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little-brisk · 7 hours ago
More memorable scenes from your fic for me are, in no particular order, Kathryn gazing of at Bev with her “wings” in the cockpit of the Fionnula, Laris holding a pose while Beverly looks on, and Laris teaching Beverly how to dance. *shivers* God, time to reread them all.
so... *rifles through your paperwork* it says here you're chronically captivated by moments in which a lover's especially acute gaze transforms its object, in which one woman comes into being through the desiring or demanding gaze of another? well. well, well.
*sets papers aside, sighs wearily, resting reading spectacles on top of head*
well, it appears i am, too.
we're done for, i'm afraid.
nothing for it but to just get the most out of being Like This while we can. excerpts from a perseveration of ten years and counting under the cut:
Then suddenly [Beverly] pulled back. Never breaking her lock on Kathryn’s eyes, she crossed her wrists at her waist and pulled her sweater over her head. She threw it onto the grass. Looking up at her, dumbstruck, Kathryn watched Beverly’s fingers as they carefully unbuttoned and discarded another layer. She settled, fingertips running along Kathryn’s neck, her jaw, her hairline, in just her bluejeans and a Starfleet-issue tank. The chill puckered her bare shoulders, tightened the weathered flesh there, rippled the spill of freckles. The drama of her hair, coming loose, white-streaked falls framing her face. The sudden slenderness of her against the sky, against the brighter grey of Fionnuala’s forward frame. A woman with wings.
‘Topics in Practical Aerodynamics’, 2011
By third position, Laris was sweating, feeling Beverly’s exactitude like a hot spike through the center of her, all the sharper for the stark contrast with Beverly’s natural teacherly demeanor. You asked for this, Beverly’s raptorish gaze seemed to say, and Laris ached to deserve her deliberate, watchful intensity. As she thrust her foot forward into fourth, as her arms swept almost without thought, like the arms of a counterweighted automaton, through the arc of the transition, as she adjusted according to Beverly’s close examination and curt correctives, she felt a need growing in the core of her that made her heart race and her breath come short. Trembling to hold fifth position, she was so aroused that she could smell it, and she was sure Beverly must, too. Her skin burned with effort and awareness of herself, almost with fear, as Beverly stepped close to her, close enough to kiss, and swept her hands gratuitously along her arms to make very fine adjustments in the positions of her wrists, her fingers. Laris clenched her jaw, and schooled her breath, and burned with wanting her.
‘A Sign of Rigor’, 2020
Wine in hand, Laris danced up close to her and placed her free hand on her hip. ‘Well? Let’s see what you can do, m’shiv’na.’ Zhaban hooted. Beverly wondered if it would be wise to look that one up. She mustered her composure and managed a few measures, keeping up well enough to satisfy her dignity, but Laris just shook her head and passed Zhaban her glass.
‘That’s not in any way helpful,’ Beverly said to his laughter.
‘I’m sorry. I’ve been there, Bev. I feel you, I really do.’ But he didn’t stop laughing.
‘Shut up,’ Laris said, all over bright, delighted mischief. The tautness so attractive in her at a distance became in close contact an exhilarating intensity, undeniable demand in every muscle, every movement. She placed both hands on Beverly’s hips, patting the left one. ‘Loosen up, it’ll hurt less if you stop trying to protect it.’ Now, how the hell had she known? But Beverly didn’t have the bandwidth to both dance and argue, not with Laris’s hands on her like that. She loosened up. It wasn’t enough. ‘Get those hips moving and the rest will come,’ Laris encouraged her. She didn’t know what to do with her arms, so she raised them above her head, flexing her fingers to the rhythm. Laris nodded. ‘Just the hips.’ Fully conscious that she was flushing top to toe, conscious of Zhaban’s scrutiny as well as Laris’s, she closed her eyes, measured her breath, and let it all wash right over her. Isolation had never been her strong suit, but she imagined her body as a marionette controlled from the hips, and gradually slipped sideways into that place where all thought reduced itself to body, music, and space. Laris’s firm fingertips were her only anchor points in an empty universe, guiding her to where she was meant to be.
One of those points became a different kind of pressure, and the universe expanded again. The look in Laris’s eyes had changed, and for the first time her breath was coming short. She moved closer, planting one hand firmly on Beverly’s lower back, keeping the other tight on her hip. Beverly mirrored the hold and let Laris’s body instruct her—by the rhythm of her hips, her feet, by the pressure of her hands, the movement of her scapula under Beverly’s palm. Laris added one step, then another. ‘Yeah,’ she breathed at last, ‘there you go. That’s the real thing.’ It was difficult to maintain in its own right, and the intensity of her consciousness of Laris’s hands, her body, her hot, unwavering gaze, her sheer proximity, only made it harder. But the thrill of moving at the very limit of her capacity combined with the thrill of that heavy wonder in Laris’s voice, praising her, inviting her into this thing that was her own, were enough to keep her dancing, possibly, forever.
‘The Smaller Worlds,’ 2020
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toshio · 21 hours ago
Best anime of 90s? Best game of 90s? Best album of 90s? I don't have any feelings towards you because I don't know you but I like your blog a reasonable amount
best anime: sailor moon/cardcaptor cuz i’m basic
best game: ocarina of time/original smash bros 64
best album: spice (spice girls ofc)
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ceilingfan5 · 21 hours ago
this is super corny probably but I just wanna thank you so much for writing and sharing!! your stuff is always so lovely and cheers me up without fail!
for one thing, if you havent noticed, i LOVE corny, 🌽be🌽my🌽guest!!🌽
but for another, it means so much to see that!!!! like seriously, a lot of the time i dont even get a please or thank you (and im not bitching and moaning, i wouldn't do the requests if i didnt want to, it isn't the end of the WORLD) but it's so so nice to know that people appreciate it and my work impacts other people's lives!
absolutely go out there and let your favorite creators know how you feel! they will implode and leave a pile of heart sprinkles on the sidewalk i guarantee this.
so thank YOU!!!!!!!
