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#terminator fanart

Continuation to that kind of Terminator AU where T-800 decides to stay


Here is my version of adult John Connor and his terminator-protector-bodyguard-friend and father figure Uncle Bob somewhere around the events of Terminator Salvation

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Terminator 2 The Judgement Day Fan Art


A selfie of Sarah and John Connor with their family’s terminator Uncle Bob 🤖

(Or maybe a kind of AU where the terminator survives/decides to stay and lives with the Connors)

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- You’re now trapped miss protector!

- You catched me little dove..

- Mmh.. You know what, let’s stay here like that for a while..

Hey guys!! I just wanted to thank you all for the support! And also that I really love to see your tags when you reblog my fanarts, it litterally makes my day everytime :) so thank you, and keep being awesome.

/I can also take few requests, I’m curious about your imagination, so let’s say that I’ll do the first 2 that inspires me!/

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I couldn’t resist trying things

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Some doodles of a character concept for a cool explorer girl, my two boys, and fanart relating TerminalMontage’s newest video.

Seriously if you don’t watch his animations you are missing out.


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it’s cutesy couple, sarah connor and kyle reese (from james cameron’s 1984 classic, the terminator) for this week’s ScifiPulse artwork. it’s to accompany benjamin francis cassidy’s hilarious ditty for his may the verse be with you feature, which drops every Friday morning at around 10am GMT. you’ll also find tons of other features and regular slots with reviews, interviews and loads more. so, check it out if you want to live… *finger-machine-guns*

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