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udontfuckangie · a month ago
Tumblr media
Every Gallavich Thumb Caress 4/?
This one is very heartbreaking. The beginnings of a thumb caress interrupted by Terry Milkovich himself once again ruining lives. 
rating: still a 10/10 for effort and for what could’ve been
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bazgallaghermilkovich · a month ago
Still trying to wrap my head around the fact that they're husbands.
They're husbands who are so comfortable with each other that Mickey knows Ian's fucking fungus problems from like a decade ago and have the most cringy dirty-talk without being embarassed at all because the other is just as cringy as them
They're husbands saving up for their own place (with the active requirement being lots of rooms for them to fuck in) and they're husbands who run early to a donut shop so that their husband's favourite one doesn't sell out
They're husbands who wake up together, go to work together and dress up to go on a quest to find friends together and fail miserably at it together
They're husbands who are so open and vulnerable with each other with Mickey telling Ian things about Terry he's never ever talked about and Ian asking him, "Would you take care of me if I was paralyzed?" and Mickey being okay with crying in front of him
They're husbands who've been in love with each other since they were 15&17 years old and they've had to hide that for so long, and now they're gonna love each other freely and openly forever
They're husbands and it means thick and thin, good times, bad, sickness, health, all that shit
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really fascinated by how people think Terry leaving a box of literal Nazi-memorabilia to his jewish ex-girlfriend is used in any way to present him as...less of a piece of shit than before????? what???
this plot line was just his final condemnation because even after his death, even going into his past, there is not a single redeeming quality about him. not even in Mickey’s happier childhood memories is he anything other than an absolute monster.
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udontfuckangie · a month ago
I’m happy with the singing(it’s their thing and it’s fucking sweet) but if anyone would like to write a fic about Mickey and Ian reciting their vows while Terry’s body burns next to them I would read it...
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bazgallaghermilkovich · a month ago
No but why are people saying they tried to humanise Terry like what about "oh I couldn't learn a language in a whole goddamn year so I killed my girlfriend's dad and then developed a hatred for Jews and POCs and killed and ruined so many lives" seems human
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You think Lip sometimes looks at Ian and Mickey and just smiles a little to himself because who would've seen that coming?
Like, Lip's always been good with odds and numbers and back in the day, back when they started out a fucking lifetime ago, absolutely nobody would have bet on those two making it in the end.
He had been around back then, on the side lines catching glimpses from time to time. From 'Mickey's gay and we're doing it' and 'i know what he felt with me' to 'you think i should've?' and 'because i love him'.
And Lip hesitates in the doorway when he enters the living room for a moment and watches them lie on the couch in front of the TV, wrapped up in each other's arms, sleepy and content, for once neither bickering nor on the verge of fucking and he thinks that he's never seen Ian so happy and being himself this much at the same time before.
And maybe he shakes his head when he looks at the man in his brother's arms because holy fucking shit that's Mickey Milkovich right there.
That's 'someone's gotta get a beat down', it's 'oh shit is right', it's anger issues and russian prostitutes and attempted murder and escaping prison to fucking mexico.
But it's also the guy who pours Ian his coffee in the morning and makes sure he doesn’t drink it before he’s had something to eat, who used to count his fucking pills, who once bought a bag full of B vitamins as if they could fix it all somehow.
It’s who Ian lost sleep over, it’s who he made his best bad decisions for.
It's Franny's Uncle Mickey, it's Mandy's older brother and holy shit, it's Ian's fucking husband.
And isn't that so beautifully Ian, that he saw something in that dirty faced thug from ten years ago that no one else ever bothered to look for? that he found a love that proved itself to be stronger than whatever life or fate or Terry fucking Milkovich threw at them, that pulled them back to each other every time they fell apart?
Mickey has been a constant presence in Ian’s life in a way that nothing else but Lip himself ever had. Has been a witness, a catalyst, a victim of Ian’s epic highs and lows, has done insane things to and for and because of him. As fucked up as they always were, they seem to hold the balance, they somehow make it work.
Lip loves his brother with all his heart, has done so his entire life, he knows all the best and a lot of the worst of Ian and he knows that Mickey knows it too. Loves him, too. Signed up for it all, the whole package, good times and bad, sickness and health, Monica and Gay Jesus, mania and depression. Had probably signed up for it long before they stood in front of witnesses at the Polish Doll.
So Lip smiles sometimes when they bicker over breakfast cereal or when Ian can’t keep his hands to himself even when the rest of them is right there or when Mickey talks shit like he’s still big bad Milkovich, south side thug extraordinaire and not the boy who has been in love with Lip’s little brother for the last decade.
