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Ruby Rose of Class 1-A: Finale Preview

Ruby Rose, Katsuki Bakugo, Eijirou Kirishima and Shouto Todoroki were some of the first students to be escorted out of the US by a few of the teachers. The rest of the staff were quickly spreading out throughout the facility, searching for villains and for the rest of Class 1-A.

The police were outside, along with a few ambulances and paramedics that were tending to the students, looking for and tending to any injury. It didn't’ seem to be necessary, though. Everyone that was standing outside of the USJ looked fine. Ruby felt that it of tension unwind from her body. Her classmates were okay. They had made it out just fine. And if they were fine, then that meant…

Ruby began to weave in and out of the small crowd that had formed, calling for her friends. It wasn’t hard. Iida was among the taller of the students, and the glint from his armor made him a beacon. Ruby felt relief wash over her when she spotted Ochako besides him.

“Ochako!” she called out, rushing up to her friends. “Iida!”

“Ruby!” The zero gravity girl caught Ruby, stumbling back as bit as her speedy classmate wrapped her arms tightly around her.

Ruby pulled back almost immediately “Are you guys okay?!” Ochako swiftly nodded.

“We’re just fine.” said Iida, scanning the smaller girl for any sort of visible injury. “And you?” Ruby nodded.

“Thanks to Bakugo and Kirishima. I ended up in the collapse zone with them.” She glanced over at the redhead and the blonde, the latter of whom was oddly quiet and looking back at the USJ. “It’s weird. Bakugo was actually calm for once. So, where were you guys?”

“We escaped the warpgate, so we were still at the entrance…” Iida looked over at the girl beside him. “If it weren’t for Uraraka, I would have never made it out and gotten the teachers.”

“It wasn’t just me,” said Ochako, finally having gotten her breath back. “It was all of us working together. “

“But you were the one who instigated it. You saved me.” A faint pink fell across Ochako’s face along with a semi-nervous grin.

“I-I guess…” Ochako glanced at the people who made up the crowd. Her flustered expression fell away into one of confusion as she raised a brow.

“Something wrong?” Ruby asked.

“Have you seen Deku? He’s the only one who isn’t here.” Ruby looked around. She was right. Midoriya was nowhere in sight. Not even by the few paramedics that remained at the scene.

“I didn’t see him come out either,” Iida added and eyes fell on Ruby. It took her a second to figure out why.

“Oh. Uh… Midoriya was… well, Midoriya,” said Ruby, not really sure how to explain it any other way. “I think he hurt himself using his power again. I didn’t see him after he jumped in to protect All Might. I’m not sure how badly he was hurt, though… I didn’t see the teachers carry him out. But it’s Midoriya! He’ll be fine.” Iida let out a sigh.

“It’s been four days,” he said, soundly slightly exasperated, “and already he’s broken a bone during three of them.” Well… he wasn’t wrong.

“A really amazing power…” muttered Ochako. “Must suck to have to deal with that every time he uses it.” Iida only nodded in agreement. Ruby shrugged.

“Yeah, even if he did save us with it, I don’t think Mr. Aizawa’s gonna let him live it down,” she said, and now that she had said that out loud… Ruby glanced around the crowd. “Uh… speaking of which where are Thirteen and Mr. Aizawa?” Neither of her friends said anything. It took her a moment to realize what exactly had happened to their teachers. “A-Are they…?”

“No!” said Ochako quickly. “They’re alive, but… um…” She exchanged a look with Iida. He sighed.

“By the time I left, Thirteen was already in bad shape,” Iida explained in her place, casting his gaze to the ground. “And I’m sad to say when I returned, Mr. Aizawa was in a far worse state then them. He wasn’t even conscious.” Ruby covered her mouth, feeling stomach twist. Iida put a hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure that they’ll be fine. We just have to trust the paramedics will help them pull through.”

“R-Right!” said Ruby with a nod. She glanced over at the villains. Eraserhead always seemed like a tough hero to beat from the few things she heard about him, and especially with a Quirk like his. What villain took him down and beat him so much? She stared at the criminals, handcuffed and being loaded into one of the vans the police had brought with them. She locked eyes with one certain one as he was brought out of USJ.

