made you painfully aware of the fact that this child, your child, was completely dependent on you. And what made the anxiety and pressure even worse, was that when you were feeling down, everyone seemed to just dismiss your emotions as “just hormones”. Couldn’t you just be upset and not being told that it was “just hormones”? Your feelings still mattered, but it didn’t feel like people understood it.
You just wanted your husband. You just wanted Fuego to come home and hold you. But he was in a meeting and you didn’t want to bother him, so you just settled going back to your room and curling up on the bed. The tears continued streaming down your cheeks as you laid there, hoping that every tear would bring you closer to feeling better. But it seemed that no matter how much you cried, it didn’t help. The heavy clouds that had filled the room still weighed you down, to the point that you didn’t notice the bedroom door opening.
“My love?” Fuegoleon asked as he heard you sobbing on the bed.
You couldn’t bring yourself to answer him anything so you just curled tighter around yourself as his steps approached you.
“Darling, what’s wrong?” he asked as he sat down onto the bed and placed his hand onto your shoulder.
You didn’t really know what to tell him; where to begin telling him. So, instead you just sobbed out: “today was just so horrible and I-, I really missed you…”
You heard him kicking of his shoes before he climbed into bed with you, wrapping his arms around you and pulling you close. “I missed you too my love. Do you want to talk about it?” He asked with such gentle tone that more tears rolled down from the corners of your eyes.
“I just… Nobody understands my feelings, and my body hurts, and I… I don’t the changes that are happening in it…” you admitted through your tears as he drew circles against your skin with his thumb.
“I’m so sorry to hear that my love. Is there something I can do to make you feel better?” he asked with a small pause. “I love you so much,” he still continued, his tone oozing with certainty and adoration.
And you didn’t know if there was anything that he really could have done, but you did feel slightly better just laying there, in his arms.  “I just want you to hold me…” you sobbed.
His hold of you grew stronger and his warmth enveloped you as he pressed his head against yours. The strong beat of his heart being so prominent against your back, assuring you that he was there, and that he wouldn’t leave you.
“What if I won’t be a good mother?” You asked him; your voice weak and full of the worry and doubt you felt.
“I’m sure you’ll be a wonderful mother,” Fuegoleon consoled you. “And I’ll be here with you, raising them. You won’t be alone with it.” He paused for a moment, pressing a gentle kiss onto your cheek. “You won’t be alone.” He assured you; his heart beating against your back, strong as ever. And that heartbeat, that song of his heart was reserved to you and you only.
You could feel your body slowly starting to relax as you found consolation from his presence. He was there, and he wouldn’t leave you. He was there, and he understood and loved you. And there was nowhere else you would rather have been, than right there.
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kanene-yaaay · a year ago
Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
Kanene’s note: Okay, I’m- aaaaa
I’m very proud of this one because it’s a little different of what I use to write and it was cool to try a new something. I didn’t even wrote the laughter because I was writing this next to my family and I didn’t wanted any of them asking why my characters were laughing so much xDD.
Warnings, fun facts, random things and stuff:
* Switch!Émile and Switch!Remy (It is def romantic. They are married and very gay and there is a lot of kisses in it-)
* Hmmm… This is a Tickle-Fanfic! If you don’t like this kind of stuff, please look for another blog, there are plenty of amazing art in this site!! ‘u’).
* Something around 2700 words. -w-)b.
* Sorry for any spelling, pontuation and grammar mistakes! I didn’t proofread that one very well, so I will probably be correcting a few things later. Any advice is always very, very welcome!
* Just two silly and very mean boyos being two silly, teasy and ticklish boyos. xDD
* A versão em português brasileiro irá ser escrita, ainda! Thankys for reading, my lollipops! Watch a fun video, take a good rest, talk with the one that you love and drink water! Byeioo!~
- Émile ~
 He didn’t know from where this came from. In a second they were on the couch, smiling and watching Steven Universe, and in the other a cold shiver ran across his body, making him turn to his husband, just in the exact moment to see he taking off his sunglasses, locking his glare on him with those sweet, dangerously warm eyes and grin. Just like that. It took a heartbeat before Émile realized what was about to happen, a wobbly smile beginning to control his features as he felt himself almost paralyzed, Remy starting to tap his fingers on the lenses of his own glasses, his malefic smirk never fading.
 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
 They stared each other, Émile’s gaze finally changing to his fingers, another round of goose bumps spreading across his spine, the adrenaline taking over his veins and giving him the enough strength to dash in full speed through the hall.
 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
Which leaded the poor, almost giggling, adult to his current state: hiding behind his room’s door and wishing with all his will power that this plan would really worked as well as it had when he watched in the cartoons.
 (He tried to ignore the voice in his mind reminding him how all that chases usually ended up in the end, the thought only being enough to heat his face.)
 - Émile ~ - It was in days like this that one wearing glasses could swear that Remy was a witch. Because there wasn’t any other realistic, rational and plausible explanation about how much the giggles trapped in his throat got louder, bouncier and even more difficult to control just with the slight sound of his voice, obligating their owner to press his hand further around his mouth, lightly biting the tip of his tongue. – You had better hide well, because you know what is gonna to happen when I find you, don’t you?
 Émile shook his head, his back forcing itself on the cold wall.
