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wondering why i was immediately simping for gojou and then finding out his voice actor also voiced kuroo……. i’ve been pavloved

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genre: fluff / slow burn

word count: 6652

author’s note: completely unedited, i’m so sorry. this took me like a week to write but i really enjoy it and i hope you do too!


You never planned on having to quit volleyball. You also never intended on having a career ending injury before your career even began. 

Being the star player on the Karasuno Girls Volleyball team was everything you had ever wanted. You were the team captain, ace, wing spiker. You held the team in the palm of your hand. Some of the girls would call you the glue of the team, holding everyone together through thick and thin. You carried Karasuno to Nationals. A gurney carried you out.

You don’t talk on the topic much. All that everyone knows is what the tabloids say. Match point. Perfect set. Perfect spike. Not so perfect landing. Just moments after you slammed the ball into the ground, you slammed yourself into the ground. 

You shattered your ankle, tore your ACL and MCL, shattered your wrist, dislocated your shoulder, and just to put the cherry on top, you managed to suffer from a concussion. Physically, you recovered within a few months. Mentally… well, you’re still healing.

You knew that you’d never be able to play again, but that didn’t make it hurt any less. The entire experience was pretty traumatic, causing you to go to therapy for a few months following the accident. It didn’t help, though. You refused to open up to anyone about the accident. Bottling everything up inside seemed like the best option. 


A few short months after your recovery, your friends Daichi and Asahi ran up to you in the hallway just after the bell rang. 

“Y/N!” you quickly turned around to find the two boys sprinting towards you. You stepped back a  few steps, just in case they didn’t stop in time. You learned to do that the hard way. 

“What can I help you with?”

It’s hard to remember how you three first became friends, but since you were in the same year, it just allowed you to become even closer. The three of you tried to spend as much time together as you could, but between all of your volleyball practices, it was hard. Now that you had some extra free time, you would walk with them back home to pull off some late-night study sessions. 

Asahi rubbed his neck and looked at Daichi coyly before speaking, “Well, we were wondering…”

“Just spit it out,” you laughed

Daichi stepped in, “Would you like to be a manager for the boys team?”

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Of all my main characters with extraordinarily poor vision, Chancillon is the only one that actually wears glasses

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December 12th is the birthday of Tetsu Tekano, first lead vocalist for MALICE MIZER. In 1994 MALICE MIZER performed at Be-1 in Hataka on theirCher de memoire II tour. 2015 Moi dix Mois held Dis inferno XIII ~ LAST YEAR PARTY ~ “Seth 10th anniversary commemoration” in Shibuya

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The reason Persedau says Forge so much is that Tetsu HATES being called Forge and Persedau thinks it’s very funny. In the same vein, Persedau HATES being called Salvatore, and Forge doesn’t like saying people’s first names.

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Assorted Malice Mizer Magazines (Part 1/6)

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