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ranger-truth · 2 years ago
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Guys, guys, let's get back into Animorphs!!!
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lovelymedusa · 2 years ago
Meghan Murphy was just banned from Twitter and we should be worried
For those who don't know, Meghan Murphy is a prominent radical feminist and the author of Feminist Current. Today, she was banned from Twitter for stating that men are not women. She has been temporarily suspended in the past, but this time it's permanent. In addition, Twitter changed it's rules to BAN misgendering and/or deadnaming. That means that something as simple as saying that trans women are biologically male or using a female pronoun for a trans man could get you terminated on Twitter for hate speech. Twitter is silencing women. I will not stop speaking up. Fight to make your voice heard.
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lightbear3r · 2 years ago
Alright campers, there has been rumors floating around that SOMEbody here doesn't think that trans women are real women.
Not. Cool. Dudes.
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lesbiansinthegarden · 2 years ago
Mpreg fanfic has led to the modern trans movement and you can't change my mind
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volcano-cats · 2 years ago
please dont use the flags, the creator is a terf
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Tumblr media
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feminismandmedia · a year ago
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Tumblr media
I'll say it again: FUCK JK ROWLING
Its not only pride month, but it's also the time that we should be talking about racism & black lives matter. ESPECIALLY because black trans women are at some of the highest risk for hate crimes.
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self-loving-vampire · 10 months ago
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I want to visit whatever alternate reality TERFs come from.
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teaboot · 7 months ago
Me: (Whacking a TERF with a rolled-up newspaper) why *SMACK* won't *SMACK* you *SMACK* die *SMACK SMACK SMACK*
The TERF, protected by it's chitinous exoskeleton: What Is It Like To Be A Tool Of Your Own Oppression, Brood-Sister? Does Your Soft, Fertile Womb Not Ache To Be Free?
Me: (sobbing) PLEASE shut the fuck up
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thestrippershateyou · 2 years ago
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It’s almost as fun to watch men get taken down a notch as it is to watch radfems get taken down a notch.
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queerautism · a year ago
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Oof JK Rowling get fucked
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strigla · 26 days ago
Extremely Unpopular Opinion but I think it's high time we recognize there's a specific type of TERF that primarily targets transmascs.
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radfemblack · 3 years ago
What so-called “men’s advocates” could be doing:
• creating spaces for male victims of rape and violence
• challenging and defying masculinity
• supporting gay men
• embracing gender non-conforming men
• trying to reform the prison system (which disproportionately affects poor black men), or trying to abolish the private prison industry altogether
• forming activist groups to raise awareness of and brainstorm solutions to sentencing bias in the criminal “justice” system (men get more time in prison than women; black men get the harshest punishments of all)
• building community shelters to house and help homeless men (again, mostly poor men of color)
• creating therapy groups to support men with mental illnesses
• campaigning to get felons the right to vote nationwide (once more, black men are disproportionately impacted by these kind of laws)
• pushing to get the histories of marginalized groups (LGBT & people of color) more accurately represented and included in school curriculum
• protesting the unjust killings of black men by police
• working to dismantle the negative stereotypes assigned to men of color (terrorist, thug, drug dealer, etc)
• trying to get better education and higher quality schools to poor communities
• attempting to make life-saving treatments and medicine more accessible to the poor & disabled
• taking a stand against racism, homophobia, and classism
• encouraging boys to pursue their passions even if they’re not “manly”
What they actually do:
Get upset and rage online about feminism, a women’s movement, not catering to men and focusing on solving these issues they claim to care so much about.
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