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Request rules !

Heya ! This is a Tbhk writing blog ! Request away my friends ! (。•̀ᴗ-)✧

Characters I’m willing to write for:

  • Hanako
  • Yashiro Nene
  • Minamoto Kou
  • Minamoto Teru
  • Mitsuba Sousuke
  • Aoi Akane (the boy)
  • Akane Aoi (the girl)
  • Tsuchigomori

What I’ll write (I may add more things as I go):

  • Character x reader
  • Fluff
  • Angst (I’ll try, no promises tho-)
  • AUs
  • Headcanons
  • Matchups (I’ll make a separate post about it later)
  • Drabbles

What I WON’T write:

  • Nsfw (most of them are children and I’m not comfortable with that sorry :))
  • Scenarios (as for now, when I’ll be more confident I’ll probably do it)
  • Yandere stuff
  • Characters x characters
  • T s u k a s a (the rat makes me extremely uncomfortable)
  • Student x teacher prompt (yeah, I’m putting this out there for Tsuchigomori)

More infos !

  • I won’t write a request if it makes me uncomfortable (bc of the prompt, situation, etc…).
  • English isn’t my first language ! If you find errors in my writing, I’d be very thankful if you could tell me so I don’t do it again (just be respectful please !)
  • I’m also open to discussion ! Don’t be afraid to send asks in :)
  • I’m still in school so it might take some time for some requests; I’d much rather write something I’m satisfied with than writing something half-assed
  • It’ll be easier for me if your requests are detailed !

✨Requests are open !✨

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Make sure to stay healthy and safe too!!!

Your Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun matchup is…

『Minamoto Teru』


Originally posted by fxya

Teru finds your freckles to be quite cute, he also thinks it’s interesting how strong you are compared to your timid look. Teru’ll even ask if you can teach him some techniques.

Your Boku no Hero Academia matchup is….

『Ochaco Uraraka』


Originally posted by kataloopsgifs

Uraraka definitely wants to learn some WWE, for fun, from you, self defence techniques too! She feels the need to protect you, since you can look timid, and even when Uraraka sees how strong you are, she still wants to protect you!

Your Shingeki no Kyojin matchup is…



Originally posted by ackryeagrs

Ymir finds it entertaining how timid you can be compared to your strength, she thinks it’s funny when the others get fooled by your appearance. Ymir’ll like to have a go at training with you two, and share some techniques.

We hope you enjoy your matchups~!

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hii! i deleted the request by accident but someone requested that i do teru hc with reader having period cramps!! I was actually the one who requested something similar to @alaromero heheh anon said request is inspired by her <3


also teru looks good with glasses lmaoo whoops n e ways

Teru x Reader with cramps!

  • so… once again, it’s that time of the month
  • we love it here!! jk we hATE IT, especially when it comes to those painful cramps-
  • it had only been 5 months since you and teru had started dating
  • it was obviously going to be a little awkward when prince charming came up to your desk before class had begun saying
  • “y/n are you okay? you seem a little distressed”
  • “yeah yeah!! i’m fine” you managed to say, plastering a big fake smile
  • the problem is that teru is SMART okay?? he managed to place 1st in the school exams
  • so he KNEW something was up and he wasn’t going to let it go because you looked like you were in pain and he didn’t like that at all :(
  • you went to the bathroom a lot today, so he thought you we suffering from stomach problems or smth LMAOO
  • when walking back to class after lunch, you said you were going to stop in the bathroom real quick (omg wait what does hanako think when people go to the bathroom and- nvm LMAO)
  • “are you sure you’re okay y/n??
  • yeah so not to be a dramatic bitch but you know when you get that REALLY BAD CRAMP LIKE WANT TO DIE TYPE OF CRAMP?
  • your uterus was like “hold up lemme pull this stunt real quick”
  • you stared at him with wide ass eyes screaming for help
  • thankfully, it passed but NOW WHAT??? teru had just seen you literally agonize whoops
  • “i’m on my period… i have pretty bad cramps right now
  • i mean, he ofc knows what it is, but he only knows how it works.. not how to comfort his poor significant other??
  • so he settled with.. hugging you?? manz was kinda warm so you definitely felt better
  • since then, he basically knows more than you do- jkjk
  • he does know that you are a strong and independent woman, so he doesn’t over exaggerate doing everything
  • but if you want him to, he is 100% down
  • teru doesn’t like a lot of pda at school (fangirls will go crAZY), but he will do it if you need it because you are his baby and he will risk it all for you
  • he probably does it in the student council room though, since its mostly empty (except for akane, but he knows to mind his own business or else- and he doesn’t really care anyways)
  • will hug you whenever you want him to
  • will cuddle with you whenever you want him to
  • did you stain something on accident? he will cover it UP
  • if you ever cry he will always listen to you and comfort you, kissing your forehead and helping you fall asleep by running his fingers through your hair
  • if you are ever being in a mood he will understand and try to distract you!! he also gets a bit angry from time to time 
  • 100% most loving boyfriend ever
  • will also be extra happy when u return the gestures with kisses <3 

Keep reading

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why can sakura and natsuhiko see supernaturals? do they have a sixth sense or will they…. you know??

why does teru care more about hanako than tsukasa?? does he even know about tsukasa bc if he did he would 100% want to exorcise him and i want to see that-

what’s the relation between teru and natsuhiko and sakura? how do they interact in school

why did aoi randomly rank 1st when she usually ranked like 40 in the exams? is it related to the newest arc?