Because it’s nice to see they made it. Because if anyone deserves a happy ending and a gentle future, it’s them.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy · 2 months ago
this train of thought is whacky as hell but a lot of the sentiment around Mickey caring for Terry is actually really eye-opening for me personally in regards to the debate around the abolition the prison-industrial complex and the death penalty. (look, i know. let me explain)
because i see a lot of people completely outraged that Mickey is treating Terry with some amount of kindness and making sure he is taken care of properly, because in their minds that means Mickey and Ian (and by extension the writers) are forgetting/forgiving all the terrible things that he did, which. Just no.
Helping and showing kindness to someone is not an endorsement of their actions.
And obviously there's an incredibly important difference between fiction and reality and obviously Mickey is in a very special position as both Terry's caretaker and as a witness and victim of his abuse.
But what I see a lot of posts burn down to is the notion that if a person does bad enough things, they lose their right to be treated with a base amount of respect and dignity. That being seen and treated as a human being is a privilege that can be lost.
For the record, if that's your opinion then that's fine. I might not share it but i respect it.
To me personally, and this may have to do with growing up German, human dignity is and has to be inviolable. Period. No ifs, no buts, no exceptions.
It means that there is no question of whether a person 'deserves' dignity, it is something they hold and that cannot be taken away under any circumstances.
And i do believe that the way we treat the lowest and most morally rejectable members of our society says something about us in return.
Maybe this is kind of a far reach but idk this thought wouldn't leave my head.
Apart from Mickey’s complicated personal relationship with Terry, i think the reason why he cared for him was because he felt it was the right thing to do. Because he didn't want him to sit neglected and helpless in squalor (the way he, as a child, was likely often left).
And i've said this before but i believe this short storyline said so much more about Mickey than it did about Terry.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy · 2 months ago
ok obviously this is one of those 'why does ian gallagher use his mouth to say words' instances but ngl i kinda dig that he is doing his part to keep Mickey from retroactively whitewashing Terry in any way by giving into some sort of nostalgia.
mickey has every right to mourn his father if he wants and needs to and ian's simply providing regular reality checks 😌
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bazgallaghermilkovich · 2 months ago
All of our posts about Ian yesterday: caring, comforting, hugging, talking
Ian: 🤪 I think his dying wish was, "get this plastic bag off my head" 🤪
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy · 2 months ago
here’s two things i am taking from this ep that make me happy:
- if Mickey is taking care of and spending time around Terry because “family is family”, then he is 100% definitely still in contact with Mandy. No way would he not keep up with his little sister but make an effort for his piece of shit father out of loyalty, makes no sense. They text, they call on their birthdays and Mickey sometimes joins in on her and Ian’s face-time dates. They’re all friends, Mandy is living a good life. They love each other in their own little Milkovich way.
- since Mickey tried to get Cousin Joey to help with Terry it’s likely that his brothers weren’t available and while prison would be a plausible explanation for that, nothing in canon really contradicts that Iggy is now living on a farm in Wyoming where he herds cattle on horseback and wears a cool hat. He writes letters sometimes. His spelling is horrible but he talks a lot about being happy in them. He has a favourite chicken.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy · 2 months ago
i am seriously so relieved that Mickey showing kindness to Terry was portrayed the way it was.
Mickey caring for his dad isn't because Terry deserves it or because Mickey owes him anything. What Terry did to him isn't in any way relativised and Mickey is at no point made to forgive and forget.
Mickey cares for Terry because Mickey is and always has been a deeply loyal and caring person. He is a good person. He believes that family means you have each other's backs and that you don't abandon one another, no matter what.
Terry does not deserve his kindness and Mickey knows that but his actions aren't about Terry anyway, they're about himself, about who he is as a person. He cares, and he sticks tough shit out.
I seriously love seeing Mickey’s emotional journey in regards to Terry, because instead of simply giving him flat and straightforward emotions like hate and anger, he gets to have this complex inner conflict that is so common with kids and their abusive parents.
And Mickey is sensitive, he is affectionate and he is a Lover. As in, he loves so hard and has so much love to give and in return needs and craves to be loved back so so much, this has been explored and demonstrated over and over again in his relationship with Ian but we see now that it extends beyond that.
I wouldn't say Mickey loves Terry but he loves his family and no matter what, he still counts Terry to be adjacent to that.
Noel as always acted the hell out of those defining moments of the episode and i'm really excited to see them dealing with the fall out from this.
Terry didn't deserve to be cared for, but Mickey deserves to be caring, he deserves to be a good person, he deserves to be so much better than his father ever could have been.