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dayvan · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
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toshio · 10 hours ago
why is your blog's primary demographic Ass Eaters?
they won’t leave me alone!!!!!
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theoriginaldolly · a month ago
There are a lot of quotes flying around and small pieces of the story so here it is so in BRITNEYs own voice in her own words and she specifically asked for this to be made PUBLIC. She wants everyone to know the truth because she has not been allowed to have a voice.
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hitchfender · 2 years ago
There’s one moment in which Harry Styles transcends its big-name influences. Closer “From the Dining Table” opens with a startling scene: a horny, lonely Styles, jerking off in an opulent hotel room before falling back asleep and getting wasted. “I’ve never felt less cool,” he admits. The writing is frank and economic; it sounds like Styles is singing softly into your ear, a bashful mess. It’s the only song on the album that invites you to consider what it must be like to be Harry Styles: unfathomably famous since before you could drive, subjected to unrelenting attention everywhere except bunker-like studios and secluded beaches, forced to zip around and around the world for half a decade when you’re supposed to be figuring out who you are and what you want. And yet “From the Dining Table” sounds less like a complaint than a confession meant for you and you alone. It’s intoxicating, and it ends Harry Styles on the most promising possible note.
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iwouldfuckajcrowley · a year ago
Not a confession but, every time in fanfic when aziraphale is being called „azi“ i lose it a little. In germany when you call someone „asi“ (same pronounciation) it means asshole/dick/idiot. So as i read, i imagine crowley pounding aziraphale into the mattress, holding him tight and kissing him passionately and with all the love and tenderness in the world he whispers „asshole“
… asshole….
i don’t know what to say to this, i’m too busy laughing
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death2america · 3 months ago
kiwifarms net/threads/personal-lolcows-tumblr-edition.20550/page-49#post-8459849
Tumblr media
first of all thanks for showing me this, second I feel like I got shoved in a time machine back to grade school lmfao. people used to call me weird, crazy, and mock my world, especially around age 6-13. they would also call me a certain slur I won't mention, even one of my close friends. apparently some people never matured past that age.
i'm not sure who on HERE posted this, but perhaps at least one of my 33k followers can complete an investigation. 😎
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nbcnightlynews · 2 years ago
Michael Cohen in congressional testimony:
"I am ashamed that I chose to take part in concealing Mr. Trump’s illicit acts rather than listening to my own conscience. I am ashamed because I know what Mr. Trump is. He is a racist. He is a con man. And he is a cheat."
Watch our coverage of the hearing.
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awesomejustgotawesome · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why don't you just throw her one? Look, I know you like to be everyone's manic pixie dream girl, but that's not how I live my life. And an engagement party is clearly not on my list of duties. It's just one extra thing.
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hitchfender · 2 years ago
a transcript of cameron crowe’s interview with rolling stone, cut to just the parts where he talks about harry
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creekfiend · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I read this to Squeak she said sagely "ah, the Pip Experience"
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iwouldfuckaziraphale · 2 years ago
idk if it's just me (okay i know it's definitely not just me) but i would follow the SHIT out of a iwouldfuckmichaelsheen/iwouldfuckdavidtennant blog. not suggesting you guys run another blog but. i need that in my life
hm. Here’s the thing. 
I love these characters. I love these actors in these roles. I do not like the idea of a blog or blogs specifically about sexualizing these actors. I don’t think that’s nice and I don’t think that’s appropriate. David Tennant doesn’t really do social media and I get the impression that the reason is that he’s rather private about his personal life. Michael Sheen is... Michael Sheen. He says embarrassing things about himself and seems like he has no sense of shame, but that doesn’t make it less weird. Michael Sheen could tell me personally he’d be okay with me running a blog called “iwouldfuckmichaelsheen” and I still wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so. 
There’s a real problem in online spaces with treating the people who make content as consumable, not to get into anything. And like. I have read and enjoyed some rpf, I know how it is. But there’s just patently a difference between making content meant to be kept to fandom spaces and doing so on a public forum like tumblr. I know y’all think of tumblr as sort of closed and private, a place where you just talk about shit with your friends, and like! I do, too! I post lots of things that are just personal posts for me or meant to be looked at by like six other people! But the truth is anybody could see them, and I find the possibility of David Tennant or Michael Sheen or somebody who actually knows and loves them seeing a blog about wanting to fuck them to be deeply uncomfortable and creepy. 
Don’t be creepy to these nice men, y’all. Michael Sheen has been very lovely to this fandom and he doesn’t deserve that, and people who make content for the internet don’t deserve that just in general. Please reserve your thirst for irl human famous people for private spaces, like texts with your friends, or your diary, or a confessional booth. 
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death2america · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
ok now THIS is a new combination
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gc2b · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Austin (he/him)
A long long time ago in the ancient year of 2016 I got my first ever binder, a white half binder from gc2b. Sadly my mom hid it from me almost immediately after I started wearing it. I’ve gotten a few gc2b binders and had them delivered to my super cool dad’s apartment since then but on a recent trip to my moms, I found it! It was an emotional experience and of course whenever I encounter emotions I go to Michael’s and buy tie dye kits just like any other person. Thank you gc2b for being the best binder ever!!!
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