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#tendou x reader
redriottrash · a day ago
Haikyuu Boys x Reader
I don't even know how to title this one, it's the one tiktok texting trend where someone accuses their s/o of being in someone else's car and sends them a pic of a cockroach instead. That's literally it.
Featuring: Tanaka, Bokuto, Tsukishima, Tendou, Ushijima, Kenma, Kuroo, Oikawa, Nishinoya and Iwaizumi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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sunatooru · a day ago
Hi!! I’ve been stressing over my weight for a while now it has recently got a little better but can still be difficult, I was wondering if I could get suna, sugawara, Tanaka, and tendou with an insecure chubby s/o and them just showing them how beautiful they think they are.
Not really a emergency, please take your time❤️
Lovely you’re so beautiful! Hope this helps xx
Warnings: insecure about being chubby
* he loves resting on you
* So when you suck in, he’s looking at you in confusion
* “You don’t need to do that.” But you avoid his gaze and tell him how you feel
* “Baby, you’re beautiful. You’re perfect. So soft and cuddly. Don’t ever feel the need to not be yourself around me. Your body is amazing. You’re amazing.” He kisses your stomach and rest his head on it
* He rubs circles on your hips with his thumb, telling you how beautiful you are
* you’ve been staring at your legs for a while and he wants to know why
* “Sweetheart? What’s up?” He caresses your knee
* His face softens when you tell him you’ve been feeling insecure
* “It’s okay to feel like that but in my eyes you’re the most beautiful person. You have the prettiest smile, eyes and heart. Your body doesn’t change who you are inside but even then I think you look amazing.”
* He squeezes your knee and smiles at you, cupping your jaw and kissing you softly
* Gives you random compliments whenever he sees you looking down
* This man loves you to death and always makes sure to let you know how much
* He hates whenever you feel insecure
* “Baby! I swear you’re the most perfect person ever. I can’t stop looking at you and thinking how lucky I am to have someone like you. You’re the prettiest. Your body is amazing. I love you so much!”
* He hugs your tight
* He loves cuddling with you
* When he cuddles with you he kisses each inch of your body and praising how soft you feel
* He could you staring at yourself in the mirror and he knew from the slump it wasn’t good
* “My beautiful baby, why so sad?” He comes from the behind and kisses your shoulder
* You sigh and tell him your recent feelings about your body
* “I know insecurity creeps in sometimes but believe me when I say you’re absolutely breathtaking. You’re chubby and it’s not a bad thing. You’re beautiful. So beautiful..” he lifts your arm and kisses it
* “Here and here..” he kisses your hand before kissing your neck
* He squeezes the sides of your legs
* “I never get tired of looking at you and falling in love.”
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haikyuuwaifu · a day ago
Genre: Fluff
Warnings: Swearing
Fly me to the Moon
Y/N wouldn’t say it out loud, but she had been nervous to agree to this date with Tendou. If anyone asked her why, she wouldn’t be able to tell them...she just didn’t want to get her hopes up. A knock on the door brought her attention to the man of the hour, as he pushed it open slightly. “You’ve been staying here with me for over a week.” She teased, taking small steps toward him. He had said to dress casually, so she opted for a pair of jeans and a nice top. If she got cold, she’d bully him for his jacket, knowing full well he’d give it to her anyway. She couldn’t help the way her heart sped up, taking in his easy smile, as he crouched down to pet their puppy. He’d chosen black jeans, and a grey shirt, a large oversized leather jacket pulling it together. 
His ears jingled, as the piercings he was wearing dangled against one another as he lifted his head up to look at her. “You look pretty breathtaking squish.” He lamented, standing up, and taking a steady step toward her. Softly, he tilted her head up just enough to rest his lips on her forehead, humming contentedly  as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “I made reservations, but I want to take you somewhere first.” He mumbled, looking down at her softly. Y/N could only nod, taken away by the way the light reflected off his irises. “You’re so handsome Satori.” She mumbled, leaning up to kiss his cheek softly. It was Tendou’s turn to be caught off guard, as Y/N left him to grab her shoes. “You’ve always been handsome, but seeing you like this, carefree and everything…” She trailed off, sliding her shoes on her feet. “I want to see it all the time.” She whispered, a little shy at her bold declaration. Tendou only smiled, holding his hand out to take. “For you sweetheart, always.”
While Tendou had always been full of surprises, this one had to be his best one yet. He surmised, as he watched Y/N making her way through the planetarium. “How did you even get tickets to this place?!” she cooed, peering down at one of the displays. “The exhibit isn’t open for another few weeks.” The red-haired man shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets, as he followed her along. “Friend of mine owed me a favor.” He hummed, making sure to take pictures for Suna and their friends. She’d been all over the place since they got there, ooing and awing at everything on display. While he’d had no care for this kind of thing, he knew it would be something Y/N would absolutely adore. Following the sound of her voice, he found her laid up on the ground staring at the ceiling of constellations. 
“When we were dating, I used to stare up at the stars whenever I missed you.” She whispered, hand reaching for him, when he laid on the ground next to her. Tendou chuckled softly, tangling his fingers with her own. “Whenever I missed you, I’d lay on that grassy hill behind the gym and stare up at the stars.” He hummed, stroking her hand. “When we broke up, I spent all my free time there.” He whispered, staring up at the array of stars. “While we may have just been a couple of dumbass kids,” he mumbled, turning over to face you, “I still loved you.” Y/N smiled, reaching over to stroke his cheek. “I love you to ya know?” She whispered softly, tracing his facial features with her fingers. “I loved you enough to go against everything my parents wanted.” Tendou nodded, grabbing hold of her hand, and bringing her fingers to his lips. “I know you did, baby. Trust me. I never doubted that you loved me enough to go against them...I just...Highschool me didn’t have enough to offer someone like you.” He mumbled, looking away for a moment. “Not like Waka could.” Y/N scoffed, reaching back to pinch his cheek harshly. “And that wasn’t your decision to make Satori, but I understand.” Peering up at her through his lashes, he sighed softly. Pulling her into his chest, he held her close as he ran his hands up and down her back. “I know I said it already, but I’m sorry I didn’t fight. I wanted to give you everything you deserved, even if that meant not being with you anymore.” Y/N snuggled into his chest, allowing him to say what he had been holding in for so long. “There hasn’t been a single day, that I haven’t regretted letting you go, but I’m not going to just give up this time.” He mumbled into her hair, closing his eyes as he basked in the feeling of the two of them together. “I care about you so much honey.” he whispered, placing a soft kiss on the top of her head. Y/N snuggled closer, placing a soft kiss on his chest. “I care about you too.” She whispered, peering up at him with a smile. 
Above them, the constellations moved, as a song came over the speakers. “I know it’s years too late to ask, but would you let me have this dance?” he asked, smiling sheepishly, as he moved them to a standing position. Y/N only nodded, as he brought her into his chest and the two of them began to sway. “Fly me to the moon,” He began, swaying the two of them softly. “And let me play among the stars,” “Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars,” Y/N hummed, “In other words, hold my hand” he crooned, tilting her chin up to look him in the eye. “In other words, darling kiss me..” he whispered, eyes flickering down to her lips. Y/N closed the distance, slotting her lips over his own, the music playing, as they lost themselves in one another. 
-They never made it to that dinner, opting for some take out and movies instead. When they got home, Tendou informed Suna of the development, and Suna acted surprised when Y/N gushed to him all about it. 
-Fly me to the Moon was a song Tendou would sing for Y/N whenever she got anxious. It had been their song. Tendou called in a favor Tsukki owed him to get access to the exhibit well before the opening. Y/N likes stars and shit. 
a/n:  there are no taglists
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gogolyeyes · a day ago
Tumblr media
pairing: Tendou Satori x f!reader
genre: fluff (with some angst themes intertwined)
tw: bullying :/ pls don’t bully it’s not nice
wc: 600
a/n: I love Tendou so much. And I love his character and how he’s grown AHHHH. I hope to make this a multi chapt series (I love to start things and just never finish oop-)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Tendou is scary…” one of the boys stated in a whisper, catching glances back at the red haired menace in the back of the gym. “Like a monster!”
“Yeah…we don’t like playing with him…”
Tendou stood near his belongings, drinking water and adjusting his sneakers. Big, red expressive eyes that matched his bright red bowl cut. It was unusual to say the least but all the other kids in the volleyball camp were terrified of the boy due to his size.
Now, it was time to pick teams for a practice game, and once both captains were selected, everyone was being selected for their team. Everyone except Tendou.
“Tendou, you’re too scary, we don’t want a monster on a human team.”
And those words stuck to him like glue. A glue that he could never shake. No different even at Shiratorizawa. Everyday he would walk the halls and hear the murmurs of people talking about his aura and how he was ‘scary’. It honestly was getting tiring. The constant babbling around campus about how his hair was distracting, he was a freak, and the all time favorite: monster.
“Wakatoshi-kun, does it bother you? Hearing all the shit people say about me?” Tendou would ask his roommate and teammate, Ushijima, as they walked towards the gym for practice.
Ushijima had to think for a second, which elicited a sigh to escape Tendou. To be honest, Tendou was getting tired of hearing the same insults everywhere he went. He always heard females picking on the other girls but it was all the same. Always about their appearance. And then he heard that voice.
“T-Tendou is not a monster!” A female voice boomed, causing the group of males to snicker at her remark. “You shouldn’t talk shit about someone you don’t know!” she obviously was upset at what she must’ve heard. After her outburst, one of the boys stood straight up towering over her figure.
“Oh sweetie, you must not know who he is, huh?” A smirk plastered on his face, proud of his size difference. As quick as she yelled, her hands formed fists next to her, as she swiftly kicked at his knee, bringing him to her height. She took one of her hands, gripping the male’s uniform coat, and began to speak.
“I know Tendou. I’ve known him for a while now. Now run along or else I’ll break your knee next time.” Her eyes formed slits as she stared down the male, and pointed to the other two behind him. “If I hear a word from you ever again, I’ll make sure to deal double the damage.” And with that, the group ran away, screaming out insults the same what they’d call Tendou: a monster.
The sight blew Tendou away. Ushijima must have continued on when Tendou stopped to watch her defend him. Of course he didn’t want to approach her since he was going to be late for practice but just as he was reaching the doors, he caught a glimpse of her change in energy.
Sniffles. He heard sniffles. She was crying.
She heard the sound of sneakers squeaking on the gym floor, which caused her to slightly lift her head toward the entrance, only to see tufts of red looking at her. His face was soft, almost as if he felt bad that someone had to endure the pain he’s dealt with for years. Her eyes screamed in panic after making eye contact with him, but she was quick to break the contact, giving a simple wave goodbye, before dashing away.
‘Tendou is not a monster!’