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self-absorbed-pretty-boy · 2 months ago
remembering s03e11 when Ian helps Mandy set up for Mickey and Svet’s wedding and Mandy talks about how excited Terry is about the whole thing, how he invited his buddies and planned shit, and she says “It’s kind of sweet” and it breaks my fucking heart because Mandy doesn’t fucking know. She doesn’t know Mickey’s gay, she doesn’t know he and Svetlana are not getting married voluntarily, she doesn’t know what Terry did to Mickey, she doesn’t know any of it. So all she sees is her Dad seemingly giving a fucking shit and getting involved in his kid’s life and for once being there and making some kind of effort no matter how shitty the fucking decorations look and it means something to her.
Because no matter what Terry has put her and her siblings through already there will probably always be some part of them that just wants good things to happen and to be loved like they’re supposed to be.
and then later when Ian’s in his drunken rage and she finally understands what’s been going on, i wonder how much she could piece together right then and there about what must have gone down. And how fucking horrible it must have felt to have the realisation come crashing down that this isn’t a good thing after all, that Terry is and always has been and always will be a monster and that he made Mickey do this, that her brother isn’t marrying out of some sense of obligation to a hooker he took a liking to, which would have been dumb but kind of sweet but that this is just another instance of Terry demonstrating that the owns every single one of them and that he’ll do with them whatever he pleases.
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Trigger Warning!
Mentions of R*pe
I saw this post awhile ago about how it is very unrealistic that Mickey and Svetlana would live together as if she had never raped him and he would be okay with it. I agree that he wouldn’t be okay with it but this scenario is complete realistic. I really didn’t want to address it but it kept nagging at my mind.
Not to get too personal but I had to live with someone like that in the same roof for years. I wasn’t okay with it and it constantly reminded me of what happened. It was especially difficult because everyone else knew him as this nice and amazing guy and it was all anyone thought about him.
I think like me, Mickey didn’t want anyone who wasn’t there for the encounter to know about it, so this probably stayed between the four peope who were there (Mickey, Svetlana, Ian, and Terry.) For me the only people who knew were me and him. I was young so I had told my big sister, she told my parents and I got really mad and defense and denied it. I know now that I did that because I was embarrased that everyone knew this personal thing about me, and it made me feel exposed and vulnerable. I hated it and I think Mickey would have reacted the same way.
I dealed with it for years until he moved out and I hate to say that after awhile it wasn’t like this huge thing. I would often think about it but I knew it wasn’t something I wanted to address so I pretended that it never happened. I think Mickey was doing the same thing. We’ve seen him in a few scenes just hanging out around the house and having casual conversations with Svetlana, and honestly I could relate so much it hurt. No Mickey was not okay with it or with her but this was the only way to cope and feel in control of your own life.
I know for a fact that I am not the only one who had to go through this so seeing it on screen wasn’t that far off to me. It didn’t occur to me that it was just unfathomable for others to even think about this scenario. So for people saying that if Mickey were a girl and this had happened it would have been taken more seriously, I disagree. Well in regards to the show anyways, if he were a girl I’m sure the fans would have been more outraged, but that’s a conversation for some other time.
Sorry if this is all over the place and stuff but I honestly couldn’t keep my thoughts and everything I wanted to say in line. Also if this is triggering to someone I am sorry and let me know how I can change some things so I won’t trigger you. I added warnings in the tags so I hope that helps.
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meta-squash · a year ago
I loved the IDEA of the confrontation between Terry and Mickey. I just wish the dialogue had been a little more intense, a little more believable. Like there, are a lot more things that Terry could have said besides “you faggy faggot” and like sure he’s probably not the smartest man in the world but Terry is a man with contacts and power over other people, as opposed to Mickey who mostly just fends for himself. So Terry is still kind of scary, and like I know this is a weird thing to say but I just really wish that whole scene had been more intense, more vitriolic and frightening on Terry’s end.
Because that would contrast hugely with how (apparently) calm Mickey was. Which would then make his entire obsession over doing the wedding because of Terry make so much more sense. It’s Mickey’s kind of weird, transferred way of freaking out over his dad. While that freakout makes sense in the actual show I kind of wish the catalyst had been a little more intense. We know Mickey has a ton of trauma due to Terry, so a more mild confrontation about something as emotional as the wedding would be enough to nudge some sort of freakout BUT I don’t think the wedding is something Terry would be taking lightly. The other two times we saw Terry reacting to Mickey’s sexuality and/or relationship with Ian, he forced Mickey to be raped and then tried to kill him. I don’t think seeing Mickey and Ian again years later will cool that hate much. It might even bring it back worse than before.
