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< this is something I did some time ago for an online project, so if you’ve already seen it somewhere else, it was me >


| This week I had the chance to meet and interview one of the most loved characters of the MCU. It was an honor and an amazing experience because Valkyrie is really a nice and awesome person and I’m sure you’d love her in real life too! Obviously, she already knew how much we love her, but I wanted to remind her ( it wasn’t that easy since having her in front of me was very shocking ). Anyway, I’ve already taken so much of your time so I’ll make this quick and I’ll let you read the complete interview. Enjoy! |


➤ Hello Valkyrie and welcome! First of all, I want to thank you for coming, I understand that you’re very busy now ruling the new Asgard.

❥ Oh yes, you’re right! But I couldn’t say no to an interview, I mean… I’m on TV!

* waves her hand happily looking at the camera *

➤ How is it going with Asgard ? Have you made some progress ?

❥ Of course! Asgardians are working hard and I couldn’t wish for better people. I’m very happy, we’ve done a lot already even though there’s still a long way to go. I have a lot of new ideas and I would like to try them as soon as possible, I am very impatient! It’s just that it’s all new to me and I love experimenting new things.

➤ We weren’t surprised when Thor named you Queen.

❥ I definitely was! I wasn’t expecting it. I knew Asgard needed a new ruler, but I would have never thought he would have chosen me. And I think that was clear since I made a very surprised face when he told me and you all saw that… now I’m embarrassed!

➤ Our faces were totally different, we were so happy!Actually, I have a question for you.

❥ Well, I’m here for the questions!

➤ Are you going to rule Asgard alone ?

❥ No way! I’m actually looking for my partner in crime. An announcement for the public… cameraman, zoom on my face please * clears throat * applications are open, fill out the form and I’ll consider it! * starts laughing * okay, just kidding. This is obviously not the way I’m going to find my queen.

➤ That’s unfortunate, I would have applied!

❥ Oh well, maybe I have to consider it then. * winks * Anyway, I am not an easy person, so I already know that finding the right one won’t be easy. But I believe that in order to rule a kingdom, you need someone to have your back. Especially in Asgard’s case. Not the current, obviously, but we will grow and I don’t know if I could make it alone.

➤ It’s totally understandable, it’s a huge responsibility. If I may say, I think I know someone who would make a perfect ruler.

❥ Really ? * Pensive expression *

➤ Yes and I think you know who I’m talking about.. drum rolls please! Carol Danvers!

❥ Aww my sweet Carol! I totally agree, she would be a perfect ruler. But you know, what would the galaxy do without her ? There are so many planets that need her and she’s the only one able to protect them. However, I’m always available and she knows that she’s very welcome in Asgard!

➤ I want to be honest with you, so many people see you and Carol as a couple.

❥ That doesn’t surprise me at all. We’re good friends and a very good fighting team, indeed, but we have very different lives and so many different things to take care of. I can’t really say what it’s going to happen between us, I don’t want to exclude anything, but I guess only time will tell us. The only thing I’m sure about is that I could definitely use her help to choose a better design for Asgard and make it a fancier place. Thor didn’t have a good taste and I think you all noticed that. The new Asgard needs a renewal.

➤ I completely agree. Speaking of design, I love your armour!

❥ Thank you! This armour contains the true essence of the Valkyries. It’s the one we used to wear when Asgard was to its maximum splendour and it needed us too. Ah, the good old days! But I assure you, the sun will shine on us again. Going back to talking about the armour, this is like the third time I wear it after ages! I missed it, it’s very comfy and I mean, it makes me appear more ripped. And then the colours… I still wonder how I got to wear that other armour, the one I used to wear on Sakaar. Ugh.

➤ It wasn’t ugly! A different style, but it looked good on you. And speaking of Sakaar, how was it like living there ?

❥ Ah, Sakaar. That place is so strange! But once you get settled in, it all becomes easier. I know that it wasn’t the right path for me and I regret some things I did there, drinking is not one of them, but that was a time of crisis for me and I had to adapt myself and find a new way to live. And honestly, my stay there was also helpful because I learned many new things.

➤ You know what they say, not all evil comes to harm. And after all, you were in the right place at the right time.

❥ Yeah, I guess we can say that. I mean, Thor’s arrival was overwhelming, so many things happened! One day I am a bounty hunter, the other day I find myself in the Revengers. I was like “What the hell is happening!?”. It took some time to realise what was really going on. Not to mention the shocking discovery I made about Hulk, that was so confusing. I’ve seen so many weird things in my life, but that - that was really unexpected. Bruce, if you’re watching, just know that you’re a wonderful person!

➤ He is indeed! Now, a personal question, out of curiosity. How is it like to ride a Pegasus ?

❥ This is an awesome question! I could talk about my lovely horse for days. Honestly, riding a Pegasus is the best part of being a Valkyrie, it’s so cool! And they are wonderful animals, friendly and very loyal. They eat really a lot, but I guess they need a lot of energy to fly and run through the sky. If I had to choose between flying a ship and riding a Pegasus, I would definitely choose the last option and you know how much I love ships.

➤ That explains a lot! It must be really a great experience, I’d definitely would like to try it.

❥ You would love it! I have to admit, sometimes they’re really annoying. Aragorn, my Pegasus, is so proud of himself now because he fought against Thanos and his army and now he feels invincible. I guess we’re very similar, he loves trying new things.

➤ And speaking of new things… I would love to have your opinion, who do you think should be the leader of the Avengers now ?

❥ That’s a very interesting and hard question. They’re all amazing and everyone of them could easily be the perfect leader. I loved working with them, it was awesome teaming up with all those powerful heroes. In my opinion, I think there shouldn’t be a leader. If you think about it, everyone of them, of us, has different capacities, different abilities. Everyone of us could handle a specific part, a specific aspect that regards our capabilities and by working together as a team, we would be able to lead ourselves, to become our own leaders. I think that after what happened, what we need now is union and support and it has to come from within ourselves, because we have to go on and we can’t do it if we don’t assist each other.

➤ I love this answer and I think you’re totally right. I guess we have to wait and see.

❥ Exactly. Even though I think that nobody would like to be the leader. The Avengers have worked for years led by Tony and Steve and they were exemplary leaders. I feel like now there’s this fear of not being as capable as they were and it’s a big responsibility.

➤ It reminds me of your situation with new Asgard. You were afraid you couldn’t measure up but you’re not giving up, you’re trying.

❥ On one hand, I don’t want to disappoint Thor and the Asgardians. But on the other hand, I know I have an important duty and I won’t back down. I have high hopes and expectations and I really hope I’ll be able to prove that I’m worthy of that throne.

➤ You don’t need to prove anything, he and the Asgardians already know it. Well, I think we’ve reached the end of this interview.

❥ Already?! How time flies when you’re having fun!

➤ True! But your kingdom needs you now.

❥ Yes and now that I think about it, I was very excited to come here this morning that I forgot to feed my Pegasus. He must be very mad at me now.

➤ Oh no! You’re really a very busy person. I thank you for meeting me and accepting my invite, it was really a pleasure having you.

❥ The pleasure was all mine!


| Thank you for reading this special interview. I really hope you enjoyed. The idea is completely personal and original. Don’t steal it |

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apparently chris pratt is going to be in thor love and thunder. and while i hate that man and his stupid homophobic self, i am low key excited.

cause y’all know tessa thompson and taika waititi are going to give valkyrie a girlfriend and make it as gay as possible, and that rude ass man is gonna have to sit there and be a part of it. i hope they fuckin destroy him and the wlw reign supreme with val and her queen

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