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You could have told me you were a married man.
{Tengen & Wives x Fem! Reader}
Warnings: Contains Smut - never in my life did I think I’d write a 5some. Vaginal sex — cunnalingus (giving and receiving) and Face sitting
A/N: in honor of our beautiful sound Hashira and his beautiful wives finally being animated in all their glory I’d also like to add — if this is well received I’ll absolutely write more! I have plenty of ideas for them
Word Count: 7,540
Tumblr media
You never expected to catch the sound pillar’s eye. The extravagant man was attracted to anything he considered flamboyant and you figured you were anything but. However the man seemed to be fascinated by you as you tended to his wounds.
Bandaging led to touching, which led to kissing, which led to even more. The next morning you were mortified thinking the pillar must have been poisoned and not had his wits about him. After he assured you that wasn't the case, you began seeing him more often.
You thought he was sweet, maybe a little vulgar from time to time, but friendly overall. Some found him annoying, you found him rather charming…until…. “Tengen.” you crossed your arms, looking up at the large man as if you were intimidating. No one was intimidating if you had to look all the way down to see them.
The man in question was smiling down at you as if he found this cute. “Tengen.” you stated again, staring up at the man as if that would make him respond. “You know, I may be shorter than you, but I’m still the perfect height to knee you in the balls. Answer me.” that got the smile to falter, “what is it?” he tilted his head, arms crossing as he continued to look at you. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a married man?” you felt like a filthy cheater.
“I didn’t think it was necessary to tell you yet.” he spoke as if this were an everyday occurrence. “You were going to tell me?” you couldn't really wrap your head around the man in front of you. He was a married man, a man married to three wives. “Do they even know about each other?” you were infuriated. “They are well aware of each other, we all live together after all.” your eyes widened, what the hell was this man into?
“Let me explain before you get things all twisted in your mind.” you listened intently as he explained the whole situation. “I do apologize for not telling you sooner, I was afraid I’d scare you away.” he reached for your hand, one you let him take and lift to his lips. “Do they know about me?” you sunk your teeth into your lower lip, “they do, I’ve told them much about you.” you felt your cheeks heat, it seems you were the only one out of the loop.
“I had no intention of being with other women. Three are more than enough for me and I care for them dearly, but then I met you. I’ll be damned but you swept me off my feet.” he seemed a bit embarrassed to say such a thing. “Me? I wooed the great Uzui Tengen?” you laughed, feeling the mood lighten a bit. “You did, of course you did! You knocked the wind out of me, I never intended to have a fourth wife but you...took me by surprise.” your eyes widened at the use of “fourth wife.” whether he intended to or not, he made his intentions very clear.
“Do...they like me?” you found yourself aching for the approval of three women you hadn’t met yet.
“They can’t form an opinion till they meet you, my dear. But they are thinking highly of you since you managed to steal my heart.” he played with your fingers while he talked. “Makio is a bit rough around the edges, she is quick to anger but really a sweetheart. Then there is Hina, the level headed one of the three. She is very motherly and sweet but she is strong as steel. And then there is Suma, who is a little cry baby but she is adorable.” he laughed softly to himself as he thought of his three wives. “I think you will fit in perfectly, you have quite the mouth on you so you’ll get along well with Makio. You’re level headed like Hina, which also means you’ll get along with Suma.”
You felt light headed, “Well, I certainly feel the pressure.” you laughed softly, hoping Tengen didn’t notice your clammy palm. “There is nothing to worry about, y/n. You don’t have to meet them till you’re ready.” He kissed your knuckles again, hoping to ease your racing heart. “I would like to meet them.” You figured there was no better way than just ripping the bandaid off all at once.
“Then let’s go meet them.” He watched your eyes turn as wide as saucers and began to laugh. “See! You aren’t ready yet. If you are so eager to meet them, how about tomorrow afternoon for lunch?” You sighed, slightly relieved that you would have some time to prepare. “Okay…” you said after a moment, thinking of all the things you’d need to do to prepare yourself.
“I’ll see you tomorrow my dear.” He kissed your forehead before getting up and disappearing before you could even say a word. You mentally noted that you’d probably never be able to get used to his speed.
You woke up the next morning with your stomach in knots. You took a long soak in the hot springs the night before. You washed your hair, and even used some fancy creams that were saved for special occasions. You decided you didn’t want to overdo it, so you wore your hair as you usually did and put on your corps uniform.
You slipped your Haori on, adjusting yourself one more time before reaching for your favourite scented oil. “I feel like I’m about to be killed.” You muttered to yourself, there was no need to be so intimidated. You trusted Tengen but the pit in your stomach just wouldn’t go away.
“Good afternoon, my dear.” You jumped a little as Tengen’s voice appeared right behind you. “Good afternoon, you scared me.” You turned to face the man, slightly surprised to see his hair down. “Oh…” you took in his full appearance. Everything was the same, but his hair was down and there was no eye makeup.
“Handsome I know.” You laughed as he flexed his muscles, not noticing the smile on his face as you turned to put the scented oils down. “Do I look okay?” You chewed on the inside of your cheek as he gave you a dramatic once over. “Stunning as always.” He kissed your forehead like the day before, but he moved down to kiss your nose, then your cheeks, then finally your lips. “They are going to love you, promise.”
He extended his arm, allowing you to hook yours with his. “They are waiting for us outside.” You nodded, the butterflies in your stomach turning into a wild frenzy as you stepped outside and saw the three women waiting. “Oh my.” Was all you could muster, they were gorgeous. “This is y/n.” Tengen introduced you as you stepped into the sunlight.
“It’s a pleasure to meet you three.” You felt shaky, worried of what their first reactions would be. “It’s wonderful to finally meet you, y/n. Tengen has told us so much!” Hina moved forward, reaching for your free hand. “I’m Hinatsuru, but just call me Hina.” Tengen loosened his grip and allowed Hina to pull you forward towards the other two women.
“I’m Makio!” The girl smiled at you, Suma hiding behind her a bit. “It’s nice to meet you!” She called, she seemed to be as nervous as you. “Go say hi!” Makio pushed her forward. “This is Suma!” Suma squealed as she stumbled forward. “So mean!” She whirled to look at Makio before turning back to you. “Tengen is right! You are beautiful.” The compliment caught you by surprise.
“Suma!” Tengen looked shocked, a blush spreading up his face. “Oh! He gushes about you all the time y/n!” Suma continued, not even paying attention to the way Tengen was turning scarlet. “He really does.” Makio laughed, walking over to Tengen and poking his red cheeks. “Stop it you two!” Hina tried to scold them but ended up laughing instead.
“Let’s go to lunch!” Tengen rushed forward leaving the four of you to follow after him. You laughed as Suma hooked arms with Makio, chasing after the tall man. “I think you’ll like being with us y/n.” Hina smiled, extending her arm to you. “I think so too.” All worries you had faded from your kind, hooking arms with Hina you both chased after the other three.
“So how exactly…does your relationship work?” You felt comfortable enough around them the more you spoke at lunch. You knew the question wouldn’t offend them. “I’ll let you girls explain it, you’ll just bicker at me if I explain it poorly.” You laughed as Makio flicked his arm.
“Well it originally started as Suma and Tengen.” Hina began, sipping her tea quietly. “It’s common for shinobi to have multiple husbands or wives. Over time, Makio and I were accepted into their marriage. it’s the four of us…now we have you!” You felt your cheeks turn warm. They welcomed you in so easily it made your heart soar.
“It’s getting late, shall we order some drinks?” You had been there for at least three hours already. Makio looked out the window of the small restaurant, “May as well stay for dinner since we’ve been here so long.” Tengen shrugged, a large arm wrapping around you and Makio’s shoulder. You came to a startling realisation in that moment, you felt no jealousy seeing Tengen be fond of the other women.
“Sake please!” Suma waved excitedly as a girl brought the drinks over. “If you’re comfortable around us sober, you’ll enjoy our company while drunk” Tengen whispered in your ear, you raised an eyebrow at him. Before you could question him, a woman set down a jar of sake and five cups. “May we see your dinner menu?” Hina smiled as the woman walked away to grab the small menu.
“So what is it like being a demon slayer, y/n?” Makio rested her arm on the table to look around Tengen at you. “We’ve been shinobi our whole lives, Tengen isn’t exactly your average corps member.”
You raised an eyebrow “are you saying i’m average, Makio?” you began to laugh as the girl looked horrified. “I’m kidding! I understand what you meant.” you realised all eyes were on you, eager to hear your story. “It’s not as exciting as you’d think! I’ve had my share of tragedy and became who I am today. It’s boring really.” you downed a shot of sake after that, you didn’t mind talking about your past but it wasn’t really a topic you wanted to share during your first meeting.
“I can drink to that, don’t be afraid to open up to us whenever you need.” Tengen kissed the top of your head, grabbing his own cup and downing sake as well. By the time you ordered your dinner, you had three full jugs of sake gone between the five of you. “Ooh!” Suma was by far the most tipsy, “she’s a lightweight, we usually don’t let her drink this much.” Hina laughed as Suma’s head rested on her shoulder, smiling lazily as the food was placed on the table.
“I can tell.” you smiled at the girl, you felt it yourself but you certainly weren't that far gone. “Some food in her stomach should sober her up.” you portioned food onto her plate and watched her eyes light up. “You’re so kind y/n!” she wailed as tears came to her eyes. Hina tried to hush the girl. “Suma! Man up!” Makio slammed her cup onto the table, the action causing you to burst into a fit of giggles.
“Eat up before it gets cold!” Tengen began to eat, eyes shifting to observe the four of you as you all began to eat. By the time the meal was done, another jug of sake was gone. You finally had the courage to ask some things you were curious about. “Okay okay wait, I do have a question.” you had a lazy grin on your face, falling back a bit to lean against Tengen.
“Ask away.” Hina’s cheeks were a bit rosey, but that was the only telling sign that she was feeling the effects of the sake. “How does sex work between you four?” you couldn’t lie, it was a question that had been haunting you for the last twenty four hours. Tengen barked out a laugh, “I told you she was kinky!”
You gasped, slapping his arm “it’s a valid question!” Makio began laughing, “I’ll let Hina answer that one.” You turned your attention to Hina, who was currently glaring at Makio for passing the question to her. “Well, it depends on the day. Most of the time we share him, other times we all take a go at him.” She shrugged. You began to giggle at the thought.
“So some nights he’ll pick who he wants to spend it with. And other nights you’ll spend it together. Do you ever have like… threesomes if one of you doesn’t want to?” You sipped your water, having switched over after the last cup of sake made your head spin. “Of course, sometimes we even have fun without Tengen.” Makio laughed as Tengen seemed surprised by that answer.
“Do you even have the stamina to take 4 women on in one night ?” You looked at the man next to you, as if the question was a challenge. “You must be kidding, I could take all four of you easily.” He seemed cocky, as if he was hoping you’d ask him to prove it.
“What do you think, Makio? Could he?” Your eyes glanced at Hina and Suma who seemed to be sobering up a bit at the challenge. “I think he may be a little in over his head with that one y/n.” Hina nodded in agreement. “Suma, what do you think?” Suma seemed to be more coherent than she was ten minutes prior. “I think he should try and prove us wrong!”
She burst into another fit of giggles. “Check please!” Tengen waved over to one of the women, and she disappeared quickly to retrieve it. “You four will be the death of me.” He shook his head, your heart skipped a beat as his hand grabbed your thigh, squeezing tightly.
The five of you were a sight to behold as you walked through the streets to get to their estate. “They probably think you’re our pimp.” You laughed as Suma hooked arms with you for support. “Suma don’t say things like that out loud!” Makio yelled, Suma squealed and held onto you tighter.
“I think you made more of a scene than Suma did Makio.” Tengen laughed , Hina guiding him down another road as he looked back at you three. “Y/n, I think you’ll like our home!” Tengen smiled fondly, he couldn’t be happier with how the night was turning out. Though somewhere in the back of his slightly buzzed brain, he was questioning if he’d actually be able to satisfy all four of you.
The added addition of you wasn’t too crazy, but it was still another woman to satisfy.
“Here we are.” Hina announced with a smile, pushing open the gates to allow everyone in. “It may seem surprising but we don’t have any sort of help here. We aren’t really messy people after all.” Suma whispered to you, a dopey smile on her face as she leaned in closer. “Which also means we don’t have to worry about anyone overhearing.”
You must have looked surprised, the giggles she let out caught Makio’s attention. “What did you say to her?” She looked between the two of you, your warm cheeks must have given away that it was a suggestive comment. As you entered into the estate itself you began to realize what exactly was about to take place.