 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
 - Oh, gurl, maybe you don’t even remember anymore… Now, we can’t fusion like this, can we? Let’s me remind you, then. ~ - The chased hold a pouty whine when heard these words, already feeling the beginning of a blush spread in his neck. Remy knew very well how teases could be as unbearable and unnerving as the tic… I mean, The Thing. – First, I will carry you aaaaall the way back to the couch and maybe my fingers will slip in tweaks and squeezes all over your hips, who really knows, ya know? But you better don’t squirm that much, because then I will have no escape but be obligated to bring my other hand to better hold you and just hope that this one is not more slippy then the first, right?
 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
 - And then: The couch. Nothing different will happen there, really. I will just lay down with my extremely ticklish, helpless husband to take a nap, and, if my glorious lips will be random blessing your incredibly sensitive neck with a lot of Goodnight Kisses and my hands will keep lightly scratching, squeezing and poking all the length of your sides, sometimes even giving a little attention to your hips, because no way in hell I will be sleeping in a hard pillow, it’s none of your business, giggly boi. – Émile couldn’t help nor stop the pitched squeal that escaped from his mouth, eyes widening and breathing immediately stopping, the others giggles also begging to escape. - Oh, and, by the way, better keep your mouth very shushed while this. We don’t want the Tickler Master waking up, am I right?
 Remy’s nonchalant tune still full filling the air, which didn’t carried the sound of his steps anymore. The cartoon lover knew there was no way for him to save himself and, in a surrender act, just let his high, excited giggles run happily across the room hiding his face in flames behind his tremble hands. Seconds later, he heard the sound of his door being closed and his hide spot exposed.
 - But we both know that you just can’t contain yourself, my so poor, so defenseless lee. – Émile playfully screamed as he was lifted up in the air, quickly being carried in bridal style. He opened his eyes enough to see Remy in a bat of eyes deviating his glare from his form, the tender smile taking pieces of seconds before changing to an evil grin, fingers suddenly tweaking his kneecaps and hips, leading the carried to jump, a squeal signaling the flow of giggles that followed it.
 - Please, Remy, please!! – Each new squeeze was a snort interrupting his words, making him try to start again only to get the same result and repeat the cycle all over, resulting in a more helpless babbling than anything else. The said stopped, adjusting his hold in order to sneak his thumb in that damn spot right between his shoulder blades, switching between kneading and prodding while leading to an even more no-understandable sentence. - No there, no there, no there!!! Pleasepleaseplease-
 - Huh? Whatcha you are trying to say, hun? That I’m the most handsome husband in the entire world? That you are so sensitive that only a few squeezing and prodding are enough to transform you in a blushy, laughing mess? – The one being held felt his laughter increasing, the words spreading tingles in all his others ticklish spots, even the ones which weren’t being attacked. He shakes head, denying. – Is that you love all these teases and specially when I tickle tickle tickle you? Huh? Use your words, babe.
  – Nonononono! – Émile arched his back just to find another attack to his hips, bucking the said as Remy buzzed his fingers in the exact point where his sides and hips connected, and generating loud crackling as response. – You a- nah! You are mean mean mean!! – His arms danced to a place to another, too much occupied with the crazy sensation to really focus in stopping it, Remy increasing his efforts in order to make the snorts start to bloom amongst his laughter and squeals, no needing too much to succeed. – Remy!!!
 - Yes, gurl? Geez, you should love my name. It seems like you can’t even spent a whole real minute without saying it! – His tune was still nonchalant. However, he leaned down for a heartbeat in order to steal a peck from his beauty, giggly and cute as fuck, husband, who obtained a new shade of red creeping down his neck. Nooooice. – Anyway, what did you wanna tell me? Be quick, I still having a lot of places to knead, scratch, scribble, wriggle… This whole ‘Tickle your extremely ticklish husband, like, really, reeeeeally ticklish, like seriously, this guy is a whole tickle spot himself, a alive version of Tickle Me Elmo, and, when he became a helpless mess just tease him more and more until the big, rational, Émile Picani turns in just a poor, so poor, blushy lee.
 - REMY!!
 - What? Can’t handle the truth? Boo-hoo, then.
 Émile didn’t answered, unless you considered his fast, absolutely incoherent, stumbling words a kind of response, choosing to clench is hands in his shirt and hide his face in flames, instead. His laughing being so strong that reverberate through the attacker’s chest, who couldn’t stop feel like a villain as he stared with a gigantic grin adorning his lips the ribs that such act let defenseless. Well, he internally shrugged as he took a deep breathe, suit himself. His arms were growing tired anyway.
 Émile thought he was going to melt in any moment, the teases still heating his sensitive skin and increasing the tickles in a way that should be definitely illegal, but in the moment he felt the raspberry, spreading, taking over his nerves and T I C K L I N G he died.
 And screamed, for sure. Oh, and also gripped something while kicked and trashed as if Mabble’s life was depending on it (not his own life, of course, since he was already dead). Some part of his desperate brain noticed he was falling, but the laughter exploding from his mouth and the impossible to ignore feeling quickly expelled any other thing.
 He opened his eyes, breathless as his watery vision focused in the form mostly layed onto him, their giggles flying and filling the entire room. After some heartbeats, Remy finally got up, his hands resting on the floor and sustained the weight of his body. Their eyes met.
