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do you think uzui bedazzled his penis
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Uzui Tengen x Pet Names Headcanons
Tumblr media
AKA one liners for cultured fics
Characters: Uzui Tengen, mostly gn!reader, a couple afab!reader Warnings: NSFW (MDNI), dirty talking, praise kink 🥴
-- Uzui Tengen would always call you by pet names, even before you start dating him. The man is a huge flirt can’t stop won’t stop.
“What’s your name little one?”
“Call me Tengen, pretty girl”
“Darling I’m home early~”
“You’re doing this purpose aren’t you gorgeous?”
“C’mere baby, I want you on my lap”
“Oh sweetheart... you’re drenched”
"Open wide~ Mhnm yeah that's it, such a good girl for me..."
“Oh baby, you taste divine”
“You want my cock? Beg for it bunny”
“Such a pretty little whore for me”
“That’s it, you’re taking me so well baby”
"Louder sweetheart, I want them to hear you"
Let me know if you have any others 💖
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Kimetsu no Yaiba S2 Yukaku hen EP7 - Uzui tengen recap 4/4END
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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It's frustrating how Geto was so close to getting it, but then did a 180 and fixated on that whole monkey business. Like, the thing that kinda started everything was Riko's death. He was right initially for not hating the humans (ignorant as they might be), but then completely forgot about the fact that Riko would've died anyway. Gojo didn't mention their plans to kill Tengen again either.
Riko told Geto right before her death that she didn't want to merge and go back instead. They were so close to breaking away from Tengen, the school and the higher ups, but the fight with Toji seemed to have distracted them from it. Yuki tells Geto that Tengen is stable and there might be a new SPV and for some reason he just accepts that? Not thinking that this would mean that another child would be sacrificed in place of Riko. A child that also might not want to be "erased".
Geto fails to see the bigger picture here. The Jujutsu higher-ups and Tengen, who are keeping alive the status quo, are the problem. Tengen's barriers might even be the reason for the centralization of cursed energy in Japan, leading to more curses.
Anyway, I think whatever is left of Geto should team up with Kenjaku and bring down Tengen.
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She prefers me
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Tengen Uzui x reader x Kyojuro Rengoku
Part 1 :: Part 3
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, oral (m. Receiving), possessiveness, jealousy, daddy k!nk, degradation, dumbification, belly bulge, cucking, breeding, unprotected s3x, size difference, MDNI
⤷ Synopsis: You get interrupted during your rendezvous with your silver haired lover— by the flame Hashira.
⤷ Note. This is about how rengoku was everyone's favorite during the movie and now everyone's simping for tengen- because SAME.
#tags. @gabzlovesu @httpmikey @zeninade @ztoji @sukunasbabymama @festive
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reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
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"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?"
Wide golden eyes stared back at your wrecked state, a pretty pink tinting his cheeks. You whimper as Tengen's balls slapped on your clit. He's unrelenting, fucking into you even though you got company, even through the throes of your orgasm,"Enjoying the show, Rengoku?"
That's a rhetorical question, everyone in the room knows it. Rengoku gulps, there's no denying it because the bulge in his pants made it evident,"The meeting's gon- gonna start soon, y- you should- you should get dressed." His words tripped on stutters.
"Hm? But we're not quite done yet," The hand around your throat loosened to slip into your hair,"Aren't we, baby?" You're pulled up with a hard yank,"Aw, looks like she needs someone to take care of that loud mouth," Tengen coos in your ear when you yelp at the sting,"what d'ya say baby? Need him to shut you up?" His lips pressed hot on your ear but eyes locked on Rengoku's.
The blond can't refuse the offer, it's too tempting— the way your breasts bounce with each thrust from the ex-ninja, the pretty tears cascading down your cheeks— he shouldn't but he's walking up to you, cupping your chin,"Need me to fuck your mouth, darling?" His thumb strokes your swollen lower lip as he gulped down all the previous shyness,"Yes, please daddy." Tengen's chest rumbled with a growl against your back as the title slipped past your lips, fuschia orbs darkening. White hot jealousy sparked in his chest when you called the other man "daddy".
But he didn't stop the other man when he tapped his cock on your lips because that's what Rengoku is, the other man. And Tengen is going to prove that he's the only one who can fuck you so good, he's the only one you need. Rengoku's cock pushes past your lips with a content sigh from him,"Feels amazing, y/n," His hand curls around the back of your head, fingers digging into your scalp as he fisted your hair,"Don't stop, ah- what a perfect warm little mouth you got, darling."
