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Anti-Lawn & the Necessity of Gardening - 01 / ???
Deterritorialization through urban gardening
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Krumwiede, Kieth. A Good Shepherd, Freedom Land. 2016. In Kieth Krumwiede, Atlas of Another America, 197. Zurich: Park Books, 2016.
“The gardener's generous gesture of free planting has a long history, in which it is often possible to identify a radical critique of private property interwoven with a statement of communal interest, mutual aid and cooperation. This is less to do with a demarcated territory of the (private, domestic) garden. George McKay, Radical Gardening, 155.
The American suburban lawn is an extension of territorial claims within suburban housing, acting as a cultural medium to present certain values and maintain the status quo of grasping some sort of ‘American Dream’:
If I keep a clean lawn then I am a respected member of the community, I look down on those who haven’t mowed their lawn. 
As a uniform plane the lawn provides a medium for non-productive landscaping namely for poaceae or gramineae AKA grass, providing no positive ecological, social, or economic value; with its costs and effects on the environment being a driver of climate change. (1) Kentucky Bluegrass is currently the main ecology of a sub-urban biota, being the most prominent and most fertilized crop in North America. The species is so prominent and a defining feature of suburban lawns it’s hard to think of it as being anything other than native, however blue grass is an invasive species that is a remnant of settler colonialism’s ties to the biota and the frontier; having been brought and mixed into the existing biota by early European colonizers. (2)
Deterritorialization of the sub-urban lawn would require a disruption of the existing fabric through an insertion / replacement of blue grass with native plantings. The ideology of ‘every lawn is a farm’ needs to be adopted. I mainly pull on the images of Keith Krumweide’s Atlas of Another America, as a reimagining of suburbia. While Krumweide’s main fictional endeavors revolve around developing the single family home into communal super homes; the pastoral themes and romanticized paintings that serve as the backdrop for these homes are white and settler colonialism in nature, however his representations still address the environment in which suburbia is placed. While a full productive farm in a sub-urban would be radical and a worthy goal in its own right, it’s limited to those who can afford to own the existing territory. 
For this experiment we must turn to the drosscape found within the urban fabric, where the lawn is still an ever present medium, making up public parks, institutions, and multi-family housing complexes that continue to promote sub-urban ecology. The seed bomb becomes an indistinct and affordable method to practice anti-lawn methodologies. A seed bomb, aka a seed ball, is a self-contained weapon used by guerrilla gardeners, containing seeds and compost that can be throw on lawns. 
Recipe (3)
Start with three parts dried compost, one part seeds, five parts soil and one or two parts water. 
Sift the dry ingredients together, add the water and roll the mixture into balls. Let them dry for one or two days.
The preferred seeds are native to Minnesota, including sunflowers, black-eyed Susans, coneflowers and clover.
Initial test coming soon. Recommendations and tips are encouraged.
Son, Jiahn. 2020. “Lawn Maintenance and Climate Change - Psci.” Princeton University. The Trustees of Princeton University. May 20, 2020. LINK
Duble, Richard L. n.d. Kentucky Bluegrass. Texas Cooperative Extension. Accessed May 18, 2022. LINK
Shaw, Bob. 2015. “Guerrilla Gardeners Take over Plots of City Land: What's a Seed Bomb?” Twin Cities. Pioneer Press. November 12, 2015. LINK
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Sabertooth's Yukino and Minerva
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The most underrated Waterparks song is the whole Cluster EP
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Call it home or dont visit it at all.
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Into the Unknown!
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A little...I guess practical(?) Traditional in regards to participation(?) Jellicle Ball lore courtesy of a conversation I had with @theimpossiblescheme forever ago, but that recently popped to mind again:
In trying to reason why certain things are placed as they are in the Junkyard (and to avoid very obvious throne imagery because that’s boring), and in the idea that every cat, big and small, gets to take part in the Ball to some capacity, the tire is the “traditional” place during the festivities where cats who can no longer participate (or who are unable or unwilling to participate, for whatever reason) sit and hang around so they can watch the festivities. It serves as a vantage point, so they can still see everything, and a socialization spot, but it also gives other cats a clear indication that anyone who is perched on the tire has made it clear that they are not joining (again, for whatever reason that may be), and that their boundaries are to be respected. 
It is common tradition to playfully drag cats into the dance and song and celebration if they are hiding out in other corners of the Junkyard (all in good fun, of course), but the tire is a no go. Cats are free to go up there whenever and for however long they’d like (as Deuteronomy’s mobility declined, he sat up there more and more, and who doesn’t want to cuddle with him anyway?) and hang out, no questions asked. Cats who are too elderly to fully participate, or who are sick, or injured, or merely overwhelmed will often be found up there, specifically.
Sometimes the tire is home to a dozen cats, catching their breath and catching up, sometimes it’s just two, etc. And the participants of the Ball will traditionally go back to them throughout the evening to check on them, to visit with them, to listen to their stories, and make them feel a little more like they are still part of the celebration and they are grateful for their company. Even if they cannot participate in it like they used to, they still feel welcomed and together. It’s about family, after all. 