“Have you ever done anything with women before, y/n?” Hina joined your other side, smiling at the way Suma was fiddling with your Haori. “I haven’t…though I've never been opposed to the idea.” You began to feel a bit hot and bothered as they guided you towards their shared bedroom. You knew Tengen’s eyes were glued to you, taking in every little reaction.
“So you’re technically a virgin.” Makio cooed, making your cheeks burn up. “I’m not a virgin!” You wailed a little louder than you would have liked. “My my…you feel warm.” Hina placed a hand to your cheek, pressing her lips to it afterwards to confirm her conclusion. “She’s blushing silly!” Suma giggled as you finally reached their shared room.
“I dunno, Suma. She may not be feeling well. Maybe we will try this another time.” Makio was right behind you, all of a sudden you were all too aware of their bodies pressing to yours. “I-I’m fine! Please…I…” why were you saying please? You heard Tengen chuckle from behind you as well.
“Please what?” Makio was pushing the four of you along into the room, Tengen following a few steps behind. You felt hot, cheeks burning and your palms were slightly clammy. “Please…I-I don’t know…” why was it so hard for you to speak all of a sudden? As you glanced side to side you realized both Suma and Hina’s breasts were squished into you.
“You don’t know?” Hina cooed in your ear, kneeling on the bed and pulling you down with her. “Maybe we should take off some of these layers…” Makio crawled onto the bed as well. Pushing you down until she straddled you fully. “Suma, be a dear and help me.” Makio’s voice was smooth as honey, looking down at you with lidded eyes. Makio began undoing the buttons of your uniform while Suma tugged at your Haori. Hina on the other hand watched with a lazy grin on her face.
“Don’t overwhelm her, you three.” you jumped slightly, forgetting Tengen was even in the room. “We won’t” they all sang back in unison making you giggle. “Sit up a little.” Suma pouted as she struggled to take the haori off of you. “This would be a lot quicker if I did it.” you sunk your teeth into your bottom lip at Tengen’s add in. “Don’t rush us!” Makio whined as she finally finished undoing your top. “Dammit! Why are you wearing this y/n!” she was referring to the bindings you had on your chest.
“Can we just cut them off?” Suma shamelessly began fondling your breast though the cloth. “Y–yeah. Just cut it, rip it…ah…” your eyes fluttered shut when Suma squeezed particularly harshly. “Tengen, get over here.” Your eyes opened as the bed dipped under his weight, you felt heat pool in your abdomen as his much larger hand engulfed your other breast. “Pardon the roughness.” he chuckled to himself as he easily ripped the cloth, your breasts spilling out for the four of them to see.
You squealed as you realized four pairs of eyes were taking in your half naked form. “It’s only fair if you undress too.” You puffed your cheeks out, determined to not hide your breasts. “If you insist!” Suma was all too eager to shed her clothes, not an ounce of embarrassment in her. You came to a startling realization once again when you realized she oozes as much confidence as Tengen does.
“Well if you three are going to just gawk at us…” Suma’s lips crashed to yours with a soft hum. After the initial surprise passed, you kissed her back, arms wrapping around her neck to pull her closer. You were faintly aware of rustling clothes, behind closed eyes you were certain the others were undressing. Your thoughts were confirmed when you felt Tengen’s hands pull your uniform pants down along with your panties in one go.
“Suma, stop hogging her!” You gasped as Makio pushed Suma out of the way, her lips crashing down on you before you could even catch your breath. Makio’s hips rolled against yours, a gasp leaving your lips as your drunken mind processed you were touching skin to skin. You definitely weren’t as sober as you had thought, though becoming lust-drunk wasn’t really helping either.
“Makio!” You smiled against her lips as Suma wailed. “You’ll get another chance, Suma.” It was Hina speaking this time. “Though I'm not too sure with how Tengen is looking at her.” That alone sent your stomach into cartwheels. Makio parted from you, a string of saliva connecting your lips. “So this is what you were keeping from us Tengen? You sly bastard.” Makio slipped off of you, allowing someone else to move on you.
The look in Tengen’s eyes was nothing short of ravenous. “I’ll let you ladies work her up…” he winked down at you, getting himself comfortable while leaving you at the mercy of his three wives. “Well since you two had some fun…” Hina’s lips were on your neck rather than your lips, the sudden stimulation making your moan softly. “Sensitive there?” Makio’s fingers trailed up your legs to your thighs. The sudden close contact made your stomach flip, anticipating her hand to travel where you wanted it.
“Oh? You want me to touch you don’t you y/n.” Makio cooed at you yet again, her hand resting near the top of your thigh. It was hard to even think straight with Hina sucking on your neck. Your eyes trailed over Makio’s form, meanwhile Suma had wandered up the bed to give Tengen some attention. Big breasts, a small waist, thick thighs, Makio was drool worthy in your eyes. “I-I do. Please.”
Makio smiled, hand dancing ever so closer to your throbbing cunt. So this was Tengen’s plan, let the girls do all the foreplay and then let him get to work. “You want me to touch you here?” Her hand brushed over your abdomen, your hips bucking slightly “lower.” Your words were muffled as Hina pecked your lips before licking towards your breasts. You were enjoying the attention but part of you was aching to touch them back. “There is plenty of time for that, pretty girl” Tengen smiled as Suma kissed up his chest.
“Did I say that out loud?” You were positive your face was on fire. “
Before anyone could reply you let out a noise that made everyone freeze. “M-Makio!” You slapped a hand over your mouth as Makio’s fingers ghosted your clit. “Makio, I told you she’s sensitive.” Tengen was laughing as the noise you let out caused Suma to leave him. You didn’t expect Makio to be scarlet when you looked back up at her, her fingers still buried between your slick folds.
Hina on the other hand was kissing your sternum, not going near either breast yet. “Finally! Someone who is more sensitive than me!” Suma cheered, excited that they’d have someone else to tease rather than her. You covered your face with your hands to try and hide the embarrassment, only for Suma to pull them away seconds later. “Nuh uh that's not how we do things. You gotta own the noises you make.” She giggled as your face melted into pleasure, Makio had begun toying with you in earnest now.
“Makio…” you whimpered, her fingers toyed with your clit every few seconds. “Hina!” Your eyes shot down to the dark haired girl that had taken your nipple into her mouth. Suma and Tengen watched intently, you squirmed again, feeling awkward that you had done nothing to pleasure any of them yet.
“Let’s try something else… y/n sit up.” Makio pulled her fingers off of you completely, Suma has crawled away from Tengen to focus on you once more. The three of you looked at Hina, waiting for her next orders. “Suma…lay down.” Suma did as she was asked, out of the corner of your eye you spotted Tengen stroking himself lazily. Suma did as Hina asked, you watched as her breasts jiggled. “Y/N.” Your eyes snapped back to Hina who had a smile on her face from catching you gawking. Heat flooded your cunt in some sort of embarrassed satisfaction.
“Sit on her face please.” The request made Suma squeal in excitement, you nodded, cheeks burning up as you moved. Your thighs caged in her head, thick black hair soft against the plush of your thighs. “C’mon don’t keep me waiting!” Her hands came up to grasp your thighs, urging you to move forward and lower down. “Makio…keep her busy okay?” You tore your eyes from Suma to watch Hina climb over to Tengen, straddling his lap.
“Eyes on me, pretty girl.” Makio blocked your vision, lowering your hips for you so Suma could play with you. Her lips crashed against yours with so much force your thighs gave out, pressing down into Suma’s face. You moaned against Makio’s lips as Suma began greedily lapping at your cunt. “Feels good doesn’t it? Our little Suma is so good with her tongue.” You gasped into Makio’s lips as Suma began lapping at your clit. It was teasing, but enough to make that familiar build up begin in your gut.
You mumbled some sort of response, hands coming up to touch Makio as you gained a bit of confidence when she whined. Involuntarily you began grinding your hips against Suma, her nose bumping your clit at a steady rhythm. Your back arched into Makio as Suma’s moan sent vibrations straight through your core. “Shit…suma…” her grip became tighter on your thighs making you bite down on Makio’s lip. “Makio…can I?” Your fingers ghosted down her front and to her cunt, two fingers slipping between her folds so you could toy with her clit.
There was a moment of silence, you watched her eyes turn glossy as she nodded. Behind her you realized Hina was slowly bouncing, Tengen’s grip tight on her waist. Your fingers rubbed quick circles on her clit, the sudden and intense stimulation making her hips jerk away from you. A smirk creeped up your lips, “too rough?” You weren’t sure where this sudden confidence came from but you weren’t going to question it. “A-a little.” You slowed a bit, biting down on her earlobe as you pushed further, fingers coming in contact with her dripping entrance.
You gasped when suma sucked particularly harshly in your clit, giggling when she heard you. You felt the tension building, determined to bring Makio to her peak by the time Suma brought you to yours. “You three…seem to be having fun.” Tengen’s voice was gruff, watching you three intently while Hina bounced in perfect rhythm on his cock.
You couldn’t muster up a response, slightly hypnotized by the way Hina was moving. Her back was to you, but you could still see the way her breasts bounced. “Oi…Tengen.” Makio’s eyes fluttered shut as you pushed two fingers inside. “Hmm?” He kissed Hina’s shoulder, locking eyes with you while waiting for Makio to respond. “You better fuck her good…she’s a fucking brat.” You laughed against her neck, your fingers pumping in and out of her with ease.
“Don’t you need air, Suma?” Your hips lifted, expecting the girl to be gasping for air. “Did I say you could go anywhere?” She pulled your thighs back down, biting at your clit. “Fuck!” Your fingers buried deeper in Makio out of surprise. “Watch it, Suma!” The squeal she let out had you doubling forward, nails digging into Makio. Your orgasm was quickly approaching, the tension in your gut making you gasp for air.
“She’s close.” Makio stated the obvious with a proud smile, one that faded as soon as you began rubbing quick circles on her clit yet again. “You should come with me, Makio.” You whispered it against her ear for only her. Tengen groaned in approval, you forgot about his hearing. Suma’s tongue became more frantic, all focus maintained on your clit. “Shit Suma!” You underestimated her, your hand spasming between Makio’s folds as Suma pushed you over the edge.
You clenched around nothing, hips jerking as Suma’s tongue didn’t slow down until you were trying to pull your hips away, a pained cry leaving your lips from the overstimulation. You wanted to collapse already, your post orgasm haze making your eyes heavy. “Damn Suma…you already wore her out….” You blinked the stars out of your eyes, lifting your hips to allow her out. “ ‘m not worn out…” you lifted yourself higher, pushing your body weight on Makio until she fell backwards.
“Just gotta find a better angle.” You began lazily kissing down her chest, eyes locking with Tengen as you descended lower. You watched Hina sink down fully with a shaky gasp, hips rocking heavily as she rode out her orgasm. “Ooo gonna show Makio what you can do?” You laughed as Suma crawled up to Tengen, taking Hina’s place as she flopped down on the bed heaving. “One down, three to go.” Tengen winked as Suma slid down on his length.
Your lips sunk into the plush flesh of Makio’s thigh, smiling as she arched her back slightly. You moved up a bit, kissing everywhere but the place you knew she wanted it most. Hina was watching you lazily, eyes flickering from you and Makio to suma and Tengen. “Sorry…” you didn’t know why exactly Tengen was apologizing until the bed shook, Suma’s head fell next to Makio, Tengen lifting her up by her thighs to hook them over his shoulders.
“Always flashy huh” before you could hear his response you buried your face between Makio’s legs. You liked the way she squealed, her moans mixing with Suma’s as Tengen began rocking the whole bed. You focused your mouth on her clit, flicking it back and forth with your tongue until her hand buried in your hair holding you in place. You couldn’t think straight because of the moans and cries leaving Suma. All the while Makio was whining on your tongue. It was sensory overload for your post orgasm mind.
“Shit!” You smiled against her cunt as she came, her whole body twitched as your tongue didn’t slow. “Shit y/n!” You finally slowed, working her through the orgasm until she was whimpering in pain from the overstimulation. “Was that good?” You peppered kisses along her thighs and stomach, crawling up to hover over her and kiss her lips. “Yes…” she had a fucked out look in her eyes, one yoh were going to admire longer if it wasn’t for Suma grabbing you. “Ah…y/n…next time do that to me!” She let her head fall back again, Tengen’s hips rocking into her with perfect precision.
“She’s always talkative regardless of her position.” Tengen laughed, angling his hips a different way and causing her to yell in pleasure. You decided to admire the man before you, momentarily forgetting about the other three women in the room to admire his body. Over six feet of relentlessly trained muscles. His abs constricted with each thrust, leading down into a teasing V-line where his hips met Suma. His strong thighs flexed as he kept himself at a certain angle, as your eyes trailed upwards you noticed the veins bulging in his arms.