 - I’ve forgot how much of a kicker you are. – Émile just curled up a little more, pulling his tongue out in a very mature and hard to win, statement
 - ‘s not my fault your arms are weaken than Deadly Arms’ ones.
 - Excuse you?
 - Nuh.
 - I beg your heck pardon?
 - No, you let me fall for you. Twice. In love and on the floor. I’m ignoring you until the end of ours married days.
 - Oh, is that so? – Remy replied, adjusting his position so his hands would lay each one in the sides of his husband’s head, who immediately recognized the smile beginning to shine and exploded one more time in a flow of giggles, his arms in front of his body, attempting to conjure a kind of shield.
 - Wait wait waitwaitwait!! Nonono! – A yelp cut his sentence when a hand tweaked his thigh. - I’m sorry, I’m sorry!
 - Yep, gurl, you will b- And his threat was interrupted when Émile pushed his shirt and connected their lips, stealing his words, breath and any and every coherent thought from his head, his giggles still floating from his mouth, which leaded, if that was even possible, to the coffee lover melt further, allowing himself to be carried away by the tenderness and love, sighing and deepening the kiss.
 …Until that dirty, evil, nasty cheater digs his fucker fingers in his damn stomach, which ruined the romantic moment and absolutely did NOT made Remy Tough Picani release a half shriek half snort that DIDN’T resulted in the only one wearing glasses coos softly, excuse you.
 - Awww. – Émile gave him an innocent smile, quick turning the tables and sitting on Remy’s legs, his fingers swinging in a dance that consisted in craving his thumbs right above his waistline and vibrating his others fingers in his torso, the maddening sensations culminating to free, belly laughter escape from the ‘victim’s’ mouth. Eyes tightly closed, wrinkled nose. – What is the matter, my dear? The cool, bad boy Remy can’t take some ti-tickly tickle tickling in his tummy-yummy-yummy? Huh? Huh? Can’t he? Because he is super hype dyper sensitive, aren’t you? Yes, you are! You are!
 - OH MY GOD, SHUT UP!! – Remy could feel his face, against his own will power and threats, melt in flames. His laughter being replaced by hysterical giggling as his husband changed his technique to spidering, slowly walking his fingers up before quickly drag his nails in random patterns the way down, going up and down one time more and after that a couple more of times, always managing to catch four or five snorts. – THIS IS SO DUMB, FUCK.
 - Now, now, Mister Ticklish Master. Let’s not be a Squidward to the Tickle Monster, alright? He just wanna to hear aaaaaaall that adorably, lovely, helpless giggles of yours!! – Émile lowered down and touched their noses, his smile increasing as he felt the other’s laugh hitting his cheeks, his tune now in flying in joyful whispers. – And what a cute laughter you have! Definitely the most lovely, sweet and favorite lee of the Tickle Monster!
 - ‘m not- ‘m not cuteyourbi-nOPLEASENOTTHERE- His words stumbled in each other, specially when his shirt was lifted and a finger began to squirm and scratches his bellybutton, his legs now kicking while his hands tried to get enough strength to stop the marvelous move. However, exemplary falling as the attacker focused some quick prodding in the exposed axillaries, receiving what was suppose to be an angry snort. Émile couldn’t help but coo one more time. – I’M. NOT. – He couldn’t help the squealing cutting his sentence. - CUTE. FUCK OFF!
 Émile made a soft sound of sadness, pouting even if his husband was still with his eyes tightly closed, unable to see it.
 - Now, it’s a pity that you don’t believe in the words of your own husband. – He switched to lightly scribbles and pokes at his sides and lower ribs, making sure to rub circles in each one of them while also gave his ‘victim’ some room to breathe and understand his words.
 - Well… maybe, maybe he would… – Remy tried, really tried to frown and looks angry, but that was really hard with the giggles still interrupting his words. His body melting in the gentle, good touch. Totally against his will, for sure. - ... if his husband wasn’t being a jerk and tickling him.
 He stared directly at Émile, therefore he didn’t lose the slightest which red freckled his cheeks, smirking, wobbly that is true, but also proudly in being the only between both who managed to say ‘tickle’ without shuttering. Sadly, though, he also didn’t lose the way his eyes and smile widened, showing that the other had an idea.
 Butterflies started to panic in his stomach, especially when Émile’s gaze focused there with a ratter crazy gleam, his next phrase coming out as a soft, dangerous purring.
 - You know… all of this made the Tickle Monster a bit hungry… and he heard that some lil lil lee has a very yummy yummy tummy right here. – His hands squeezed his belly, as if to prove his point. Remy jumped, the adrenaline running all speed across his body as the words starting to weight in his brain.
 - Wait, WAIT! Émile!!! – The one being called slowly moved towards his target, ignoring the squirm and pleas from his husband, who grew more and more desperate as his attacker innocently smiled and looked at him, his head gradually lowering to his most ticklish spot. – Émile, Émile, please, I’m actually begging you. I’m begging you!! I’m cute, see? I said it!!! Émile!!!!
 - I’m listening. ~
 - No, you’re not! – His euphoric, hysteric giggles already began to take over his sentences. – No! Fuck!!
 - No? – Émile’s lips already were resting on his belly, the word sending shivers across his nerves, which was not helped by the fact that the other absently shook his head, demonstrating his saying.