Roman Torchwick bore holes into her, dried blood staining the side of his head along with an impressive burn. He sneered in her direction. Ruby felt the color drain from her face. She quickly turned away, directing her gaze to the ground. Something in her stomach made it churn worse. He had come after her. Her specifically. It wasn’t a coincidence that he was there. Torchwick got involved in this or some other reason, and Ruby felt like that reason was her.

Which meant that she probably put all of her classmates in even more danger than they should have been in. There was the possibility that the attack never would’ve happened if she wasn’t a part of the class. Would it? Or would it still happen? All that she knew, was that being a part of Class 1-A probably made the attack a lot worse than it could’ve been.

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MHA as Things My Friends Have Said

Inspired by @thesearerihannaswildthoughts’ post

Kirishima: No one’s in my room

*bakusquad laughs from under Kiri’s bed*

Momo: Jirou’s my daddy

Kaminari: Jirou’s your milf?

Momo: No, she’s my daddy

Kaminari: That somehow makes it worse

Midoriya: Jesus made me!

Bakugo: Well, Jesus made a mistake

Ochako: Deku, stop hitting on All Might. He’s a married man.

Deku: Plenty of married men have hit on- oh. Wait. I’m not gonna finish that sentence

Kendo: Are you my script? Because I never wanna lose you.

Monoma: Let’s make out right now!

*the sound of Monoma getting slapped*

Kirishima: We could cut the pepperonis in half…

Bakugo: I’ll cut you in half

Kirishima, With a huge smile: Bring it!

Izuku: I accidentally snorted some packaging foam once

Inko: Correction- it was not an accident

Mina: What are you doing?

Jirou: We’re having an orgy

Mina: Hey! I wasn’t invited! *pause * Okay, what are you actually doing?

Bakugo: We’re playing Dungeons and Dragons

Jirou: The least sexy thing a group of people can do

Kaminari: Excuse you, Midnight plays D&D!

Jirou: TRUE!

Kirishima: Stop sexualizing our teacher!

Ochako: Of course he’s a virgin; when approached him he was in chainmail and said, “begone thot!”

Iida: To be fair, I’ve said that to p- wait, that doesn’t help

Mina, to Kaminari: Stop playing the piano, you crackhead!

Jirou: That’s a guitar

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Sero: “Kaminari is emotionally broken today.”

Iida: “what does that even mean?”

Kaminari, holding a pillow to his chest and starring outside. No emotion.

Iida, blinking: “Kaminari?”

Kaminari: “Have you ever lost your will to live?”

Iida, suddenly pale: “Kaminari, if you are struggling-.”

Bakugou: “For fucks sake, his favorite show ended!”

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Iida, reading a book and minding his own business.

Sero, throwing himself onto Iida and knocking his book onto the floor: “I’m bored.”

Iida, sighing: “And this is why my book has been slapped away?”

Sero, small troublemaking smile on his face: “You forgive me.”

Iida, sighing again and pressing a kiss to Sero'a nose: “Yes, I do.”

Sero, turning red and pressing his face into Iida’s chest: “Cheating.”

Iida, smiling down at Sero with his own red face.

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Aoyama: gay and covered in glitter

Mina: pink shitpost

Tsu: supportive Kermit

Iida: sonic

Uraraka: pretty much only there to be the love interest

Ojiro: has tail

Kaminari: if Pikachu was a fuckboy


Koda: looks like Groot, has Disney princess power

Sato: sugar makes him buff

Jiro: has headphone jacks for ears

Sero: sentient tape dispenser

Tokoyami: Venom rip-off

Todoroki: If Elsa and Zuko fused

Hagakure: The Invisible Man, but a 14 year old girl

Bakugou: tsundere makes things blow up

Deku: will break his bones for you

Momo: too OP so they took her confidence


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honestly watching the first episodes i thought tenya was going to be a total asshole (like playing the role bakugou has in the beginning) and then the actual first day happened and I HAVENT BEEN THIS WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING OUTSIDE OF MATH FOR SUCH A LONG TIME

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Tag Testing!

Akiya Iida (Heavenly Arrow)

Age: 18 (Year 3)

Gender: Girl

Quirk: Pinpoint—Can use her extremely good vision to lock on a target and seemingly “teleport” to said object; in reality she just using very high speeds. This being said, if there are objects that can move in the way of the target, then they have the possibility to collide with the object. Her eyesight and halting ability is not very good when she is already in motion, so she had to be analytical before making her sprint. Her limit seems to be about 200 meters.