I just wish that Terry’s words could have been a little scarier, a little more threatening than just “faggy faggot” which a) sounds ridiculous and b) probably isn’t the worst thing to come out of Terry’s mouth. If his words were scarier or more threatening, that would have made his actions and also his threat as he left a little more foreboding. Which would have been a VERY good reason for Mickey to suddenly feel the need to do a Real Wedding as like the biggest possible Fuck You to his dad.
Instead we get a confrontation that is frankly almost mild compared to 3x06 or the Alibi. So Mickey’s subsequent weirdness over the wedding seems OOC as opposed to a fairly understandable if oddly projected freak out from past trauma and current stress etc.
Because imagine this: Mickey confronts his dad in front of the house. Terry says a bunch of bullshit. Maybe it starts mild like in the actual episode, but as Mickey continues to remain calm and not react, it gets worse. Terry says like actual scary hate-driven crazy shit. Terry maybe references Svetlana or the events of 3x06 or something, maybe how he wishes he’d killed Mickey at the Alibi, idk. Terry threatens Mickey’s life, then threatens Ian’s life. Mickey’s not going to care (as much) that Terry is threatening him again; it’s happened so many times he’s probably somewhat desensitized to it in a way, and anyway Mickey cares a lot more about threats to the people he loves than to himself. This threat on Ian’s life is the only thing that cracks Mickey’s facade, but only a little. He makes an aggressive comment back. Terry draws a gun, Mickey draws a gun. Insults and threats are thrown, Mickey stays calm while Terry freaks out. They’re at a standstill because Mickey is equally willing to pull the trigger on his dad as Terry is on him. Terry stands down but doesn’t even pretend to have simply given up; the expression on his face says he’s thinking of a worse way to get at Mickey and Ian and hurt them. Maybe there’s a line that’s even more threatening than “Don’t say I didn’t warn you”. He body checks Mickey as he walks away. Mickey shoots off the “Good talk, pops,” line, goes back inside. Milwaukee conversation happens. The only sign that Mickey’s in any sort of distress is how quickly he chugs his bottle of beer. Liam leaves, Lip leaves, Mickey finishes eating. He and Ian have some sort of mundane conversation, but Mickey seems tense, preoccupied and distracted and his responses are kinda aggressive or short. Ian asks or hints at asking if Mickey’s mad at him or something. Mickey pats him on the shoulder or squeezes his hand or some sort of physical contact (because check it out: almost all casual affectionate touch aside from actual hand-holding has been initiated by Mickey!) and reassures him that he’s not, but he still seems distracted. Next Gallavich scene = the one with the magazines. Mickey still only says the line about Terry threatening to murder him, doesn’t bring up the threat on Ian’s life because a) that means it’s Ian’s problem and Mickey doesn’t want Ian thinking about it and b) saying it out loud makes it Real (and we’ve already seen in every scene that involves Terry, that Mickey is far more willing to put himself in Terry’s path to protect Ian). The whole wedding planning storyline continues from there as it did in the actual show, because Mickey is transferring all of his stress and anxiety and fear re: Terry into this wedding and is also trying to get it to be a big Fuck You at the same time. If it went this way, the original catalyst and the stakes it sets up would be as high as the melodramatic reaction.
I think that’s something this season has suffered from a lot in terms of the whole Gallavich storyline: the actions and reactions of the characters seem over the top and melodramatic because the catalysts for those actions/reactions are not as high stakes or intense as their results. They wouldn’t seem OOC if the original catalyst was as extreme as the reaction that comes after.
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gallavictorious · 5 days ago
What staple fics of the fandom would you recommend for someone just starting to read gallavich fic?
Hiya there, nonnie – and welcome to the glorious world of Gallavich fic, if you're new to it!
On the one hand, I'm very much the wrong person to ask because staple fics tend to be AU:s and that's not really my cup of tea. On the other hand, I am a librarian, so never let it be said I balk at giving recommendations about stuff I haven't actually read or isn't necessarily to my personal liking. 😉
To make this list, I sorted Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich fics by bookmarks on AO3 and selected the first ten that I've either seen talked about a lot or have had at least a look at myself. This is admittely not a great way to curate a rec list, so for better and more initiated recommendations, maybe check in with the the amazing ladies of @gallavichfanficlibrary? They'll have you covered! If anyone else feels like chiming in with fandom classics for nonnie, I'm sure they'd be grateful. 🙂
Sexual Harassment in the Workplace by shamlessquestions
AO3 Summary: Mickey just needs to keep his head down and stay out of trouble at his new job. Still trouble always manages to find him and when it takes the form of his red haired boss, Mickey's not sure he can resist even if he wanted to.