 - No! No!
 - A no to ‘no’? So that is a yes?
 - nO.
 - No? But what about the ‘yes’?
 - Stop it! Oh my gosh, I’m gonna to get a bitching divorce!! It’s a no to your yes!
 - Got it! It’s a ‘no’, then?
 - Yes!
 - A yes? Okay!
 Before any other protest could fly from his mouth, a shriek did it first. And again. And again. And one more time, almost as fast as the nuzzled raspberries buzzing and the nibbles, together with the ‘nhom nhom nhom’s’ sounds, spread and madly tickled in a total oblivion to his kicks, pushes and loud, thunderous laughter painting the air.
 It didn’t took too much before the cartoon lover stopped, already aware of the other’s limits, and touched their foreheads again, Remy’s breathing and reminiscent giggles being the only thing breaking the silence which involved them in a calm, cozy, warm feeling.
 - You don’t look at me like that, your traitor. – His tune was free of any harm, his bright gaze and blushed cheeks locking his attention. Émile couldn’t help himself but kiss the pout out of his face. – And don’t you dare to kiss me. – Quick kiss. - I don’t trust in your sweet lips anymore. – Soft kiss. – They are a hell of a trap. – Giggly kiss.
 - I love you.
 Their eyes met, one more time, and Remy finally gave up, swimming in that deep, caring moment. Their hands intertwined themselves.
 - I love you, too. – He lightly poked Émile’s ribs, winning a yelp before receiving the same treatment. – But only sometimes.
 - Uh huh.
 - What? It’s the truth!
 - Sure it is, dear.
 Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.
 Their heart did, beating in unison.
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selfshipfeelings · 11 months ago
But thy eternal summer shall not fade: What about you makes your F/O fall for you even harder? What about your F/O makes you fall for them even harder?, It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair: When times are tough, how do you and your F/O make it through? Ans Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”: Freebie! Tell us any headcanon about your F/O or your relationship with them. For Thranduil! 💚
Tumblr media
But thy eternal summer shall not fade: What about you makes your F/O fall for you even harder? What about your F/O makes you fall for them even harder?
My love for everything in nature has always been something Thranduil deeply admires and it is usually cause for him falling deeper in love with me. Even something as small as me holding a flower makes his heart do weird things and he just wants to draw me closer and kiss me and put the flower on display for everyone to see.
He gets as far as the kissing part, but the flower remains something admired between us and I'll usually give it to Thranduil 🥰
Morning Thranduil with a rough voice makes me fall harder for my husband 🥰 There's just something so intimate about getting to be with him so early in the day where he's vulnerable and open, usually half asleep and still quite needy for my cuddles. I love this side of Thranduil and getting to see it every day makes me so happy 🥺🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
It was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair: When times are tough, how do you and your F/O make it through?
Support. It's always been a big part of our relationship, even when we were just courting I was always there for Thranduil during tougher choices or rockier times for Mirkwood and he was there for me in hardships that I had to face, ever since meeting him I haven't felt alone and he hasn't felt alone either.
Quoth the Raven “Nevermore”: Freebie! Tell us any headcanon about your F/O or your relationship with them.
Despite all his grandeur and confidence Thranduil was always really nervous whenever we were alone, especially after his intentions with me were made public. He was scared he'd say the wrong thing or offend me in some way, so much so that the great Elvenking had a tendency to trip over his own words.
It was incredibly sweet and always made me laugh or blush, which only heightened his poor nerves 🥺
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nohr-and-thirst · a year ago
♡ Self Ship Q&A! ♡ Tagged by my lovely friend @yamiselfships~!!! Thankie so extremely much~!!!
Introduce yourselves. Who are you? What do you like to do?
“Hello there! My name is Morgan and I am a proud member of the Armed Detective Agency! I use to work for the guild, but I left in search for the book! However, as you can see, I found my whole universe right here~!”
“Hah Morgan honey bun, please hah! I am Dazai Osamu, a fellow member of the Armed Detective Agency. Morgan here is my husband of about five years now!”
How was your first meeting like?
“Oh my our first meeting hah!!! Let’s just say it was eventful to say the least... hah!!! Nothing that out of ordinary to be honest hah!!!
“Nothing that out of ordinary?! Morgan you were being chased for the Port Mafia while Atsushi was too! I couldn’t just leave such a handsome strong will man to be by himself! It was fate that made us meet that faithful day, and that I was able to save you and protect you. At the same time you showed who you were, a strong willed individual with a pure heart of gold!”
“Oh my goodness Osamu your making me blush! You were the strong one with the brains and will to save me! You should be saying that towards yourself!”
“Awwww Morgan~ you thought I was strong~?”
“Osamu hah, mi rey, I know you are silly~!”
How did you get together? Who confessed first?
“Oh I wanna tell this one!”
“Floor is yours honey bun! Go ahead”
“I confused to him the week before my birthday so December 27! Everything was calm for once, no Guild, no Port Mafia, far before the Rats or DoA. We were hanging out at a café I love, Enokitei Honton! I gave him a hand-made scarf!”
“Yes you did, it was blue and pastel pink with a cute note written in pink gel pen with how much love you made it with and how much you loved me~!”
What are your thoughts on PDA?