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kshira · a month ago
Tumblr media
ft. sakusa, oikawa, mattsun, iwa, kuroo, kenma, bokuto, atsumu, tendou
tw. fem!reader, cursing, dirty talk, praise, fingering, handjob, m!oral, creampie, f!oral, soft dom! w/ sub! reader
an. a mixture of pussy drunk and them being needy for you, this is day six and i hope you enjoy <3
✰ kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
he’s hesitant to touch you, eyes glossing over your naked body, sakusa thinks you’re like a delicate gem, so beautiful to look at but afraid if he’s not too careful you’ll slip through his fingers; and shatter. a tremble of his name and he’s pulled from his lingering thoughts, “what do you want, princess?” his larger body leans down, eyes scanning over your face when he finally touches you, fingers skimming down your soft skin and that’s when he realizes; he wants more. the voice, the begging tone of you calling out to him—sakusa needs to hear it. “kiss me” he urges, lips brushing across your own “i need you to kiss me while i make you cum” and sakusa drops the clueless act, skillful fingers playing with your slit, dipping in your wet hole and his deprived tongue exploring the insides of your mouth. he swallows every moan you recite to him, his cock throbbing every time you beg for more, it builds the warmth in his chest, masks his vision with want and sakusa is growing desperate. “cum for me, please” his voice is muffled between your lips, digits pumping faster—and your voice; driving him to crash you into your orgasm. he feels your legs shake, your cunt gushing all on his fingers and sakusa watches the gem shatter from below him; and it’s such a beautiful sight.
“but princess, i need you” oikawa pouts, throwing his hands over your body as you try to get out of bed, “look how hard i am” he grabs your hand guiding you under the covers at his brief bulge “you make me this hard” he coos, eyes growing bigger when you grab him. “s-see? s’hard f-for you” oikawa stutters out, watching your hand slowly jerk him under the fabric, “f-fuck, just like that” your wrist snaps harder, fisting harder and closing his trembling lips with your own. oikawa struggles to concentrate on your hand, lips swallowing his choked moans—his neediness overflowing his brain. “wanna cum, wanna cum for you princess, please” oikawa whines, eyes rolling as you pump harder lingering your lips down to the sensitive skin on his neck. “fuck fuck fuck” he chants now, hips bucking into your hands, his cock throbbing against your palm. oikawa’s bronze eyes meet your gaze, lips parting with moans when he lets go, white ribbons painting his stomach, and oikawa keeps looking at you; but he had to. after all, he couldn't cum without you.
“need help?” iwaizumi grins, his calloused thumb soothing circles on your bare thigh. “can my pretty girl not ride me anymore, getting tired?” he taunts, lips curling into a sweetened smile, iwaizumi pushes the strands of hair from your face gazing at your fucked out expression; you looked tired. but you kept going, shaking your head and continuing to bounce on him. iwaizumi groans, swallowing the thick lump in his throat, he’s been holding out for so long; in all honesty he was so close to tipping over as soon as your warm cunt engulfed him. “move your hips like this, yeah? make me feel good princess” he muffled the moan, resigning in your neck; mostly to cover the soft pink shadowed on his cheeks, his arms wrapping around you to mask the tremble of his fingers. he silently thrust inside you, bouncing you harder on his lap, cock smoothing against your walls and soon enough you begin to unravel. tight coil snapping beneath your stomach, gushing around him—iwaizumi can finally let go, coloring your velvet walls with pretty whites. “see angel? you can’t cum without me” he places a kiss on your cheek, and he’s lying through his teeth though because it’s the other way around.
his eyes are trained on the tv, arm lazily slung across your shoulder as you watch faded figments of the tv, the pixels descending into your brain while something else clouds it. you look down at his lap, gut turning at the faded outline of your boyfriend's crotch. your eyes gaze back up at him, his face is relaxed with lips pursed in concentration. matsukawa darts his eyes over to you when you start palming at his crotch, cock throbbing under your grasp as soon as you start rolling your hand across it. “whatever you do, don’t fuckin’ stop” he says, gritting his teeth with his chocolate orbs studying you. “need your mouth now” he demands, pulling his cock out from under your hands and slapping it against your mouth, “suck, please angel.” his head slams against the back of the couch, groaning when your mouth slides against his length, the stretch held in your mouth burns but the whimpering coming from your boyfriend is well worth it. “y-yeah, just like that, please more” he moans, fingers threading through your hair and aiding you down further, your head bobs—mouth slurps and chokes around his length. “you know once i cum down that pretty throat of yours, i’ll want more” matsukawa groans, feeling his body completely crumble to your touch.
“fuck, don’t stop” kuroo pushes your head harder on his cock, the tip of his tongue swiping his bottom lip “needed this all day, angel.” his fingers grip your hair “but you know what’s better?” cumming in that pretty pussy.” kuroo looks down to you, head cocking sideways “don’t you think?” and you have no right to answer, only using his temptations to fuck you more when you get between his legs, but as soon as he is above you, clothing stripped, lips locked—he’s falling apart. “t-tight, shit, you’re so tight” kuroo eyes close shut, driving on the instinct of rolling his hips and moans slipping from his mouth, he’s drowning, waves above his head at the feeling. falling forward to fuck you deeper in the bed, hands flying up to hold him from the ruthless pounding. “gonna—gonna cum” kuroo recites the words, chanting them back in louder volumes when his cock sinks to the deepest parts of you, a gurgled choke when he feels your weeping cunt gush around him. he sucks a breath in, gathering the oxygen to fuel his lungs but it doesn’t feel as good as suffocating under divine waves of you.
“go ahead and do what you want with me” kenma whispers, pushing your hair behind your ear “i’m all yours.” and a pinch in your stomach throbs at his words, rising your orbs at him, he smiles “fuck me the way i deserve” he lays back, hands gripping harder on your plush hips “i know you can do that.” you gulp, watching your boyfriend hovering your cunt over his cock “only you know how to fuck me so good, my pretty girl.” kenma sighs, a relief of tension draining through his system when you sink down, hands shaking at the heat sliding on his length “y-yeah, that’s it.” your head unstable at the stretch, face knocking down on his shoulders, gasping at the pleasure rushing through your veins, kenma brings a hand up on your back, rocking you against him “you’re doing good—so good for me princess.” tired eyes look at you, watching your body curl against him, mindlessly getting off on him and kenma is sober but he feels so drunk; mind clouded with nothing but bright colors taunting his orbs. in the world he paints so black and white, you splash colors on him, “you wanna make me cum?” he breaks the silence, muffled whimpers leak from his shoulder, yet he hears the simple yes. he smiles, “make me cum then” kenma doesn’t know why but shades of new colors invade his mind as you cream around him, life isn’t so simple when he has someone making him work for something more complex.
bokuto is behind you, pounding into you from the back as it’s his favorite way to fuck you—watching all your beautiful curves move in delicate directions at the drills from his cock. they’re sloppy, pausing every so often to smooth a hand over your back, he’s only been in for seconds but god—it feels like a lifetime to him. they’re needy thrusts, angled just right to curve his cock deeper in you and he’s already at the end of his rope, dick throbbing for release and every time he thinks about it; there’s only one ending. “don’t wanna” he pouts, shutting his eyes tight, head tilted towards the ceiling, praying mindlessly to a god for time to slow the fuck down. but not all prayers are answered and evidently that’s now; as he cums inside you after another shock worthy pump. “not done baby, i swear” and bokuto is a man of his words, flipping you over, legs thrown over his shoulders and he’s back at it again, fucking through the sensitivity lined on his dick and straight into your weeping cunt. his jaw is tight, eyes watching your face contort into nothing but beautiful features and he wants this moment just for a little bit longer, or if possible just rewind everything because seeing you, watching his cock disappear inside you; it’s a moment worth living in forever.
“my precious angel, aren’t ya so cute?” atsumu hums, face buried in your cunt, absently licking inside your hole. “so sweet cumming on my tongue” he coos, bringing a thick finger up to slowly sink in your pussy. your back arches off the bed, spine crumbling under the weight of your boyfriend's tongue lapping at your clit, fingers curling in your tight walls. “that’s it baby, give me another” atsumu groans when you do as he says, liquids coating his finger, airy moans fluttering from your lips. he takes it all, everything you have atsumu wants it, he craves how good he makes you feel—the way your body moves and trembles for him. pride fills his chest watching you cry out, clawing at his broad shoulders, he can fuck you with his tongue, make you cum with one curl of his fingers but with his dick; you can’t stop begging for more. “i got ya baby, gonna fuck ya so good” atsumu hovers over you “cause i’m the only one that can make ya feel this good, right pretty baby?” and he takes the audible gasp as an answer when he slides in, heavy arms above you buckling at the sight and once is never enough with him—not when he’s the one that starts begging for more.
tendou is a clumsy lover, he stumbles to take your clothes off, trips over his words when he’s finally hovering over you. his heart feels so heavy, he can barely breathe looking at you. his chest is tight, like his head is barely above the surface. and it feels like this everytime, with you—he feels immortal, life shouldn’t be this good with you or your cunt. “look at me, please princess” he asks delicately, he never wants attention drawn on him but right now tendou wants you to watch, he wants to see the faces you make, the moans you expel— and maybe, your eyes locked on him; he won’t feel so lost. “does it feel good pretty girl?” tendou softly brings his hands up to your face, cupping it within his grasps, his cock slowly sinking inside you, you gasp hands grabbing at his shoulder “i’m right here, not going to move till you say so—okay angel?” and he’s reassuring himself with the words, looking into your eyes for the answer. it’s tied within your orbs, flickering happiness to him. tendou smiles back, shakily grabbing your knees and spreading you further, slowly pumping inside you, the warmth overflowing on his cock—the wetness coating him and dripping down to his balls and tendou is so afraid always to tumble over into this unexplainable bliss but with you, it’s a free fall.
Tumblr media
tagging— @chronic-claire-universe @ravenina14 @mattsunmakkilovebot @bakugousmrs @hqintheclub
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215-luv · 2 months ago
OPENING YOUR MOUTH INFRONT OF THEM (Tiktok Trend) // tw: slightly suggestive
SUNA: holds your jaw and stuffs his tongue in your mouth, full on make out session with you before pulling away with a smirk. “is that what you wanted?”
SAKUSA: stares at you in confusion and disinterest, eyebrows furrowing as he looks at you like what’s he supposed to do?
KAGEYAMA: blinks in thought before gently moving the tip of the straw of his milk carton on your bottom lip. “do you want some?”
KUROO: looks at you in curiosity, leaving you open-mouthed before he caught you off guard as he shoves a ballpen on top of your tongue. the action immediately making you jump away as your boyfriend cackles out loud. “do you need attention? is that what you want, kitten? hm?”