Comment: The Gallvich fic with the most bookmarks and the most kudos on AO3. You’ll hear this one mentioned a lot! Fair bit of explicit sex scenes.
The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Ian Gallagher by shamlessquestions
AO3 Summary: "It's fuck all about heat or chemistry or any such shit, Gallagher. You and's just a thing that cannot happen. The sooner we both accept that, the better off we'll be."
Comment: Mickey's the right hand man of a Chicago mobster. Club dancer (and college student) Ian starts ”dating” said mobster. Gallavich sparks fly. High stakes and quite a bit of action in this one. Explicit sex scenes.
Take Me In by MintSauce
AO3 Summary: Mickey's Dad finds out about Mickey being gay and even though Ian's not there, but he finds the Gallaghers are still willing to take Mickey in.
Comment: If you enjoy Mickey becoming friends with all the Gallaghers and bettering himself/beginning to heal from the abuse at Terry's hands, this might work for you. Heavy focus on Mickey, as Ian isn't actually there for most of the fic (though he's never far from Mickey's thoughts).
Like Real People Do by grayola
AO3 Summary: At the age of 26, Mickey Milkovich gets his first apartment, his first wifi connection, and his first kiss. How he gets from wifi to kissing is a complicated story. Mickey is socially anxious. Ian is a frustratingly lovable escort working through an app. Mickey downloads said app. The rest is history.
Comment: Fan favourite from last year. Very soft. Not a lot of plot, just Ian and Mickey falling very, very deeply in love (and dealing with their mental health issues in a lowkey, everyday sort of way). Heavy use of texts and messaging, making for something of an old-school fic feel. Explicit. A companion piece, told from Ian's POV is currently being published: Everything About You.
eighty-four by kissteethstainedred
AO3 Summary: “I slept with Mickey Milkovich last night,” Ian whispers.
“So—” Ian stares at his phone for a second. “I slept with Mandy’s fucking brother.”
“Ian, what do you want me to say? Congratulations? You’ve been dating Mickey for almost a year,” Lip says, sounding confused as fuck. Ian blinks. That can’t be right. Ian’s only seen Mickey in pictures with Mandy. He’s never even met the fucking guy. How can he be dating him?
Comment: College fic. Time loop, so great if you’re a fan of that! Mandy plays a prominent role. At 13k words this one is way shorter than any other fic on this list.
Our Stubborn Love by TheWaywardBride
AO3 Summary: In which, after years of being separated by more than just prison walls, Ian and Mickey try to find their way back to each other.
Comment: Canon-divergent slow burn told from a bunch of different POV:s. Something of an ensemble piece, although Ian and Mickey are the focus. Doesn't shy away from Ian being in a very bad place post-5x12.
None the Wiser by loftec
AO3 Summary: AU. Slow burn. The real time accounts of Ian visiting Mickey's dingy diner and slowly becoming his friend.
Comment: WIP, with irregular but still happening updates. Domestic, with strong focus on the character's emotional lives. Mickey's a father to Yev, even though him and Svet are long since divorced. They're not kidding about the slow burn.
This is the Road To Ruin by bricoleur10
AO3 Summary: The day Ned asks Ian to rob his house the redhead almost says yes – why shouldn’t he, after all? Ned seems nonchalant enough about the whole thing, he’ll get some free expensive shit out of the deal, and if he plays his cards right maybe he can even convince Mickey to be his accomplice – but something stops him from going through with it.
The third-eldest Gallagher has never been much of a believer in fate or divine intervention or destiny or anything like that – can’t be, with the life he’s led – but he just might have become one, had he only known how that one seemingly insignificant decision had changed the course of his entire life.
Comment: Straight up canon divergence, capturing the early season Gallavich feels before hurtling down the road not taken. Some angst, but with a happy ending. Mandy and Lip play prominent parts.
Cooperative Gameplay by grayola
AO3 Summary: At nineteen years old, Ian Gallagher’s stuck. Stuck in a minimum-wage job he hates. Stuck in the same boring routine--sleep, wake, work, take your meds, Ian!, try not to lose it day after day after day. But after his little brother introduces him to MICK MILK, a frustratingly hot horror gamer he watches on YouTube, Ian's life will never be the same. ♥️
Comment: WIP (but with regular updates). Darker than Like Real People Do, but with a similarly emotional focus. Depicts online fandom on Twitter and Instagram in a rather knowing way. Explicit sex scenes. This fic, and these versions of Ian and Mickey, currently has its own fandom.
