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You know sometimes I wonder why I am the way I am but then I remember that I grew up on Tales of the crypt, Goosebumps, Dungeon Keeper, Digimon, Pokemon, Inuyasha, Sailor moon and watched my first horror movie while I was still in an elementary school ( I think they watched Chucky with me the third one and I had nightmares for a while but ended up really interested in horror so they showed me scary movie you know the movies parodying horror movies) probally at age 10 because my older sister’s let me. also….My first crush was on …. Ladydevimon


Originally posted by silvercrystal

and that’s before I was even in middle school. Like at age 12 I was hooked on horror and had a huge creepypasta phase starting with Pokemon creepypasta and moving to regular ones.

By age 14 I got into problematic ships …. and read lemons despite the warnings. also shout out to people who remember the term lemons. I would also point out I myself ignored this warnings and that’s in no way the creators of the fanfics fault…and I wasn’t groomed I was just a pervert pretty early in life.

I think at age 14 was also when my ‘my little pony phase started …I think well I started getting really invested in the creepy cute thing I still am.

By age 16 I regularly started to fantasize about monsters and loved horror movies they calmed my anxiety. I was a big pervert at that point I still am I was also into shota and loli content at the time…to be fair I was a minor and I don’t really am into that anymore and I would like to remind you that fictional children aren’t anywhere close to real children and should not be compared children don’t tend to behave that way and no-one is hurt over fiction.

By 17 to 18 I discovered most of my main ships and had gotten into ero guro for a short time. ( also weird …I also think I traumatized myself when I stumbled on Mai chan’ s daily life)

.so…I know exactly why I turned out the way I did XD

I am 22 now and run this blog that is openly terato and proship. I also still love problematic content I grew up on horror and I not giving up on that anytime soon!

and That’s just who I am while my other side is caring loving and pretty feminine I love the occult, horror and all the dark stuff. I find it fascinating.. It’s not like I am a bad person I live helping people and people tend to like me it’s just I like this weird stuff.

But I always wondered Was I a bad person expessialy in the past when I saw lots of antis and people going on why almost everything I liked was bad and terrible I thought I was evil sometimes but that’s when I remembered someone say the fact that you worry about being a bad person already shows I am not.

I took that to heart I always beat myself up for not being like the other kids around me from small things like little me literally hitting herself with a book for not being smart enough course everyone seemed more advanced when me I literaly had trouble pronouncing words, tying my shoes or reading a clock when I was little.

I was the weird kid still am. Of course that and my eye being derpy from birth had led to me being bullied expessialy as a child. I was the girl with the messed up eye in glasses doodling all day and getting lost in her dream world…. When I got older I also still had a small friend group I didn’t want to annoy anyone…I always thought everyone was better than me and that I was weird and not needed it be better if I was not in the way.

I had what depression and Anxiety or at least I assume so since I had the sytomps I wanted to die, disappear sometimes I wanted something terrible to happen to me to at least give me a reason why I felt the way I did. I thought I deserved terrible things because I was …the way I was.

I had panic attacks before, I had sensory overloads..I had almost all symptomps but I was afraid to admit I was probally mentally ill expessialy to my Russian family…since they didn’t seem to believe in mental issues as much Every time I brought it up my mom would write it off as the devil or paranormal stiff tempting me.

I believe in paranormal stuff but I knew there was something wrong with me When I was twenty I told her a bit more about it I also admitted it to my sister’s. They took my mental illness seriously after I explained it…I wonder why I thought they wouldn’t.

Back when I was 14 to 16 I would purposely hurt myself not like cutting but like hitting myself against walls or books make sure I 'accidently’ run into corners of tables.or make my cat scratch me….I also kept touching my wounds…I found out it was because I wasn’t only depressed I was masochistic I loved the way the pain felt.

I am actually starting to recover I have a job I like and I have achieved a bunch of things I never thought I would I got my drivers license and I started a webcomic. I had done a commission things look better now.

Of course sometimes I recollapse into depression and my anxiety does sometimes get the better of me but I am alot better now.

I don’t hurt myself anymore and I am coping a lot better now.

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As a Selkie, Meara tends to follow some seal tendencies.

After a few weeks of not drawing after… the incident… I now have the whole Fae Fam just being cute. Brynjar being the cute little shit he is, Tali holding his tiny wife with ease, and Meara… being a banana. 

There’s been a few changes to Bryn and Meara, Meara being one you’ve kinda already seen (just not her human form) and Bryn changed cause I did some stuff to Satyrs in my world.

Also, yes, she did turn her seal skin into a belt. It’s just a thing Selkie do, don’t question it.

It’s nice, drawing again. I also lost my signature, so I gotta remake that too, so I guess you’ll have to deal with me just writing out my name, lol.