KONOHA: dips two of his fingers into your mouth, lips turning into a smirk as his facial expression screams ‘suck my fingers.’
TSUKISHIMA: looks at you in question before turning away to ignore you, eyes focused on the manga he was reading as his hand reaches to your chin to close your mouth at the same time. “just what the hell are you doing? a fly could go in your mouth, dumbass.”
BOKUTO: tilts his head in confusion. “are you hungry?” he asks, earning no answer from you as you look at him as if to usher to do something with your mouth open. though, the only thing he did was slowly tap your tongue with his pointing finger in confusion. “kotaro!” “what?! baby, i didn’t know what to do!”
AKAASHI: was eating a piece of candy when you opened your mouth out of nowhere infront of him. he looks at you curiously before holding onto your neck gently, leaning down to connect his lips with yours, shocking you when he used his tongue to push the mint flavored candy into your mouth with force. he smiles as he pulls away. “how does it taste, love?”
IWAIZUMI: is half confused as he raises an eyebrow at you. “what are you doing?” and a few seconds passes by before he decides to raise his hand to close your mouth gently, peering at you suspiciously as you go on your day as if nothing had happened.
OIKAWA: “what?” your boyfriend raised an eyebrow at the sight of your open mouth, before morphing his lips into a smirk. “ooh, is that it? do you want me to put something in there?” he coos, “tell me, darling. what do you exactly need?”
USHIJIMA: “y/n..??” he stares at you stoic. kinda just stares at you waiting patiently if you wanted him to do something cause; following his motto in life - whatever y/n wants, y/n gets.
KENMA: quickly shoves a piece of chip on your mouth, assuming you were hungry cause his eyes were pierced through the screen, continuing his game as if you aren’t next to him shooting daggers at his side profile.
KITA: he’s.. i don’t know.. his nonchalant expression takes in sight of your open mouth, eyes raking over your figure as if he’s telepathically asking what’s up. he just stays like that the whole time to wait for you, no questions asked. your boyfriend is a patient man.
SUGAWARA: you open your mouth, and he gets the tingling signal that you’re hungry. and so there he goes, opening a bag of your favorite snack and feeding you just the way you like it. <3
TENDOU: goes all giggly like, “what are you doinggg??~~” before slightly lifting your chin to close your mouth a bit, giving him a much comfortable position to kiss you tenderly.
TANAKA: blinks at you, confused as hell though a million thoughts were running to his mind. unfortunately, some of those thoughts weren’t so innocent. he instead closes your mouth in an immediate. looking away from you as he scratches the back of his head. “w-would you look at that babe! i gotta finish my homework now before it gets late- haha…”
YAMAGUCHI: “why? what are you doing? are you hungry?” he inquired genuinely, eyeing your expression as if he’s looking for any sign of hunger from you. he pats your head with a look of sadness on his face. “i don’t really have any food with me right now.. would you mind if i leave you for a while to go buy your favourites?”
ATSUMU: “huh? what’s this?” he raised an eyebrow in curiosity, looking at you suspiciously before he’s finally got an idea. lips turning into a smirk, he leans down to your level, nose in touch with yours as he lowly mutters. “now, what’s this all about babe?”
OSAMU: also one to raise an eyebrow at you. “are ya hungry?” he tilts his head in confusion. letting out a sigh when you don’t reply, he gently shuts your mouth with a hand under your chin. he kisses your forehead as he says. “fine, i’ll cook ya up somethin’ okay? just wait here and lay pretty.”
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iwasbunny · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 879 words.
# warnings. dacryphilia, degradation, afab reader, praise, daddy kink, slight brat taming and size kink.
# contains. mean akaashi, tendou, atsumu and kuroo—repost.
Tumblr media
he tries to be mindful of you, he really does.
but as soon as he hears you say that, it sparks something he didn’t even know was in him.
all he wants to do is fuck you even harder
and make you let out even more of those pretty moans.
Akaashi can’t find it in himself to even try and stop the groan that pushes past his lips at those words, his hips still and he can feel every inch of your tight little pussy clamping down on him. “Fuckk-”
His chest heaves with sharp breaths and a light sheen of sweat covers his chest, while his hands are rubbing soothing circles against your hips before he’s easing himself into you once more.
Softly mumbling praises against your skin and admiring the tears that rolled down your flushed cheeks, “You can take it, princess. I know you can.. just relax, let me take care of you- ah- wanna see you cum all over my cock.”
Tumblr media
he thinks it’s adorable that you’d say it, really.
if he was enjoying himself earlier well now it was on a completely different level.
his eyes darken with lust, and you can feel his grip on you tighten.
the urge to fuck you stupid growing even stronger.
Tendou merely chuckles at the state you’re in underneath him, already a drooling mess with only half of his cock buried inside of you. “Stop squirmin’, pretty girl.”
You think he’s being nice and giving you the chance to get used to his size as he pulls out of you at a painfully slow pace, only for him to suddenly slam back into you and force the rest of his length into your pretty little cunt. 
He basks in the warmth of your welcoming walls, before looking down and smirking as he notices the mess you made all over his pelvis. “Look at you, bunny. Taking my cock so well, hm. Cumming jus’ from that? Didn’t even bother asking me for permission.. tsk, we’ll have to fix that, won’t we?”
Tumblr media
the smug smirk on his face only intensifies at the words.
any self-control he has instantly snaps.
he ends up even more of a tease afterwards.
and now all he wants to do is to make you beg for him—for more.
Atsumu is extremely patronizing, constantly cooing and teasing you as soon as he hears your admittance. “Too much? ‘S too much for ya already, doll?”
It doesn’t take long for him to shove your tear stricken face back into your sheets while he fucks you onto his cock, loving the way your thighs quivered at even the slightest stimulation.
And there isn’t even a slight sliver of hesitation in his movements as he thrusts into you at an animalistic pace, balls slapping against your ass while his hands fumbling to press against your tummy, “Thought ya said it was too much for ya, hm? So why ‘s yer greedy little cunt suckin’ me in so deep, angel?”
Tumblr media
to him, you’re being a brat.
all you had to do was be a good girl for him.
he wasn’t asking for your opinion on anything, and now you’d talked back.
his cocky expression stays in view while his movements and words grow harsher.
Kuroo smirks down at you, the words doing nothing but stroking his ego. He watches you sniffle and writhe underneath him sadistically, loving the way you whined at the mere stretch. 
“You begged for this, kitten—begged for daddy to fuck you like this..” His rough hands grip your jaw, bringing your glossy eyes over to him as his thumb runs over your bottom lip. 
You know what he wants you to do, and you can’t stop yourself from doing exactly that as you parted your lips and stuck out your tongue humming at the feeling of his spit in your mouth and seeping down your throat.
“Good girl.” He grunts out.
“Now, shut up and fucking take it. I don’t want to hear another word out of you unless you’re screaming my fuckin’ name.”
Tumblr media
all content belongs to @iwasbunny. reblogs are appreciated.
Tumblr media
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jinkicake · 4 months ago
That Boy Is A Real Pussy Pleaser
Matsukawa, Atsumu, Tendou, Tsukishima, Ushijima when their s/o sits on their face. 
Matsukawa Issei x Reader
Miya Atsumu x Reader
Tendou Satori x Reader
Tsukishima Kei x Reader
Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader
A/N: This is all I have to offer today,,, I was just in a silly goofy mood and thought hmmm hmmm! Face-sitting with the besties!!! This is sooo much crack bc I wrote this during a thunderstorm while being scared shitless so.... muah, pls try to enjoy! 
WC-3,339 (I cannot believe how long I made this)
Matsukawa Issei
Now,,, I had already written for other four earlier but as I was staring at my wall I thought to myself… why the fuck don’t I add my favorite pussy eater of all time, the hottest man on this planet and in this universe: Matsukawa Issei. Thank you, genius idea, I know. 
He was born, placed in this world, to eat pussy…. You can’t tell me this boy isn’t a real pussy pleaser?
Matsukawa would treasure his s/o, treat them with such care and be the softest sweetest boyfriend and then fuck them like he hates them! This man is nasty
He’ll eat you out any time that you need like you want a good distraction? Sit on his face. You’re anxious about something? Sit on his face. You feel like shit? Sit on his fucking face!
Facesitting is one of his favorite things ever because he gets to watch you, he can stare up at you as he eats your sore cunt out, and watch how you shake for him
I just think that he would love to see you cry too, he’d be super into that so literally overstimulating you or edging you would be his go-to things
Getting his poor baby so fucked out to the point of tears would be his everyday mission,,, his goal if you will~ He knows you enjoy it and he enjoys it,,, he’s giving more head than receiving and tbh he wants it to be that way!!!
I just like the whole big man who would treat you properly then fuck you like he doesn’t respect you at all….. bitches got issues!! 
Anyway,,, I put massive daddy kink in this so enjoy, I love Matsukawa and he is a daddy and I want to be his cheese-filled hamburger steak!!!
“Let daddy see that pretty pussy, baby.” Matsukawa’s thumb gently brushes against the inside of your thigh, coaxing you into crawling up even further on his chest. 
“I’m not going to ask again.” And you know that to be the end of it. The knee-high stockings on your thighs pair so nicely with the short skirt you have on, the white material just barely brushes over the curve of your ass. 
The skirt with no panties is Matsukawa’s favorite combination. 
The large man audibly groans when he sees your bare cunt glistening from his previous teasing, he can’t help but sit up and gently kiss your clit. 
One small kiss then turns into a small lick, once Matsukawa has had the slightest taste he isn’t finished until he’s completely full. His kisses and licks turn passionate, it’s as if he is making out with your cunt the same way he does with your lips. 
The feeling of his two fingers gently stretching your hole causes you to instantly clamp down on them, squeezing your thighs around his head. 
“Relax, be a good girl for daddy,” Matsukawa coos into your thigh, biting gently on your skin when he is finally able to stuff his fingers knuckle-deep inside of you. He quickly busies himself with sucking on your clit, lapping at the bundle of nerves as he curls his fingers and caresses your walls. 
Your hands tightly grip onto the sheets beneath you, pulling and tugging as you try to keep yourself stable. Each rock of your hips against his face causes your knees to grow weaker and weaker. 
Matsukawa’s fingers curl just behind your clit, finding that spongey spot that always has you gushing over him. That, with his tongue lapping and drooling all over your cunt, turns you into his perfect little cry baby. 
Tears pool in your eyes and you bitterly try to push them away but, to no avail, the sob that leaves your throat causes Matsukawa to start fucking you with vigor. His fingers scissor inside your cunt while he teasingly bites down on your clit. 
“I’m gonna cum, daddy,” You whine and Matsukawa doesn’t let up his intense pace once. 