Both hands held Suma’s thighs, his arms wrapping around her legs to keep them over his broad shoulders. “Oh you’re close baby aren’t you?” His brows furrowed as he focused, hips moving at the same pace but determined to keep the rhythm. “Hina.” At the sound of her name she sat up, hand snaking down Suma’s front to begin toying with her clit. “Oh!” She whined, cheeks bright red as her eyes squeezed shut. “So cute.” You chuckled at the girl’s expression, anticipation of your own turn with Tengen making you clench around nothing,
You watched in awe as Suma finally reached her own release. The most melodic moan left her lips, one that made your eyebrows raise in surprise. “Woah.” Your simple comment made her burst into giggles despite Tengen rocking her through it. “You think you can take two more big boy?” You watched his soften cock slip
out of her, glistening in the moon light with their arousal. “Oh I absolutely can. Since you want to test me, Makio is first.” You gasped, straightening up to look him in the eye. “You’re really going to make me go last! All your stamina will be gone.” You faked a pout.
“That is precisely why my love. You seem to underestimate me.” You moved away from Makio, giving her space to turn on her back and allow Tengen access to her entrance. “Prove it.” You smiled, anticipation swirling around your gut when he smirked at you. “Oh I will.” Hina surprised you, pulling you against her chest and kissing your cheek as Tengen ran his head between Makio’s slit. “You’re keeping up well, y/n. Are you enjoying yourself?” You relaxed into her touch, “I am…this is certainly a fun way to bond.”
Regardless of just meeting these three women earlier in the day, you felt you had known them your whole life. That was part of the reason this whole thing was so fun for you. They accepted you into the relationship with open arms and respected you. “I’m glad. I must say. This may have to become an everyday occurance.” She giggled as Tengen shot her a surprised look, slipping into Makio in the process. “You know how to rile him up.” Her whisper was only meant for you, but Tengen heard it anyway. “Yeah she does.”
You watched with lidded eyes as Tengen found a steady rhythm, the sound of skin slapping skin echoed in the room once more. You began admiring him again, the way his shoulder muscles flexed as he held up his own weight for example. He was drool worthy handsome, his hair down only intensified it. Sweat beads dripped down his face, sliding along his jaw and landing somewhere on the sheets below him. You couldn’t wait to get your hands on that man, feel his muscles and his soft hair under your fingertips.
Your eyes trailed down Makio’s ass to her waist, Tengen’s hands shifted from holding him up while he leaned over her to holding her waist when changing his angle. Your eyes trailed further to her breasts, squished against the mattress like her face was. She was biting her lip, as if determined to not moan for him. “She’s stubborn when it comes to making noises, I was shocked she was so vocal for you.” You smiled as Hina laced your fingers with hers, playing with your hand while watching the sight before you.
Suma on the other hand was close to falling asleep. “Does she always get this sleepy after?” Your eyes trailed over her, laughing as she curled up in a ball and began to snore. “Sometimes, but not always.” You we’re about to cover her with a blanket when Tengen’s voice stopped you. “You seemed to enjoy watching me with Suma and Hina, keep your eyes trained on me.” He thrusted into Makio particularly hard after that, a mewl leaving her lips. “She’s pretty close, clenching around me tight as a vice.” She whimpered as he revealed her secret.
“So you aren't tired yet, Big boy?” You weren’t sure if you were making it worse for Makio or yourself by taunting him. “I can go all night baby. In fact, maybe I’ll let these three go to bed and I’ll teach you a lesson.” You squeezed your thighs together in anticipation. “My my, you really know how to get to him y/n.” Hina was laughing behind you, you couldn’t help but smile yourself, watching as Makio came around Tengen. “Atta-girl Makio!” Tengen cooed as he rocked her through her orgasm until pulling out completely. “Hina, if you don’t mind cleaning her up. I have a certain brat to attend to.”
You felt a shiver run down your spine, he had a determined glint in his eyes. “Just think baby, you’ll have three beautiful women to attend to you once I’m done.” You gulped at that, maybe teasing him wasn’t the greatest idea. You watched him move Makio to the side, placing her gently on the bed away from him. “Y/n.” You looked him dead in the eye, for some reason you were determined to be a brat to him. “Come here.” You stayed in place, Hina watching you from the corner of her eye with a smile.
“You’re really going down this route?” Tengen chuckled, something that sent your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies. He shook his head, running a hand through his sweaty hair and smirking as you admired him. “I was thinking of going a bit easy on you baby, but I don’t think you want that.” He made his way towards you now, hands coming to grab your legs and tug them towards him. You let out a surprised gasp as you fell flat to your back, staring up at him in surprise.
“You’re really going down this route?” Tengen chuckled, something that sent your stomach into a frenzy of butterflies. He shook his head, running a hand through his sweaty hair and smirking as you admired him. “I was thinking of going a bit easy on you baby, but I don’t think you want that.” He made his way towards you now, hands coming to grab your legs and tug them towards him. You let out a surprised gasp as you fell flat to your back, staring up at him in surprise.
“Cat got your tongue?” His hand came up to squish your cheeks together, a small smile breaking through his tough guy facade when he saw the way your lips pucker up. “Mmm…aah.” You tried to speak but only muffled nonsense slipped past your squished cheeks. “Bet you’ve been waiting all night for me to show you attention huh?” He wasn’t lying, you’d been waiting for his touch ever since he squeezed your thigh back at the restaurant. Finally he let go of your cheeks, and you nodded quickly “yes.” You weren’t afraid to admit that. Honestly you were a little more intimidated now that he was over you.
“Oh now you want to be good?” Before you could retaliate, his lips crashed to yours in a bruising kiss. You wasted no time, arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him closer. You smiled against his mouth as his white hair fell to tickle your face. He used one hand to keep himself above you while the other came down to hold your hip. You melted into his touch, mouth opening without hesitation to allow his tongue inside. He lowered himself further, using his elbow to keep his weight up while being able to press his body flush against yours.
Your own stomach tensed at the feeling of his abs against you, a stark contrast compared to your own soft skin. His kisses left your mouth and trailed down your neck, biting and sucking wherever he saw fit. You buried your hands in his hair, tugging softly at the strains and making him groan. “So sweet.” His lips descended to your chest. “Why am I even trying to work you up?” You gasped as his hand roughly slipped between your wet folds. Your previous orgasm and arousal made slick noises as he ran his fingers up and down your slit.
“I bet if I slipped in right now you’d suck me in and hold me tight huh? So filthy…” you felt his head press to your entrance, precum still oozing over his tip despite three previous orgasms. “Why don’t you test that theory, Tengen.” Despite coming once, you had pent up frustration over the fact that he saved you for last. You gasped, hands fisting his hair tighter as he pressed his head in just enough to stretch you. The feeling was a bit uncomfortable despite how wet you were, he didn’t pull back out until your hands relaxed their grip.
“Maybe I worked you up too much.” He sounded a bit apologetic as he peppered your face with kisses. You felt his head press into you again, you shivered as he smirked against your neck. “I’ll be gentle with you for a bit.” You felt your cheeks burn up, slightly embarrassed by his sweet talk. Somewhere in the back of your mind you were curious who was watching, but with Tengen fully enveloping your senses you couldn’t care less. The next kiss was sweet enough that it made your mind go blank.
“There we go.” He whispered praise against your lips, pushing his hips in slowly until you took him in fully. “That’s better.” He pulled away a bit, watching your face contort as you adjusted to his size. You’d only slept with him a few times, it was going to take a bit to get fully used to his size. “Now then…I’m going to put you in your place.” Your eyes went wide, almost forgetting the fact that you had antagonized him to get to this point.
“Oh…” you clenched around him involuntarily, trying to avoid his gaze when you realized just how submissive you became for him. You moaned as his hips pulled back and slammed into you again, after a few sloppy harsh thrusts he found a steady rhythm. “See baby, you take me so well.” The sound of skin against skin filled the room again, as well as the sloppy wet noises each time he buried himself in you. “See, so good for me baby. You probably love the fact that Hina, Makio and Suma’s cum is in you now too huh?” You moaned, the filthy thought making you clench around him.
“Yeah you do. Fuck you’re so beautiful.” He grabbed your hair, pulling your head up and forcing you to watch as he thrusted deep into you. He wasn’t going to last as long as he thought, as he thrusted into your sloppy cunt he realized how overstimulated he was becoming. Four women back to back were going to take some practice on his part. “Tengen…” you felt breathless, your second orgasm quickly crept up on you. He moaned shamelessly, eyes wandering down to your bouncing breasts. You clenched tightly, eyes locked on where his cock kept disappearing into your cunt.
You sunk your teeth into your lower lip, watching the way his cock glistened with your arousal with each and every thrust. “Close…” you felt that familiar build up in your gut, clenching tightly as you tried to force yourself over the edge. “Hina?” Tengen forced his eyes away from you to look for her. You couldn’t see her, but it seemed she was still on the bed. “Please.” You were confused about what he was asking her to do until she appeared beside you, laying down on her side. You watched her hand snake down your front disappearing when she found your clit. You connected the dots quickly and let your head fall back the second Tengen released his grip on you.
Hina’s fingers were beautifully skilled, knowing just how fast and how much pressure to apply to have your legs shaking as Tengen rammed into you over and over, perfectly hitting all your sensitive points. Your back arched, eyes squeezing shut as you panted. Your release was so close. “Fuck…” with a few more thrusts, Tengen thrusted so deep you could have sworn he hit your cervix. His release spilled inside of you, Hina’s fingers were relentless as Tengen’s hips rocked through his own orgasm as yours finally crashed down on you. You felt Hina’s fingers retreat as Tengen collapsed on top of you, body sweaty and chest heaving.
“Well I’ll be damned…” he rolled off of you a second later. Flopping down beside you on the bed. “Well you certainly made a mess.” Hina’s voice was right beside your ear, a cool cloth running across your abdomen and working down to your thighs. You blinked a few times, struggling to focus your eyes after the release you had. Suma was already curled up under the blankets further up the bed, Makio was slowly making her way over as well now that you and Tengen were done. Tengen broke the silence a few seconds later “You four really will be the death of me.”
You smiled lazily, thanking Hina for cleaning you up as you rolled over to face him. “I think there are plenty of people out there that would be willing to beg to die by our hands.” Tengen locked eyes with you and laughed “you mine die by your pu—“ a slap to his shoulder by Makio cut him off. “Stop being a perv and cuddle us.” Hina was already slipping under the covers, you crawled over Tengen to get to her, collapsing in her embrace. “Well if you insist.” Tengen slipped between the four of you, pulling you all as close as he could manage.
“You think I got any of you pregnant this time?” You let out a laugh, of course he’d be thinking of something like that. “I dunno, that’s a question for another day. I'm tired.” Makio’s voice was already far off, your eyes feeling as heavy as her voice sounded. “Good night.” You snuggled into Hina’s chest, feeling warm all over because of Tengen’s side being pressed to your back. “Good night.” Hina’s voice was soft and sweet, her cheek squishing against the top of your head. “Rest up, we’ll have round two in the morning.”
“Go to sleep, Tengen!”
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jupitereleven · 21 hours ago
Demon Slayer Ep14 season 2
Tumblr media
skip if you don’t want spoilers
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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bokuroskitten · 28 days ago
Pweaseeeee share you tengen thoughtsssss...i have the biggest brainrot about that beefy ass man and his 3 gorgeous wives 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
mhm mhm mhm, gotcha you nonnie <333
Thots about tengen and his pretty wives <33
Warnings: 5some, one clit spank, size kink, daddy said once, super fluffy praise <33
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So you’re tengen’s fourth, newest wife and you just can’t help but be a lil nervous :(( you’re the new one in the relationship and you’re so scared that you’ll be left out or not fit into the established relationship the four of them have already developed!!
But you couldnt have been more wrong, especially when the four of them have your pretty body surrounded. You were stripped down for them, a light layer of sweat making your soft skin glow as you whine for them, mewl for them. Hinatsuru and Suma are at your sides, bodies pressed right to against yours as they focus on your breasts. Hinatsuru is rolling your pretty nipple between her fingers, whispering praise and reminding you of just how pretty you are, while Suma’s lips are suckling away at your skin, leaving purplish marks in their wake.
Makio has her head resting on your thigh, fingers lazily rubbing circles into your clit. When you start to squirm too much she gives the pulsing bud a little spank, reminding you to be good for them so they can take of you. Occasionally she’ll leave kisses to your clit as well, looking up at you just to watch you flush all over again.
And tengen? well tengen is trying to bully his fat cock into your cute little pussy. The grip he has on your hips is bruising as he grunts, cheeks pink with the effort he makes in pushing past your velvety, tight walls. He coos at the sight of tears spilling from your eyes when he gets half way in, kissing a kiss under your puffy eye.