The Boyfriend Experience by anomalously
AO3 Summary: The Prompt: Ian: sex worker (male escort, explicit videos: stripping, masturbation, etc) Mickey: client who's an avid fan who gets up the courage to hire ian for "the boyfriend experience" I saw a porn star who said she only sleeps with 1 client & it inspired me.
Comment: WIP, last updated in 2017. Commonly held to be worth reading in spite of not being finished. Quite a bit of explicit sex, occasionally with a bit of BDSM thrown in.
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dreamylyfe-x · 11 days ago
in your meta, I couldn't help but notice that you didn't mention anything about how bad it was that Ian pushed Mickey to come out, what do you think?
Oof. Yeah. This is a tough ask for a few reasons so I’ve been turning it over in my head for a couple of days. I assume you’re referring to this meta? I’ve always resisted the good/bad binary on this one, because... Well. 
This may come off as an Ian Gallagher apologia. So to state for the record: Mickey is under criminal amounts of pressure in 4x11. Coming out in that moment is physically dangerous -- though that’s probably always the case for him -- and Ian is not being understanding or patient or appropriate. It is also extremely not ok to set a timeline on when someone else comes out. It’s just not. I think all of us know all that. 
But. What I don't really see talked about much is this: Mickey is also someone who is the victim of hardcore abuse. Ian has witnessed some of that abuse first hand, and is definitely familiar with its physical and emotional scars. And everything he sees in 4x11 is exposing how much Mickey is still in a relationship with this abuser. 
Let’s look for a second at where Ian’s at, at this point: 
Ian is irrationally and persistently in love with Mickey despite the fact that he cannot have the sort of relationship he wants to have with him on any level. Mickey has frequently done things to hurt Ian entirely because he wants to stop the relationship from ascending to its true form. This has been going on for years. 
Ian and Mickey never have a conversation about this. They communicate about their relationship through actions and gestures, but rarely through words. 
Ian has begged Mickey, on several occasions, to acknowledge what they are to each there. And all this begging -- to be let in, to be recognized, to matter -- has been stonewalled. In season two, Mickey tells Ian he’s “nothing but a warm mouth.” In season three he kicks Ian in the mouth. But Ian hangs on. 
Finally we reach the point of no return. Mickey marries a woman he doesn’t love and doesn’t want to be with. And that’s it. Ian watches, drinks excessively (I don’t think we ever see him that drunk again) and then goes to bed and does not get up again until he’s figured out how to fraudulently join the army. 
Months later, Mickey comes and finds Ian and quite literally drags him home. And Ian lets Mickey back in after minimal resistance. And ALL the way in. They’re living together. Ian is helping him run scams to get money for Mickey’s baby and has sneakily given the baby clothes so that they it doesn’t freeze to death. He’s putting off his questioning siblings. And he’s still pretending, to most people, that he’s doing this for a friend. 
All of these fun events have their roots in one thing and one thing only: 
Terry Milkovich. 
Tumblr media
Terry, as we all know, is a horrifying person and he has more power in Ian and Mickey’s relationship than Ian does. No matter what Mickey wants or what he feels, the ultimate decision of whether or not they can be together is Terry. And Terry has already let them know what he’s voting. 
This is the thing about abusive relationships. They are the worst for the people who are being abused. Without question. But they are also straight up torture for the people who care about the victim. It’s hard to watch people you love suffer at the hands of someone who is manipulative, cruel and immune to the influence of basic human decency. 
It’s also wildly painful to see how little power and influence you have in the face of that behaviour. Because you care about the person, you are at a permanent disadvantage, because you can’t set everything on fire like the abuser can. You aren’t going to shoot the hostage. You particularly aren’t going to do it when the person is begging you not to. Most people in Mickey’s situation will be trying to keep the boat steady, so they don’t want someone coming to their defence, because that will make their lives worse. 
Ian goes along with what Mickey wants for MOST of their early relationship. He goes along and he goes along and he goes along and then, when we reach 4x11, he just STOPS. It’s unclear at what point Ian knows that this all coincides with Terry getting out of jail, but it doesn't seem to be a revelation. But I don't think it’s a coincidence that Ian suddenly has a problem with Mickey’s double live in the episode where Terry, who we watched gleefully grin as Mickey married Svetlana, comes back. 