“Morgan is really the only one I’m okay with PDA, I know he means no harm, and he just wishes for me to be the happiest. I’m very affectionate towards Morgan, which is good cause I like to cause Morgan to blush!”
“I like getting affection from Osamu, it feels loving, sweet, and genuine! It’s the real way to show someone you love them you know? Like a clear peace of mind and loving the whole universe!”
How do you show your affection towards each other/what are your love languages?
“Morgan likes to write me notes, doodles for me, sew, and give me lots of kisses on the cheeks and lips. But another thing Morgan does is write a ton of poems and speak to me in the languages he knows! Did you know Morgan only could speak Spanish before the Guild raised him? The way I found Morgan even knew Russian is cause on time I joking responded his cute romantic poem in Spanish, and Morgan just spoke to me in Russian and called me his angel!”
“Well you told me to show my love to you know every way I knew how to, so I did! Osamu knows how much of the hopeless romantic I am~! He loves to bake me sweets and leave little cute poems on a note~! He also brings flowers to the agency, and he loves to give me his coat when I get cold~! Oh he also loves to play with me hair and tell me how he loves me everyday~! I feel so loved and safe being in his arms~!”
Who’s more introverted and who’s more extroverted?
“I’m more of the extroverted one, Morgan needs a little push sometimes because he thinks he shouldn’t relax!”
“Osamu is more extroverted, and by saying I should relax he means we should skip work, but I agreed cause I can’t say no to his handsome smile!”
Who’s the big spoon and who’s the little spoon?
“I am little spoon! Osamu is a whole foot taller than me, and I love his hugs cause they protect me and I like to use his coat as protection!”
“Plus I love to play with Morgan’s soft hair when he is falling asleep, he looks like a little rabbit, at peace and happy!”
What do you like doing together the most?
“We like to do anything together! However we tend to just go out in the front yard of our house and paint when it’s the dusk! Osamu is such a talented painter!”
“Ah now you are making me blush Morgan! Another thing we love to do together is cook and bake together! We often bring a lot of sweets and left overs to the ada cause we just cook and bake a lot!”
Tell us a fun fact about the other!
“Morgan is very skilled at chess and puzzles! You can see Morgan play this game series that has interesting stories, but so many puzzles on his 3DS!”
“Osamu plays piano so beautiful and calming, I been trying to improve my skills at the cello so we can have a duet one day! His piano skills are breathtaking, I get so moved!”
Tag other selfshippers and their f/os.
@kaiselfships and Kouyou!
@dumbglitch and Dr. Ivo Robotnik!
@brunsvigia and Nikolai!
@adamlesbian and Fyodor!
@fefarmer and Oda!
@futureschemistry and Nathaniel!
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sirbeepsalot · 2 years ago
Part 8 of 11 of Baby Summary: Liam, Olivia, and Drake set out to start their family. Olivia continues her private relationship with Bastien.
Notes: Series has pregnancy triggers (complications, loss, termination), character death, sexual situations. THIS IS A ROUGH CHAPTER
Thankies to my buddies @bobasheebaby and @dcbbw for their contributions to figuring out some of the stuff in this series. Yay teamwork! ❤
All characters created by Pixelberry. I’m just making them have feels.
Tumblr media
Olivia rolled over and stretched as the alarm went off.
“Hi love,” Liam said as he reached over her to turn the alarm off. “How did you sleep?”
She snuggled into his arms and let out a sigh. “It would be easier to sleep if I didn’t have two babies keeping me from getting comfortable.” She took Liam’s hand and placed it on her belly. “But it’s worth it.”
“Ohh!” Liam exclaimed, “Someone kicked me!”
“Where did you get kicked?” she asked as she felt his hand lead hers to the spot. “That was probably Jackson. He was kicking like mad in that area during my last appointment.”
“Maybe he’ll play football if he has a kick like that already.”
Liam gave her a tight squeeze and a kiss on the cheek. “I need to get up and ready for the day but stay in bed and rest. Drake was going to make breakfast for us when he gets back from taking the recruits on a run.”
“Humm… babies want bacon.” Olivia propped herself up in the bed with Liam’s help and picked up her knitting. She was making the babies sweaters and hats for coming home from the hospital in. White with pink, yellow, blue, and green accents.
“Of course. I’ll let him know the babies want bacon.”
“Everyone’s favorite--waffles and bacon,” Drake exclaimed setting two plates at the table for Liam and Olivia. Somehow, their schedules aligned perfectly and they were able to have breakfast together for the first time in several weeks.
Liam set to work putting berries and whipped cream on his waffles. “What do you two have planned today?”
“Going baby shopping,” Olivia said munching on a strip of bacon. “Need to pick up a few more things.”
Liam raised a brow. “I thought you went shopping yesterday.”
Olivia started to chuckle as Drake turned red. “Yeah, we were going to go shopping but he had other ideas.”
“Yeah, we were going to leave but she was wearing a romper and yeah. Plan postponed.”
Liam rolled his eyes and chuckled. “I don’t need to know the details.”
“You told me to keep her happy since she was so--”
“Drake!” Liam gasped, “That was a private conversation.”
Olivia stood to clear her plate. “I know everything you said Liam. He can’t keep secrets from me but he does an excellent job keeping me happy when I’m being, as he claims you said, cranky and hormonal.”
