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#tetsuro kuroo
saomiya · a day ago
Tumblr media
DIRTY REALITY + kuroo tetsurou
:: pairing :: dilf!kuroo x fem! reader
:: warnings : age gap, mentions of masturbation (male), perv. kuroo, bimbo reader
:: a/n's note :: dilf ceo kuroo and intern y/n is just *chef's kiss*, short drabble based on my real relationship, yes—
Tumblr media
kuroo's disappointed, not in you, but himself. oh god, how could he ever tell you that he's getting off to thoughts of you in that tight office attire that you always wear.
you were merely an intern not to mention, half his age but you were insatiable in his eyes, trying to hide the bob in his adam's apple when he sees you, white button down shirt that looked like it was gonna pop from the front and that black pencil skirt that perfectly shaped your curves.
he feels the rush of blood come into his dick whenever you call him, "kuroo-san, can you help me?" and he immediately comes over, glancing slightly at the cleavage that you left open purposely for him to see and when he instructs you what to do and you utter that sickly sweet, "teach me again" with a glint in your eyes.
and he can't help but notice your fingers too, your pretty and long fingers that would perfect if you just laced it around his black and grey hair, and those fingers you might've been using to please yourself, he shudders at the idea.
and everytime he comes home, all alone in his big penthouse just to jerk off to the ideas he has in his dirty mind, his pretty bed head pooled with sweat that traces down his face, neck and chest as he grips his lengths, how would you look like if you were the one doing this to him?
would your moans sound as pretty as he have imagined? what would you call him? and once he sees you all alone in the office, being the first to arrive, he can't help but make this ideas into his dirty reality.
Tumblr media
©saomiya 2021. please refrain from copying, reposting any of my current works.
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sukunababy · 2 months ago
Hi! Can you pls do some tet links for threesome w/ the hq boys of your choice?
Tumblr media
3some with Haikyū!!Boys NSFT Visual
Part 1. / Part 2.
Tumblr media
BOKUTO KŌTARŌ + AKAASHI KEIJI: link link link link link
HAJIME IWAIZUMI + TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link link link
TETSURŌ KUROO + BOKUTO KŌTARŌ: link link link link
WAKATOSHI USHIJIMA: link link link link
TŌRU OIKAWA: link link link
RINTARŌ SUNA: link link link
ATSUMU MIYA: link link link
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thegreatanso · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Two owls on a date meeting two cats on a date 💕🍁🍂
Nobody asked but my queer headcanons for these 4 are : [Bokuto : trans man, gay] ~ [Akaashi : bi, ace spectrum] ~ [Kuroo : bi] ~ [Kenma : NB, gay, ace spectrum] 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️🦉🐈
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lovefictionallove · 28 days ago
five more minutes ⊹ .˳⁺⁎˚ ꒰ఎ
pairing ; timeskip! kuroo x fem! reader
genre/ warnings ; fluff, proofread-ish
a/n ; seductively looks at my other 3 kuroo drafts 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“don’t leave yet” you softly pleaded, voice kept at a low, yet hasty whisper once you felt your boyfriend try to cautiously loosen from your hold, “just.. a little longer”. 
The early rising sun had always brought you the most pleasant mornings with your lover, Kuroo, and this one wouldn’t have made a difference from the rest.
Though your eyes were kept shut due to the lingering dreariness that numb your body, you could already feel the morning sun casting its amber rays through the slits of your blinds, engulfing you and your lover in its golden bliss. 
You woke up with your arms held around each other’s body, legs entangled under the desert of sheets scattered across your bed, while you felt that familiar notion of love harbored in your chest from waking up to another morning with your boyfriend by your side.
Basking in Kuroo’s warmth, your head nuzzled closer into him while a short chuckle bubbled through his chest, “Didn’t realize you were up, _____. Did I wake you?”
“No.. no, you didn’t. Don’t worry,” you slurred, traces of tiredness creeping through your voice.
“Okay, good,” Kuroo said, while then planting a small kiss to your forehead, “wouldn’t want to wake my pretty girl up” 
After his lips left your forehead, you instantly felt him trying to subtly release from your hold, making you lightly grip a ball of fabric from Kuroo's shirt.
“just a little longer,” you pleaded once again.
“Clingy now, aren’t we?” Kuroo remarked.
And from the way he held his tone, you didn’t even have to open your eyes to know that your boyfriend’s famous smirk was already plastered on his face.
“You know that I have work now, babe, right?”