My sweet baby, doing so good, lookin so pretty takin daddy’s cock. Just a couple more inches, you can do it.
The girls all agree, the praise making you all the more dizzy as you float off into the pleasure they are able to provide you with.
Tumblr media
Reblogs and feedback are greatly appreciated ; property of bokuroskitten™️
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aztecdragonwarrior · a month ago
Hi girl ! How are you? I’m here for a request please ^.^
Can you write for Tengen falling in love with a woman and he discovers that she has a child from a previous toxic relationship? ❤️
Hello there Anon!
Yes of course, this is a fantastic prompt. I aimed for it to be short and sweet but I felt like the initial encounter needed more development, so I hope is not that long hahaha and also I tried a new way of writing dialogues in hopes that this made it easier to read .
With all that being said, I really hope you like it <3.
Tengen Uzui x fem!reader (Falling in love with a mother in a previous toxic relationship)
Warnings: Slight angst, mentions of abuse.
Tumblr media
It was a very chilly winter morning when he first came to your shop. You were a very skillful seamstress and designer. It was just reasonable that your Kimonos, Yukatas and Haoris were highly demanded as everybody knew who the author was just by staring at them. You had a wide range of clients, but one had managed to catch your eye the first time he came looking for a Yukata.
He was a really attractive; tall, muscular complexion showing off his black skin tight outfit, deep magenta eyes with a matching color art design on one of them, a very sleek ponytail that held back all his white hair and a silver jeweled bandana that tinkled at every step he took.
-“Good morning, are you already open? he said in a very thick voice as you hurried to the front of your shop for welcoming him.
-”We are, sir, how can I assist you?” He scanned your entire body as soon as he saw you with a very delighted expression, holding his chin with his right hand and holding up his elbow with his left hand.
-”I like what you are wearing, it is really flamboyant! I am looking for something exactly like that” You blinked in surprise, typically the Kimonos you wore were special designs that you never sell and this was a beautiful yellow mustard robe decorated with delicate white flowers with a big burgundy obi. So you quickly scanned yourself and answered him back.
-”It is an exclusive design, but I can work something up. I just need to know your girlfriend's sizing and preferences.” You said as you placed your full attention to him.
-”Girlfriend?” he chuckled “No dear, you totally misunderstood me, I want something like that for ME!” His answer puzzled you even more, did you get that right? He wanted a kimono like yours?
-”In that case, wouldn’t you like to see our Yukatas on sale?” You said as you showed him the way to the back section of your shop.
-”Unless they are as ornate as this” he said while gently rubbing some of the extra fabric of one of your sleeves with his fingers “I am not really into plain color Yukatas.” Your expression might have said it all regarding your confusion, so your customer gave you a small smile while you showed him all the Yukatas that were ready for sale.
He was very well versed regarding clothing, fabrics and ornaments; that man knew exactly what he wanted and how he wanted. At the end he decided to place a custom order and let you be responsible for the entire design. You had a really hard time thinking about what will fit him best as well as being of his liking. Actually you enjoyed every single step of the artistic process, you were venturing into combining new and different elements to your clothes that you have never used before. A lot of new designs turned out of this order, magnificent in your not so humble opinion and could not be happier when you finally completed the order of your intriguing customer Tengen Uzui.
He came the day and time he promised, you were really nervous to know what his opinion will be to what you considered to be one of your best works up to date. That day he looked entirely different, his hair was completely down, with no bandana, face makeup and with a green lime Yukata. He was stunningly handsome, but you were absolutely focused on your work to give him a second thought..
-“So, let's see. '' He said as he gently started to reveal the package you just delivered to him. His expression was ecstatic and full of excitement, his magenta eyes widened in delight as soon as he finished examining the entire kimono. Your final bet was placed upon a robe that matched his eye color, with an intricate floral pattern in gold and silver covering it almost entirely and you also added very deep plum fabric at the end of the sleeves and the neck section. He wanted to try it on immediately and he looked really good on it.
-”So what do you think?” He asked you flirtatiously, slowly turning around for you to be able to scan him completely.
-”I think it fits you perfectly, sir. I am really glad you like it.” You bowed in return with a wide smile.
-”Liked it? Are you kidding me? I LOVE it. It's so flamboyant, perfectly for me. You are indeed the best, as I was told about you. I’ll tell you what, I will come back tomorrow, with hunger for more.” He said this with a seductive wink, paid for his order and left. He was being sincere, he heard from one of his comrades that right in the city, there existed one shop whose seamstress was as gorgeous and delicate as the handsome clothes she created. He agreed right away with the stories regarding your beauty as soon as he saw you, but he was even more impressed with your talent and ability for creating such majestic pieces.
Just as he promised, he paid you a visit the next day, placing another order and trying to get a little bit more intimate with you. He was fascinated by your expertise, the way you could perfectly land every single time the color palette combination of your creations, how you skillfully sewed in your ideas into the garments and god, he adored the way your face looked when you were working.
Without much notice, he started to hang a lot in your shop with you; he helped you moving really heavy supplies, this made him feel important and masculine in front of your eyes, he loved scaring off persistent customers that blantly flirted with you: “As much as we are grateful for your purchase, I must urge to allow other customers equally important as you into the shop. Have a nice day!” He will say this with the most hypocritical smile his anger will allow him while gently placing his arm around your waist.
-”Seriously Y/N. What’s with these men? So thirsty about you, is there any respect left?” He said with a displeased expression. You thought it was cute and ironic at the same time, wasn’t he doing exactly the same? He madly fell in love with you, so delicate, so pure, so talented, so creative, so impressive. He thought that it was nothing better in the world than you and he was absolutely right about it.
One time when you were working on a wedding Kimono, he was fixedly observing you while sitting on the floor; big wide smile, with his chin resting on his right fist. He was about to talk but you interrupted him.
-”It must be boring to stare at me all day, isn’t it Uzui-san?” He stood up with a serious expression, gently grabbing the hand you were using for sewing to pull you away, placing his hand on your hip to delicately pin you against the wall. He smirked as he looked down at you observing the subtle blush that was covering your cheeks.
-”No, not at all.In fact you have no idea how much I enjoy it, doll” He leaned closer to you, a breath away from your lips, patiently waiting. So much for his delight you kissed him, with hunger and desire, he loved to stir all those feelings in you. He wanted you to desperately yearn for him as much as he did for you. He seized your chin to deepen the kiss at the same time your hands seductively slided around his neck, making sure to caress his beefy biceps and with a muffled moan you allowed his tongue inside your mouth.
He was heating up rapidly, touching the parts of your body you allowed him while enjoying every single minute of that erotic scene. Unfortunately your cuckoo clock snapped you out of that fantasy forcing you to stop and stand away from Tengen. He was staring at you with complete disbelief but you did not gave him the chance to ask you what was wrong.
-”Uzui-san I am really sorry. Is very late now, I totally lost track of time. Could you do me a favor and close the shop for me?” You ask him more like an order than a favor.
-”Sure, but what is going on? Weren’t we just..?”- He cluessly asked you while watching you getting ready to leave in a matter of seconds.
-”I… I’m really sorry, there is something… someone I need to… Please…I will see you tomorrow”. You stood up on your tiptoes to peck him quickly as you left. You’ve pleasantly surprised him with that kiss and by the moment he realized what had just happened you were gone.
He closed your shop, with bewildered thoughts. What had just happened? You were sharing a very intimate moment but out the blue you just broke that synergy… For someone else? He was pretty sure you had feelings for him, so why would you run away? Did you had an important appointment with someone else? More important than him? Who was it? A rich customer? Or someone that might be more interesting than him? But then again he knew how much you cared for your shop, so he must definitely be someone important to you if you entrusted him something as valuable.
He tried to wash off all these ideas from his mind until he met you the next day. He wanted to know the reason for your ‘sweet escape’ but he was thinking about the right words to use. He tried entering the shop but it was locked despite being already operating hours. He then knocked and waited anxiously; you took a deep breath, opened the door but stayed right under the door frame not letting him in.
He started to think the worst, especially when he saw how nervously you were twirling your hair with your fingers, not making any eye contact. He was afraid to ask but he had to.
-”So last night… What exactly…?” He said crossing his arms over his chest like an intent of protecting himself from what might come out from your mouth, but you interrupted him.
-”Uzui-san I am really grateful for you helping me with the shop last night, I was really in a rush. I had to be at some other place at that very time…” You were really nervous and that only made the Sound Pillar felt even worse “I wanted to tell you, but I was not sure when it would be a good time. She has been through so much…”
-”She?” He asked, perplexedly raising an eyebrow as you slightly moved aside to unveil a little girl gripping tightly to your kimono, hiding half of her cute face against your leg. Tengen was taken aback for a moment, stared directly at you and then to your little girl. He understood it in an instant, how much of a dork has he been? With all his ridiculous scenarios building up in his mind. He gallantly bent down to his knees to speak to your daughter with a very soft smile.
-”Oh well, who could possibly be this adorable young lady?”. She hesitantly looked up to you, gripped tighter to you and spoke in a soft voice, barely audible:
-”D/N Y/LN”. So he answered her with a surprised expression:
-”I see now. I beg your pardon my lady. I should have realized before, you are identical to your dazzling mom” He quickly stared up at you and returned his attention to your daughter. “This is actually perfect timing, I was planning to ask your mom if she would like to become the most important girl in my life but I definitely need to ask you first” He thought that your offspring was exactly like you and that drove him more crazy in love with you. Not only was he to have a gorgeous wife, but also the cutest daughter in the entire world.
By the end of the day your daughter absolutely felt fond of him, to the extent of excitedly talking about how much she loved horses and why she would love a sakura hair pin. You explained to Tengen how much hardships you both went through with her father; being abusive and absent to D/N and getting away from him was what impulsed you to open your workshop. He immediately understood the logic behind hiding her but complained about you not telling him sooner.
As he was walking you both home, with your child seated in this shoulders he spoke:
-”Hey D/N will you be ok if I kicked off your dad if he ever comes to bother you or your mommy?”. He said with a grin
-”Uzui-san! Don’t tell her that! You reprimand him with some joy in your voice, but as your daughter nodded he burst into laughter and claimed:
-”That’s it, I will protect my girls from everything and anything, from now on”. As you felt flattered, he tenderly kissed you on the lips and so, you were now sure that he was going to be the man who you wanted to love for the rest of your life.
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druighoney · 7 days ago
Who's your daddy?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tengen Uzui x Reader
Part 1 :: Part 2
Note: Congrats to @sukunasbabymama for unlocking a new kink in me.
CW. F! Reader, neglect k!nk, knife play (not really), daddy k!nk, thigh riding, choking, edging, creampie, crying, MDNI.
#tags. @saintshinobu @ztoji @gabzlovesu
Reblogs and interactions are appreciated!!
Tumblr media
"Well, looks like your girl prefers me, Uzui."
Those words rang bitter in his head, even now when you're perched over his thigh, your legs straddling his muscular one,"Tengen, please–" Your whine falls on deaf ears as the Hashira continues to clean his dark blades. Not once did the beautiful ruby orbs you adore glanced your way while you dragged your sloppy cunt over his clothed thigh.
"'M sorry," You dropped a sweet kiss on his jaw, dragging your lips down his neck to breathe apologies and pleas in his skin,"I want you." Bare cunt throbbing, dripping on the smooth material of his uniform and yet he found that stupid knife of his more interesting than you,"Daddy please," Tengen can't deny how his cock throbbed hearing you beg so sweetly. He took a twisted sense of pride in the way you desperately pawed at his chest, teary eyes looking expectantly at him as you're unable to make yourself cum on his thigh.
Snowy locks of hair sweeps as he chuckles, suppressing a groan when you bite his neck,"Huh? What's that?" Fuschia eyes finally meet yours. The tip of his blade is tilting your chin up,"You weren't saying that when he said you prefer him." Tengen traces the blade down your neck as you gulp, eyes blown wide at the sudden turn of events,"Maybe I should just leave you here and fuck my wives. I'll let you watch if I'm feeling generous." You whimper at his words, palms curling into fists on his meaty shoulders,"But daddy–"
"Hush now." He twirls the knife at the strap of your cloth before ripping it smoothly,"Isn't that what you called him?" Your thighs squeeze around his with tears bubbling up in the corner of your pleading eyes as you bucked your hips desperately on his thigh,"Tengen 'm so sorry, pwease." Your words are hurried because one of his huge hands pushed you down on your knees, between his spread legs,"If you're s'sorry then why isn't your mouth on my cock?" His blade lay forgotten on the floor.
