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by Sandara
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Indescribable by Insist
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优菈 by Sail
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into the dark 2x11 “tentacles”
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Hand-Carved Tentacle Crib by Artist Garrick Andrus
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The Birth of Venus (2021) - Guillermo Lorca
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Hello, I’ve been playing Darkest Dungeon a bit.
Best healer in the game <3
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Fish tights with black silicone tentacle on right and left leg
Get it Here
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fhtagn-and-tentacles · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
by Bjorn Hurri
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Skull illustrations by MULTIKakaSMILE
This artist on Instagram // Patreon
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tentacles #6
18+ content
afab body
The best gift to buy for yourself is one of the small moisture-reliant tentacle monsters. They come in all shapes and sizes and more sub-species than you can think of. But what they all have in common is how quickly they learn. Once you've purchased your first jar, all you need to do is lock your room and set the monster loose. 
It's not unpleasant to the touch - its surface is glossy and iridescent when it slowly moves over your hand, sucking gently and squeezing, learning your taste. At first it's similar to a heavy blob of warmth, the lumpy surface ever changing with half-hard little knobs that pepper it, constantly disappearing and resurfacing. But once it scented the excitement from you, the tentacles would swiftly expand and move the main body to the source of that sweetness.
It doesn't care about your clothes, it can squeeze right underneath them, straight to the whiff of wetness between your legs. The mass of tentacles would stretch whatever clothes you didn't take off on time, not caring about them one bit. You'd be surprised by the strength of the tentacles that pull your legs open and hold you still as the softer, smoother tentacles taste your folds for any moisture. Because the best feature about the moisture-reliant tentacle monsters is how far they'll go to get what they want. 
A shudder goes through the main body when it finds what it's looking for. You feel it shiver and transform, the squishy surface hardening, the knobs popping up as the first poke of something thick and heavy finds your entrance. 
It tastes your folds, pulling them apart, already wet and glistening, and then pushes further, stretching your entrance - the source of its nutrition. You can feel the knobs on its shaft and the short, impatient movements of the main tentacle when it's overwhelmed by how much more wet you become with each second. It stretches and pushes back and forth, quickly realizing that's how it gets more moisture out of you. It's deaf to the moans of your pleasure when more of the main body fits into yours, filling you to the verge of sweet pain. It doesn't notice your legs shaking in it's hold or the tension in your muscles. The tentacle arms holding you in place extend further, gripping you with all the strength of a starved monster. More arms cup your ass, some venture higher to your breasts, already covered in sweat. 
Every thrust into you feels deeper than the last one, the knobs along its shaft hard and glossy. There's no end to it, no break in the pounding, twisting and curling of the iridescent flesh into yours. You are sweaty and exhausted and stretched so fully you doubt you'll ever close your legs again. The monster drinks your release, and then the next one, and only finishes feasting when your pulse drums in your ears so loud it's deafening and you can barely catch your breath. The monster is sated now, and slowly unravels from your throbbing hole. 
The moisture is quickly absorbed through its surface, now a darker color. It moves slowly as it crawls over your body back to its jar.
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Tumblr media
😈 source HxxG
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Sound on Please
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December 19: Sam and Cas
Sam and Cas should not be left alone in the Bunker together. They get into the research and then they open portals to other dimensions or summon weird things (at least this time Sam didn’t get knocked out).
Cas and Sam being a chaotic duo was requested and since I’m also chaotic, you get tentacles :3
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Mating Season (M)
Tumblr media
Pairing – Alien! Taehyung x Human! Reader
Genre – PWP, Alien AU, Sci-Fi, It’s Mating Season For Aliens AU
Summary – [You knew nothing good will come out of the situation when your captors decided to remove your chains this morning and gave you substantial food. You find yourself face to face with an alien who wants to impregnate the hell out of you.]