“It’ll only be five more minutes,” you said softly. 
He laughed, “We both know that's not true, _____” 
The soft whine that now escaped your lips was followed by you huddling in closer to him, with the tip of your nose brushing against the soft fabric on his chest. 
“Pleasee, Tetsu. You’re just so warmmm,” you sang, and as your eyes finally peered open, you locked your sleepy gaze onto his and continued, “and so comfy, too”.
A slight smile tugged at his lips "Heh, am i?” he responded once again. 
Even though you noticed how Kuroo’s jocular tone never escaped from his voice, there was a faint change in volume, sounding much softer than before. 
What you didn’t realize was that the quick stare you just flashed at your boyfriend made his heart spiral. ‘God, she’s so cute’, he thought, which was the only thing that shot into his mind at that moment.
And it wasn’t just that alone, it was the way your lashes fluttered so gracefully in an attempt to shake away that hint of fatigue; it was the way you cuddled into him so perfectly, clinging onto Kuroo like it were your last moments together; it was the way he noticed that sweet, soft smile pull at the corner of your cheeks while you continued to stare at him, the one that always seemed to drag the ends of his heart strings.
Though with Kuroo’s calm composure, it was so easy for him to mask away the fact that he already planned to stay and cuddle with you (the teasing bastard just wanted to drag out this little interaction).
And right as you were about to speak, his words were quick to cut you off, “you know what?” Kuroo began, “I suppose five minutes wouldn’t hurt, right?”
Your eyes then lit up, your lips shining a bright grin as you snuggled closer into him. Before you did that, though, you gave him a quick kiss in gratitude . 
Underneath your boyfriend’s laid-back nature and his usual remarks, you knew that Kuroo was a softie at heart (especially for you). 
And though he was aware that this cuddling session would probably (most likely) drag on for way more than the 5 minutes you promised, he was too entranced by those doting eyes to care enough.
With a genuine smile on his face, Kuroo’s strong arm tightened the hold around your body.
And although there was a high chance of him arriving late to his job, Kuroo only thought, ‘Work can wait.’
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated ! (ʃƪ˘⌣˘)
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mochaxz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
characters: miya atsumu, rintarō suna, kotaro bokuto, tetsuro kuroo.
a/n: my requests are now open! go ahead and go to my asks and put in your requests!
Tumblr media
ATSUMU whines making you turn your attention towards him. “you okay, baby?” you ask peering up from your phone. “you haven't been paying any attention to me at all,” he exclaimed, which was true, you haven't given any sort of affection towards your boyfriend since this morning except for a kiss on his cheek following up with a ‘good morning’ when you woke. You smiled softly and got up from your spot and sat next to Atsumu. “I’m sorry baby, how about I make it up to you with some cuddles and kisses?” Atsumu’s lips switch from a pout to a big smile and he says, “yeah, I'd love that very much!”
BOKUTO stares at you with puppy dog eyes and a pout on his lips waiting for you to turn your head towards him and give him any sort of affection. I mean, all you’ve been doing was scrolling mindlessly through your phone while snaking on some snacks that you got from the cabinet in the kitchen. He flops and on his back and groans. You look up at him and say, “you okay ‘bo?” He glances at you and mumbles out, “I want attention...” you chuckle at him. “You could have just said that before.” and with that, you open your arms wide open for him and he curls up into your chest with a small smile on his face.
KUROO pokes your cheek repeatedly. “y/nnnn” he says dragging out your name. you sigh softly, “yes, kuroo?” he shows you his lazy smirk and says, “I need you, like, right now.” a laugh bubbles through your throat, “your so needy sometimes kuroo, it’s actually kinda cute.” you tease. he whines in response, “babyyyy I’m serious.” he says. “Okay, okay. Come here.” you responded while opening your arms wide so he can lay his head on your chest, which he does do. “your so warm~” he coos. you laugh softly. “I love you kuroo.” he smiles, “I love you too, y/n.”
SUNA stares at you blankly. you shiver a little feeling someone stared daggers into the back of your head. “ okay suna?” you asked. “Cuddle me.” he demanded. You where caught of guard for a second and then chuckled, “looks like someone missed me.” You teased while getting yourself comfortable on top of suna’s lap as he wraps his arms around your waist. “Shut up you brat. Be happy I’m even being needy.” he mumbles. You smile softly while enjoying this soft moment that your in with him.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @thehellimdoinghere-x
©2021 mochaxz. all rights reserved.