“Let daddy have it.”
Miya Atsumu
He is an avid pussy eater like literally his twitter handle is @/pussyeater69, he told me himself!!! I follow him on twitter, okay! 
Atsumu will never shy away from oral or anything about it, he adores it. All he does all day is think about having his head between your thighs so honestly, he will never turn you down if you ask~
Having you sit on his face will probably be the hottest thing that has ever happened in his life and he might just cry! Once he gets you to do it once it will become a regular thing because he becomes soooo obsessed
He just loves using his tongue on you and he knows how much you love having his tongue in you so it’s like…. </333 ya know? Perfect compromise!!! 
Atsumu will hold you so tightly against his face, so closely that he gets the best position to satisfy the both of you. If he can’t get his tongue deep in your cunt, like his whole nose pressed against your clit then you aren’t close enough for him, babe~
As much as I hate to admit it, Atsumu is just so skilled. Like this man might be a mega dork virgin but he knows exactly what he is doing all the time. He prides himself in listening to your reactions and figures out how to give you exactly what you need so like… 
He doesn’t need the pussy eating practice! Atsumu is simply the master! 
However, you know he will always want it. Please sit on his face at least every other day, his lifeline will deplete if you refuse to do so! We can’t have Atsumu desiccating on us!
Didn’t you know? Miya Atsumu runs on pussy! 
“You’re so fucking hot, come on, babe.” Atsumu grins underneath you as his hands run along the curve of your spine, gently pausing just above your behind before grabbing a handful of your ass. 
Needless to say, your boyfriend is excited. 
“I’m gonna fuck you stupid with my tongue, you ready?” It’d be a lie if you said that you didn’t know just exactly what Miya Atsumu’s tongue could do. If anything, you would have to blame your dirty thoughts on whatever genius thought it would be a good idea to have your boyfriend pose with his tongue out in an official photo. Maybe Atsumu already knew what he was doing, he knows you like the back of his hand. 
“Just eat me out, ‘Tsumu.” You groan and finally lower your core to his face, impatiently waiting for your boyfriend to meet your cunt in blind pleasure. Much to your surprise, none of that happens and, you’re met with nothing. 
“Is that any way to ask?” You can see his lips curled up into a shit-eating grin, his eyes light from his teasing and all you can think of is how you could suffocate him right here and now with your thighs. 
“I’ll just go get my vibrator then-”
You had never seen Atsumu move so fast, shove his tongue so quickly up your folds to then swirl around your clit. 
“Stupid fucking vibrator,” He murmurs into your skin, flattening his strong muscle before flicking the tip of it against your clit. His hands dig into your thighs, lowering you even further onto his face. Atsumu truly cannot get enough, not as he runs his tongue through your slit and sucks on your folds. If there was one way to describe Atsumu and his need for eating you out, it would be messy and intense. 
But, damn, does it feel so fucking good. 
He truly eats you out like a man starved, groaning into your cunt whenever your thighs tighten around his face. His tongue begs and begs for you to cum so he can finally get a taste of all that you have to offer him. 
Knowing Atsumu, he’ll get exactly what he wants much quicker than you would ever expect. 
Tendou Satori
Omg, Tendou, my baby….. This man is literally a chocolatier, he loves sweet things, and his favorite sweet to eat is right between your thighs
He has been dreaming about this one for AGES, all of his wet dreams include you sitting on his face…. It’s just that neither of you are bold enough to say anything about it
You have to voice your desires, ya know!! Neither of you are mind readers!!! 
So when you finally show interest, Tendou has to literally hold himself back like grip onto the sheets to refrain from throwing you on top of him
He tries to act all cool and collected like it’s no big deal, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth!!! It is a big deal, he’s just as nervous as you are but tbh he’s hornier so the horny has victory over the nerves!!!
Oh! Tendou loves when you tug on his hair so don’t be afraid to do that!! Kinda dumb that he shaved it but whateverrrrr,,,, the feeling of your nails against his scalp will have his eyes rolling to the back of his head
He likes to take his time with you, tease you slightly until his cock practically bursts from nothing, and then he will completely devour you,, like tongue-fuck you until your legs start to shake!!!!
This is just my mind dump Tendou thirst post, please…. bear with me….. I will get this man some coochie okay! 
Oh also,,, his pretty ass nose- omg that skinny bitch will literally be the best for grinding against when you’re riding his tongue like literally…. 
Tendou simply has the best face for sitting on,, it is scientifically proven and I have the research and the labs done right here in my brain,,, cover sheet done and all
“Don’t be shy,” Tendou coos as his hands gently tug on your hips, he’s so close to finally getting to live his ultimate wet dream. “sit on my face, pretty girl.” 
He’s so determined for this, you can see it in the way his red eyes have glossed over and how his wet tongue hungrily runs over his bottom lip. Desire swirls in the pit of your stomach as you impatiently squirm on his lap. His cock twitches against your thigh and you’ve decided that you’re done torturing the both of you. With your heart in your hand, you timidly crawl up his body, gasping lightly as his large palms run up the sides of your thighs. You bunch up his shirt that you have on, gathering the material so that it rests just below your stomach and gives you the perfect view of your playful boyfriend. 
The grip you have on the material is all but lost when his tongue makes its way along the inside of your thighs. A soft moan is ripped out of your throat at the heat of his smooth muscle tracing random shapes and patterns until he meets your lower lips. 
The first stroke of his tongue through your folds catches you off guard, it throws you into a new sense of pleasure. The new angle provides all the opportunity to feel his tongue in a new light. Your hands tightly grip his red hair, pulling on the strands as your stomach lurches at each euphoric turn. 
However, nothing compares to the bridge of his strong nose. It grinds against your clit the deeper his tongue explores your folds, licking and sucking to gather every drop you have for him. His tongue is not nearly as big as his fingers, or his cock, but he still fucks you roughly. He pumps the muscle in and out of your core, purposely rubbing his nose intensely against your swollen bundle of nerves. There is nothing that your boyfriend doesn’t do on purpose, each of his movements is meaningful. 
Tendou’s fiery passion can be felt in each stroke of his tongue and you know better than to believe that this is all he is going to do with you tonight. 
Tsukishima Kei 
Tsukishima is a bitch, so naturally, he is going to be good at pussy eating LMFAO 
Like you can’t tell me this man who banters with everyone and has insults that can cut someone’s confidence in half wouldn’t have the skill to back it up
He’s another one who lives for eating his s/o out,,,, tbh it’s mostly because it’s the easiest way to get them to shut up!!! Like all he has to do is one little kiss, one little flick of his tongue and you’re putty in his hands
Why wouldn’t he enjoy all the little moans and gasps that leave your cute lips, it’s better than when you’re talking his ear off!!!!
Okay, I’m kidding… sorta…. Tsukishima loves hearing his s/o talk he just likes eating them out better!
Anyway,,, he’s a natural. During his first time, he’ll literally be eating pussy like a pro! Tsukishima hates being wrong, he’s a big nerd so of course, he is going to know just exactly what to do and how to make a bitch purr!!!
It’s his pride, really! You’re trying to tell me this libra bitch doesn’t spend his nights looking up how to eat pussy, because he has! Especially if he knows how much you enjoy it, wow!
I just really think he would like the position of having his s/o on his face, it gives him more of an opportunity to fuck them senseless with his tongue, ya know?
He’d love to do shit like suck on your clit gently and kiss it with his pretty ass lips and then fucking bite on it and pull it between his teeth because he is an asshole!
You cannot tell me Tsukishima wouldn’t be the absolute worse when it comes to teasing, he’d laugh into your fucking cunt like, he sucks!
“If you break my glasses-”
“Then take them off you fucking dork.” Your sneer causes Tsukishima’s eye to twitch, how the hell he got underneath you is beneath him. He’ll never complain about it though. It’s always worth seeing a bratty bitch like you melt under his touch, his fingers, his cock. 
He takes off the thick-rimmed accessory and tosses them onto one of the other chairs in his living room, focusing on yanking you up from above his chest so he can finally -forcefully- shut you up. 
“Awe, are you sure you’re even going to be able to see now?” You tease him, grinning down at his irritated eyes. The bright color of his iris nearly makes your heart skip a beat but you easily squash the feeling with hostility. “Oh, now you definitely won’t be able to find my clit. Shit,”
Tsukishima finally gets what he wants, silence. Your mouth falls open in a silent moan as his tongue traces your clit, softly circling the nerves before gently pressing his lips to it in a kiss. 
Serves you right to get fucked speechless, you never shut up. 
His teeth gently nibble on your clit and provide a hint of pain after such a sweet amount of pleasure. It’s enough for your thighs to slightly shake as they tighten on either side of his head. 
Tsukishima slowly glances at you as he runs the pad of his tongue over the same area, he has to hide his grin as your brace yourself against the armrest of his couch. You’re holding on for dear life and he hasn’t even started with you yet, you’re a fool to think this is all Tsukishima has to offer.
Who knew that the smart-ass from your environmental science class could be this delectable? 
Truthfully, you did. It wasn’t hard for either of you to get tangled up in one another after being at each other’s throats for all but three classes. 
“You’re so fucking good at this, baby,” You praise and nearly sing as he starts to suck on your clit. If either of you noticed the nickname, no one said a thing. “you’re now as good as mine~”
Ushijima Wakatoshi
Okay,,,, my favorite m*n ever like omg, does he ruin my ‘I cannot stand men agenda’ but fictional men don’t count,,, Ushijima Wakatoshi!!! Pussy eater #1!!!! 
In this corner, coming in at 197cm (6’3 *blushes*) and 90kg (199lbs *faints*).. my favorite pussy eater…. Miracle boy Wakatoshi!!!!!
He would literally eat ass heheheh okay anyway
Ushijima is not a patient man…. We see the Leo characteristics, he will not be able to remain still if you’re hovering above him literally ready to be devoured. Ushijima will sit up with no remorse and bring you down with him so he can eat you out
Does Ushijima know what he is doing? Yes! He is not dense, he knows exactly what you like and don’t like but,,,, he was trained…. You gotta train him to become the best pussy eater ever!!!! No pressure though~
I 100% believe that Ushijima could and would cum from eating you out, hips bucking into the air as his poor cock begs for any kind of stimulation,,,, and he will keep eating you out until he is shooting blanks
THAT is how much this man loves pussy eating,, he becomes the nosiest he has ever been when his head in-between your thighs 
If you’re not riding his cock or his thigh, chances are you’re gonna be on his face and grinding down onto his tongue and his beautiful ass nose until you lose feeling in the lower half of your body!!!
I’m sorry I just went light-headed thinking about his big ass fingers…. anyway…..