The albino hisses as you free his cock from the constraints of his pants,"I should just fuck this warm little mouth n' leave you here." Your face is pulled flush against his lower abdomen with his palm around the back of your head, forcing you to take his whole length in your mouth. Thighs pressed together, you sneak a hand in between your legs. Your moans tumble on his twitching cock from when you plunge your fingers inside your cunt,"Fuck—"
Lashes flutter as you blink away the tears. Tengen tugged you off his cock with a fistful of hair. You recognize the scowl on his face through glassy eyes,"Did I say you could touch yourself?" Your stuttering apology was cut off with a sharp command from him,"Lay on your back and spread those legs."
As soon as you follow through, he's leaning in between your thighs. Thick fingers press up against your fluttering cunt— just a fleeting touch before he's pulling away with a wicked grin,"Tell me, why should I fuck you, hm?" His thumb drags a tight circle on your clit,"Don't you prefer him?"
"No!" You sob, blinking in an attempt to get rid of the desperate tears in your eyes,"Only you, daddy." He snickers at your pathetic attempt, "Please, Tengen sama." Hearing you adress him with what his wives call him, made a growl fizzle in his chest. His hand wraps around your neck as he dips his fingers in your pussy, groaning at how good your cunt felt wrapped tight around his thick fingers, "This is daddy's pussy, yeah?"
You're nodding, mind reeling from finally having him inside you. His fingers pump out within a few moments just as your head tipped back in pleasure,"Who's your daddy?" You sniffle at the lack of his digits, sobbing out a breath of, "You are," Yet he only taps the head of his leaking cock on your clit, smearing slick on the swollen nub and refusing to give you any satisfaction— yet.
Only when the fat droplets of tears cascade down your cheeks and a stifled sob escapes through your swollen lips— does he finally dip his cock in your drooling cunt, with another menacing smirk and a taunt on the tip of his tongue,"Look at this greedy pussy swallowing my cock,"
"Daddy, daddy please, you're the only one I want," You chant like a broken record, thighs quivering as he held them spread apart. Tengen cruelly chuckles at your cries, thrusting his cock roughly into your cunt, stilling once he's fully inside to let you feel the burn as your tight hole struggled to accommodate to his size,"What's that?" He mocks,"Can't hear ya', baby. Speak up."
Your back arches off with how hard he's pounding into you and you're crying all sweet and delirious under him. The pressure in your belly only tightens as Tengen pressed his palm on your lower abdomen,"Fuck, I love how I can see my cock moving inside you, feel it like this." You're close and if he continues ramming his cock so deep, you feel like you're gonna combust. Lost in the moment, your lips moves on their own,"Tengen, I love you."
Before he can process your words, he feels your walls clench around him as you cream on his cock,"Fuck fuck–" Curses fall from his lips, his pace stuttering as his orgasm follows yours, pumping his thick cum in you. He's never heard you say that before in all the months you've trained under him but all he could think now is how good you're milking him. In the afterglow, he breathes into your neck with a gentle kiss, "I love you, y/n."
Tumblr media
2022 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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bakugosbratx · 14 days ago
hey! I saw your requests were open. could you write something related to subspace + aftercare for uzui, sanemi and rengoku? no pressure! i hope the new year is treating you well :)
Warning: 18+ Content. BDSM, Subspace, aftercare, cursing, little space, dd/lg dynamics, spanking, punishment, fluff, sub! reader, dom! characters, mention orgasm denial, edging, brat taming, etc.
A/N: Hello! So, I hope I process your request correctly. If I didn’t, I apologize in advance. I hope the new year is treating you wonderfully, my dear :)
Tags: @knyplaymatemansion @kireirengoku @cherrykamado @ovarysnake23 @spidermilfs @planetonet
Tumblr media Tumblr media
• Tengen loves when you are in subspace. He thinks it’s so adorable. Especially when you are all so cute and small for him. I mean, you are already small compared to his height, but that’s besides the point.
• Tengen can tame a brat if necessary. Let’s be honest, the man has three wives. All of them with the capabilities of being brats yet he has tamed them all. You are no different.
• Tengen will let you have your bratty moments, but he is not afraid to discipline you. You will be bent over his lap so fast, your pants and underwear around your ankles, your bottom sore from all the spankings you receive. And guess what? Your cries and pleas fall on deaf ears.
• Don’t worry, though. Tengen will give his lover some affection after a punishment. Expect cuddles in his big strong arms, some possible gifts, a nice bath, or — his personal favorite — a long night of sex.
• There is no reason to be embarrassed if people have heard you sobbing from getting your bottom slapped. You will be stuffed with his huge cock, your cries are long forgotten as everyone hears Tengen please his significant other.
• Before you all come for me, Tengen looks at sex as a form of aftercare. Still, he can be sweet and draw you a nice bath where he will put your favorite bubbles and toys, bathe your delicate skin, and tell you how much you mean to him.
Tumblr media
• Sanemi is a rough dom. That is a given.
• A true sadist.
• He gets a high from punishing you.
• Whether that be in the bedroom, if you are being a brat, or just his natural state, Sanemi has it his way or the highway.
• If you decide to beat to him, good luck. Your ass will be beaten until you can’t even feel it. All of your toys or favorite items are confiscated. Oh, and don’t think you are cumming anytime soon.
• Sanemi is harsh like that.
• But underneath all of that rough exterior, Sanemi is a lover and he loves taking care of his lover.
• After he calms down, expect cuddles, sweet words of affirmations, and massages. He enjoys using his large, muscular hands so he will massage your body. Whether that be after punishment or after sex because we all know, he is rough during intercourse.
• All your limbs that he bent in weird angles, any marks he left on your body to claim his territory, and any scar will be covered in sweet kisses and gentle massages because if there is one thing Sanemi is good at is using his hands.
• Sanemi just loves pulling you apart just to piece you back together all over again.
Tumblr media
• Kyojuro is such a soft dom.
• But, sweets, don’t mistaken his kindness for weakness.
• You see, Kyojuro loves when you are in a little space. He thinks you are so sweet and cute, babbling about any and everything that comes to your mind.
• But if you try to brat to him, those beautiful eyes of his turn sinister. His speed, words, and actions turn frightening.
• It takes a lot to get Kyojuro worked up, but when you do, you have really tested his patience and you are now stuffed with his cock, edging you from sweet release onto his cock.
• “Where is all that attitude now, babe?” Kyojuro chuckled as you cry, begging for release on his length. All to get denied, a slap delivered to your ass. “Nonsense! You don’t need to cum. Silly little one.”
• Lucky for you, Kyojuro isn’t cruel. He will let you cum once you earned it. Then he will clean you up after he gets his fix, kissing your beautiful face before carrying you into the bath, bathing you. Then he gets you dressed in some comfortable clothes, brush your hair, and cuddles you to sleep.
All Rights Reserved — I don’t give anyone permission to repost, distribute, copy or re-use my works in any way. Especially not on other websites such as Tik Tok, Ao3, Wattpad, etc.
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missorcas · 6 days ago
Demon Slayer NSFW headcanons - part II
♡  Tengen Uzui
God of festivals? Maybe. Deity between the sheets? For sure. Tengen doesn’t let anyone leave his bed without having given them at least two orgasms
Despite the obvious worship kink, in bed he actually focuses more on the other person, treating them like royalty and making them feel extra confident
Not really into degradation or quickies - Tengen loves spoiling himself and his partner, so he’s more the kind of person that will start the night with wine and a nice dinner, maybe a bubble bath... anything sumptuous, and then get into business
He still loves being begged - being called daddy gets him lust drunk, but truth be told it’s the physical cues that he finds most flattering. Verbal praise is nice to hear, but it’s his partner’s facial expressions and moans that really make his head spin
Has a navel piercing; the jewellery matches the diamonds dangling from his headband
Has definitely thought about getting his dick pierced too, but rejected the idea immediately after learning that he should have practiced abstinence for minimum two months
Massive length and girth, to the point of being intimidating. Cleanly trimmed
Infinite stamina thanks to his Hashira training - loves tantric sex when he has the time
When he’s out of his Sound Pillar uniform he looks even prettier, but he just feels stronger and more confident when he’s dolled up with makeup, nail polish, and hair all done
Willing to try everything at least once, definitely a switch if the situation calls for it
Loves being tied up! Rope marks remind him of what you’ve done to him the night before and arouse him at the most inappropriate times. Does not hide them – in fact he loves receiving awkward looks and questions, even more telling the whole story and seeing the horrified expression plastered on the face of the person who dared to ask
Unsurprisingly, he’s very vocal in bed. His moans have been object of complaint from his neighbors, other Hashiras, literally anyone who wasn’t involved in sexual activity with him but had the ill luck of being in a 100 metres radius while he was enjoying himself
This man literally studies the kamasutra in his spare time. Butter churner? Piece of cake. Mating press? A cinch. Upside down sex? Hell yeah.
PET NAMES! Kitten is probably his favourite, but he’ll also go with Dollface, Angel, and many more ;)
3 wives, many girlfriends, countless lovers. Tengen’s marriage is very open – who is he to deny his wives some harmless fun while he’s away for months during missions?
Boob guy, as you might have guessed. One of the perks of his polyamorous relationship is that more often than not he gets to wake up with at least one pair of tits smashed in his face, and definitely doesn’t mind having more than three pairs within hand reach
Will spank enthusiastically prior consent except with Aoi apparently, loves the thought of his partners going around with his handprints on their asscheeks hidden underneath their clothes like a signature
LOVES receiving oral, especially by more than one people at once.
♡ Giyuu Tomioka
Boy looks cold and aloof from the outside, but underneath the thick façade he’s just incredibly fragile
He acts rather avoidant, and seems absolutely incapable of showing affection or any emotion
Did not get the slightest hint of you taking an interest in him in the beginning - literally just saw you as a valuable ally with whom he’d really enjoy training, but nothing else
Unsurprisingly, you initiated your first kiss – he was obviously in shock at first, but quickly relaxed and grabbed your waist gently to pull you closer
PDA? No way in hell. It took him a while to warm up to physical forms of affection, but after the first time you slid into his bed at night, cuddling came pretty natural to him as long as no one is around
Your first nights in the same futon were spent just kissing and falling asleep one next to the other, with you clinging to his back like a baby monkey – it was cute at first, but after a while you realized your body craved more
When you agreed on having sex for the first time, his breath was shaking, but as soon as your fingers brushed his erection from over his clothes he literally melted in your hands
You could feel him silently begging for you to touch him more deeply, skin to skin, and even muttered a soft “please” in your ear in the hope your hand would actually plunge in his underwear and grab him
His hips bucked against you, his hardness grinding against your palm, and you just knew what to do
His eyes literally roll to the back of his head when he penetrates you - he usually lets out a few groans and buries his face in your neck, only to pound you mercilessly until he’s out of breath
He’s not super vocal, but will show his appreciation by emitting muffled grunts, biting your neck and just huffing against your skin, clearly holding himself back from moaning loudly
Very protective – the boy has had his fair share of trauma, will never allow anything to happen to you. He doesn’t sleep well when you’re far away from him, he can only relax when he’s feeling you snuggled up against him.
♡  Sanemi Shinazugawa
Unsurprisingly, Sanemi is a sadistic fuck, although he’d never hurt their partner without consent
Really easy to rile up, he’s basically a brat tamer with a very bad temper
Sex is, like fighting, just another way to get some relief from anger. He’ll chill out for a whopping 0.3 seconds after being finished
Very much into edging, will take you painfully close and then just deny your orgasm a few times until you’re basically begging him with tears in your eyes. Can’t stand being teased in return
Needless to say, most of the time you piss him off on purpose so he will fuck you senseless :) he knows you’re doing it on purpose, and equally enjoys it
Has a thing for choking, very much into breath play
Too focused on chasing his own release sometimes, but will go multiple rounds without batting an eye until you’re satisfied
Swearwords, curses, degradation – you name it, he’s into it, sometimes even too much
Adores the sight of you kneeling in front of him, begging to let you suck him off
Definitely an ass guy - loves fucking you from behind while he’s standing and you’re bent in front of him so he can have a good view of your ass bouncing against his pelvis. Will grab and spank to his pleasure
The fucking showoff will get instantly naked the moment he sniffs the most remote possibility of intercourse. Used to tear off your clothes with zero fucks given for your garments as well, but after an accident involving very expensive lingerie that resulted in his left shoulder being almost dislocated he’s a little more careful
Loves fucking in front of a mirror, finds his own muscular reflection very entertaining
Likes the thrill of sex in public spaces, but to be fair getting caught wouldn’t even bother him. Doesn’t mind an audience
Wearing a skirt with nothing underneath really does numbers on him, and when you make him aware you’re just basically just plainly asking for it
He’ll let you mark him with scratches and bites, doesn’t mind adding more scars to the collection. As for your body, he will leave visible marks on you with 0% remorse.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Second part of my Demon Slayer headcanons – reposted because I was dumb enough to use the wrong tags that resulted in my post being shadowbanned. Enjoy – and remember that my requests are open! ♡
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xxtoothachexx · 2 months ago
Hey hey! Can I please get a 8 and possibly a mixed 9 pumpkin for Tengen please? 🎃
Tumblr media
a/n: ofc dear, thank you for this request!! I got a ton done yesterday which I’m so thankful for, I have an awful migraine today and don’t want to write anything :( I hope you like this!!