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qrdems · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairings: tsukishima kei, kuroo tetsurou
summary: getting into fights
warnings: strong language, implied sexual assault, fistfights, some violence
word count: 3k
a/n: this is for @ushislittlewife <3
Tumblr media
Tsukishima opens the door to your apartment with a sigh. He spent the entire evening at volleyball practice, and he’s extremely tired and frustrated—to say the least. The last thing he wanted was for you to envelop him in a hug the moment he walked into the kitchen. He stiffens when you nuzzle your head in his chest.
“Hey Tsukki! How was your day? Did you eat already?” Quickly brushing you off, he places his bag down next to the table and sits down.
“It was fine. I haven’t eaten yet.” He pulls out his phone and starts to scroll through it.
“I made your favorite for dinner!” You hold up a steaming plate of chicken dumplings with some stir fried vegetables.
“Thanks.” He answers in his usual monotone voice. You notice something is off in his demeanor, so you try and hug him from behind. He immediately pushes you away.
“God, y/n, why can’t you just fucking leave me alone for 5 seconds?” Eyes widening, you step back.
“I just wanted to-” he cuts you off, dropping his fork and standing up from the table.
“It’s always something with you, y/n. Always asking questions, always following me like a lost puppy.” He points a finger accusingly at you. “Can’t you ever just shut your fucking mouth?” Tears start to well up in your eyes at his hurtful words.
“Tsukki, I just want to be there for you. That’s what we agreed on when getting into a relationship. That we would be there for each other.” Your voice breaks at the last words, and tears silently fall down your cheeks.
“Well then maybe this was a mistake.” He gestures to the both of you. “Getting together with you was a mistake, y/n. Accept that and move on or so help me god, I will kick you out myself.” He goes to leave but stops when he hears you.
“Fuck you Tsukishima.” You sniffle and try and wipe the tears from your cheeks, but they just keep coming. “The worst part is that I saw it coming. I knew you’d hurt me—hurt us—but I still kept you around.” He turns around, and you can see the pure anger and hatred in his emerald eyes.
“Well then why did you even bother, y/n? What did you want in the beginning? What did you think would happen?” He shakes his head in annoyance. “I’m not cut out for this relationship bullshit. Let alone being in one with you.” Your heart shatters at his words and you try and keep from dropping to your knees.
“Tsukki, I’ve spent my entire life being left behind by everyone I thought who loved me but ended up just being an ass. I finally thought I had found someone who would stick by me, but I guess I was wrong.” You choke out, moving your way past him towards the door. You were so done with him. As much as you still loved him, he would never love you back the same way. You stop at the door, your hand on the handle when he says one last thing.
“Have you ever thought that maybe you’re the problem? All these people keep leaving you and you keep acting surprised. Somehow, whatever you do seems to be the wrong thing, and I’m sick of you acting like you’re so perfect. Even after everything that has happened to you, you still won’t admit this was your doing. This was your fault. It always has been.” Tears now running down your cheeks, making your vision blurry, you turn back to look at him.
“I still love you, Tsukishima, I always will. But until you can look and see that there are other people in the world other than your selfish ass, we can’t be together.” You don’t see it, but tears are starting to form in Tsukki’s eyes as he watches you walk out into the dark night, slamming the door behind you. He didn’t mean a word he said, you’re his everything. The only reason he looks forward to coming home is so he can see you again. He would willingly lay his life on the line for you, and he went and fucked it up. Guilt eating him up inside, he sits back down at the table and starts to eat the dinner you had generously made him.
Not traveling in any particular direction, you walk until your legs are sore and you’ve cried all your tears out. You love Tsukki too much, you can’t just leave him like this. You sigh and start to make your way back home, heart still in pieces at his harsh words. Maybe he’s right. Maybe you’re the reason why people keep treating you like dirt, the reason people keep abandoning you. Maybe he’s right in that it’s always your fault. Once you reach the alley a couple minutes from your house, you see a group of dark figures waking in your direction. You duck your head and avoid eye contact, praying they’ll just leave you alone.
“What are you doing our here all alone, pretty?” One of the guys wraps his beefy fingers around your slender arm.
“Let go of me.” You say firmly, even though you know it’s not going to do anything. Another guy comes up behind you and you can smell the alcohol on his breath as he whispers in your ear, placing his hands on your shoulders.