Ushijima could make a bitch cum in less than three minutes I am certain of this, I know it to be true because my brain is smart. His entire presence just screams panty-dropper, sorry!!! Like yes, even blunt canon Wakatoshi,,, he knows what he is doing! 
Large hands run along your sides, caressing and squeezing your skin which only adds to your pile of nerves. Having such a large man underneath you always sets ablaze to your belly, want and desire swirling around until you can no longer think straight. 
You have a sneaking suspicion that Ushijima doesn’t have a single clue of what he is doing to you. 
His eyes had darkened the moment you hovered above him, his gaze is now serious and intense as he memorizes every inch of your bare skin. Your boyfriend does not know patience when you’re dangled in front of him like this, it can be seen in the way he roughly tugs on your hips and pulls you toward his face. 
He just looks so big beneath you, splayed out with his cock aching against the confines of his boxers, chest rising and falling with each one of his breaths. 
For Ushijima Wakatoshi, his patience had just run out. 
A sharp slap to your ass has the impact of your body lurching toward the headboard and, just as your hands grab out to hold it, your boyfriend’s tongue finally meets its sweet release. 
Ushijima groans loudly at the first swipe of his tongue, letting out a messy ‘ah’ as he slowly gathers your wetness before swallowing it whole. He’s soft with your cunt, treating it as kindly as he does with you, by absolutely fucking devouring it. 
His jaw doesn’t let up once, continuing to work generously to swipe his tongue along your slit before thrusting the muscle inside of your cunt. 
Each powerful stroke along your walls causes your stomach to contract in pleasure, you’re completely and utterly weak for Ushijima’s touch. You’ve never been able to last long with it either. 
You grind down on his face, rolling your hips, tossing your head back when the bridge of his nose deliciously stimulates your clit. The bundle of nerves grows swollen under his rough care, you’re going to cum no doubt before the minute is up. 
It’s all too easy with a view like a focused Ushijima underneath you, eyes closed in concentration and a completely blissful look plastered on his face, your orgasm always comes quickly. 
Your boyfriend never leaves you unsatisfied. 
@atsushii-tora​ @xhanjisungiex @chaosamu @angeltsumu @augustdearly @kunimwuah  @chuuyasbunny @osamuonigiri @pearzuko @darksxder @macaronnv @nerdygremlin @buzzybeebee @miyaxs @badboysdoitbetter2 @blossoms-nursery @bibliophile221b @curiouslilbeast @eunxhi @apollochjld @jojoforthesoul @kiyoojima @kit-tea @my3ammadness @miamiya @tnu-ree @yatogamisenpai @lollyzen @differentballooncollection @ynjimenez @therainroguefanfiction @cutiekawa @ohbyunhunn @i-will-eat-your-trousers @virqgo @thelilyflowersworld @wompwomphq @kageyama-i-want-tobiors @answer-the-sirens @jeshicore @kurooloves @itsmeaudrieee @noisyalmonddreamer @peteunderoos @dai-tsukki-desu @sakusasimpbot @wisepandaslimeland @sushijimawakatoshi @whorefornoodles @crystal-lilac
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bratinc · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
+ smau. various.
+ contains. suggestive texts.
+ note from val. eee- enjoy, hotties. re-upload.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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haikyuu-boys-headcanons · 10 months ago
hehe, i’m back at it again with one of these long ass posts but this idea’s literally been in my head all day long so here you go !! obvious nsfw warning :)
tw: this whole post is just nsfw and embarrassing to read so read at your own risk >:)
𝙳𝙰𝙸𝙲𝙷𝙸 » during a super intense and loud session, his voice cracked as he asked you “does that feel goOD- good baby?” to this day, he still prays that you couldn’t hear him over the sound of your own moans
𝚂𝚄𝙶𝙰𝚆𝙰𝚁𝙰 » you were riding him and he went to slap your ass, but something went wrong either because you were riding too quickly or he was shaking too much, boy ended up slapping himself in the balls. you’ve never heard that boy scream that loud in your life
𝙰𝚂𝙰𝙷𝙸 » literally pulled out in the middle of sex to get up and rush to the corner of his room to flip around his childhood teddy bears. your just laying there with your tiddies and coochie out waiting for asahi to shield the eyes of mr. wiggles
𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙺𝙰 » you two were having pretty intense shower sex until tanaka did the number one thing your not supposed to do during shower sex; this muthafucker slipped while holding you. long story short, y’all were okay but just ended up having nasty shower floor sex??
𝙽𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙾𝚈𝙰 » this tiny ass 5′2 man was unconsciously humping your leg while you were both asleep?? his presumably pleasurable wet dream had turned into a sudden nightmare when you literally had to KICK him off you to stop the humping. bad nishinoya, bad!
𝙺𝙰𝙶𝙴𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰 » came WAYYY too early inside you, but he was too embarrassed to say anything so he just... kept going. sadly, no one had warned kageyama of the intense effects of overstimulation. he was shaking and whimpering so badly behind you to the point where you had to ask him to pull out and bring him a glass of water to calm down
𝙷𝙸𝙽𝙰𝚃𝙰 » the first time you squirted on him, he just blatantly asked you these exact few words that left you feeling mortified: “did you just piss on me?” nuh uh hinata, this water fountain ain’t yours to drown in anymore >:( 
𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙺𝙸𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » kei was hitting it from the back pretty hard this time, so hard that you were suddenly... on an angle? suddenly, now you two were much closer to the floor than before. the bed ended up collapsing, yes literally collapsing due to kei’s powerful thrusts. worst part is, nobody got to finish since kei dragged you to ikea to grumpily buy a new bedframe. but hey, he bought you ikea meatballs; that shit hits so different
𝚈𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙶𝚄𝙲𝙷𝙸 » one super duper intense night, he passed out the SECOND he came. no matter how much you flicked the temple of his forehead, yamaguchi was dead asleep. you had to literally slap him awake to get him to clean up, you ain’t risking a ranky stanky UTI puthy in the morning
𝙾𝙸𝙺𝙰𝚆𝙰 » kept calling himself a sex machine during the act. i don’t know if it was due to the 6 tequila shots he had beforehand or just his inner ego revealing, whatever it was it was about to make your pussy close
𝙸𝚆𝙰𝚉𝚄𝙼𝙸 » this one time, he kept going in at a weird angle which caused you to repeatedly queef for 7 minutes straight. every time you told him to pull out and go in properly, he laughed and kept going in at that one weird angle!! was your embarrassment a turn on for him?? maybe!! but were you mortified? absolutely!!
𝙼𝙰𝚃𝚃𝚂𝚄𝙽 » i’m sorry to have to be the one to announce this, but this man had the worst case of full blown bush you’ve ever seen. like, he didn’t even try to manscape or anything at all. you ended up begging him to trim just a tiny bit because you weren’t gonna risk choking on a pube whilst your going down on him
𝙷𝙰𝙽𝙰𝙼𝙰𝙺𝙸 » rubbed your left labia thinking it was your clit. and he kept doing that. the whole. fucking. time. even when you subtly moved his fingers towards your clit, he just kept going back to the left lip.
𝙺𝚄𝙽𝙸𝙼𝙸 » had the most dry and dull dirty talk you’ve ever heard. like, it’s not even dirty talk at this point; it’s just clean talk. there’s no passion when he talks! he uses the same tone he would use for anyone else at any other moment. to paint the picture, imagine riding kunimi and he’s just there with a furrowed expression like “yup, that feels really good”
𝙺𝚈𝙾𝚃𝙰𝙽𝙸 » tried to pull one of those unexpected anal scenes that he saw from a porno, without telling you beforehand. life lesson here; if you party at shit's house, don't be surprised if shit's at the party
𝙺𝚄𝚁𝙾𝙾 » you two were looking to get a little more kinky in terms of BDSM, so kuroo watched like 30 tutorials on youtube on how to safely tie you up so you won’t fall or anything. this bitch ended up tying rope knots that were practically impossible to undo, which resulted in you hanging from the ceiling for approximately 2 hours pussy-ass naked while kuroo tried to cut you down with a kitchen knife
𝙺𝙴𝙽𝙼𝙰 » wanted to spice things up with some dirty talk, like the real nasty talk they use in pornos but not the normal pornos; the shitty company ones with horrific acting. he really ended up announcing that he was going to “fuck your fucking fanny off, you twat”
𝙻𝙴𝚅 » got super excited while he was opening the lube since he hadn’t gotten to fuck you in a WHILE, which resulted the lube leaked everywhere and a giant 6′5 man slipping and hitting his head on the bed frame. worst part is; he had to go to the ER with a hard on that refused to go away
𝙱𝙾𝙺𝚄𝚃𝙾 » speaking of boners that wouldn’t go away, let’s not forget that one time bokuto took two viagras when you texted him to come over for a special occasion. he horribly misinterpreted the ‘special occasion’ text, because he showed up to your house with a huge buldge in his pants as your parents stand before him holding anniversary cards, completely horrified
𝙰𝙺𝙰𝙰𝚂𝙷𝙸 » wanted to make valentines day sex as romantic as he could, so he did the classic lighting candles and giving roses. everything was beautiful, until he accidently knocked one of the bigger candles over during missionary. this not only caused a huge ass fire in your bedroom, but he came right as the fire began to spread. boy was debating on whether his orgasm was to die for or not
𝙺𝙾𝙽𝙾𝙷𝙰 » had a nose bleed when he was going down on you and you both were immediately horrified, you thinking it was your period and him thinking he just ate coochie blood. yet as you went to go clean up, you realized his face had much more blood on it than your coochie did. to this day, he still blames it on your period 
𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙹𝙸𝙼𝙰 » threw you onto the bed and your head went through the wall. he didn’t even bother to ask you if you were okay, he just sighed and went “well, now i have to make a call to the construction guy. excuse me” and he left you and your concussed ass head sit there once again, pussy ass naked
𝚃𝙴𝙽𝙳𝙾𝚄 » during a blowjob, he held your head down right as he was coming causing the cum to shoot up your throat and somehow pour out of your nose. by the time he pulled out, he could barely breath from laughing at you. sure, the classic ‘milk shooting out of nose’ thing was funny at first until you got a sinus infection and had to breath out of your mouth for the next three days
𝚂𝙴𝙼𝙸 » always insists having sex in the most inconvenient places?? like he would pull you to side while grocery shopping and start grinding up against you as you pick which brand of cheese would be better??
𝙶𝙾𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙺𝙸 » he kept getting frustrated that his bangs were clouding his field of vision, so he irritably grabbed a hair tie and frantically tied up the sides of his bangs while he was fucking you. you immediately burst out laughing since he looked exactly like boo from monsters inc. 