General Warnings – you and tae are held captive, prison planet, malnourishment, mentions of not getting something to eat as punishment, brief plot, the cell you’re is very dirty
Smut Warnings – little and tiny is overused here, tentacle porn, SIZE KINK on both sides, Taehyung is BIG, all of him is big, vaginal fingering, unprotected sex (they don’t have condoms but you should have!), IMPREGNATION KINK, big alien dick!tae, he fucks you with his tentacle, lots of cum as usual, taehyung is a curious little alien, dirty talk, human kink, everything is consensual because we like willing participants, breast play, alien anatomy that I came up with on the spot, tae cums in his underwear untouched, creampie, multiple orgasms, tentaclewarming
Word Count – (4,4k)
Author note. I wish all my monster fucker friends a happy Tuesday and enjoy the rest of your day with a lil’ smut with Alien dick.
Menu: Masterlist l Be part of my permanent taglist to recieve a notification when I upload a new fic or send an ask!
Tumblr media
”A human, huh? What a tiny little thing you are.” Your eyes widen as he gets closer. You feel something cold brush against your ankles and when you look down you see one of his transparent appendages wrapping itself around your leg like a tail.
The alien’s breath hits the side of your cheek, incredibly close that his pink lips graze the underside of your jaw as you look away, half shy under his gaze and half terrified of what he will do to you.
You knew nothing good will come out of the situation when your captors decided to remove your chains this morning and gave you substantial food for once as if they wanted some of your strength to come back into your sore muscles. They left you alone for a week without questioning where are your other human friends.
Even if you knew what happened after you left the shipwreck in an emergency capsule you weren’t going to tell them. But you don’t know where they’re. Only hope that it’s at a better place than this.
There was a change in priority as they got a more valuable prisoner. A human is disposable but you can’t tell what he is. You have a feeling that this alien before you just might be who they were talking about. You don’t know why they let him room with you in this cell but you think you won’t like the answer very much.
”They really don’t care what will happen to you huh. You’re too tiny. I don’t think it will fit.” He captures your waist in his big hands, unlike his appendages, his skin is very warm but you barely feel the heat that radiates off him as you listen to his words.
”W-what do you mean?” Taehyung leans in to watch your big eyes sparkle with emotion. You captured his attention from the moment he first looked at you, you’re a beautiful tiny little creature. Just watching your dark doe eyes widen in fear he wants to scoop you up and hug you close to his body. You’re so cold your lips are almost blue. He could warm you up with ease. You let out a sigh of relief when he backs away from your face and slides down at the opposite wall.
”It’s mating season on my planet.” You wish you didn’t understand the implication behind his words. The blood in your veins run cold. You avoid his eyes and your body involuntarily tenses in case he decided to pounce. Taehyung can easily tell that you’re terrified of him, your pheromones are all over the place. It’s incredible how intense you smell despite your small body you fill the air inside the cell almost suffocatingly.
”Calm yourself, little human. I’m not going to force myself on you.” He’s a prisoner here just like you. The alien doesn’t wish to cause you harm, he’s not a cruel being like your captors are.
Taehyung’s eyebrows furrow in confusion when your anxiousness invades his senses almost ten times better than your fears. He didn’t talk or move for the last fifteen minutes but your heart doesn’t calm down. He wants to know what thoughts keep you agitated he wants to dissolve this foul smell you emit. It creates a bad headache right behind his eyes.
”What is it? Do you not believe my words?” You could almost forget that he’s in the same room as you. Almost. The motion of your teeth biting down on your pink flesh attracts his attention to focus on your lips. He can’t stop thinking about wanting to kiss them until they’re swollen and wet with his saliva. He’s been aroused for the last twenty-four hours without any means to relieve himself. His cock is aching to fill your tight pussy up with his seed his body won’t listen to his reasoning that you’re just a cute little human. He doesn’t know if he could even impregnate you. His race never mated with a human before but the idea is very appealing to him.