The show never lays this out, but what on earth is supposed to come after this? Terry lives in the house where Mickey is supposed to live. Terry knows who Ian has been to Mickey. What is going to happen to their relationship now? Mickey talks like it’s not a problem -- but it is DEFINITELY a problem. And Ian knows that. He knows that this is the end of Mickey spending his every waking moment with Ian. It’s the end of them going to loft parties and kissing in public. It’s a return of everything that Ian ran away to avoid seeing. On what planet does Mickey not go home once Terry is back? We know Mickey wants to be with Ian desperately -- that’s why 4x11 ends the way it does -- but if he thinks he can be with Ian once Terry is home from prison, he’s flat out delusional. 
Most of season 4 is the audience watching Mickey buckle under the weight of the conflict between who he’s expected to be and who he is. This is never more clear than the scene at The Alibi where we first see Terry. Mickey trying to manage Ian’s unravelling emotions at the bar (and Ian IS unravelling here) while Svetlana taunts him and then Terry enters -- with his homophobic entourage -- is one of Shameless’s best written scenes for me. You can feel the pressure mounting and you can see that Mickey is dancing as fast as he can. You can also see the gulf that exists between “What you and I have makes me free” and “HEY, Pops!” When I watch that scene I can feel the enormity of the pressure on Mickey. It makes my stomach hurt. 
But I also get how hopeless this feels to Ian. Mickey is demonstrating just how completely he is still at the effect of Terry. Ian is watching Mickey pick someone who pistol whips him over him -- and I get WHY Mickey is doing this. I get how impossible it feels, particularly as a teenager, to separate yourself from an abusive person who has defined your entire life. Choosing Ian over Terry has got to feel like choosing death. In a very real way, it is. 
Ultimately, though, Ian has the right to decide what he does and does not want in a relationship. Being in love with someone shouldn’t create chains, and it shouldn’t mean that you do things that make you miserable in the name of that love, with no end in sight. Ian behaves badly here. but his rage, which fuels him calling Mickey names and storming out, is born out of very real hurt. 
I often seen this moment talked about like Ian is giving an ultimatum, and he certainly isn’t expressing himself well, but the difference between an ultimatum and a boundary is rooted in how much you love someone and how sincerely you want to manipulate them. Ian wants Mickey to choose him. He wants them to unite and fight the bully together. This might be naive, but it’s consistent with him showing up to the wedding to beg Mickey not to go through with it. In fact, this entire scene is just Ian back at the wedding all over again, watching Mickey play a role from a distance, and it’s got to be absolutely KILLING him to do that. 
Different people with different resources might talk this out. Calmly lay out their positions. Discuss why this feels impossible. In that world, Ian tell Mickey he loves him, but he can't watch him be suffocated like this. But that feels about as impossible for these two characters. How would they even START to have that conversation? 
So. Ian’s upset and he’s been drinking and he’s sick, all together at once, and he says something mean and then he goes to leave. And none of that’s good -- but to me, it’s a temper tantrum. If Mickey turns up at the Gallagher House in a few hours, they will continue their fight and then Ian will take him back for all the same reasons he melts down in the first place -- because he’s 17, he’s in love and he’s emotionally compromised. 
But Mickey... Yeah. I don’t think Mickey knows that. I think Mickey panics and he makes a choice. And he DOES make that choice. I don’t rob him of any authorship of what comes next, just because he makes the choice that Ian wants. Doing what Ian wants is the hard choice. It’s the dangerous one. But it’s coming from Mickey. His stand for himself, his bravery, his decision. 
When it’s all over, and the dust settles, Mickey absolutely could be mad at Ian. For not listening, for being difficult, for pushing and for choosing the worst moment. And, because Mickey does this out of fear of losing Ian, I’d get it if he felt pretty disempowered about it. But he doesn’t seem to. I think that’s largely because, deep down, he knew how impossible the situation was. That doesn’t make Ian right any more than Mickey is right when he kicks Ian in the mouth. And if there’s a problem with all of this, really, I think it’s mostly that the show doesn’t really call out Ian’s bad behaviour. They don’t have him apologize, and he has reason to. 
But. This isn’t just a story about coming out, it’s a story about escaping a wildly and horrifically abusive parent. Those two narratives intertwine too much in life. For better or for worse, Mickey is never under Terry’s thumb again after this. And I can’t regret that. As much as Ian is not gold standard here, I think Mickey doesn’t do what he does without knowing that there’s real love and support and comfort on the side of it for him. So Ian spends an afternoon being difficult and unsupportive -- but he’s also spends two years loving Mickey enough for him to get the place where he can do this. So in the end, I guess... It ain’t great. But. I think Ian helps Mickey save his own life here. And I’m glad that happened.  