𝚃𝙴𝚁𝚄𝚂𝙷𝙸𝙼𝙰 » got so drunk that he ended up fucking the couch. like he was just there on top of you, and his dick was just sliding between the folds of the leather couch. you decided to let him finish like that
𝚂𝙰𝙺𝚄𝚂𝙰 » had a really bad reaction to one of the products he used while shaving and ended up getting super irritated down there so he kept having to pull out in-between thrusts to itch his crotch. to make things worse, you joking suggested that he looked like he had syphilis and he got so disgusted at the idea of that thought that he literally had to pull out and take a breather 
𝙾𝚂𝙰𝙼𝚄 » drizzled ‘warm’ chocolate down your chest and was about to seductively lick it off until you screamed in pain and horror as the chocolate was literally burning your skin off. osamu panicked, obviously not knowing what to do if chocolate was burning his partners skin off so he just... frantically licked it off. you still had to go to the ER afterwards to get treated for mild burns
𝙰𝚂𝚃𝚄𝙼𝚄 » didn’t know what a hymen was until the first time he tried to have sex with you. no matter how much he tried to shove his schlong in, it really just wasn’t working + “yer puss is broken”
𝚂𝚄𝙽𝙰 » pinched your nipples so fucking hard to the point where you started crying. he thoughts these were tears of pleasure until you literally had to kick him off you. but hey, he gave you ice for your sore nipples and mcdonalds! what more could a girl possibly want :)
uh the end lol
also, this idea was inspired by the first haikyuu headcanon i ever read, “awkward sex moments” by @bbytetsu <3
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ellewords · 22 days ago
take these haikyuu boys with you to laser tag and he’ll push you against the wall, kiss you, shoot you, and then walk away <3
  —  suna, ATSUMU, OIKAWA, suga, tsukishima, TENDOU
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yvvji · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
includes: iwaizumi hajime, suna rintarou, kyoutani kentarou, sakusa kiyoomi, miya osamu, bokuto koutarou, kita shinsuke, tendou satori, hinata shouyou, kenma kozume.
a/n: some time skip mentioned in various scenarios! so very soft and fluffy, but much needed.
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI - it’s such a simple word, yet is somehow the most effective at getting you flustered. hajime’s arms holding you close in the early morning hours, whispering against your forehead as his lips place a soft kiss to the skin. “hi pretty, did you sleep well?”
SUNA - although he tends to save this name for the more quiet moments shared between you two, it’s not uncommon to hear it slip past suna’s lips. always a soft murmur of “cmere bunny, i missed you.” when he returns home from a long day at practice.
KYOUTANI - he's all rough exterior and furrowed brows, this bad boy persona making people shy away from him. but for you? he's got a soft spot, quiet whispers of affirmations being pressed into your skin. his lips rest against your forehead, lingering as he speaks against you. "look at you, doll. you're doing just fine, yeah?"
SAKUSA - in the beginning of your relationship, nicknames were not something he used very often, but on the rare occasion it did occur, he always stuck with a name he felt fit you best. watching as he struggled to get his tie in place, omi huffed when he met your teasing gaze. "can you do this for me? please, sweetheart?"
OSAMU - the phrase is one that rolls right of his tongue, a quick and easy way to remind you that he adores you. your arms rest around his shoulders as his own find their way around your waist. a gentle kiss is placed along your temple, his voice a little raspy as he speaks to you. "you look tired, my love. let's head home, okay?"
BOKUTO - he’s a stickler for all things cute and catchy, so you cant blame him when kou uses a more common name for you. your hip bumps against his as you walk into the kitchen, shuffling your way into his arms as he swipes across his phone screen. “i’m feeling take out for dinner, is that alright babe?”
KITA - you should have expected someone as gentlemanly as kita to use such a soft pet name with you. the cool, air conditioned breeze wafts through the door as he walks into your home. “dove? where are you? i’ve got a surprise i want you to see.”
TENDOU - your actual name is something that hardly makes it past satori's lips, always choosing to use some cutesy form of it or a nickname instead. the ringing of the doorbell brings his attention up from the chocolate mixture setting up in candy trays. "angel! missed me that much you decided to visit? come! try this!"
HINATA - he's never been one to like spending time away from you, so when him and his team have to travel for a game, hinata makes it known that he misses you. your phone is tucked between your ear and shoulder, trying your best to heat up dinner and talk with him. "what are you up to, baby? i just got back to the hotel, tell me everything!"
KENMA - it’s not a name either of you would have thought he’d enjoy saying, yet it’s something he calls you more often than your own name. his voice is muffled from behind his closed door, muting his mic as to not disturb those listening to his stream. “hey bub? can you bring me a snack?”
Tumblr media
YVVJI © 2021
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iwaizumis-bitch · 2 months ago
where their hands are during sex
it has been a long of charging dead vapes why not end it with writing smut
bokuto, tsukishima, osamu, kenma, and tendou x female reader
content warning; nsfw, minors do not interact. degradation, choking, breeding kink, mirror sex.
bokuto koutaro
you sobbed out as he thrusted into you again, teasing your sensitive cervix. his hands gripped your hips as he started to chase his high as your elbows fell week as you buried your face into the bed sheets. he started moving at an animalistic pace, muttering how good you were making him feel, as he finally snapped his hips forward, slamming into your g spot making you both cum.
tsukishima kei
you blinked the tears in your eyes away, regaining your vision and seeing kei hovering over you, giving you a cocky smirk as he tightened his grasp around your neck. ‘does that feel good, slut?’, he breathily whispered in your ear, laughing softly at your whimper in reply. he brought his other hand to your wet pussy, sliding it up and down the soaking folds.
miya osamu
you gulped as osamu gave you an evil look, before mercilessly slamming himself all the way into you without warning. gasping out in pleasure, you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders, his coming down to grip your thighs that were trembling against the kitchen counter. ‘m gonna give ya a baby’, he mumbled into your ears, before slamming his fat cock one last time and filling you with his seed.
kenma kozume
kenma looked up at you with hooded eyes as you desperately bounced on his cock. you looked so pretty when you were needy, begging for him to move, but he couldn’t help but stay still and listen to your cries. his hands lazily came up to grope your tits that were jiggling. you hissed as he brought your nipple between his middle and index finger, rolling the sensitive bud as he started to thrust his hips with your own
tendou satori
you whimpered as satori’s long fingers came to play with your clit, chin hooked over your shoulder licking up your neck. he inserted a finger slowly, rubbing your walls slowly. his hand came up to your jaw, turning your head to face yourself in the mirror. you blushed at your figure, moaning out breathily when he inserted another finger. ‘don’t move your eyes’, he muttered into your ear darkly
reblogs are appreciated (*≧︶≦))( ̄▽ ̄* )ゞ
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nkogneatho · 6 months ago
Opening Bras Headcanons HAIKYUU
Tumblr media
Pro in opening bras with two fingers: Kuroo, Oikawa, Issei, Tendou, Atsumu, Tanaka, Terushima, Osamu
Opens them very technically like the whole engineering exam shit : Ushijima, Daichi, Lev, Kageyama, Shirabu, Goshiki, Kita
Struggles a loooot like baby I'll do it myself: Hinata, Asahi, Kenma, Kunimi
Didn't think they could but they managed to pull a pro: Akaashi, Nishinoya, Konoha, Semi, Kogane
Just rips them apart. BITCH PAY FOR IT: BOKUTO, Aran, Iwaizumi, Sakusa, Tsukishima, Suna
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itstsukkisalty · 24 days ago
inarizaki, karasuno, shiratorizawa surprising you at your piano recital
Tumblr media
a/n: it was a pleasure doing business with you, anon, lovely request
Tumblr media
ah yes, the rowdy bunch the twins create most of the ruckus tho
now imagine this
a formal piano recital, audience consists mostly of very composed, very polite and dandy people, dressed in perfectly ironed suits and dresses and polished shoes, speaking quietly and properly
and then there's this FLOCK of very loud, very all over the place highschool boys and- ヽ(*´∀`)ノ┌┛
'OH GOD are those people on leashes?!' yes it's the twins again
they just stroll through the main hall and unceremoniously plop down in their seats (the twins and ginjima barked at some elderly people so they could get front row seats)
kita and aran have to sit at the ends of the row in a hopeless attempt to gain some control over the bunch (oT-T)尸~~
these assholes YAWNED not conspicuously at all during the other performances (aran had to bonk atsumu on the head when he heard a low 'boo' coming from him and akagi wanted to hide under his seat when suna snorted loudly at a kid's mistake)
basically the team made it AWFULLY clear they were only there FOR ✨YOU✨ maybe a bit TOO clear
it was no surprise that when your name was called and you stepped on the stage oh so graciously they swooned loud enough for the entire hall to hear ⊂(♡⌂♡)⊃
"bless our ears y/n!!" aran babie
"yer an angel!!!" the whole town heard the twins
"throw it back for the camera, babe" NOT APPROPRIATE SUNA
but they make sure it's dead silent during your performance, kid crying? throw him out ma'am. elderly coughing? just die already. fly buzzing? you've lived long enough. (¬、¬)
suna is recording every second of it
atsumu is tearing up ("there's an angel before us!!!!!")
osamu is clutching at his shirt above his heart
aran and kita are smiling fondly and not taking their eyes off you
and when you're done and you sit up to bow to the audience?
maybe they didn't catch the gist of just politely clapping
but did they have to jump out of their seats and WHOOP and SCREAM your name and praises and did they pull these huge banners out of their asses-? (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ
disturbing the entire hall while they scurry out like rats foxes to greet you with huge bouquets of flowers and sweets
"y/n, you were STUNNING and you're so talented and your playing was MAJESTIC"
"grand words, 'tsumu"
"shut up, 'samu!" (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
"I caught both of them crying on video, wanna see, y/n?"
they're a mess, but they're a very supportive and loyal mess and they're YOUR mess no joking, you're stuck with them 4life have fun
Tumblr media
oh god they're SO cute (๑♡⌓♡๑)
they're too awed by how elegant the hall is to cause too much of a commotion less headache for daichi
the entire team contributed to buy you a nice flower arrangement currently in suga's care
they didn't quite understand that they aren't allowed to go backstage to wish you luck (≖ლ≖๑ )フ
noya and tanaka were *almost* kicked out for arguing with security and the guards' grandchildren shivered at the glare suga shot them
hinata literally deflates once he hears they can't see you
"but y/n always wishes us luck in person before games"(oꆤ︵ꆤo)
let this baby crow through!!!!
eventually daichi, asahi and kiyoko dragged them to sit down
these kids have NO CHILL
they're bouncing all over the place, can't keep their mouths shut, their too long legs keep hitting the seats in front of them and daichi has half a mind to just knock them out (҂⌣̀_⌣́)
"when's y/n coming out?"