Your moan vibrated muffled on Rengoku's cock as Tengen's hand caresses your lower abdomen, lips moulding into a mean smirk when he finds the bulge on your belly. Fingers dancing on the outline of his cock through your skin, he breathes in your ear,"Ready f'me to fill you up, baby?" You might've responded but the hand behind your head is unwavering, pushing your face down on his cock till the tip of his leaky cock kisses the back of your throat,"Ah fuck fuck-"
Tengen pressed down hard on the bulge in your belly, ripping a scream from your occupied mouth. His other hand wrapped around your neck yet again. A low chuckle fanned your neck when he felt Rengoku's cock through the skin of your throat,"C'mon, tell me you're ready, whore."
Rengoku threw his head back, blond locks swaying softly as he muttered curses under his breath. His hips thrust into your face roughly, heavy balls hitting on your chin,"Tell me how badly you need it or I won't give you what you want." Tengen's victorious laugh when Rengoku pulled out of your warm mouth with a grunt send a fresh gush of arousal to your tight hole,"Please, please daddy, please, need you to cum inside me, please-"
Tengen pinches your nipples while his cock swells inside your pussy,"Fuck, make sure to keep it all in, you asked for it after all, you horny little slut." His hips thrust into yours in a sloppy fashion, voice wavering as he started cumming,"Daddy," Your eyes locked on Rengoku's as your walls convulsed around your albino lover's shaft,"You're mine, mine, all mine." He chanted while pumping you full of his thick cum.
"Yeah, darlin'?" Rengoku knelt in front of you, cradling your face in his palms,"Need me t'fuck you? Hm? That it?" His nimble fingers moved away the sweat drenched locks of hair sticking to your forehead, smiling down at your blissed out expression as you grabbed the collar of his uniform and pulled him in for a searing kiss. Tengen growled at the show of intimacy, huge arm winding around your waist to pull you into his chest and away from the other Hashira,"She's mine, Rengoku."
"Are you forgetting that she was mine before she was yours?" Golden orbs met ruby ones with a challenge,"Need you, Kyo." Your mind's drunk of the ecstasy— more more more, that's all it can think of. Rengoku rests his hand on the small of your back, urging you away from Tengen,"We'll be late for the meeting." The taller man hisses on which Rengoku chuckles,"What? Scared that she'll prefer me over you?"
"Kyo," You mewled, tugging on his shirt again,"'M right here," He pulls you into his embrace, stroking your hair while fisting his red aching cock,"Darlin'." His eyes remained locked on your albino lover's, breathing unsteady when you pressed kisses on his neck. You hummed as you sucked a red mark on the flame hashira's neck,"Fine." Tengen's jaw clicked as he pulled out from your sensitive cunt,"But you don't get to finish inside her."
With lips stretched into a grin, Rengoku pulled you on his cock, watching as your soiled pussy dripped Tengen's cum on his cock. His hands gripped bruises on your hips as he slammed you down, forcing you to take his whole shaft in one thrust. Eyes rolling back at the feel of your tight cunt,"God, y/n, still s'tight as ever." The sting of his words had Tengen's brows creasing while he adjusted his uniform.
"Kyo-" Rengoku kisses your lips, biting your lower lip,"Daddy." He corrects, throwing a smug smirk at the sound Hashira,"Too much, daddy, yer' being too rough," Tengen crosses his arms over his chest, biceps clenched as anger ran hot through his veins,"Shh," The blond hushes you, bucking his hips up sharply into your cunt,"You can take it, do it for daddy, yeah?"
"You asked for this, darling." Rengoku's onslaught didn't lessen, his huge cock kept hitting your sweet spot till you're a babbling mess. A bit of drool ran down your chin,"Aww, going dumb on me, pretty girl?" His thighs flexed as he neared his release,"Please, daddy," With your hands gripping his shoulders to maintain balance, you didn't even bother to hold back your screams,"Then go on and cum on daddy's cock." His lips muffled the loud moan you let out as you came with a wet gush, body going almost limp on his lap,"Fuck darling, you're squeezing me s'well," His dick throbbed against your tightening walls, aching for a release but you wrapped your arms around his shoulders,"Please cum inside me, daddy."
"Ah- as you wish, fuck-" Head thrown back, he spurt his seed deep inside you. Panting to catch his breath, he glanced at your boyfriend. His mocking smirk met with Tengen's seething jealousy, hands balled into tight fists.
"Well, looks like your girl prefers me, Uzui."
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I don't know much about you, so introduce yourselves right now on the spot!
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I hope they have fun in Tengen’s shrine
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Uzui Tengen + Hair Down ✨✨✨
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popposposts · 6 months ago
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WSJ Merger Issue #36.37 Jujutsu Kaisen Special Page FUNNY FACE COMPETITION"
And the participants are Yuji, Todo, Nishimiya, Choso, Gojo, Tengen
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adoriable · a day ago
how many kids do u think tengen had?? how many kids do u think kyo would’ve had if he lived?? :,(
seeing that his descendant had like 7 siblings..
i think tengen probably had.. around 8-10 kids. i i imagine he gave each one of his wives a baby, so it has to be at least more than 3. feel like he would have more unexpected pregnancies than kyōjurō.
for kyōjurō; i could see him having 2-5 kids. maybe more, if his partner allows it. i think he’d like seeing a bunch of little replicants of him running out.