“C’mon baby, why don’t you come home with us?” He pulls you toward him and you wince away. “You’ll have fun—I promise.” He slurs his words and holds you in place. You kick him in the leg, causing him to cry out and let go of you. You use the opportunity to yank out your phone and speed dial the most recent person on your phone list.
“Baby?” You hear sniffling from the other side and immediately recognize who you called. You press your back against the back of the alley as the three men start to approach you again. Trapped, you frantically yell into the phone.
“Tsukki I need help please hurry I’m in the alley by the park, these guys… they’re gonna hurt me.” You don’t even hear his response before the guy in the middle plucks the phone right out of your hands and chuckles deeply.
“Calling for help already? We’re just getting started.” He hangs up the phone and throws it to the ground.
Tsukishima immediately jumps up from the couch, quickly slides into a pair of shoes and sprints out the door, not even bothering to grab a jacket or lock the house behind him. All that mattered to him was your safety, and judging by the voice he heard on the other end of the phone, you were far from it. Turning the corner into the alley, he can already hear you struggling under the large bodies of these men. The only thought on his mind being protecting you, he grabs the main guy off of you by the back of his shirt and easily throws him to ground. All these years of playing volleyball payed off. Tsukishima thought as he watched the other two guys shrink back in fear.
“I think that’s quite enough.” He says sternly, pushing them away so he can stand protectively in front of you. “You better leave now or I’ll you'll have more than just me to deal with.” He pulls out his phone, and the main guy immediately puts his hands in front of him.
“Okay fine, man. Jeez. Chill out. We were just leaving.” He turns to his friends and gestures to the end of the alley. “Lets get outta here.” The three of them stumble out of the dark, and Tsukishima immediately turns back to you. His eyes scan over your trembling body, looking for any injuries. He freezes when he sees your shoulders shake, then realizes you’re crying again.
“I’m sorry,” you choke out, unable to remain your composure in front of the only man you’ll ever love. “I’m sorry for being so clingy I'll stop just please... don’t leave me. Not after everything we’ve been through together.” Tsukki immediately wraps you in a hug.
“Don’t apologize. You did nothing wrong. It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have snapped at you like that.” He kisses the top of your head, trying not to cry himself hearing your sobs. He falls to his knees, dragging you down with him. Finally letting his tears flow, he sobs, holding you close to his chest.
“I’m so so sorry, baby, please forgive me.” He says between sobs, and you can’t help but nod into his chest. The both of you stay like that for a long time, crying in each others arms, apologizing for the things you said earlier, promising to stay with each other forever.
Tumblr media
You check your phone for the tenth time in the past hour. Once again, Kuroo stood you up. You sigh and stand up from the restaurant table, not even bothering to order. This has been happening for months now, and every time you think he’s going to change, he does it again. Driving back to your shared apartment, you aren’t surprised to see he’s not at home either. Not bothering to change, you stay in your skirt and turtleneck, waiting once again for your boyfriend of almost 2 years.
“He’s probably with another girl.” You say out loud to yourself, although you pray that’s not the case.
Well y/n, why else would he stand you up repeatedly and always come home late? the little voice in your head says for you.
Picking up your phone and dialing his number again, you get no answer, but you hear the front door open and the sound of shuffling feet in the entryway. You walk out into the living room, where you meet Kuroo, who’s putting his bag down.
“This is the third time this month Kuroo.” You can’t help but be annoyed with him. You are his girlfriend after all.
“Oh shit, that was today?” He checks his phone, only to see the 20 missed calls and copious texts from you.
“Yeah Kuroo, it was. I guess you were too busy doing whatever the hell you’re doing until 7 o’clock in the evening.” You shake your head and turn so you’re not facing him. “For all I know, you could be hanging out with some other girl.” You go to leave but Kuroo stops you.
“How dare you, y/n. How dare you assume I'm out with another girl when I give all of my attention to you and you only?” You turn to face him, and see the anger on his face. Tears start to form in your eyes.
“Please tell me why, then, you’re constantly standing me up when we arrange to go on dates, why you’re at school so late in the evening—and don’t use volleyball as an excuse because I know for a fact that practice doesn’t go this late when there aren’t any games scheduled. You even told me yourself that you would get off of practice early today.” The tears start to roll down your cheeks, and you have to take a deep breath before continuing.
“You’re always so distant Kuroo, I can even tell when we’re together, your mind is somewhere else, definitely not on me or whatever we’re doing together. Please tell me how I can think you’re not with another girl?” Voice choking on the last words, you try and wipe the tears away from your face.