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toilet bound hanako-kun masterlist (o.~)❀

jibaku shounen hanako-kun

updated: may 29, 2020


Originally posted by kujohjolyne

oh boy, i just finished the anime and caught up with the manga… and as expected, i’ve caught Feels™ for fantasy boys AGAIN

• ﹒•  °  ˚ ° ⋆ ✧ ✧ ✧ ⋆ ° ˚  ° •﹒ •

☆ humans 

yashiro nene

minamoto kou

minamoto teru

hcs. teru’s love language - how does he express his love?

forehead and nose kiss scenario

★ supernaturals 

hanako-kun (yugi amane)

shut up and hold me

- hanako gets bored while you’re in the middle of class.

hcs. hanako’s love language - how does he express his love? 

yugi tsukasa


• ﹒•  °  ˚ ° ⋆ ✧ ✧ ✧ ⋆ ° ˚  ° •﹒ •

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Chapter 3: The Trial (Part 2)

i am bitter that Tumblr deleted my draft of this-

Tags: @trish-chan @bloodredruby @certainyanderecatperson @dacr-owo and you uwu

References: Cape Disappearing Trick aka the thing where you turn around with your cape and you disappear (Any movie that has that), Trial (Danganronpa), Shinigami taking Nene hostage (Chapter 61)

The trial has started, alibis are stated, but… Where’s No.6?


Tsuchigomori: I was checking students’ papers.

Yako: I was with Gloomy Spider.

Shijima: I was in my boundary.

Teru: I was in the student council room.

Kou and Mitsuba: We were watching the event happen.

Akane: I was waiting for Aoi-Chan.

“Why were you waiting for Aoi-San, Akane?” Hanako asked.

“For something I’m not allowed to tell” Akane replied.

Nene then listed his name in the “Suspects” List.

Sakura: I was with Natsuhiko and Tsukasa in the broadcasting room.

Tsukasa: I was with Natsuhiko and Sakura.

Natsuhiko: I was with M'lady and the rat (pfft- rat-)

“Alright, we’ll take a break” Hanako announced.

The room then filled with sighs of relief, except for Akane.

Nene then stood up and went to a corner with the knife that Aoi gave her. She looked at the handle and saw encryptions.


“Weird encryptions” Nene mouthed to herself.

She then heard screams and shouts.

She ran towards where she heard the screams and the shouts, and saw Number 6.

He was attacking Hanako.

Without thinking twice, she charged towards Shinigami and stabbed his arm.

Shinigami took one look at the knife, then Yashiro, and then grinned at Hanako and Kou.

He knocked Yashiro out and carried her away.

“YASHIRO!!!” Hanako and Kou shouted chasing Shinigami who has Yashiro.

Shinigami took the knife from his arm, and aimed it directly at Hanako’s stomach.

Hanako fell to the ground and Kou went to his aid.

“YOU DAMNED SCHOOL WONDER!” Kou shouted at Shinigami.

Akane and Shinigami were now face to face.

“She’d never do that” Akane said, coughing out blood.

“Well it’s too late isn’t now, Number 1? She’s gone” Shinigami clapbacked.

He then disappeared.

“Y-Yashiro…” Hanako said weakily.

“Hanako, you can fight it! For Senpai!” Kou said hyping him.

Hanako smiled, and stood up weakily.

“I’ll fight. For Yashiro”

AAAAAAAA this took me a lot of saves to do-

Anyways, I’m just hyping myself up for something.

WHOO im tired XD

Don’t believe me but I cried doing this-

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A/N: yes you are indeed a simp, the simpest of simps 😌😌