#8 & #9 🎃 - ghost hunting in an abandoned building
pairing - tengen x reader
Tumblr media
Come join the event!
“This is utterly unflamboyent.” Tegen mutters as you finally manage to get the door open, a shower of dust raining down on the both of you. Coughing and sputtering, Tengen helps dust you off.
He’s wearing a disgusted look on his face but you can’t blame him. Abandoned buildings were optimal for ghost hunting but not for the best sanitary conditions. You stuck to trying not to touch things to avoid anything gross
Tengen followed behind you closely, almost smacking his head against the low hanging door frames a few times. Apparently ghost hunting in abandoned buildings wasn’t made for tall people either.
You scanned the empty room with your flashlight, looking around for anything that looked out of place. The EMF meter you’d handed to Tengen earlier buzzed steadily.
“Come on Tengen, if we see a ghost and get evidence we could probably be famous. Or maybe invest in a job about ghost hunting.” You weren’t sure whether that’d be cool or not. This may have been your idea but seeing an actual ghost was admittedly terrifying.
“I don’t think that’s worth it.” He mutters and tucks a strand of silvery white hair behind his ear. He pauses suddenly, staring at the meter in his hand. “What did you say it means when it jumps to red.”
You almost fall over yourself in shock, whipping around and staring at him with wide eyes. “That means a ghost is nearby.” Your heart is racing, maybe it’s the fear or maybe it’s the excitement from this.
You grab the meter from him and look it over, watching as the light jumps to red once again and stays there. Tengen sighs and shakes his head, less freaked out than you’d expect. “This is what we get for trying to go ghost hunting. Now we’re doomed to die in this gross place.”
“Come on, we’ll be fi-” A loud scream interrupts you and you both shriek aloud, practically jumping out of your skin in fright. You can’t even get a word in before Tengen is grabbing your arm in death grip and bolting.
“We are never, never, never doing that again. There are plenty more flamboyant ideas for Halloween activities.” He yells over his shoulder as he pulls you along.
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dawn-writes7 · 5 months ago
Congratulations on 200 babes! You deserve all the followers💕 Can I please request for Tengen rolling for tropes 3 times & kisses 5 times, thank you!💜
Thank you so much babes! I hope you enjoy!
Trope 19: Accidental confession
Kiss 10: ’We’ll face this together’ kiss
Tengen knew he shouldn’t have allowed you to go on this mission with him, he knew that something was going to go wrong, he felt it.
So here he was, jumping from building to building trying to find you, he heard your scream and knew it was bad. You never got hurt on a mission, what could have caused this?
He leapt across a large gap and looked over the town, there you were pinned to a tree by your own nichirin sword embedded into your stomach. “NO!” He jumped down and ran straight towards you.
Your eyes were wide and fearful as you stared at him. “Ten...Tengen, just go. An upper rank demon is here. Leave!”
His large hands cupped your face as he looked over your body, obviously the wound in your gut was the worst you had but you were beat all to hell. “No I am not leaving you! I need to get you to Sinobu immediately.”
The butterfly mansion was a good half a day away, he could go quickly even carrying you.
“Tengen please, just go and save yourself. Your wife’s need you.” You begged quietly, the color from your face, it was slowly but it was still happening.
“I don’t care right now! You are my priority!” He looked between your body and the tree, it was in there pretty deep, he was sure he could pull you off the tree without causing you any more damage.
Your bloody hand landed on his cheek softly. “You have always been so sweet to me, I cannot thank you enough for the time you have given me. A Hashira giving a lowly Tsuchinoto any kind of attention. I am so grateful to you.” You gave him the smile he always loved, one that you only gave to him.
He put his forehead against yours. “I refuse to leave you.”
You laughed gently at him as you rubbed your nose against him. “I love you.”
You loved him? Now he had to save you, he quickly put your confession to the side and held your body close to his. Gently taking your sword into his hand he pulled you off of the tree. It caused you to cough up blood but he could worry about that later.
He held you close to him as he took off towards the butterfly mansion. “Tengen, I am going to bleed out, just find me a nice flower bed to lay me in.”
“Not happening. We are close enough to get you healed. Just stay alive.” He tried to make the journey a easy one for your poor injured body, but he had to be quick to save you. He loved you as well, of course he did, it was impossible for him not to. Plus Makio, Suma, and Hinatsuru loved you as well.
If they all lost you, it would put an end to their happiness and his as well. He couldn’t do that. He stopped on a rooftop and looked you in the eyes. If you died before he did it he was going to rollover in his stupid grave.
He kissed you roughly and passionately. “We will face this together. You can’t just drop a love confession on me then die. You will live to be my spouse, I refuse to let you die.”
Your face was flush and bright with color again. “I said that?!”
Were you really going to keep it from him? Idiotic. He just laughed as he kept jumping and running towards the butterfly mansion. Of course you would be the type to accidentally confess while dying and get his heart tight with worry.
It took days for you to recover and he spent every single day with you. Luckily your wounds weren’t fatal, the sword nearly missed your internal organs and you made a full recovery.
He walked into your room on one of those days with a basket of goodies that his wfes made. “Good to see you up and walking.”
You smiled at him from where you stood by the window. “Good afternoon Tengen!”
He placed the basket on your bedside table and wrapped his large arm around your waist. “Hello. Got a demand for you.”
“A demand and not a favor?” You raised an eyebrow as he watched the blush run across your face.
“Say you love me again.”
“Tengen Uzui! Get out of my room!” You tried to push him off of you but he was too big and strong. Of course he was doing this just to tease you, he knew you would say it again when you were ready and he wasn’t going to force you, but he can’t wait to hear it again.
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burntbuttermm · a day ago
Me: No I’m not thirsty.
My drafts:
Tumblr media
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firerose18991 · 15 hours ago
Listen, Tengen is real cute, but him having multiple wives is the reason I can never simp for him😣😣😣
Tumblr media
They're beautiful too😩😫
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xxsabitoxx · 7 days ago
Unexpected (Small Teaser)
You could have told me you were a married man
Tengen, Makio, Suma and Hina x Fem reader
A/N: This will contain smut y’all aha
Tumblr media
You never expected to catch the sound pillar’s eye. The extravagant man was attracted to anything he considered flamboyant and you figured you were anything but. However the man seemed to be fascinated by you as you tended to his wounds.
Bandaging led to touching, which led to kissing, which led to even more. The next morning you were mortified thinking the pillar must have been poisoned and not had his wits about him. After he assured you that wasn't the case, you began seeing him more often.
You thought he was sweet, maybe a little vulgar from time to time, but friendly overall. Some found him annoying, you found him rather charming…until…. “Tengen.” you crossed your arms, looking up at the large man as if you were intimidating. No one was intimidating if you had to look all the way down to see them.
The man in question was smiling down at you as if he found this cute. “Tengen.” you stated again, staring up at the man as if that would make him respond. “You know, I may be shorter than you, but I’m still the perfect height to knee you in the balls. Answer me.” that got the smile to falter, “what is it?” he tilted his head, arms crossing as he continued to look at you. “Why didn’t you tell me you were a married man?” you felt like a filthy cheater.
“I didn’t think it was necessary to tell you yet.” he spoke as if this were an everyday occurrence. “You were going to tell me?” you couldn't really wrap your head around the man in front of you. He was a married man, a man married to three wives. “Do they even know about each other?” you were infuriated. “They are well aware of each other, we all live together after all.” your eyes widened, what the hell was this man into?
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jupitereleven · 6 days ago
sorry but i love tengen.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
please can we talk about him? pls.
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aztecdragonwarrior · a month ago
Tengen Uzui x fem!reader
This is another follow up for @misslili265 @themisslili request. This one is a little bit longer, I hope is worth and... I left the best for the end, your lovely Gyomei. Hope you like this one too <3
Tengen Uzui x fem!reader (Reacting to a love confession of his darling hugging him from behind)
Warnings: Slight Angst, slight Smut (implicit)
Tumblr media
The Sound Pillar was anything but a nitwit, or better put in his words, he was definitely very flamboyant. He also knew how attractive, charming and enchanting he was. And there was no doubt about it, he definitely knew her ways with the ladies and of course, his worked up body was one of his more powerful assets, and oh hell he was terribly aware of this.
Without a miss, he will always make sure to be the center of attention especially when you were watching. He bitterly remembers the first time he tried to hit on you and how you blatantly rejected him. It was in your first promotion ceremony, apparently you have caused a very good impression to the Love Pillar in your latest mission under her lead and this resulted in her recommending you to level up.
You were very proud of yourself and solemnly received all the praise and congratulations from your fellow comrades. So when the Sound Pillar blocked your way by leaning his elbow on the wall and told you with a mocking smile: “So, I heard those hands of yours are pretty talented, how about if you put them to test on this body?” he concluded flirtatiously, raising an eyebrow and staring at your lips.
You have no idea what type of face you made, but Uzui’s went from hero to zero in a matter of seconds. And as if it was not bad enough you shoot the coupe of grace answering him: “Uzui-san…” your voice was cold and sharp as ice and continued “you are a Pillar and this is an official corp event, please behave accordingly.” You forced a small reverence and turned your heels to the Love Pillar direction who was still throwing flowers at you. Your blood was boiling in anger and he was absolutely awestruck, this has never happened to him.
But it seemed that this only fueled Uzui to flamboyantly keep flirting with you, but with a little bit more of modesty, he was unsure if he will be able to withstand another rejection like that coming from you. Little by little he started to make sure that you knew you were in his thoughts all the time, sending your favorite flower bouquets at your lodging room, gifting you beautiful jewelry hair pins, gallantly inviting you to have dinner after your missions, delivering expensive and colorful kimonos and specially trying to catch you outside your room every morning before anybody else. “Good morning Y/N, fancy a morning run with the Sound Pillar?” he asked with a side smirk.
At the beginning, you were totally sure that Tengen was going through all that trouble because you turned up to be a challenge by probably being the only girl that had rejected him. And since you were pretty sure that was his motivation, you decided that you will not be playing his game. You were really polite regarding the gifts and invitations, thanking him but never really accepting them.
For starters Tengen could not understand why his usual techniques were not working, so he started exploring other ways to get closer to you. Have you just decided to grab something to eat with your girlfriends? Pum, he was there in the table across waving at you with a playful smirk, inviting himself to your table sitting right beside you. How about your most recent missions? “Oh, Y/N, what an extraordinary coincidence. Fate wants us to be together!” said Tengen while holding his chin between his index finger and thumb. You really started to question how easy it must be to bribe the mission assignment division of the corp.
Or how about that time you needed a new blade? “Y/N let me walk you to the forge village” He said gentlemanly, offering his muscular arm for you to walk alongside him. “Uzui-san, it's an entire day trip…” you answered with a puzzled expression. “Doll, for you I am always available, a day, a week, or say; the rest of my life.” He always said these types of things with the most charming and chivalrous expression.
Even if you wanted to or not, you actually found out that the Sound Pillar was a really nice gallant man and started to enjoy hanging out with him more and more often. But you never, really straightforwardly reciprocated to any of his flirting stances.
Yes, Tengen started to court you because you were the hardest challenge he had faced so far, but his plan backfired when he madly fell in love with you. He treasured every single moment you spent with him, he memorized every single trait of your face, your hair, your laugh and along with the sound of your voice were the memoirs that kept him going through his longest missions in which you started to feel disappointed by “fate” not having you together this time.
He did not realize at what point you started to be the most important thing in his life until he decided to confess his love to you, but this time for real. Being flamboyant as he was, the only thing he could think of was marriage. Yes! you will be the most beautiful bride of all and of course you will both have some many kids, of course, only if you wanted to.
He was entirely lost in his fantasies on how you will look in your wedding dress and the delicious wedding night he will be preparing just for the two of you, that his ears caught inadvertently a conversation between two slayer girls with whom you typically hang out with.
“Is Y/N officially dating Uzui-san? I mean, he technically is everywhere she is, but that does not mean they are a thing, right?” said one girl curiously, making the Sound Pillar heart stop. The other girl responded “Well, I have never seen her responding to any of his compliments nor accepting his gifts. So, I think she is only being polite with him.” The other girl nodded and added; “Well, yes, I still remember how mad she was when he tried to hit on her on her promotion night. I’ve never seen Y/N so furious, come to think about it…”
Tengen did not wanted nor needed to finish listening to that conversation, his heart have sunken to his feet, leaving a stinging pain in his chest. Those annoying girls were right, you have never given him a straightforward sign that you felt for him the same way he felt for you. Now that he has started to think about it, he technically forced himself into your life in a lot of aspects.