“Let me buy something for the babies,” Drake asked as he held up a tiny onesie covered in drawings of carrots. “Like this one. Carrots for one, tomatoes for the other.”
“You want to dress them in produce?” Olivia groaned, picking up a layette set covered in bows and ruffles. “This is what babies should wear. They should look dignified, like the little prince and princess they will be.”
Drake watched as Olivia picked though the basket, pulling out most of the outfits he had added. “I’m guessing this ‘Blame my sister’ shirt is out then?” he pouted. “There is a matching ‘Blame my brother’ shirt to go with it,” he noted as he held them up together, side by side, waving them back and forth. “Are you sure these are a no?”
“Fine,” she noted with a dismissive wave. “But if Liam doesn’t like them, you’re bringing them back.” Olivia watched as Drake toss the shirts into the basket. “Do you have my bag? I need my water.”
Drake grabbed her bag and pulled out her water. “Everything okay?”
“Just a little light headed, that’s all.” She said, resting back against a table and rubbing her belly. “It takes a lot of energy hauling you three around.”
“Three?!” Drake freaked out for a second before Olivia waved him off. “I was including you.”
“Ha ha. Anyways, I should get you home so you can rest. You’re looking a little pale.” He paused before digging in her bag. “Did you bring any snacks with you?”
“No. Really, I’m fine. Please go have the basket wrapped so we can head home.”
“As you wish,” he said, picking up the basket and heading towards the cashier.
A few minutes later, he returned, stuffing a roll of hard candies into her palm. “Eat some of these.” She raised a brow at him before he gave her that look. “Fine,” she said as she peeled the paper off and popped one in her mouth. “These are awful. People really eat these?”
Drake rolled his eyes as they headed to the door. “Please use the handrail,” Drake gestured as they stood at the top of a half flight of stairs.
“You are awfully protective of me,” she said as she leaned into his ear.
“It’s because I love you,” he whispered back with a wink.
“I know. I love you too.” Olivia stood tall, taking a sip of water before placing it back in her bag. “When did it get so bright out,” Olivia asked as she stepped down the first step. “Drake, I don’t--
“I understand. But that doesn’t match with the proposal your office sent me earlier this month and it isn’t consistent with what we determined on our last call.”
Liam glanced up as his office door cracked open and Bastien quietly slipped in.
“I’m sorry, may I put you on hold for a minute? … Thank you.”
“Bastien, what is it?”
“Sir, there was an accident. Olivia and Drake are en route to the hospital now.”
Liam sat, frozen at Bastien’s words.
“We don’t have all the details, but Olivia collapsed as they were leaving a shop downtown and they fell down a flight of stairs.”
“Let me end this call,” Liam choked out, holding tears back.
Taking a deep breath, he resumed his call. “I’m sorry, but something came up that needs my immediate attention. I’ll have my staff call to reschedule.”
The SUV pulled up to a private entrance at the hospital as Liam’s security detail assisted him into the building. He sat in a private waiting room for news of his family. He thought his next visit to the hospital would be in 8 weeks, when Olivia gave birth to their children.
He sat in the waiting room. Silence.
Tik. Toc.
The most painful.
Tik. Toc.
Liam held the now cold coffee Savannah grabbed for him when the door opened.
“Drake!” they both exclaimed as they jumped up, running over to him. Liam paused, eyes wide in horror, unsure of what to do as he looked at his husband. Drake crumpled into a chair, a broken body. His face scrapped, stitched, and bandaged, his arm casted, skin stained shades of red and purple.
“How’s Liv? They wouldn't tell me anything.” Drake looked up at him. He looked destroyed.
Liam told him what the doctors had told him. She lost a lot of blood, she was in surgery, and they had to deliver the babies. Drake tried in vain to blink back more tears before dropping his head in his hand. “I’m sorry Li. I should have been more careful with her. She wasn’t feeling well, she was getting pale. I should have made her rest more, eat something.”
“It’s not your fault,” Liam said, carefully stroking his hand through Drake’s hair. “What happened?”
Drake bit his lip, afraid his words would lead to them finding some fault in his actions. “We were leaving the shop and we started down the stairs when she fainted, she fell onto me. I pulled her into me to try to break the fall and we went down the stairs together.” He nodded at his broken arm. “Arm took most of the impact. I tried to protect her, to cushion the fall. But it wasn’t enough.” He paused, trying to retain his composure. “I was knocked out for a bit but our detail assessed the situation and called for an ambulance. I came to, she was on me screaming, there was blood. I thought, uhh…” 
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chair-leader · 2 years ago
A Tough Pill to Swallow - Part 2
We have lived through the cosmic shift in healthcare.  
We saw healthcare change from a primary care physician being in charge to Hospitalist, Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants, Fellows, Interns, etc... all writing prescriptions and changing the course of treatment along the way.
Here is what I learned from the healthcare shift... 
For me, our pharmacist became the absolute most important person on this journey.  I cannot underscore that enough.  As doctors and medical professionals from multiple locations weaved in-and-out on this road, and wrote and altered prescriptions, Rajen Thanki, our pharmacist at Sam’s Club in Town & Country, Missouri, remained an absolute constant.  He caught errors.  He kept track.  He stayed in communication.  He saved my husband’s life.  