Teru with an affectionate crush

  • Very cool headed as we all know, he isn’t that affected by your affection
  • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like it, however
  • He actually really really loves it!!
  • He kinda only lets you hold onto him because he likes you and you weren’t exactly hiding that you like him too
  • He might be a little wary of how much you cling to him though
  • Fan girls can get really out of hand sometimes, he just doesn’t want anything bad to happen
  • He will get pissed if he ever finds out that you’re being bullied, he probably found out because you were being less affectionate to him
  • Takes you out for a “hangout” one day as his plan for his confession
  • Everyone thought you two were a couple anyways
  • He takes you to a cafe and treats your for the whole day, going to the mall and ending in a walk to the park
  • Teru likes more calm dates and you can’t take that from me
  • He decides to confess to you while you two were watching the sunset in a park
  • “(Y/n), I’ve wanted to say this for a while but…I like you, more than a friend, a lot more than a friend. I was wondering if you’d do me the pleasure of becoming mine?”
  • You can see the blush on his face slowly grow as he talks and it makes you fall even harder for him
  • You accept (ofc) and you spent the rest of the sunset together, cuddling on a bench
  • He walks you home that day and gives you a kiss goodbye with a furious blush on his cheeks
  • After you two are a officially a couple, the pda gets hit up another notch, and everyone didn’t even think that was possible
  • Lets you do whatever you want in public
  • You wanna give him a kiss? Sit on his lap or hold his arm? All of it is fine
  • Also returns the pda a lot more now
  • Before he just let you do whatever you wanted and he “tolerated” it
  • Now he actively gives you affection, too
  • Kisses to the top of your head or cheek? Yes
  • “Sneakily” putting his arm around your waist in public? Absolutely
  • Both of you are even worse in private
  • You’ll both just cling to each other
  • He lets you cling to him like a koala while he works, but if he doesn’t have anything to do then you bet your ass he’s gonna be the exact same way
  • There’s lots of cuddle sessions that happen where you two just cling to each other and watch movies or shows for hours
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Of course! Here you go, Anon.

To be clear, I personally have never been to Japan. But my dad has, and everything stated here is based on his opinion and my imagination so please if anything is wrong, please don’t be offended. Other than that, enjoy the hcs :D

(By the way, excuse the weird formatting. Tumblr on mobile be trippin’)

Warning! There are mentions of bullying below, so read at your own risk!


Teru w/ Foreign Reader

- Since Teru is the student council president, the headmaster would assign him to keep an eye on new students, especially if you cannot speak fluent Japanese.

- Let’s say you’re from America, because you wanted to experience how school life in Japan is like.

- This boy has full marks in English, so communicating shouldn’t be a problem

- At first, he was quite taken aback by your… openness.

- You didn’t really care (or know) that in Japan, people are more distant from each other than people in America.

- So often, you would jump up to hug him unexpectedly and scare the daylights out of him.

- It didn’t help that when others caught wind of this news, rumors spread like wildfire.

- You didn’t care. At all. When Teru confronted you about this piece of news, you shrugged it off, saying, “Why should I care what they say? Besides, it’s not even true. If they want to gossip, even if we do nothing, they’ll still talk.”

- Teru really wanted to drive home that that kind of thought process wouldn’t do in Japan but a part of him is impressed by your nonchalant attitude towards harmful rumors about you.

- He dropped the subject after that.

- However, he began to notice the increasing number of wounds on you.

- Teru decided that, as your friend and the student council president, he has to ensure your safety and mental health at Kamome.

- “(Name).”

- Teru approached you one day after school.

- Gently easing your sleeve up, he pointed at your bandaid covered arm

- “Is someone doing this?”

- You stared at him for a moment with an unreadable expression, then broke into laughter.

- “Nah, Minamoto, it’s all good!”

- Teru’s eyes narrowed. Ever since the start of your time here, you had always called him by his first name despite his exasperation. You had even said, “If you’re gonna be my guide, I might as well as get to know you better.”

- But he let it go. Knowing you, you wouldn’t spill the beans if you didn’t want him to know.

- The increase of wounds on your body remained a mystery, until one day, after staying late finishing some paperwork for student council, he got ready to head home.

- As Teru was nearing the shoe lockers, he heard loud thumps and angry voices

- Teru peeked around a row of lockers, spotting you on the ground with multiple girls surrounding you, kicking and threatening you.

- “Listen, America girl, Minamoto-san is not yours and never will be! He belongs to no one so you better stop hanging around him with that stupid smile on your ugly face.”

- “Yeah! And don’t even think of confessing to him, he’ll never like you. You’re loud and you don’t act like a girl at all!”

- “What? She wants to confess to Minamoto-sama? How dare you even think of that?!”

- Teru watched, anger burning under his skin as the last girl kicked your sides, causing you to whimper in pain and curl up into a pathetic ball on the ground.

- “That’s enough.”

- The three girls turned around to stare at him, their mouths dropping open.

- His voice was level, not at all loud but it carried a sense of barely contained anger.

- “Minamoto-san— I— We—”

- Teru pushed past them, glaring at the girls. “(Name) is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and if you don’t agree, you’re welcomed to fuck off.”

- On the ground, your eyes widened. Teru never, ever cursed. You had asked him once why he doesn’t.

- He told you how he had to be a role model for everyone around him, therefore, he shouldn’t be running his mouth, being a bad example.

- For Teru to curse, at girls no less, he must be extremely pissed off.

- “By the way,” his cold voice brought you back into the present. “She’s more qualified to be my girlfriend than any of you will ever be.”

- After that ordeal, you hesitantly confessed, revealing that your crush on him had been there since the very beginning.

- You two began dating, and no one dared to ever bad mouth or hurt you again.

- In conclusion, Teru is polite and proper, but if you push him over the edge by hurting someone he loves, he can and will destroy you, emotionally or physically

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