”It doesn’t matter, they will force us to do it anyway.” Your pessimism is pissing him off. They can’t force him to do anything. There’s nothing of value in his life that they can take away. There’s no hold they can find on him Taehyung thinks smugly. He tells you exactly that hoping that his confidence will finally soothe you but you surprisingly laugh humourlessly that gets his eyes to narrow on your features.
”It doesn’t need to be valuable. Basic needs like food. It’s enough if they take away that.”
”It’s what they did to you?” Taehyung’s confidence falters as he really looks at you. He wonders how long have you been here before he arrived last night for you to look this void of hope.
The answer to his question comes as a nod of your head and you let the silence speak for you.
You’re surprised they give you food the second time the following day. Your captors don’t say anything as they slip the food under the bars that are enough for the trays to pass under but you know that look. If you don’t give in soon they will find a way to break you. If not with taking away your food maybe the next time they will do something even crueller.
This is probably a sick joke to them. It’s not like a lot of prisoners are here, only a handful of aliens remained to guard this planet and they use you as their personal entertainment. You don’t know if they want a show or are just curious if you can survive mating with a race that is considered sexually not compatible with other species.
The alien, Taehyung as you leant his name yesterday seems nice enough that he won’t intentionally try to hurt you. It could be worse if he were someone who doesn’t care if you consent or not. You’re not stupid, you can see how he looks at you the tent in his pants never went away since they locked him in with you but he’s able to hold back. It makes you feel a little less scared to do this with him.
”You told me you won’t fit. H-how do you know?” Your cheeks are as red as a plant called tomato on your home planet earth. You’re scared it will hurt but what else can you do? You won’t survive either way sooner or later they will get tired of you and when that happens you’re again reminded that you’re discardable. Only a human.
”I don’t know.” Taehyung is not fazed at all by the topic that’s discussed, he looks at you while you avoid eye contact.
”You’re just really small compared to the women we mate with. I never had sexual intercourse with another race that isn’t my own so I don’t know.” You nod your head at his explanation. It makes sense, it soothes you a tiny bit that it will be his first time too in a way.
”I see.”
Taehyung knows that you’re thinking about it. He doesn’t mind that you’re a human as much as he might have thought he would. You’re very appealing physically, your smallness is your charm Taehyung likes your long hair too it’s in a colour that doesn’t exist on their planet and he can’t help but feel curious how it might feel to be inside you. Their females are very loose so it can accompany their big load of seed and ensure a higher chance at conceiving. You’re probably very tight if he could even fit his cock inside you at all.
What he doesn’t like is that you look uncomfortable and fearful. He only wants you if you want it too but he also understands the situation that you two are in. It’s not as simple as that, unfortunately.
On the third day, you made your decision to at least try. If it hurts too much or he’s really too big for you you will stop and think about the consequences later.
Taehyung watches you from the same position he sat down on the day your captors forced him into the cell. He can’t tell if your legs shake because you’re that nervous or from not using them that much for walking. It’s a tiny cell you have more room than he has considering your size differences but it’s still not very spacious.
”Uh, how do you guys have sex? I don’t know if it’s different from how w-we do it.”
It’s the first time that you hear such a light sound coming from the alien. He could tell that you relax a little at his chuckle. He watches you sit on your legs in front of him between his legs. He could touch you and he only needs to lift his hand a fraction to reach your cheeks.
”Let’s undress and see if we recognise something?” Taehyung offers playfully and you meekly nod. You start with your shirt and bra. The alien observes your skin intently which makes your hands shake but weirdly not because of worry but with excitement. It’s good that he at least finds you attractive. It’s no use to lie that you think Taehyung is a handsome alien. His size intimidates you but excites you too.
”A-are you not going to undress?” You play with the band of your dirty pants looking at the ground rather than at him. He never saw this emotion before on anyone’s face. His race doesn’t get flustered if they’re asked to take off their clothes it’s part of their culture but it’s clearly different for humans as you burn with embarrassment. He can’t help but lean into your face to steal a kiss. The need to taste is too much to ignore any longer.