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ao3feed-gallavich · 18 days ago
Solid as Stone
read it on the AO3 at
by ApolloLoki97
What if when Monica came back, Ian went to find Mandy that day, but found Mickey. Instead of going right to the store for a hookup, Ian runs away distraught after not finding his best friend. Mickey can't help but follow and comfort the redhead he has clearly fallen for.
Or when Ian is freaking out, Mickey is there to comfort him.
Words: 2679, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Shameless (US)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: M/M
Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich, Monica Gallagher (mentioned), Mandy Milkovich (Mentioned), Terry Milkovich (Mentioned)
Relationships: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich
Additional Tags: First Kiss, Upset Ian, Comforting Mickey, what if
read it on the AO3 at
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shameless 11x12
oh boy fanfic writers y’all got so many gaps to fill
spoiler-free review of the whole thing: 7/10 for feelings, didn’t feel as Final as the series finale should
live-typed reactions down below (with spoilers):
mickey baby shut the fuck up 💕
they really just do not be caring about frank at all like i guess i dunno what i expected but holy shit it's technically a crime to just like, ignore him right?
why is SHE IN THE HOUSE why is heidi even there what the fuck
mickey fuckin' planned it oh baby you're a good husband i love you
heidi for the love of god go away
give mickey his potato masher
i can actually buy lip's exhaustion here i do feel for him, plus i'm losing empathy for debbie considering she's brought over the woman to held her and franny at gunpoint THE DAY BEFORE
also tami's being so sweet like really and this conversation on the porch is legit and i buy it
mickey you need a dresser stop whining
debbie i've really been trying to defend your shittier decisions here but like please parent your kid like the suspension of disbelief isn't working here at all. are you really gonna let the felon who threatened the life of your child handcuff you to your bed in your own home??
okay frank's alive but in no universe, shameless or otherwise, would they just leave him like that. they made a bigger effort for terry milkovich than for frank.
oh the realtor oh god oh no an eSCAPE ROOm
im glad lip was in the house with them
oh shit patsy's
get her ass carl get her (i personally do beef with people who steal handicapped spots like this so)
ok ian putting so much emphasis on the date is hilarious like i know this trope it's great it's overused as fuck but i don't care
okay the 'stop the steal' lady fighting with ian is hilarious but also too real, most realistic part of the whole episode so far
amd we're back to this
like i was never a debbie hater but holy fuck i just do not care about this plotline at all unless it leads into a better one within the span of this episode
i'm kinda with kev on this one, sports nonwithstanding cause honestly who cares, but about keeping the bar open and it mattering to the south side
i'm cooler with carl's partner being there than with debbie bringing heidi like i cannot bELIEVe you have your kid with you running around with her this is creeping towards terry-level neglect
lip i feel that grind babe you deserve better than this
kids discussion oh boy oh boy
oh my god ian you scared him you canNOT joke about that
i was hoping that discussion would go longer i really thought for like two seconds they'd mention yevengy i'm a clown i always was a clown
and they're fucking again are you sERIOUS
debbie do not do not do not do not
kISSES TO POLKA MUSIC I LOVE YOU mickey you did real good baby
actually yes sell the bar to carl and his partner seriously just give it to Any Gallagher At All
MICKEY'S DANCINGGGGGGG FUCK i love you he's so happy they made their year (and ian's face when lip asked if he had doubts, he totally didn't he knew they'd make it somehow) why are they being so cute in the background of frank's delusions
oh fuck it's a tesla i'm dead
ian really just wants to sing everywhere doesn't he
oh my god frank
okay it's cheesy but frank flying over the city at the end is actually kinda beautiful
FUCK THE MONOLOGUE AT THE END FUCK FUCK FUCK (but also he didn't fucking say anything about Fiona and highkey I knew they wouldn't bring Emmy back for the finale but oh my god)
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dreamylyfe-x · a month ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Shameless (US) Rating: Mature Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich Characters: Ian Gallagher, Mickey Milkovich, Debbie Gallagher, Frances "Franny" Gallagher, Liam Gallagher (Shameless US) Additional Tags: Mentioned Lip Gallagher, Mentioned Mandy Milkovich, Mentioned Iggy Milkovich, Mentioned Terry Milkovich, Mentioned Frank Gallagher, Mentioned Monica Gallagher, Mentioned Fiona Gallagher, Canon Compliant, Gap Filler, Season/Series 11, Married Ian Gallagher/Mickey Milkovich, Character Death Summary:
When Monica died, Ian was alone. When Monica died, Ian lost himself.
Now Terry’s dead. And Ian is going to make sure Mickey stays right where he is.
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