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Yes I was screeching the whole episode thanks for asking.
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the dream team
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animepopheart · a month ago
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★ 【ねこのけだま】 「 tengen 」 ☆ ✔ republished w/permission ⊳ ⊳ follow me on twitter
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druighoney · 7 days ago
Who's your daddy?
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Tengen Uzui x Reader
Part 1 :: Part 2
Note: Congrats to @sukunasbabymama for unlocking a new kink in me.
CW. F! Reader, neglect k!nk, knife play (not really), daddy k!nk, thigh riding, choking, edging, creampie, crying, MDNI.
#tags. @saintshinobu @ztoji @gabzlovesu
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"Well, looks like your girl prefers me, Uzui."
Those words rang bitter in his head, even now when you're perched over his thigh, your legs straddling his muscular one,"Tengen, please–" Your whine falls on deaf ears as the Hashira continues to clean his dark blades. Not once did the beautiful ruby orbs you adore glanced your way while you dragged your sloppy cunt over his clothed thigh.
"'M sorry," You dropped a sweet kiss on his jaw, dragging your lips down his neck to breathe apologies and pleas in his skin,"I want you." Bare cunt throbbing, dripping on the smooth material of his uniform and yet he found that stupid knife of his more interesting than you,"Daddy please," Tengen can't deny how his cock throbbed hearing you beg so sweetly. He took a twisted sense of pride in the way you desperately pawed at his chest, teary eyes looking expectantly at him as you're unable to make yourself cum on his thigh.
Snowy locks of hair sweeps as he chuckles, suppressing a groan when you bite his neck,"Huh? What's that?" Fuschia eyes finally meet yours. The tip of his blade is tilting your chin up,"You weren't saying that when he said you prefer him." Tengen traces the blade down your neck as you gulp, eyes blown wide at the sudden turn of events,"Maybe I should just leave you here and fuck my wives. I'll let you watch if I'm feeling generous." You whimper at his words, palms curling into fists on his meaty shoulders,"But daddy–"
"Hush now." He twirls the knife at the strap of your cloth before ripping it smoothly,"Isn't that what you called him?" Your thighs squeeze around his with tears bubbling up in the corner of your pleading eyes as you bucked your hips desperately on his thigh,"Tengen 'm so sorry, pwease." Your words are hurried because one of his huge hands pushed you down on your knees, between his spread legs,"If you're s'sorry then why isn't your mouth on my cock?" His blade lay forgotten on the floor.
The albino hisses as you free his cock from the constraints of his pants,"I should just fuck this warm little mouth n' leave you here." Your face is pulled flush against his lower abdomen with his palm around the back of your head, forcing you to take his whole length in your mouth. Thighs pressed together, you sneak a hand in between your legs. Your moans tumble on his twitching cock from when you plunge your fingers inside your cunt,"Fuck—"
Lashes flutter as you blink away the tears. Tengen tugged you off his cock with a fistful of hair. You recognize the scowl on his face through glassy eyes,"Did I say you could touch yourself?" Your stuttering apology was cut off with a sharp command from him,"Lay on your back and spread those legs."
As soon as you follow through, he's leaning in between your thighs. Thick fingers press up against your fluttering cunt— just a fleeting touch before he's pulling away with a wicked grin,"Tell me, why should I fuck you, hm?" His thumb drags a tight circle on your clit,"Don't you prefer him?"
"No!" You sob, blinking in an attempt to get rid of the desperate tears in your eyes,"Only you, daddy." He snickers at your pathetic attempt, "Please, Tengen sama." Hearing you adress him with what his wives call him, made a growl fizzle in his chest. His hand wraps around your neck as he dips his fingers in your pussy, groaning at how good your cunt felt wrapped tight around his thick fingers, "This is daddy's pussy, yeah?"
You're nodding, mind reeling from finally having him inside you. His fingers pump out within a few moments just as your head tipped back in pleasure,"Who's your daddy?" You sniffle at the lack of his digits, sobbing out a breath of, "You are," Yet he only taps the head of his leaking cock on your clit, smearing slick on the swollen nub and refusing to give you any satisfaction— yet.
Only when the fat droplets of tears cascade down your cheeks and a stifled sob escapes through your swollen lips— does he finally dip his cock in your drooling cunt, with another menacing smirk and a taunt on the tip of his tongue,"Look at this greedy pussy swallowing my cock,"
"Daddy, daddy please, you're the only one I want," You chant like a broken record, thighs quivering as he held them spread apart. Tengen cruelly chuckles at your cries, thrusting his cock roughly into your cunt, stilling once he's fully inside to let you feel the burn as your tight hole struggled to accommodate to his size,"What's that?" He mocks,"Can't hear ya', baby. Speak up."