Anxiety started to build up in his chest, what if you were really only being polite? All the missions you have completed together, all the times he made you burst with laughter or the time you shared your home-cooked onigiri with him? Fear also started to bubble near his heart.
All those situations, all those moments you both shared where because he had forced them into you. Trying to calm himself, the Sound Pillar sat down on a wooden bench in front of a flowing river, right below a cherry tree under the night sky. He had a serious sullen expression.
No way, he was the flamboyant and charming Tengen Uzui. There is no way you could have faked those moments, no woman will be able to resist… Except that you already did, the first time you met, actually… And just when panic started to invade his entire body, he felt the warmest embrace he had ever received from behind, gently placing your arms under his, resting your palms in his pectorals and leaning your cheek to the back of his neck you calmly said to him; “I found you.”
Tengen was a total mess, he was at the brink of a mental breakdown and there you were, the only one that could save him from despair. He tried to move in order to face you, but you tightened the embrace and went on: “Please, Tengen, don’t… Hold on just a little… I was desperately looking for you. I.. I know I’ve been the worst date ever.” You now rested your chin on his right shoulder and continued “On a lot of occasions we’ve been together I’ve wanted to let you know that.. What I’m trying to say is that…”
Words were getting stuck in your throat but you were finally able to let out a sweet and soft: “Tengen, I love you, I really do…” You barely had the chance to inhale after your last words before realizing Tengen had turned so fast that in a blink of an eye you were entirely seated on his lap face to face.
“What did you just say?” he asked with a dead serious expression and you felt so flustered that you automatically hid your face in his chest while weakly answering: “I’ve never being really good with words, that is why it took me so long to… you know… tell you that I love you” without hearing a reply to your latest confession, you felt your chin being lifted to meet the biggest magenta eyes you have ever seen on the Sound Pillar.
He had the most delighted expression and told you: “How flamboyant of you my love” and leaned down to kiss you. Deeply, first savoring your lips and then letting his tongue play with yours causing you to release a soft moan. His hands slowly sliding all the way down to your waist barely brushing the sides of your breasts sending an electrifying sensation of pleasure through your back. Your hands outlined his broad chest all the way to his stunning abs causing him to nib your lips and realizing that there was some serious movement at the base of your seat.
He separated from the kiss and while you were still panting he stood up carrying you in bridal style. “I knew you would be perfect” He gently smiled at you, kissed your forehead and continued while walking with you in his arms: “So would you prefer Ivory or pearl?” resting your head closer to his chest you asked confused: “For what exactly?”. Tengen exploded in laughter and exclaimed: “Why, for your wedding dress of course! Our wedding will be…” you interrupted with a low voice and a timid smile: “Really flamboyant”. Tengen chuckled “You see doll? We are meant for each other!” You were absolutely thrilled to know where Tengen was going to take you that night, but you were entirely sure that it would be perfect as long as the sound Pillar was with you.
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druighoney · a month ago
[6:29 PM] — Tengen Uzui + jealousy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⤷ CW. AFAB reader, Size kink, dirty talk, dacryphilia, degradation, choking, doggy style (bc I refuse to write mating press in a quickie), possessiveness, voyeurism, brat taming(?), clothed sex (naked female, clothed male), daddy kink, MDNI
⤷ Synopsis: You get punished for being a brat and flirting with another Hashira before a Hashira meeting.
⤷ Note. Pfft, imagine whoever you want as the "other Hashira". I'm going with Sanemi. Not proofread lmao.
Part 2 (rengoku's route) :: Part 3
#tags. @festive (viv imagining giyuu ik it) @i4nanami @manjiken @r1nf4iry
Tumblr media
You could hear Mitsuri's chatter through the thin walls,"You're getting wetter," Soft silver strands caress your skin while his deep voice falls melodically on your ear,"Does it turn you on to know that they could hear you if you're not quiet?"
You whimper at his jab, nails digging into the carpet and a sweet plea falls from your lips. A breathy chuckle sends shivers tingling through your spine,"Not much of a brat now, are you?" Painted nails left tiny crescents on your skin as his hips pressed flush to your squirming ones,"Just needed a good dicking down." He muses, strumming his fingers around your waist till he reached in between your legs,"And you're back to being an obedient slut for daddy." Tengen presses the pads of his fingers on your aching clit, rubbing deft circle on the puffy nub.
Your hands trembled under the weight of his broad chest against your back, the material of his vest flush on your bare back. A loud moan breaks through your restraint as you tumble over with a sudden hard thrust from Tengen,"Careful there," Teeth pull your earlobe in a teasing bite when you bury your face behind your folded arms, chest pressed to the scratchy carpet now, "Wouldn't want them to find out what a slut their fellow hashira is for the God of flamboyance, hm?"
A scoff bubbled up in your throat but it died as soon as Uzui's cock knocked at your cervix with the new angle,"Daddy! T'deep, please!" Your mewl satiated the burns of jealousy in his chest that were alight ever since he saw you flirting with the other Hashira. It might be hypocritical of him to be envious if you want another man, because he's got three wives but the insecurities in his veins won't let him admit it, that he's scared you'd leave him. So, he's here taking out his green sparks of anger on you, thick cock abusing your cunt in an unrelenting pace. Your kneecaps ached from kneeling on the floor, skin scratching with each thrust from the man behind you.
"Shhh," A huge palm covered your mouth, thick fingers draped over your lips. Eyes saturating with salty drops as you cry out in his hand,"Oh-fuck- you want them to find out, don't ya'?" Tengen bites back a grunt, faltering to grasp at the tiny tendrils of restraint he had to not cum right away because your cunt is gripping his length tighter than ever before,"Or maybe you're hoping he'd come over and fuck you." His words made you moan, the coil in your belly ready to snap.
"What a fucking whore you are, y/n." The hand slides down your jaw, the metal of his rings burning cold on your skin as his fingers wrapped around your neck,"Then I guess I'll have to fuck you like one," You yelp when his cock head kisses your cervix again, bruising your walls with such powerful deep thrusts,"Let them hear you getting fucked like you deserve." His voice is almost drowned out by the filthy wet slaps and you're sure if the other Hashiras didn't hear you yet, they absolutely can hear you now,"Like the whore you are."
"Maybe he'll hear you too." Tengen is merciless with his taunts,"And he'll realise that he can never fuck you like I can." He growls, hunky body lurching over your tiny one. You press your cheek to the bulge of his bicep as you feel his veins pulse against your gummy walls. You won't deny that having him all possessive over you turned you on but will you let him know? "Maybe he can fuck me better than you," Your eyes meet his with a turn of your head,"Daddy." Fuchsia orbs haze into darkness upon your words,"We'll see about that." Thumb and index finger pinches your clit harshly, a smirk tugs at the corners of his lips as your face twists, the coil snapping with wet warmth drenching his throbbing cock.
Tengen's gaze locks on the intruder's eyes, his hand gripping your jaw to tilt your face up to display the expression of ecstasy,"Doesn't she look pretty when she cums?" Through the ringing in your ears from the blissful orgasm, you register your boyfriend's strained growl before your tear hazed eyes focus on the other man at the doorframe.
Tumblr media
2021 © all content belongs to druighoney. Do not repost my work anywhere.
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sukunababy · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
Thinking about giving Uzui Tengen head on your wedding night.
You still in your pretty white dress, kneeling in front of him as you choke on his fat cock
Eyes glistening with tears and mascara staining your cheeks, lipstick smudged and drool running down your chin as you swallow his thick, throbbing shaft deeper and deeper
Him moaning in a raspy voice as your puffy lips suck on his tip, continuing to tell you that you're cute with your mouth full with his cock, — calling you his good girl as his fingers work their way into your hair.
Tengen holding your head pressed against his crotch making you swallow his huge dick as his thick, sticky cum runs down your throat while he takes polaroids that he'll put in your wedding album
Tumblr media
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shawtuzi · 24 days ago
Our Favorite Girl
i haven't been seeing enough fics with tengen AND the wives so you already know i had to make one myself for the girls so pls enjoy. 
minors dni obvi 18+ content warnings include: fem!reader, polyship, a whole bunch of praise, oral (female receiving), soft!dom tengen, barely any plot i went straight for the smut lol// word count 2.7k+ (if i missed any warnings so sorry)
It started off as a normal job it really did! You were simply a maid for a nice gentleman and his even nicer wives. Yes wives plural. It was a little odd at first but after a couple times being at their house you began to be intrigued by the way they interacted with each other. The wives are all extremely nice and caring about your wellbeing insisting that you work too hard when actually it seemed to be the opposite.
Whenever you broke  the slightest sweat scrubbing the floors Makio would get on her knees and help you, eventually in the process telling you to take a break while she did the rest. While you would be doing the dishes Suma would stop by shyly asking if she can help you, and of course you couldn’t say no so you gave her the job of drying while you washed. Trying to do any job in front of Hinatsuru was pointless. She used to be like Makio helping you then insist you take a break but now she would just simply do it herself. Tengen never disturbed you while you worked but every night when he bid you farewell he would always whisper a soft, “you’re too good to us truly…see you tomorrow Y/N.”
Today was no different. You were cleaning the pool while the three wives were sunbathing practically begging that you ditch the work and soak up the warm sun with them. “C’monnn Y/N we wanna hangout with you” Suma pouted sitting up straight her breasts bouncing lightly as she did so. You gulped looking at her perfect body shaking your head, “I-I really shouldn’t don’t you guys wanna go swimming in a nice clean pool?” you asked while skimming the water. Makio was the next to get up, she walked over to the pool and pushed her sunglasses up  inspecting the pool. “Looks good to me” she smirked turning her head to the other wives, “guys wanna get in the water feels amazing” she yelled, swishing her foot around in the water.
“That sounds like an amazing idea,” Hinatsuru smiled. Getting up she grabbed Suma’s hand bringing her over, “Y/N you should join us we don’t want you to overheat now do we?” she asked, quirking an eyebrow. “No we don’t and she’s already wearing a swimsuit!” Suma piped up hearts practically appearing in her eyes looking at you in your bikini and jean shorts with the button and zipper undone. “C’mon Y/N pleaseee” Suma pouted, giving you those doe eyes you can’t resist. You sighed a small smile coming onto your face, “I mean I guess it is beautiful today.” The wives broke into beaming smiles all getting into the water.
You got in immediately covering yourself with your arms. They were all so damn beautiful and perfectly in shape. Don’t even get me started with Uzui. “Don’t cover yourself love, you’re beautiful” Hinatsuru frowned, pulling your hands away “very beautiful… does your boyfriend ever tell you how beautiful you are?” she asked, referring to your now ex. “Uh we actually broke up” you mumbled, swirling your fingers around in the water.
“Ohh no Y/N what happened?!” Suma cried swimming over to you wrapping her arms around you tightly, she nuzzled her head into your neck and you couldn’t help but feel a warmness in your chest at the affection. Suma pulled away but moved her hands down to your waist keeping a slight grip. “Yes what happened honey” Makio frowned coming over as well, she tucked a strand of hair behind your ear making you shiver. All three women were huddled around you with frowns and sad eyes.
“He wanted me to quit my job here… kept saying I spent too much time here” the three of them in sync raised their eyebrows, looks of disgust washing over their once saddened faces. Before they could interject you spoke again, “it was either quit the job or break up and it looks like I made the right choice. You guys and Uzui care more about me than him” you said, making them break into smiles. “It’s true Y/N! It’s true we care about you so much” Suma spoke and the other wives agreed nodding their heads.
“We really do. Especially our husband, he may say much in front of you but just know you hold a place in all our hearts” Hinatsuru whispered, rubbing soothing circles on your back, toying with the strings of your bikini every once in a while. “Mhm you’re way more than just a maid to us Y/N, right guys?” Makio spoke not taking her eyes off of you.
The atmosphere was completely different now. It went from a comforting environment to there being tinges of sexual tension in air growing thicker by the second. “I-I care about you guys too and Tengen…so much thank y-” before you could finish your sentence Suma pressed her soft lips against yours making you gasp in surprise. She took the opportunity to shove her tongue in your mouth.
“Sorry about that, you know how Suma can be, she can’t help herself when she wants something” Hinatsuru laughed moving her body behind yours, she brought her hands to your breasts massaging them gently making you moan. “It’s true it's too cute” Makio giggled, pressing a kiss to the side of Suma’s head before bringing her attention to you. She left kisses up and down the side of your neck toying with the waistband of your bikini. “Do you want to go inside? I’m sure it’d be more comfortable” she whispered in your ear nibbling on the lobe. You nodded your head dumbly too distracted in Suma’s sweet kisses.