Medicine was all new to me.  I have been so fortunate to have been able to cure every ailment I have ever had with a Band-Aid and Neosporin.  To be completely honest, I never gave much thought to the extraordinary role the pharmacist plays in the healthcare circle.
It wasn’t too long into our journey that I realized the conflicting information one receives in the medical world can be overwhelming.  The multiple names that one prescription can have is dizzying.  The number of people writing/changing prescriptions is exhausting.  Eventually, I waved the white flag and surrendered. I learned to rely on Raj.  Raj gave (gives) me great peace and comfort.
A few years ago my husband was released from the hospital following surgery. He had a boatload of medicine.  Within a few days he became ill with a run-of-the-mill chest cold.  (Had we been smarter, we would have realized nothing was run-of-the-mill for my husband.)  He went to an Internist within his network of providers and one recommended by his surgeon.  At that visit, a prescription was written.  When I went to pick the prescription up, Raj said, ‘If Richard takes this, he will die.’ Later that evening, two additional doctors called to tell us not to take that prescription.  The prescription was written in error and would interact with another prescription my husband was taking post-surgery.  
Having Raj oversee my husband’s medicine has been a lifesaver for me.  I wish everyone was fortunate enough to have a pharmacist as diligent and skilled as Raj.  I will never be able to thank Raj enough for what he has done for my family.
My parents are not fortunate enough to live close enough to have Raj as their pharmacist.  They use a large pharmacy provider.  As recommended by his doctor, my dad gets automatic refills on a few of his medications.  After a recent hospital stay, my elderly dad’s prescriptions were changed. My mom picked up the new prescriptions and he began taking them.  A few days later, that automated voice called my dad and said he had prescriptions waiting to be picked up.  Of course, he picked them up and began taking them as noted on the bottle.  He started to not feel well.  My dad had doubled-up on his medications. Medicine can certainly cure - and cause - many ills. I cannot fathom why with all the technology available in the medical world, automatic refills would not be halted when prescriptions are altered.  That is a tough pill to swallow!  Having said that, that goes back to the absolute importance of the knowing and completely trusting your pharmacist.  They are the gatekeeper!  
In the past few years, I have seen so many doctors, nurses, technicians, aides...more than I will ever remember.  But, I will forever remember our extraordinary pharmacist - Raj!
(I am grateful to all the future pharmacist out there...the field you are in is truly lifesaving!)
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basickassandra · 4 years ago
Can you do a Michael B Jordan where he propose to his girl (after the met gala) annnnd she tells him that shes pregnant.. Mussy romantic type 😀😀 her name can be shonna thankies in advance
Tumblr media
Double Trouble:
A/N: I hope you like it !
Warning: Couple of curses I think? 
Shonna took a deep breath before she step into the car, allowing the last flashes to be taken of her and her long time boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. After 4 years of being together she still hadn’t gotten use to the constant flashing of the cameras but this time it felt strange as if they all knew something extraordinary was going to happen. Just as she was going to turn her attention to Michael something caught her eye it was a sign that a fan was holding high that read “TURN AROUND.” She looked at the sign puzzling trying to figure out why would there be a sign like that so she slowly turned around and as she did she had noticed him anything else .
 "Michael why are you on the floor? Are you okay baby?“ She said rushing to his side trying to make sure he was alright but as soon as she did that Michael began to have a fit of coughs “Baby, what’s wrong?” She said now more afraid of what was wrong with her boyfriend “Shonna, I need to tell you something…” he said faintly causing her to grab his hand “It’s my last wish..” he said looking into her eyes as his voice began to fade.
 "I’ll call a doctor, HELP!“ She yelled looking at the crowd you did nothing but snap pictures of the scene in front of them "Say yes..” he said causing Shonna to snap her neck in his directions “What?” She asked bluntly trying to figure what was going on “Marry me.. it’s my dying wish.” He said as he began to softly close his  eyes “Michael Bakari Jordan, what the hell are you talking about.” She said no longer scared. Michael laugh now getting up from his laying position and kneeling with a box in his hand.
 "Marry me Shonna. There’s not a woman in this world who could handle me like you. I need you in my life now and forever. So, as my dying wish say yes babe.“ He said softly looking into her eyes. "Michael.. of course I’ll marry you!” She said as he slid the ring on her finger laying a soft kiss on her lips. “Did you have to be so damn dramatic about it though?” She said playfully hitting him.
 "Hey it’s what I get paid to do. Don’t judge me, I spent weeks thinking of a clever way to do that. Give me some credit.“ He said laughing holding the door open for her. Shonna got into the car now more anxious about the surprise she had waiting for him at the hotel, she took a couple more deep breaths hoping he would handle the news well.
 They had finally reached the hotel and if Shonna wasn’t a nervous wreck before she sure was now. She walked in behind him when they made their way to their room, she waited by his side to see his reaction when he walked into their room and it was priceless. He covered his mouth and backed up to the wall behind him "Shonna you’re joking. Don’t play with me, you know how much fatherhood means to me. You’re fucking with me.” He said tears forming in his eyes, she smiled and shook her head “Nope, you’re going to be a hell of a father baby.” She said smiling, tears slowly falling from her eyes as he embraced her into a soft yet strong hold.