Your back arches off with how hard he's pounding into you and you're crying all sweet and delirious under him. The pressure in your belly only tightens as Tengen pressed his palm on your lower abdomen,"Fuck, I love how I can see my cock moving inside you, feel it like this." You're close and if he continues ramming his cock so deep, you feel like you're gonna combust. Lost in the moment, your lips moves on their own,"Tengen, I love you."
Before he can process your words, he feels your walls clench around him as you cream on his cock,"Fuck fuck–" Curses fall from his lips, his pace stuttering as his orgasm follows yours, pumping his thick cum in you. He's never heard you say that before in all the months you've trained under him but all he could think now is how good you're milking him. In the afterglow, he breathes into your neck with a gentle kiss, "I love you, y/n."
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xxsabitoxx · 13 days ago
Male pillars reaction to…
anon: The male pillars !!minus Michiro!! getting blown by reader who half way down the cock winds up becoming a human vibrator from how strong her gag reflexes are
Thank you for the request anon! I left out Gyomei for this one…I can’t bring myself to write something like this about him 💀
Y/N Gender: female
Tumblr media
✷ his life flashes before his eyes
✷ never in his life did he think he’d experience such bliss
✷ initially he felt bad when you gagged around him, he thought you were hurt
✷ but when your throat contracted around him, your gag making his his whole length vibrate…his eyes rolled back.
✷ he didn’t think he’d like the sound of you gagging on his cock, turns out he was proven very wrong
“S..shit what the hell…” he pushed your head back slightly, worried you were hurt. Much to his shock your grip on his thighs tighten, forcing yourself all the way back down. He opened his mouth to say your name, but your throat constricted around him again. The vibration from your gag making a loud moan escape his lips. He turned scarlet, mortified he had made such a noise.
Tumblr media
✷ his thighs actually tense so harshly they clamp around your head (imagine being crushed by his thighs)
✷ “are you okay…” his breathless. When you tell him you are he timidly asks “can you do that again?”
✷ he cums the second time you gag harshly around him
✷ he yells when you don’t stop stimulating him
✷ by yell I mean moan. His thighs are trembling and tears burn his vision
“Y/n…y/n!” His hands bury themselves in the sheets, hot tears burning his eyes as you continue to overstimulate him. Part of him questions if you can even hear him over your gagging. He wants to push you away, the stimulation far to much…but he can’t bring himself too. Black spots blur his vision, he wonders if he’ll pass out from the pleasure.
Tumblr media
✷ you never thought you’d get the man to beg for you
✷ you were initially embarrassed by how loudly you gagged on his cock
✷ after pulling off of him with worry, you met his eyes.
✷ “do…do that again…please…” you realized the power you held and used it to your advantage
✷ “of course Tengen-Sama…but not yet.” 
“Not…yet?” Never in a million years did Uzui Tengen think he would be submissive. But if it meant feeling your throat constrict around his dick like that again? “Please…y/n…please…” he would swallow his pride to feel those vibrations again. He watched your head descend on his length again, chest tight with anticipation.
Tumblr media
✷ his whole body goes tense
✷ he stares at you with his mouth hanging open as you repeat the action over and over.
✷ Your throat constricted so perfectly. The gags sent vibrations all the way to his balls
✷ there was enough stimulation that he actually buried his fingers in your hair, forcing you to stay in place until tears streamed down your cheeks
✷ the orgasm that followed had him seeing stars
“Holy fuck…” he grabbed a fistful of your hair, hips rocking forward as you continue to gag around him. You felt hot tears stream down your cheeks as he held you in place. You normally would be pissed if he got so rough with you, but you’d never heard noises like that come out of him. A few seconds later his release shot straight down your throat.
Tumblr media
✷ he jumps out of his skin the second you gag
✷ the vibrations from your throat made him cum on the spot
✷ he was very embarrassed at how quickly he came, asking if you were okay and apologizing as you caught your breath
✷ “stop apologizing that was hot as fuck…” you wiped your mouth, not even phased by his worried expression
✷ “can…can you…” you smiled, already licking up his length knowing he was going to ask if you could do it again
“Please?” He was far too sheepish for the situation. “Of course baby…anything for you.” You knew he loved words of praise, feeling his cock twitch back to life against your tongue. He watched in awe as you took him in again, gagging so harshly that the vibrations made his toes curl, a whiny moan leaving his lips as you began pleasuring him again.
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arinavah · 5 months ago
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ilart · a month ago
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rengokus death? what are you talking about he is alive and tengen gave him a cool eyepatch as a get well gift
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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