Fast forward to when they take you to their gigantic master bedroom. You sat on the bed and they made quick work ridding you of your bikini. Makio came behind you untying your top while Suma pulled down your bikini but the sight of your bare chest made her stop in her tracks stopping midthigh. “Oh wow Y/N they’re so pretty” she said bringing her hand up to your right tit brushing her thumb over your nipple. Seconds later she attached her mouth to it, swirling her tongue around your nipple. Suma pulled your bottoms down the rest of the way, once they were off she released your nipple with a lewd ‘pop’.
“Go on, spread your legs darling” Hinatsuru said, kneeling next to Suma. The look she gave you could’ve made you cum right then and there but you held it together slowly spreading your legs making Suma gasp. “O-oh! Y/N your pussy is so pretty isn't it Hinatsuru?” she squealed pressing kisses on the insides of your thighs. “Mhm it is baby” she whispered licking her lips at the sight of your soaked pussy. “May I?” she asked not taking her eyes off your pussy. You nodded slowly, your eyes fluttering shut when you felt Makio leave wet kisses on your neck. She gave you a small smile before licking a stripe up your cunt moaning at the taste of you.
“Mmm she tastes so good here Suma taste” Hinatsuru brought her hand behind Sumas’s neck bringing her in for a sloppy kiss. Hinatsuru pulled away a line of spit connecting their lips, “tastes good yeah?” she whispered and Suma breathlessly nodded, licking her lips. “C-can I have some more?” she asked, bringing her eyes to your dripping pussy. Hinatsuru nodded a smirk coming onto her face, “of course you can baby go ahead.” She pushed Suma’s head gently towards your pussy and Suma wasted no time wrapping her lips around your clit.
You let out a broken moan resting your head back on Makio’s shoulder. “Feel good Y/N?” Makio whispered in your ear leaving gentle kisses on it. “Y-yes oh-!” you squealed out when you felt fingers prod at your entrance. You looked down and saw Hinatsuru spreading your legs open even more, her fingers slowly pushing into you as Suma continued to lap and suck at your clit.
Little did you all know Uzui was leaning against the door taking it the scene before him. It was really a sight to behold. Makio was kissing and sucking at your neck leaving little hickeys as she did so, meanwhile Suma and Hinatsuru were kneeling on the ground playing with your pussy. Suma was licking at your pussy moaning at the taste and Hinatsuru was pushing her fingers in and out of you at a quick pace while rubbing Suma’s clit through her bikini bottoms. And you…
You looked completely blissed out. Your eyes were clenched shut and you hands were fisting the covers beneath you while grinding your hips against Suma’s tongue and Hinatsuru’s fingers.
“I-I’m gonna cum” you whimpered your legs starting to shake from all the pleasure you were receiving. Being the sadist he was, Tengen decided to step in the room ruining your almost perfect orgasm. “Well what do we have here?” he chuckled, taking slow strides towards the bed. “Suma got excited and kissed the girl” Makio giggled, pinching your nipples making you gasp. “My poor baby can never help herself can she?” he smirked, running his fingers gently through Suma’s hair before gripping it roughly pulling her back, “can you?”
“N-no I can’t” she whimpered, making Tengen’s smirk a little wider. “Oh leave her be Uzui, if anything we should be thanking her” Hinatsuru cooed pressing a kiss to Suma’s shoulder. “Now let her get back to what she was doing, poor Y/N was about to cum” she said, dragging her middle and ring finger between your folds. Tengen complied, releasing his grip on Suma’s hair, as soon as he did Suma returned to her place between your thighs licking up your wetness.
Between the wives toying with your body and Tengen’s hard stare you were cumming within minutes your thighs shaking at the intensity. Uzui hummed bringing his hand to your face to caress it lightly, “do my wives make you feel good Y/N?” he questioned brushing his thumb over your bottom lip before shoving it in your mouth. You moaned around his finger nodding slowly. “Would you ladies mind if I joined you?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow. “Yes of course you can!” Suma beamed standing up making quick work to undo his tie and buttoned down shirt. Hinatsuru joined in removing his suit jacket while Makio got on her knees undoing his belt, “my babies are always so helpful” he cooed, pressing a kiss to Hinatsuru’s lips while Suma pressed desperate kisses on his neck.
Makio pulled down his slacks and briefs allowing his already hard cock to be set free. “How long were you watching us perv?” Makio giggled, stroking his cock slowly. He groaned licking his lips, “not long but can you blame me?” he chuckled, patting her on the head. You watched them like you were in a trance rubbing your thighs together to ease the aching between your legs. “Y/N?” you heard Uzui speak up and you quickly brought your attention to him. “I want you to ride me” he bluntly said, making you gulp.
Fast forward once more to you straddling Tengen’s stomach as you hovered above his cock the three wives undressed as well. “It’s okay love we got you” Makio whispered, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek. You took a deep breath as you lowered yourself onto him, whimpering at the stinging stretch of him practically splitting you open. “Good girl” Makio giggled, gripping your chin between her fingers and pressed a loving kiss to your lips, “now can you keep being our good girl and make our husband feel good?” she mumbled against your lips and you nodded, grinding your pussy against Tengen making him groan.
Your slow grinding turned into frantic bouncing as you rode Uzui like your life depended on it. Hinatsuru took this as an opportunity to sit on Tengen’s face and he wasted no time licking and slurping at her cunt. “Mmm T-Tengen” she whimpered, finding balance on his hard chest. While the three of you were tangled up in each other Makio had Suma on all fours eating her pussy from the back like a woman starved. You looked over at Makio and bit your lip seeing her wet pussy on display begging to be touched.
You took it upon yourself to slip a finger into her pussy making her moan loudly into Suma’s pussy. “S-so wet” you muttered, sliding another finger in. Uzui wrapped his muscly arms tightly around Hinatsuru’s thighs before bucking into you roughly. “O-oh my gosh” you whimpered, squeezing your eyes shut but not once stopping your quick movements on Makio’s sopping pussy. Hinatsuru pulled you in for a kiss, shoving her tongue in your mouth without warning. The sounds in the room were downright disgusting but it was music to Tengen’s ears hearing his girls feel good.
With the way you were riding his dick he was fighting the urge to put a ring on your finger right then and there. “M’gonna cum” Hinatsuru whimpered against your lips grinding her face harder onto Tengen’s face practically suffocating the man. It wasn’t long before she was cumming all over his face, your orgasm soon following along. “Fuuuck” Uzui groaned, feeling you cum all over his cock, your wetness dripping down his balls. He lifted Hinatsuru off his face with ease, licking his lips “tastes amazing as always angel” he smirked winking up at her making her face flush.
“Suma baby come sit on daddy’s dick” he rasped slowly lifting you off of his cock and onto his face. Before he dove him he craned his neck to the other two women, “Hinatsuru take care of Makio my poor baby’s pussy has been neglected for too long.” Hinatsuru nodded obediently before laying next to Uzui she smiled at Makio, “on my face love.” Makio quickly crawled up her chest lowering her pussy onto Hinatsuru’s face, immediately moaning loudly when she felt Hinatsuru wrap her lips around her clip.
“That’s my girl’s” he smirked before bringing his attention to you burying his head in your pussy. He groaned when he felt Suma’s pussy on him, the vibrations making you shiver. “O-oh Uzui feels so good love you so much” Suma whimpered, bringing her hands to your shoulders for balance. “Love you more baby. Love all of you so fucking much even you Y/N wanna make you my wife” he grunted bucking his hips into Suma making her squeal. “Please marry her daddy she’s so fun we l-love her” Makio moaned, threading her fingers into Hinatsuru’s soft hair.
You gasped when you felt Uzui suckle at your clit making your thighs shake, “y-yes wanna be your guys’ wife please make me your wife” you whimpered feeling your orgasm approach. Your words made each of them moan. The effect you had on them was crazy. It wasn’t long before Suma was cumming all over Tengen’s cock with a loud moan almost collapsing from pleasure. Makio and you followed suit cumming all over Hinatsuru and Uzui’s faces soaking them from the nose down.
“F-fuck I’m gonna cum you all know what to do” he rasped making them all squeal. “C’mon Y/N this is our favorite part!” Suma smiled as she got on her knees along with the other wives sticking their tongues out. You quickly followed behind doing the same as them while Tengen stood up aggressively jerking his painfully hard cock. He was cumming seconds making sure each of you had a taste. “Before you swallow I wanna do something” he said before quickly searching for his phone and taking a picture of the beautiful sight before him.
“Swallow” was all he said and you all quickly obeyed, making him smile. “My perfect girls, let’s get into bed Y/N will be staying with us tonight if that’s okay with her of course” he said, making you smile. You nodded quickly following the other wives into the bed. Uzui was in the middle with his arms stretched out and you snuggled into his side while Suma nuzzled her way into the other. Hinatsuru wrapped her arms around Suma while Makio wrapped her arms around you leaving a small kiss on your shoulder.
“Sleep tight angels, I love you all so much.”
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xxtoothachexx · a month ago
hi! it hasn't been super long since i became a follower, but congrats on 400 <3
for the matchup, i'll start by saying i'm a bi leaning towards males (pronouns switch often and i don't reaaally mind but he/they are generally nice)!
as for personality, i'm pretty shy when it comes to new people, agreeable but kinda closed off? i can open up easily if given the chance, but ultimately i'm afraid of being a bother so most of the time i don't (shocking because when i'm alone/with someone i've known for a long time or when i'm online i always have too much to say or complain about). basically, depending on the topic and situation i could rant for hours, or all i can do is nod and listen.
i also hate confrontation, don't like being yelled at, but also don't like being babied too much? i judge people easily, but i'm also quick to try and empathize, even if i'm not the best at it. i also get irritated easily, but i get over it quickly with a little distraction, and actual anger is more rare.
some flaws i have: people pleaser, bad at making decisions, i have a tendency to push away my problems no matter how big or small.
i like writing and drawing, simple things that keep me busy. i don't know if this will be modern, but i also like video games? making/listening to music is fun, and daydreaming or doing nothing is always awesome.
in general, i'd say i'm open to doing or trying anything as long as it's with the right person/people :) wanna do all sorts of things! but not alone! also not with just anyone!..
thank you and sorry for length!! i hope you have a lovely day/night, please stay healthy and happy 👐💙
even if you haven’t been a follower for a long time, your support is appreciated! as a thank you here is your matchup, and I think you fit Tengen Uzui!!
Tumblr media
He may seem like he won’t take notice towards you, but he’s got his eye out for you when he first meets you. He’s more than likely to keep talking till he manages to get you to talk to him or compliment him
Tengen is protective, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t recognize just how strong you are. He’s always there to make sure you’re okay but he knows when you’re handling yourself well and let you go on your own
He admires your ability to carry yourself strongly, he definitely looks for people who can think for themselves and look after themselves. And he isn’t a mean person so confrontation is rare
Your flaws don’t bother him, he and his wives are always helping nudge you towards making proper decisions for yourself and try to take on any issues you face. They’re always happy to help if needed too
An interest in music is always amazing. Show him a new song you love and he’ll give his input, he’s always suggesting random ones that he loves too. He also will absolutely love to teach you how to make music too
When it comes down to his partner, he’s more than excited to join you on doing anything that you love. He’s always suggesting fun activities to do with his favorite person, you!
“This song sucksss.” Tengen moans out and bumps his hip against yours while you’re both walking. You stick your tongue out at him and fumble to grab your phone to change it to whatever song he’d suggested. Hopefully it wasn’t any better.
“Your taste in music sucks too, how about you get a better one before you judge me?” You jab back jokingly, bumping your hip against his in retaliation. He fakes shock with an overeggagerated gasp, resting his hand on his chest for extra drama.
“I’m so hurt y/n! Why would you do this to me?” You giggle and his act fades away, joining you on laughing about his jokingly horrible skills at pretending. He takes your hand in his and swings your intertwined arms at eachothers sides.
“What even makes for a good song?” You ask and he perks up a bit, immediately beaming down at you excitedly. It was always one of his favorite things to ramble to you about, he could talk for hours and you could just listen.
“Well it’s all opinion, but there are some things that normally make it a good one.” He says and you roll your eyes. For such a cool guy he could be a dork when talking about things that he loves. You hold his hand tightly and walk beside him while he talks.
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burntbuttermm · 13 hours ago
MC: “Babe come to bed.”
Tengen: “I can’t I’m painting my nails.”
MC: “Fuck that’s so hot.”
Tengen: “That’s why I do it 💅”
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dandy-chickens · a month ago
Tumblr media
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