"how much longer until it's y/n's turn???" *overactive kids sigh*
at this point the entire hall is counting down the seconds to your performance just to get rid of those menaces ε-(´・`) フ
despite that, they're listening quite closely to the other performances, for a reason of course
"we have to scout the enemies" noya no
"pfft, there's no need" yes kageyama good boy "y/n's gonna crush them anyway" KAGEYAMA NO
and they criticize every single one of them
"this is lame" ┐( ˘_˘)┌
"it's lame because it's not a y/n exclusive recital" tsukishima has his own unique love language
noya and tanaka are one(1) snore away from falling into a coma when you are finally called on stage
and then they explode
suga, hinata and surprisingly yamaguchi are the loudest ones
"KARASUNO FIGHT!!!" (۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ gtfo
we have an entire criers club composed of asahi (1st place, the old lady seated beside him offered him tissues), yachi, hinata and surprisingly the chaotic duo noya and tanaka
daichi and suga watch you with so much proudness
kageyama, tsukki and yams are in a trance the entire time don't talk to them, can't you see there's a blessing on stage?
when you're done, they all stand up in a clapping ovation, causing ruckus even long after you've retreated backstage ( ƅ°ਉ°)ƅ
they bombard you outside (tanaka and noya make sure to mention to everyone they pass by that you're 'one of their goddesses') with praises and hugs and flowers
"that's our y/n!!"
"was that divine peace i felt while i was listening to you?"
"you crushed them y/n, you won right?" ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ “
"kags, you know this wasn't a competition right?"
"HUH??¿¿?" (・о・)
Tumblr media
my educated guess is that the shiratorizawa bois would be the least rabid team
goshiki is probably more nervous than you tho (๏д๏)
i think they'd actually make an effort to look pretty nice like imagine semi prettied up a lil bit
despite how tidied up and composed they look, NO ONE could stop tendou from dragging a huge handmade banner, he spent the entire night before your recital to make it pls appreciate this bby
semi and shirabu face timed you for 2 hours (1 and a half were spent with the 2 of them bickering) the day before to choose your outfit so they're SO PROUD once you step on the stage lookin' like an angel (´ω`♡)
ushiwaka actually borrowed a video camera and watched tutorials to learn how to use it for this occasion
even though they're all giddy for you, they're respectful towards the other performances before you, politely clapping after each one
but the formal claps can NOT compare to the OVATION you receive from them the moment your name is called with goshiki and tendou in the lead (ノ。≧◇≦)ノ
even the usually reserved ushi makes an effort to be noticed by you
when you look in their direction they all give you fist pumps, thumbs up and winks( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°) i'm looking at you semi
DEADLY silent during your performance
goshiki and shirabu (even though he doesn't admit it) are the criers
semi is already planning a proposal for a duet with you
tendou and ushi? proud parents, heart eyes, lovestruck smiles (maybe a bit subtler in ushijima's case, but still there) (๑✧◡✧๑)
everything is caught on ushijima's camera until you finish your magnificent performance and suddenly the camera's view is obstructed by tendou's huge ass banner
which contains your name written in capitals and occupies most of the page, and the rest is just piano notes and sheets and drawings of pianos and even a chibi version of you playing tendou didn't take this lightly at all !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑
and in the whole ruckus created by their excitement, tendou passes the banner to semi and sprints to the bottom of the stage to give you a small pretty bouquet of flowers and then runs back leaving you flabbergasted and with flushed cheeks before you scurry backstage (๑ּగ⌄ּగ๑)
you're met with SO MANY PRAISES once you're outside and reunited with your boys
"it was very remarkable performance, y/n"
"so, y/n, you're a genius performer and i'd say i'm pretty good with my guitar too sooo how does a collab sound?"
"ohohOH can i play the triangle? i want in on this too!!" (۶* ‘ꆚ’)۶”
"goshiki, can't you see this is a semi and y/n thing?"
"why can't this be a semi, y/n AND goshiki thing?"
"i have an even better idea! how about we make it an entire siratorizawa team thing?" (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
"tendou NO"
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katsushimaa · 12 months ago
random couple tiktok pranks you’d do to your haikyuu boyfriend
— with Tsukishima, Bokuto, Kunimi, Kenma, Tendou and Suna
[ part 2 ]
A/N: i said i was on a break but during my break i kept watching tiktok and bc i felt lonely, i wanted to write about the haikyuu boys doing these trends with me instead 💀
©️ all rights reserved to katsushimaa. do NOT plagiarize or repost anywhere.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tell your bf “u could’ve been nicer to me today”
would straight up just laugh at you
“wdym? i thought you liked me because I’m not your typcial mr. nice guy?”
true, but since you wanted to live up to the prank, you feigned a sigh. “but you’re not usually this mean to me, kei. there’s still some boundaries.”
your response wiped the smirk off his face, making him think of what he did to you to today. as far as he knew, he did nothing out of the ordinary
seeing his smirk drop did it for you. you broke through your facade and started to burst out laughing, causing him to roll his eyes at you, a fond smile spreading on his lips
he’d make you stop laughing by pushing you to a wall, caging you in his arms as he loomed over you with a sadistic expression
“never expect me to be ‘nicer’ to you from now on, brat.”
Tumblr media
fake a fall in public to see your bf’s reaction
with no questions asked, this man would fall with you
everyone threw the two of you odd glances as you stared at each other on the floor, stifling your laughter
until Bokuto gave in and burst out laughing, leaving you no choice but to join him
“why’d you fall?” you asked in between breaths
“i’m the one who should be asking that, you limp,” he snorted before looking at you softly. “but i just didn’t want my baby to embarrassed alone, you know?”
Bokuto stood up easily, offering you a hand in which you gladly took.
with a smile, he raised your hand to his lips. “we’re in this together, aren’t we?”
you intertwined your fingers with his, your wide smile matching his own. “we are.”
Tumblr media
raise the blanket while you’re in it when your bf walks in the room
you didn’t even have to say anything, he’d just dive right in next to you
Kunimi’s arm snaked around your waist as he buried his head on your chest, breathing you in
he even tucked the other end of the blanket beneath him so the two of you were cocooned together
“nap time already?” he hummed sleepily, already ready to sleep
you could only giggle as you weaved your free hand through his soft, dark hair, causing him to hum in approval
“you were so fast,” you said, causing him to raise his head up to smile at you sleepily
“well, i’m always ready to cuddle with you.”
though you were flustered by his words, you rolled your eyes. “shut it, you’re just using me as an excuse because you’re too lazy to do your work.”
you could feel his smile as he snuggled deeper into your chest. “let’s just nap together, babe.”
Tumblr media
sit on the floor beside your bf while he plays video games
while Kenma smashes his keyboard, you rested your head on his leg after sitting on the floor
he glanced down at you briefly and his hand came flying on your head, patting it
“what are you doing?” he murmured
“just wanna be in your presence,” you closed your eyes, snuggling deeper in his leg
Kenma threw you another glance before muttering, “give me five minutes.”
with that, he took his hand off you and started aggressively pushing the keyboard and mouse button, his eyes wide with focus that you were almost frightened by him
after five minutes, you could hear his friends from his headphones yelling out victory and cheering for Kenma, but he could careless
he pulled you on top of him on the bed and brought your head to his chest, hugging you tight. you couldn’t help but smile at his comfort, and he couldn’t help but release a small smile of his own
“you could still play, you know,” you mumbled against him. “i just wanted to be close to you.”
“me, too,” he said right after pulling out his phone. you laughed as he placed it on your back, ready to play another game
well, at least you were in his arms now
Tumblr media
call your bf ‘bro’
had to do a double take after you called him bro
“what did you say, baby?” he asked, hoping he just heard you wrong
“are you deaf, bro?” you kept a straight face. “i asked if you wanted to eat later.”
Tendou felt his heart drop at his nickname, but since he’s petty, he didn’t show it
instead, he fought back. “sure, dude. you can pick the restaurant.”
he felt some sense of triumph when your eyebrows rose, but you’re his girlfriend for a reason after all
you guys were both petty
“i’m down with anything, pal.”
“do you just want to drive around to see where we want to eat, mate?”
“sounds like a plan, champ.”
Tendou looked at you for a moment before letting a smile grow on his lips. “champ? what am i, your son?”
you threw your head back in defeat. “i couldn’t think of anything else!”
the two of you meet each other’s gazes before bursting into laughter, your bodies shaking with amusement
Tendou pulled you to him, hugging you as if his life depended on it. “never call me bro again, okay?”
you swayed him as you hugged him back, his heartbeat racing when you said, “of course, you’ll always be my baby.”
Tumblr media
wake your bf up during his sleep and say, “go hide, my boyfriend’s here.”
obviously, he didn’t wake up the first try so you had to do it again
at the third time, his eyes finally opened slowly, disoriented as he looked at you
since Suna was so unfocused, you expected him to go along and hide like the other boyfriends do in the trend
unfortunately, your boyfriend was built different
“i don’t care,” he said flatly and without any warning, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you next to him, trapping you in his arms and under the blanket
“Rin,” you tried to wiggle away. “i’m not sleepy.”
“then just stay with me.”
that was enough for you to lie still, finally relaxing in his hold
after a few moments of comfortable silence, he leaned in your ear and whispered, “now stay still and quiet because my girlfriend’s here and i don’t want her to see you.”
you gasped at the way he turned the prank on you, hitting him on the chest before sitting up
“what?” he laughed as he lazily stared at you angrily looking down at him. “serves you right for waking me up in my sleep. now come here and help me continue it.”
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adoringhaikyuu · 7 months ago
you bring up divorce during an argument with them
Tumblr media
CHARACTERS: husband!akaashi + kuroo + osamu + tendou + (gn!reader)
REQUEST: husband osamu kuroo tendou and akaashi reacting hcs to their wife accidentally bringing up divorce in a reallllly heated arguments and it’s just angst to fluff :)
WARNINGS: angst 
NOTES: i don’t mention any pronouns or say wife so it ended up being gender neutral <3
Tumblr media
the two of you would be fighting like you’d never fought before
his face is red because he’s so frustrated
complaining about how tired he is (and deep down you know he means in general, but it strikes a chord)
you’re close to tears 
and you’re so overwhelmed, bad thoughts invading your mind that you bring up the one thing you’d never want
“so what keiji?!” you were practically shouting, tears finally leaking from your eyes, “do you want a divorce is that it?! since you’re so tired of me, are you going to get rid of me?!” 
he paused and looked at you wide-eyed, feeling the breath get ripped out of him. “wh––what?” his voice was small, dropped down several notches compared to before. “what did you say?–” he stepped closer to you and you turned around to walk into your bedroom.