You freeze at the sudden action but soon enough you melt into the soft caress of his lips. Taehyung continues to kiss you as it seems to calm you down and takes initiative to pull your pants and underwear down your legs. Your skin is so soft to his touch, he could feel you shake so he pulls away from the kiss to observe your facial expression.
You do that alluring movement again as you bite your lips and tug at Taehyung’s shirt in a silent question. Seeing that you’re not uncomfortable Taehyung gets rid of his shirt and pants impatiently. The garments land on the dirty floor next to your clothes.
He still has his underwear on but the outline of his cock is enough to make you gulp nervously.
”We will go slow. I promise I don’t want to hurt you.” Taehyung cups your face with his hands, he could easily cover half of your face and neck with it. You were so focused on his length that you forgot about his slimy tentacles that you saw the first day. He kept them away from you hiding them to not make you uncomfortable for the last couple of days.
He’s surprised they’re out this soon. Normally he only gets this aroused to trigger his appendages when he’s about to penetrate the female’s hole or he wants them to be out. He didn’t know they appeared until you jumped at the cold feel of them on your skin.
The alien takes in your features, he recognises the swell of your breasts but it’s different from their females. Yours are so much bigger he wonders what’s the purpose of such a soft round organ on your body. It’s sensitive too as you hiss when he squeezes them gently. His brows creases when he doesn’t see your hole. Do you not have one? There’s something he sees between your legs but it’s so tiny it can’t be that right?
It’s been a while since anyone touched you like this. You’re getting aroused just by letting Taehyung fondle your breasts, you can feel your natural slick lubricate your folds. You show Taehyung how to play with your tits, demonstrating with your fingers how to pinch your nipples the right way and kneed the flesh that makes your knees go weak under you. He gets the hang of it immediately as you throw your head back in pleasure when he pulls with just the right amount of strength.
”You c-can lick it too. It f-feels really good for m-me.” Hearing that you’re enjoying it encourages him to continue with rubbing and flicking over your nipple while he circles the other rosy bud with his tongue mimicking the way his fingers work. That’s when he smells it. It’s a strong sweet scent that comes from the tiny thing between your legs. He’s curious what you’re hiding there but he doesn’t want to touch you without permission.
Taehyung pulls away from your breasts and keeps his hands busy while he watches your pussy intently. You’re a little bashful after you see his intense stare but catch on to his intentions immediately.
You inhale a sharp breath but pull away from his touch to lay down. Taehyung observes your movements curiously his eyes widen in surprise when you spread your legs and part your folds with two fingers to reveal your hole to him. He tries not to show his concern but you’re too small. He doesn’t think he will be able to fit.
”You’re so much smaller than I thought.” It slips out from the alien’s mouth and your cunt shamelessly clenches at the thought that he will still try to make it fit in.
”Do that again. What is this? How are you getting smaller?” Taehyung is in awe as you squeeze your walls. He’s so focused on your cunt that he automatically reaches out to separate your folds when you shyly leave the position your fingers had on your pussy lips to keep yourself wide for him and try to close your legs.
”W-want to feel it?” You ask shyly. You’re not used to males ogling at your centre with such a wonder. You always thought that you’re quite average in beauty and other aspects as well.
”Can I? How?” Taehyung looks extremely interested. It’s like he’s not even aware of his appendages curling around both your ankles to keep you open and exposed to his hungry eyes as if it has a mind of its own.
”You just put a finger here and push it in.” You guide his fingers to your opening until it’s angled right. His single digit slides in easily thanks to your arousal and you moan at the intrusion. Your walls squeeze around him as soon as he works the finger in to the hilt.
”We c-can’t do it Y/N, you can barely fit one of my fingers in. I don’t want to hurt you.” Taehyung looks at you with clear worry you can hear it in his voice too as he keeps the finger still inside you in case it hurt. It’s your time to reassure him as you pull him down to kiss you again.