Personality: She has a very heavy since of duty and tends to take on a lot of her father’s characteristics. She makes it her job as student body president to make sure each and every student is not only always on point but is doing well– almost obsessively. Because of this she is often regarded as the mother of all U.A.. Like with any mother, the students are always wary of her when they act up because she can literally see you from a mile away and will not hesitate to run up on your ass.

Likes: Orange snacks (carrots for sight and OJ for energy lol), Renaissance art. 

Dislikes: long distance running, crowded spaces, yellow

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Contains: sexual content; oral sex, 

Media or the characters involved do not belong to me; I only own the story. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.


On days of leisure, Iida was usually the one who would wake before you. Some days he would be restless, finding household busy work to occupy himself. Other times he would go out for a run or exercise. Or he would stay by your side as you were still claimed by slumber; watching the rise and fall of your chest and hearing the occasional sighs would be all he needed to get his days going.

But sometimes, the harmless act would stir something naughty from within, causing his mind to run rampant with such thoughts. 

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Hey can I get a one shot for Tsukishima being jealous when his girlfriends best guy friend comes to visit?

Title: An Old Friend

Ship: Tsukishima x Reader (includes Unrequited!Tenya Iida x Reader)

Word Count: 1430

A/N: thank you for this request! i began watching my hero academia, so i chose iida as the side character for this one-shot! hehe i liked writing this a lot! this was my first crossover :)

You think dinner tastes the best when Tsukishima comes over and helps your mom make it. Of course your mother’s cooking is amazing, but the fact that your boyfriend willingly stays in the kitchen and is an extra hand makes your heart swell with adoration. It seems as though sometimes your mom and Tsukishima get along better than you and he do, but it’s okay. He might not say many things, but he prefers to show it through his actions, which is much more important to you.

“Curry, just the way you like it, (Y/N)!” Your mom places a plate next to your leaning tower of homework. She and Tsukishima settle on the side and in front of you, respectively. “You should take a break, you can finish your homework later with Kei-kun.”

You sigh, but you concede and place your homework to the side. “This homework isn’t going to get done by itself, you know,” you grumble. Shoving in a spoonful of curry and rice into your mouth, your mood dissipates. “Thanks mom for the food, and you too, Kei.” A smile graces your lips.

“You’re welcome, (Y/N).” The room is filled with delightful chewing but it is stopped when your mother gasps. “I forgot to tell you, Iida’s family is stopping by!” 

Through the rice in your mouth, you gulp and open your mouth, but you can’t seem to find the words coming out of your mouth. “When did they say this?”

“Just recently. They wanted to get away from the city for a weekend and I offered that since it’s only the two of us here, they are free to come by, and they are!” If your mom could, she’d be throwing a party to celebrate that the Iidas were coming to the countryside, then another party to celebrate that they arrived. You nearly forgot that your mom stayed in touch with Tenya’s mother after they moved away. Somehow, the bond of parents went beyond the breakable bond of the children.

You hum and proceed to eat your food. Better to distract yourself than to think about the true problem at hand.

“You’ve got nothing to say? I hear Tenya’s excited to see you again!” This statement prompts Tsukishima to raise his eyebrows at you. “Just a friend, Kei-kun. Nothing to worry about! Although, I did think (Y/N) and Tenya would end up together someday!” Your mom clasps her hands together, the way only a mother would in dreaming of her ideal match for her only kin.

“She only says that because we were inseparable as kids,” you explain to Tsukishima. Pointedly, you say, “Mom, I’ve got a boyfriend, clearly.”

“I know! That’s why I’m telling Kei-kun not to worry about it! I’m sure a handsome boy like Tenya has a girlfriend already!” Ah, the typical mom. Always on everyone’s side. “Next weekend, okay? I’ll leave you to yourselves. Stay in the living room.” Your mother scoops up her empty bowl and exits the room.

“So an old friend, huh?”

“Nothing to worry about.”

The next weekend, all you do is catch up with Tenya. The first day his family arrives, you resist from jumping into his arms. You used to do that often, but now you’re thinking otherwise. You settle for a warm hug.