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Ok but what if I wrote a short story about a vampire brothel and all the various services they offer (including some mild hypnosis for extra stress relief) hmmmmmmmmm….

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vvI’ve always been a monsterfucker, but I’m a 100% sure Castlevania: Lords of Shadow made me finally realize it.

I mean, look at these fuckers 


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Title: Savage Beauty

A/N: If you feel like you’ve seen this chapter before, that’s because I decided to rewrite the end and repost it! I realized I wasn’t happy with the end scene and it didn’t feel right. So, if you read this chapter before, just read the last scene again, as it is very different.

Chapters: 6/?

Story summary: Roni Wildcraft, a two-bit thief and smuggler, has now become an imprisoned lab experiment.

She just wants to get the hell out of there — and so does the alien trapped in the room next to her.

Preview: The robot stopped and stood in front of the glass with a stun baton in one shiny hand. Valeantris pushed down the burst of a rattling snarl threatening to push its way out of his throat.

Read on AO3

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🌿jaguar monster!Grimmjow & zoo keeper!Ichigo🌿

for the @grimmichibigbang animal Bing~✨

((there’s an extra pic and a small thread on twitter ♡))

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Wowza it has been a while. I wrote this story without a proofread because it has been forever since I have written and I needed to do something. This will be multi-part and I have no idea how long. Thank you so much for the support and sticking with me while I took a break. Hopefully now I will be able to get on a schedule with writing and post more often.


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Funny Story:

During a particularly bad storm,I was alone in my room, scrolling through my phone and just minding my own business when a really loud crash sounded nearby and - I kid you not - my first initial thought was:


In what I could only describe as the most hopeful way which was then diminished when I realized that it was not in fact a gargoyle.

My dumb ass legit thought my monster romance fantasy was finally coming true.

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The devil works fast, but nsfw and fetish artists work faster

Not me though

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You expected a nice night of rest. However, you meet again with your patron, who was already awaiting you, sitting in a table with two cups of tea: One for them, one for you. They seem overly enthusiastic today, for they have a new little offer for you. Now, how are you feeling about it?

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Note: Spiderus from GoGoFive is a dude, right? But they made Arachnor a chick for some reason? Eff that. This Arachnor’s a daddy.

Imagine Arachnor deciding to hitch a ride on your cleavage.

The monster should have been more patient, because you noticed the spider on your chest before he even made it past the kitchen.

So close, he thought as you lifted the cup from your palm.

Now Arachnor was stuck outside, pining on the side of your home. Thankfully not for long, because he went to search for your bedroom window. It was open just a crack. Arachnor was happy he didn’t have to damage the property of a potential mate. After crawling in, he situated himself on the wall and waited. He would have loved to spin a web in the corner of the room, but Arachnor intended to take you back with him. He’d get to use his silk on you soon enough.

Morphing into his humanoid form, he waited for the sound of your footsteps. Because you were carrying a laundry basket with both arms, you pushed the door open with your back. And missed Arachnor freeing his testicles. It wasn’t until he gripped his boner, eliciting a purr, that you turned around. Later you two would have plenty of time to have sex your way, but right now Arachnor of course wanted to do you spidey style.

Instead of enticing you, the odd vibration made you jump.

“Yoo hoo, ______.”

You jumped again when you saw the monster on your wall. Before you could run, thick threads shot out, ensnaring and reeling you in. Arachnor didn’t want you cocooned. Not just because he didn’t want to scare you, but because he wanted easy access to your privates. Besides, if you were brought home fully swathed in silk, the spiderlings might mistake you for food. At least, they might if you weren’t expecting.

“As a single father, I don’t want to leave my babies alone for too long. You understand. Let’s get started, shall we?” Arachnor caressed your bare thighs with a clawed hand before carefully lifting your skirt up.

Shifting onto your side only made it easier for one claw to snag your panties. As he parted your legs, you tried to desperately brainstorm a distraction. Anything to make him leave you alone.

“What about protection?”

“Of course I’ll protect you,” your assailant drawled, before launching into an explanation of how male spiders often had to tie up mates to avoid getting eaten. Just as Arachnor started apologizing, not wanting you to think he was ignorant, you realized how fucked you were (going to be).

“I… I meant condoms.”

“My babies are ready to hatch soon and they will need nourishment. And since there are so many, they will need much to eat. Because you’re going to help feed them, I need to make sure they know you’re off the menu.” You stared blankly. “They need to recognize you as their stepmother. Also…” Arachnor pawed at a tit, before squeezing. “It’d be more convenient if their half-siblings just needed breastfeeding, which is a practice I’m very curious about.”

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Regarding the terato side, these are some of my fave ship dynamics <3

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