You wrap your fingers around his wrist and move his hand to thrust his finger in and out of you. You stop kissing as you enjoy the feel of his digits moving inside you as you continue to keep your faces close breaths mingling within the few centimetres that set you apart.
Taehyung’s eyes are glazed over with lust as he looks down to see his long finger appear and disappear with something slick covering it. It has the same sweet smell that he sensed in the air before.
”It’s ok. H-humans need to be stretched out T-taehyung.” The alien looks at your face confused. Stretched out?
”P-put-ah another finger in.” Even though he’s confused about how it will help he follows your instructions and aligns another one. You almost chuckle at the childlike surprise that takes over his face when he feels your walls loosen to accommodate another finger inside your tight core. You needed a few seconds to adjust but he could tell the difference.
”You think you will be able to take me?” This time he’s more optimistic about you handling his size now that he learnt about your resizable pussy. Human males are lucky bastards to feel this tight heaven.
”I h-hope so. I really want to try it w-with you Taehyung.” The alien shows you his brightest smile at that. He wants that too. He wants you so much he’s going crazy.
”Can I try something too?” Taehyung’s gaze turns intense again as he pulls his fingers out. You’re a little nervous but you nod nonetheless. Curious to find out what’s on his mind.
”Go ahead.” You caress his cheek with one hand, his skin is so warm it melts your cold fingers.
”I think I’ll be able to tell how much you can take.” One of his clear appendages appears in your eyesight. It rubs your cheek affectionately before it slides down your torso between your breasts until it reaches your core with its tiny head.
You don’t feel much at first as it gets wider the more it slips inside. When it reaches the width that is approximately the size of his two fingers you feel the stretch and Taehyung grabs the base of his tentacle to slow down with its penetration. The tip curls within your walls when it reaches your limit but he keeps shoving more of the grittier length inside until you feel like you’re going to rip in half.
Seeing the pleasure bloom on Taehyung’s face as more of his tentacle disappears inside you distracts you from the pain. You suddenly buck your hip up forcing more of him that makes both of you cry out. He grabs your hips to stop you from taking more than you can.
”I didn’t think your tiny hole can take this much. You’re incredible Y/N. From such a tight fit you loosened up that I could push my big extenders into you. How does it feel? Do you feel full?”
”S-so full. I c-can feel you so d-deep.” You moan when he pulls out a little just to stuff you full again, pulling out a little more with each thrust. Having his appendage inside you feels weird but in a good way. It’s so slippery soft and somewhat firm as it fills up every crevice of your insides.
The other tentacle curiously circles your clit finding the cute little nub interesting and wants to see what it does. Taehyung gets addicted to the feeling of you clamping down on him each time he rubs it so he keeps flicking it until it’s pulsating under the attention.
”I’m going to cum T-tae.” It barely registers in him what you said as he keeps fucking you open with his tentacles, the transparency of it lets him see you perfectly stretched around it.
The pink tones of your swollen cunt as you cum mesmerizes him he feels the urge to taste it he thinks it’s probably as sweet as it smells. You’re probably delicious but he’ll test that out another time. He didn’t realise he cum in his pants too while he watched you ride out your high fucking yourself on his appendage as the other furiously circles your clit until a dark patch appeared on the front soaking the material entirely.
”It’s my first time cumming just from the pleasure I get from my extenders. You squeezed them so tight I couldn’t help myself.”
You smile into the kiss finally feeling completely at ease between his arms as you gather yourself after the intense orgasm you experienced. For a moment you can forget where you are or why are you doing this. At this moment it’s only you and him. No prison, no mating season. Just Taehyung and Y/N. He’s not an alien but someone who you can see yourself be more with maybe in the future. A little fantasy before everything comes crashing down on you. You let yourself indulge for just a little while.
