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Today is the day we celebrate Ninja’s birthday. Today she is 11!

To put 11 years in perspective, I think of having had a human child in 2009 and how I would be the father of a sixth grader right now. That boggles my mind, as does leafing back through the events of the past 11 years and considering how big a role she has played. What she has been there for, all of the things we have been through together, especially that time in 2013, which was one of the hardest. I sometimes wonder if Cameron and I would have made it through—happy and where we are today—if it were not for her. How do dogs do what they do?

I love most when she is content and lying at the foot of the bed. I sit on the floor before her, rest my chin on the blankets, petting the feathery hair on her head, scratching behind her ears, looking in her eyes. I stare at her softly staring at me. We stare at each other for a long time, and I feel so thankful, like everything is going to be fine.

Happy Birthday, good girl. I hope you are loving your life. I am for sure loving you!

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Been updating my Redbubble with older paintings–so you can get things like this dog painting I made on things like totes and cards and stickers and prints. He’s a pretty good boy, just saying.

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But T-Bone is gonna T-Bone… 🤦‍♀️
For someone who is supposed to be running shit around here, I sure do say “#WhatAreYouDoing?” a lot. 😑

T-Bone is a 11 year old mix of #AmericanStaffordshireTerrier, #AmericaBulldog (Scott Type) & #Dogo Argentino.

#PitBullTBone #ButThePitBull #PitBull #BullDog #Terrier #AmericanStaffordshire #Staffordshire #StaffordshireTerrier #PitBullTerrier #AmericanPitBullTerrier #DogoArgentino #Argentino #Mastiff #AmericanPitBull #AmStaff #Staffy #AmBull

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