 In the room we’re streamers of baby bottles and rattles along with a pink and blue doll and a banner that read “Being a father is the greatest gift in the world, well now that’s going to be your gift from me to you.” She had spent months trying to perfect it considering she did it by hand. “Baby what are we having? Is it too soon? Or do you know already?” He asked so excited about the world at this moment “I don’t talk so the sex but I know that instead of one heartbeat, I have three now.” She said waiting for him to get it and even though it took a few minutes it all began to click “Twins? We’re having fucking twins. I’m going to be a father of two kids! This is the best night of my life!” He said picking her up and spinning her around kissing her all over her face.
 "We have to tell our families everything. Shit all this planning we have to do now, a wedding and two babies. Then no bachelor / bachelorette parties, a baby shower, a choreographer for our first dance as husband and wife, wedding registry, baby shower registry. Fuck.“ He said now pacing back and forth.
 "Yes all that, and a bag of chips, we can face the world tomorrow but for right now we must sleep and deal with everything together as a family.” She said pulling his arm dragging him into the room “You’re right baby.” He said following you “Yeah, I know. That’s why you’re marrying me duh.” She said laughing causing him to shrug kissing her softly “That’s only one reason.” He said laughing. A night to truly never forget. 
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thetrueenemyofhumanity · 4 years ago
Lemme just say the way you write is awesome! Could you do some Widowmaker in an AU as a Comtesse and the reader being her maid? I requested this one somewhere else already and loved it so much I had to do it again. Thankies
There were many rumours about the Comtesse, but what wastrue and what was simply gossip was hard to tell apart. It was widely believedthat she had killed her husband as she slept, however nothing could be provenand she had powerful friends to ensure that it remained that way. But thepeople didn’t need solid evidence to validate their suspicion. They kept clear ofComtesse Lacroix and she kept clear of them, rarely leaving the eerie manor shecalled home. More rumours floated around that the ghost of her victims, thesupposed many husbands she had killed before ensnaring Count Lacroix, kept hercompany. These many rumours made you apprehensive about taking the job, to saythe least. But you’d have been stupid to turn down that sort of pay for a fewsilly rumours.
The Comtesse was pretty much an ideal employer. Your workwas manageable and she wasn’t cruel. In fact, she rarely said anything to you.But any time you were in the same room as her, bringing her her meals, letteror whatever she desired, her eyes were on you. You didn’t look at Amelie, butcould feel her stare following you. It made you uneasy, but for someunexplained reason it also made you blush.
Today had started out as any other. You carried the silvertray with her normal breakfast- served on the finest china of course- andletters from her many suitors. Despite the rumours, she was not short on menand women after her. Her beauty outweighed the danger, and besides, the dangerwas enticing. You knocked on her door but there was no answer. Worrying foryour employer you dashed right in, nearly dropping the tray.
Was the Comtesse…dancing? She was. Raising her long legs andtwirling to the music chiming from the small silver music box on the desk. Youhad polished the thing several times but never looked inside, never knew itproduced such sweet music. When it finally came to a stop so did she, with herback turned to you.
“Enjoying the show, my dear?” she asked, looking over hershoulder at you.
They tray clattered as you shook so you quickly set it downand gave her a short bow. “I’m very sorry Mistress Lacroix, I-I didn’t mean todisturb you,” you stammered, keeping your eyes down as she strode over to you.
“If you had disturbed me I would have said so. Besides,” shechuckled, lifting your head up and tucking a piece of hair back into place. “Ithas been so long since I have had someone to dance with. Perhaps you could joinme? You do look so cute in that uniform, cheri.”
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junghoshikie · 4 years ago
bts army tag;
I was tagged by @taeonie ~ thanky you  (⊃ ´ω`)⊃♥⊂(´ω` ⊂)
1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?
✿ Kim Taehyung ✿
2. Who is your current bias?
(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ★゜・。。・゜゜・ Jung Hoseok
3. What is your favorite bangtan bomb?
Since I have a lot of favorites, I’ll go with two of them, whom I recently liked a lot  ❤
➀  sleepy j-hope [the junghope in here is strong]
➁ j-hope is trying to wear contact lenses [hobi serving looks  ◕ ㅅ ◕ ]
4. What is your favorite BTS song?
I absolutely love ‘Rain’ ❤ And ‘Danger’ (as well as the Mo-Blue-Mix) is on the top list.
5. Which member is your bias wrecker?
*sigh* Jeon Jungkook *tiny nod*
6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?
Mostly Namjoon and I really can’t tell why  ┐(‘~`;)┌
7. What is your favorite BTS MV?
I’ll go with Run, but seriously I love all of the MVs.
Honorable mention: On Stage - Prologue (I cried a lot)
8. What is your favorite BTS choreography?
Danger, Run & BS&T
9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often?
i can’t dance I guess Run & BS&T
10. How long have you been an army?
I’ve known them since their debut stage, but I became an Army around N.O era. It all infired intensified with their I Need You comeback  •ᴥ•
11. Which album track list is your favorite?
Dark & Wild
12. Which album is your favorite?
Dark & Wild / Young Forever
13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?
(ノ゚ο゚)ノミ★゜・。。・゜゜・ JUNG HOSEOK
I tag @holdmehoseok​, @kiddobethany​, @prince-hobis-castle​, @jhobisunshine & @wae-tae-wae​ no need to do if you don’t want to
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