”Can I see you now?” To make your intent more obvious if your words weren’t enough to express your hunger for him you palm the tent in his underwear even after he just came, his outline looks so massive it feels so wet as you rub the fabric into his cock with your fingers. You want it inside of you.
”Are you sure?” He caresses your cheeks with his thumb you swear you can see fondness in his eyes and a silver of worry still lingering in them as he gazes at you. Don’t want to get your hopes up instead of acknowledging it you distract yourself with a kiss and a breathless ’yes’ soon is breathed into his mouth to share your consent.
Once he gets rid of the last material that’s obscuring your view you can’t help the gasp that leaves your kiss swollen lips. He’s so big and long you never saw something like this before. It’s different too. Taehyung doesn’t have a scrotum like it’s normal in the human male anatomy. Instead, the base of his cock is a lot thicker his cum is clear like liquid water.
”Tell me if it’s too much and I’ll stop.” It’s so erotic when Taehyung wraps his hands around his cock to get himself ready for you, he could easily pump his shaft up and down thanks to his slippery cum, the alien can feel you tighten around his extender as you watch him he’s glad that you don’t seem to be intimidated by his length like before.
Careful to keep you stretched out he aligns his cock with his other appendage at your entrance that’s still inside you and as he pushes his cock into you the tentacle slips out to keep it even. His length is three quarters in when his extender slips out entirely. The alien can’t look away from how well you take his grith he’s so close to being completely in but he shouldn’t be too greedy he knows that your walls can’t handle the base of his cock.
”How does it feel? Good?” Taehyung checks in before he starts moving even though you can tell the strain in his voice as he asks, it takes everything in him not to fuck you there and there.
”It’s g-good just give me a moment to get used to it.” He complies with your wishes and starts to kiss down your neck. He remembers that you liked when he played with your tits so he sucks a little bud into his mouth while he kneads the other, knowing that you enjoy it when you match his movements with your pretty moans and a squeeze of your walls.
”Move. I can take it.” You encourage him with a roll of your hips. Taehyung doesn’t waste his time to pull back and start thrusting after you give him permission. He’s so big reaching almost too deep when he gets a little carried away and force you to take more of him.
You come undone around his cock with your eyes tightly closed that red dots fill your vision.
Taehyung is not too far behind as he’s still sensitive from his previous orgasm. The excessive cum that drips out of your hole around his cock that’s still stuffed inside you is smeared on your body by his appendages. Cooling your skin down as they caress your shoulders and stomach. Neither of you knows if you could get pregnant considering your obvious differences but the possibility that you could bear his child excites Taehyung. He wants it to be you, to be the mother of his child.
Taehyung hugs you close when he feels you start shivering as the coldness of the cell seeps into your small bubble. You bury your face into his neck to bask in the afterglow just pretend for a little more.
”I’ll get us out of here. I’ll take you somewhere where no one will hurt us and then I’ll get you pregnant.” You’re hesitant to let yourself hope and believe the genuine promise in his words. What if he tells you this just because he’s in the heat of the moment? You’re just a human. Will he discard you when he no longer finds you entertaining as well?
”Are you sure this is what you want?” There’s disbelief in your voice that he doesn’t like seeping into your tone. He feels such a strong connection to you. He knows that you two don’t know each other that well. The circumstances that you met him are not the best.
”Take you away or get you pregnant? Because I want that right in that order. Only if you want it too though.” You nod with a dreamy smile on your face, you want that very much.
”Do you think I’ll be able to get pregnant?” You speak about your other insecurity but Taehyung pulls you closer kisses the top of your head to tell you without words that it doesn’t matter because all he wants is you. It doesn’t matter if you can give him a child or not at the end.
”Don’t worry that pretty little head of yours about that. I’ll fuck you full of my cum as many times as I need to.”
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Tumblr media
Work in progress on my tentacle embroidery 🪡
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fhtagn-and-tentacles · a day ago
Tumblr media
by Abigail Jill Harding
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