The two of you groan unconsciously at the sight of your mother in the doorway of the living room. You are sitting two feet away from each other on the same couch and both pairs of legs are sprawled or tucked in. “Hey, Y/N and Tenya-kun. You two should head to bed, you’re being a little loud. And Tenya’s going out with his family tomorrow.”

“But we just started talking,” you whisper after you glance at the digital clock by the monitor. 2 in the morning, yikes. At least you didn’t think you seemed so loud, but sound does travel.

“No, it’s okay, Y/N. We’ll talk more tomorrow night. We’ve already talked for an hour now.” Tenya rubs his eyes underneath his glasses. “Thank you for caring for us, (L/N)-san,” he says while tipping his head toward your mother.

The shadow of your mother deceases as she retreats back to her bedroom. She always shows up leaning in the doorway, just as you see on television and she probably got it from there too. A typical mom, looking out for her typical daughter. Too bad she got all of her techniques from American soap operas.

“(Y/N), I forgot how caring your mom is.” Tenya chuckles as he folds the blanket he draped across you and him. He stands and looks around the house. “This never changed, you guys never change,” he says this while adjusting his glasses. His gaze lies back onto you and it all goes very fast for no reason at all.

“Wait, Tenya, I have a boyfriend.”

“Oh.” His expression came back as crestfallen, but he shakes his head and smiles as his body straightens up. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. I love you, Tenya, but not like that anymore.”


“Not like that anymore.”

Saturday is usually the day where your mom lets Tsukishima come into the house and lounge around after he cleans up from his volleyball practice. It came about when she said something along the lines of “Tsukishima-kun can’t be hanging around all the time! Just choose a day and you can hang out the whole day,” so Saturday it was.

The couch is always the most comfortable to be on since you can’t be in your room alone with him and there’s no other place where you can rest your head on his shoulder comfortably. His arm slings around your back and his wrist hangs off your shoulder. The two of you aren’t even doing anything but it is in the plainest moments where you fall more in love.

Everything is livelier with Tenya’s family around. You missed seeing the whole family all in one place; it’s been ten years since the Iidas moved into Tokyo. Tensei is lax as ever, you have always admired the contrast between the brothers’ attitudes. His parents insist on cooking for this weekend and while your mom is reluctant, you know she’s happy to lay back from always tending to you and the house. 

The Iidas come through the door as relaxed as they can but with Tenya arguing with Tensei about some kind of law, it’s like the house is in its own earthquake. It’s a fresh change. You’ll miss this weekend for months to come.

Tsukishima purses his lips and takes a deep breath.

“Hey, don’t think I didn’t notice that you’re squeezing my arm tighter, Kei,” you tease with your tongue out.

“Tenya, Tensei, this is my boyfriend, Tsukishima.” You grin as the brothers approach you in the living room.

“Nice to meet you!” Tensei holds out his hand for a shake and Tsukishima nods and grips firmly. Tenya does the same but Tsukishima’s hand is much lazier with him.

“Nice to meet you too.” Tsukishima’s voice is nice and even, though he wants to explode inside, that’s for sure.

“We’ll leave you two alone.” Tenya shoves his hands between his brother’s shoulder blades.

“But I have so much to ask!” Tensei presses with his back, but to no avail and his mock wails shrink until they are heard no more.

The first question that comes out of your mouth is “Tsukki, are you jealous?” You only use his nickname when you’re teasing him and already, the tip of his ears are growing hot.

Tsukishima clicks his tongue in annoyance. “You can believe that but I am most certainly not.”

“I never thought I’d see the day where you’re so visibly bothered by someone getting under your skin. Maybe we should throw a party for you.” You snuggle into his side and rest your head in his neck. You look up to see his eyes but he doesn’t meet your gaze.

“Haven’t you seen me in practice with Dumb and Dumber?” You think back to the first time you watched a Karasuno Volleyball Club practice to support Tsukishima last year. While you admired Hinata and Kageyama’s efforts to become the best they can be, they always poked fun at Tsukishima for being too serious. “I’m not jealous, I’m just looking out for you.”

You hum through thin lips. “Sure.” You lace your fingers between his and everything is perfect. A loving mother, loving friends, and a loving boyfriend. How can life get better than this?

“It does look like you have a type though.”


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