The younger kittens are taught this as part of their initiations during their "Debutante Ball”, if you will, to encourage them to respect other’s space and to use it if they need it (and, let’s face it, a lot of them end up squished up on that tire, too, with their parents or grandparents or Deuteronomy because the Jellicle Ball is very overstimulating and tiring when it's your first one). 
Munkustrap is very clear on the importance of maintaining one’s boundaries, but also very encouraging of any curious visitors to keep calm and gentle and keep company and that they can always take a break if they need to.
Amie indicated that Tugger, the softie he is, would be up there *constantly* to socialize with (and affectionately annoy) the older cats who have made their home there, squishing between them and casually asking “What’s shaking?” and chatting their collective ears off. He’s been doing it since *his* Debutante Ball and he has no plans of quitting. Of course the kittens learn from his example as well.  
It also, of course, serves as a source of playful teasing for the more rambunctious youngsters, calling “Last one to the other side of the clearing has to sit on the tire with grandpa!" and squealing to race each other to avoid it (and you bet that Deuteronomy or Gus, once rambunctious kittens themselves, gleefully trap the “loser” there with them until they’ve served their time and they are set free). 
It’s about taking care of the family. It’s about being together. <3
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Are all of the scenes of Philip being happy tapped in the "my darlings" folder?
No, but there is a scene of Lucid taking Philip into a dreamscape to show them his Tragic Backstory™️
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The real world is the playing ground for each and every group, to make or unmake laws. But the tip of the nose of my book or stories or poems is where their rights end and my territorial imperatives begin, run and rule. If Mormons do not like my plays, let them write their own. If the Irish hate my Dublin stories, let them rent typewriters. If teachers and grammar school editors find my jawbreaker sentences shatter their mushmilk teeth, let them eat stale cake dunked in weak tea of their own ungodly manufacture.
Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) American writer, futurist, fabulist
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“Individual territories of birds representing two competing species, wood pewee (stippled) and least flycatcher, along a forest trail.” Animal Ecology. 1961. 
Internet Archive
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Shadows on the Water
It was super nice outside so Zeph and I went for a walk, down to my territory, a strip by the river. On the sidewalk I saw a labradoodle running towards me and held my tail up right away, anticipating what he would do, and sure enough he sniffed it like mad. His owner called the dog off and I let him know all dogs reacted that way around my tail because it was real fur. He said ‘cute tail!’ And as I was leaving I heard his little girl ask, ‘Why is she wearing a tail Daddy?’ And he said he didn’t know. That entire interaction just felt so wholesome.  On the way down, Zeph and I made wishes on dandelions. When we got to the river a family was fishing, and while I felt a slight annoyance I reminded myself that they had as much right to be here as me. I was friendly and asked them if they were fishing, and they let me see and touch the fish they caught before they released them. My lip peeled back slightly and my jaw snapped.  I went out to the cliff where I did some howling, and Zeph played in the water. When we went back the family was gone, and the sun was setting. Zeph and I talked a bit to Alpha. He has been having some problems lately with being non-corporeal, while I had been experiencing species dysphoria, basically we as a unit had been feeling like we had the wrong kind of body. This is not unusual for us, but out here, with the wind blowing through my hair and my tail brushing up against the backs of my legs, I felt peace. Creation truly is beautiful. He bounded up onto a tree root and we watched the sunset over the calm waters. That’s when I saw the shadows on the water. Reflections of the physical, they were shaky and shifty, but they were there.  Our unseen parts are like shadows on the water. Tulpas and dæmons, phantom limbs and instincts, thoughts and emotions, beliefs, struggles, delights, dreams, the things that go unspoken or unexplainable and the things we cannot touch. They may not have physical form, like the trees and the bushes, but that doesn’t make them any less real. They are parts of us, and like shadows they are changing all the time, able to be masked, and not always visible, if ever. The sun lights up the parts of us the world wants to see, what everyone sees, while behind, the things that are hidden cast a shadow.  The shadows are parts of us too. They are no less real than our physical bodies. And we don’t have to prove that or ourselves to anyone.  On the way back I saw a rabbit and chased it, barking when it vanished through the bushes. I swear if I lived in the wild I’d be one of those wolves that would have trouble keeping quiet during hunts 😆 This is the sight:
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Waterparks - Territory
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'Including Crimea': Ukraine's Zelensky seeks full restoration of territory | World News
‘Including Crimea’: Ukraine’s Zelensky seeks full restoration of territory | World News
As Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelensky said that they are seeking full restoration of territory – including Crimea. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO council summit, Zelensky mentioned three top goals: to halt Russia’s advance, reclaim territory and restore Ukraine’s entire territory through diplomacy, reported Ukrainian media – the Kyiv…
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Protecting territory by sarniebill1 White Swan https://flic.kr/p/2n7c8Ys
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Medicine cat dens
(Forest territory’s)
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Sepultura -  Territory
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Territory, The Blaze.
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