“you heard me.” you wanted nothing more than to lock yourself in your room and cry yourself to sleep but akaashi followed you in.
he grabbed your arm gently and turned you around to face him. you kept your eyes down, level with his chest and he let out a shaky breath, bringing a hand under your chin to tilt your head up. “i’m not tired of you––yes i’m frustrated but i could never––i would never leave you.” 
more tears fell down your cheeks and he swiped them away with his thumbs, holding your face with both his hands. “i––i’m sorry i yelled at you.” you were about to apologize as well when he went on, his eyes looking at yours hesitantly. “but you––you don’t want to leave me, right?”
you shook your head immediately and his shoulders sunk in relief. “no baby i don’t i was just...scared that you were finally sick of me––”
he pressed his lips against yours, cutting you off. he waited a good while before pulling away and looking at you earnestly. “i will never get sick of you, okay. never.” 
you bit your lip and nodded. “okay.”
he pulled you in for a hug and held you tight, “let’s go to bed, alright? it’s been a long day.” he kissed your forehead, “if you want to keep talking about this, we can tomorrow, after a good night’s rest.” 
Tumblr media
you were aggravated
really aggravated
and you were feeling petty
and part of you just wanted to see if he would react
you were tired of him trying to act cool, it made you feel like you were being dramatic, acting out for no reason
honestly you weren’t planning on saying it, but your emotions got to the best of you
“well should we just get a divorce then?!” your eyes widened and your hand came up to cover your mouth almost immediately, the silence between the two of you deafening.
kuroo’s face fell as soon as you finished your sentence, his eyes piercing yours almost painfully. “what?” 
you let your hand fall to your side and opened your mouth but no sounds came out, only worrying your husband more, the silence making him think you really did want to end things.
he rushed closer to you and gently took your hands in his, his teary eyes looking into yours. “baby please––don’t give up on us, i’ll do better,” he frantically pressed kisses to your knuckles and looking at his reaction, you couldn’t stay mad at him.
“no baby i’m not––i didn’t mean to say that i was just overwhelmed.” you took your hands out of his with some resistance, with him not wanting to let you go and placed your hands on his cheeks to pull him in for a sweet kiss. “i promise,” you mumbled against his lips before pulling back to look at him, his hands gripping your waist desperately. “you’re stuck with me until the end of time.” 
he laughed wetly, a few tears escaping his eyes. “good.” he pressed his lips against your forehead and wrapped his arms around you. “i’m sorry kitten. don’t wanna fight with you. ever.”
Tumblr media
you were tired, you both were
you weren’t even yelling at each other, just talking, deeply sighing, your bodies tense, the air between you thick
you were both exasperated with the argument that just seemed like it was never end
and it just slipped out, your mouth talking before your mind agreed to what you were saying (something that often happened during your arguments)
“so what do you want from me samu?” you sighed, rubbing your face with your hands stressfully as you leaned on the dinner table with your elbows. “you want a divorce, is that it?” 
your hands stopped moving and you held your breath as you realized what you said. you were honestly scared to move your hands, to face your husband but when you were meant with silence, you dropped your hands to the table to find him staring at you incredulously.
“fuck no.” he crossed his arms and sat back, rolling his eyes, seemingly more annoyed than before. “don’t say shit like that.” his words were fierce but you could sense the slight fear in his tone, you noticed the way his eyes were observing you, silently wondering if that’s what you truly wanted. 
“i don’t...i’m sorry. i don’t want that either.” you sighed and looked down, putting your head back in your hands. you felt like crying but you also felt far too exhausted, emotionally and physically to even do that. 
you closed your eyes for a moment and took a few deep breaths, trying to calm yourself. you only opened them when you felt a hand on your shoulder and looked up to see osamu looking down at you. 
he swallowed harshly, seemingly mustering the courage to say his next words. “come here.” 
not having the energy to fight anymore, you stood up and as soon as you reached your full height, he pulled you into his arms and held you tight. he let out a shaky breath and held you tighter and you knew in that smell gesture he was apologizing, letting you know that he was here and he wasn’t going anywhere, that he’d do better. 
Tumblr media
tendou could be infuriating sometimes 
and sometimes he liked getting you riled up 
it happened when he was in a bad mood or when he was in playful mood tbh
he’d look at you with a smirk, eyes teasing and frustrating you to no end
and today it was really pissing you off
“i’m being serious tendou! is this all a joke to you?”
he narrowed his eyes but the small smile was still on his lips, “of course not.” that wasn’t very convincing.
you rolled your eyes and sighed, looking down as you crossed your arms and mumbled. “...well maybe we should get a divorce then, how about that?” 
you felt your heart drop to your stomach as you blinked at your husband, suddenly wishing the ground would swallow you whole. you hadn’t meant to actually say that out loud but as the thought came up, it went straight to your mouth.
his face quickly morphed into a sardonic smirk, his tongue poking at the side of his cheek as he looked down at you, arms crossed. he stepped closer to you and bent down, his face inches from yours, eyes dark. he knew you didn’t mean it, you were just frustrated, but still the thought didn’t make him happy. “you wanna say that again, sweetheart?” 
you swallowed and shook your head no, your throat suddenly dry. “i didn’t...i didn’t mean to say that.” 
he took hold of your cheeks with one hand and smushed them between his fingers, tilting your head up towards him. “that’s what i thought.” he pressed a chaste kiss to your lips and pulled away to look at you for a moment before humming and taking your hand to lead you to your bedroom.
you looked at him curiously and confused. “what are you doing?”
you could hear the smile in his voice, “well i’ve got to make it up to you, don’t i?” he heard you suck in a breath and he paused to look at you over his shoulder, eyes sparkling, “not like that. i meant a massage.” he raised his brow, “well maybe we’ll do what you were thinking too.” 
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iwasbunny · 16 days ago
this is kinda random but do you have any awkward sex hcs for the hq guys??? they’re so funny to me 😭😭
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
# headcanons. 594 words.
# warnings. just a whole lot of cringe coming your way.
# contains. tendou, kageyama, atsumu, daichi, bokuto, tanaka, hinata, ushijima, oikawa, issei.
# note from jinx. boy oh boy, do i..
Tumblr media
you were both staring into each other’s eyes while he’s fucking you, trying to be all romantic and shit and he just does the hentai ahegao face infront of you—it’s quiet for a moment before the atmosphere is ruined by you and tendou’s shared giggles.
he kept on trying to finger you, and ended up getting really frustrated when his fingers just wouldn’t slip in. you literally had to stop kissing him midway just to help him out, “you know, babe, this would go a lot easier if you just took my panties off first.”
came all over your chest before deciding to go for a second round, but he completely forgot about his cum so when he went to cuddle up into you he basically ended up getting a face full of his own jizz.
this man was going hard, thrusting into you with everything he’s got so much so that he accidentally let one rip while he was still balls deep in your fucking pussy… so yeah, at least he still made you finish though!
you and him were going at it doggy style when his thrusts suddenly slow down, of course, you’re curious why he did that when you were getting close. only to find your boyfriend lazily grinding into you while eating his soft serve ice cream, explaining. ‘baby! it was melting, don’t be mad at me.’
you and him got super high once and we’re just about to fuck, this man was already moaning and telling you about how good he felt inside you, only to realise five minutes later that he wasn’t even inside of you yet.
right after you guys came, he was just laying beside you still trying to catch his breath till his hands suddenly come up near your face while he practically yells, ‘good job, babe. up top, that was great!’
you were both cuddling after sex, and you decided you’d try and start up some pillow talk so you asked him how it was. this man had a 5-page essay in his head about what you did good and what you needed to work on, but according to him it was still ‘very satisfactory’
he claimed to be some sort of sex god but he couldn’t even find the hole for him to stick his cock into, and as soon as he did it took basically a minute or two (i’ll be nice and say two) before he came all over your insides.
talk about breeder balls, issei had to go on a week long trip and he decided to hold back on getting himself off knowing it wouldn’t feel nearly as good as when you did it. as soon as he got home he asked to get his dick sucked, and you almost choked from the amount of cum he let out.
Tumblr media
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thouxanbanfaunii · 2 months ago
tw : noncon/dubcon, ignored safeword, sex, yandere themes, dark content
Tumblr media
matsukawa | kenma | semi | tsukishima | tendou | oikawa | hidan | sasuke | tobirama | sukuna | geto | toji | too bad because he doesn’t stop fucking you, why would you need a safe word? doesn’t he make you feel so good? lay there and take it
hinata | nishinoya | bokuto | sugawara | daichi | itachi | gaara | kakashi | hashirama | yuuji | toge | stops and asks what’s wrong, holds you and kisses you until you’re feeling better. doesn’t care if you don’t wanna keep going, as long as you’re comfortable
iwaizumi | kuroo | kageyama | obito | kiba | neji | shikamaru | megumi | gojo | doesn’t stop but tries to convince you to keep taking him. even if you still want him to stop he’ll just kiss you to make you shut up. might as well let him finish
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bratinc · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
+ headcanons. 562 words.
+ contains. tanaka, nishinoya, oikawa, kuroo, tendou, atsumu.
+ note. kinda stuck to the whole if you were on your phone too much theme, so yeah!
Tumblr media
he will absolutely not tolerate being ignored, this man will literally lay on top of you and purposely put his weight on your smaller form just to get you to go off of your phone and talk to him.
“Finally! Took you long enough, babe. So this is how I get ya to talk to me, hm? Stop ignoring me, I’m way better than whatever’s on that stupid phone anyways.”
he sulks, a lot. he’ll just lay close to you with an obvious pout on his face as he practically shoots daggers into your soul with how hard he’s staring at you.
“Babyyy, do you even love me anymore? Because I don’t feel like you do, so you better fix it quick..”
you ignoring him? yeah, that’s not happening. he’s immediately snatching your phone away from you and forcing you to chase after him just to get it back.
“You want it back, angel? Why don’t you gimme a kiss for it, hm? I think I deserve at least that after being depraved of your attention for so long.”
he’s so annoying, all he does is sigh. that’s it, he just sighs and sighs, making sure you hear each one because he purposely gets louder and louder till you finally ask what’s wrong.
“I’m glad you asked, princess. I’ve been here for about half an hour and my girlfriend has yet to give me my kisses. I’m feeling a little underappreciated, honestly.”
his solution to being ignored? repeatedly poking your shoulder and practically clinging onto you, he won’t stop no matter how many times you slap his hand away either not until he gets your attention.
“I knew you’d give in eventually, sweetheart. Why don’t you admire your gorgeous boyfriend instead of staring at your phone all day, hm? I’ll make it worth your while.”
he just whines and repeatedly calls your name, with a few pet names mixed in there as well. he’s just so needy but he’d rather die than actually admit it.
“Babe, baby, babe, angel, princess, love of my life? I’m dying here, give me something to work with, please.. I’m dying!”
Tumblr media
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