“Wow. I should’ve seen this coming when I got together with you, y/n. I should’ve seen this and not have gotten into a relationship with you because all you are is an overprotective bitch who won’t let her boyfriend live his life.” He shakes his head and scoffs. “It’s real low of you to assume that I’m doing whatever with whoever. Even if I was, why would it be any of your business?” He immediately regrets the words that just came out of his mouth as soon as he sees your eyes widen with shock and hurt. He steps toward you.
“Kitten, I-” You hold up your hand, cutting him off.
“Don’t.” Shoulders wracking with sobs, you grab your phone off the table and hurriedly walk to the door.
“No, kitten don’t leave, please.” You slip on your shoes and open the door. He reaches out and grabs your arm, pleading with you to stay. You jerk your arm out of his grip.
“Don’t fucking touch me.” The words cut him in the heart as soon as they leave your lips. His eyes widen and he steps back, watching as you walk out of the door and into the night, shutting the door in his face. He drops to the ground and immediately pulls out his phone. He calls you, texts you, but gets no response. You don’t even leave him on read. Throwing his phone to the ground in frustration, he buries his head in his hands.
Why did my stupid ego have to get in the way. he thinks to himself.
Tears flowing out of your eyes, you immediately start on your way to Kenma’s house, knowing he lives close and would be able to help you right now. But before you can even get halfway there, you see a group of people up ahead. There’s around 10 of them, and you duck your head as you walk past them, hoping they won’t pay you any mind. Of course, you were wrong.
“Hey there gorgeous.” One of the guys grabs you by the shoulder and turns you around to face him and the group. “Why don’t you come and join us?” You try and step out of his grip, but he just squeezes your shoulder harder. “C’mon, don’t be shy.” he pulls your hair back to expose your neck before he leans in and inhales your scent.
“She’s a pretty one, huh,” one of the guys pipes up from somewhere in the middle of the group.
“She sure is—smells nice too.” The main guy pulls you toward the group before pushing you onto the ground. Acting purely on adrenaline and fear, you yank your phone out and dial the first person that comes to mind. Before they clue in what you’re doing, Kuroo’s already picked up the phone.
“KUROO PLEASE I NEED HELP I’M BY THE PARK-” One of the guys shoots his hand over your mouth and all Kuroo can hear from the other end are muffled screams that could only be coming from you. He jumps up from where he’s still sitting at the doorway and grabs his shoes, running out after you. He would never forgive himself if anything bad happened to you, especially if he was the one to cause it. Before long, he can see a group of people by the entrance to the park, and as he gets closer, he can hear your muffled screams again. Your hair’s a mess, turtleneck untucked and hiked up so your stomach is exposed, and one of the guys is slowly inching his hands up your bare thighs. Kuroo’s eyes go dark when he sees the way they’re touching you.
No one is allowed to touch y/n like that. Only me.
He runs forward and punches one of the guys on the outside right in the face. He cries out and falls to the ground, making everyone in the middle halt what they’re doing.
“Don’t touch her.” Kuroo spits. The main guy chuckles at Kuroo’s attempt at heroism.
“And what're you going to do about it?” He grabs your jaw and points it to look at him, bringing it closer and closer to his face, getting ready to kiss you. Your throat raw from all the screaming earlier, you can only let out a small whimper as tears continue to stream down your cheeks. Kuroo lunges forward and yanks the guys head up, landing a solid punch to the nose. You can hear the crunch of bones breaking as his head snaps back, blood pouring out of his nose.
“I said, don’t touch her.” He scans over the group, eyes still dark. “Anyone else?” They all shake their heads, standing up and scrambling away. As soon as they are out of earshot, Kuroo immediately kneels down next to you, gathering your shaking figure into his arms.
“I’m so sorry kitten, this is my fault. I shouldn’t have said those things, they aren’t true at all.” He looks at you and fixes your hair, tucking it behind your ears. “Are you alright? Did they hurt you at all?” You shake your head, body still trembling under Kuroo’s touch. As he’s about to stand up, he stops when he hears your soft voice.
“Why are you always late?” You ask, looking down in your lap. He smiles softly at you and runs his hand up and down your back reassuringly.
“Kenma’s been having a hard time lately, his parents are getting a divorce because apparently his dad had been cheating on his mom for a long time, and had an entire separate family with some other woman.” He kisses the top of your head. “Don’t worry, kitten. I would never be doing anything with any girl other than you. I promise you that, okay?” You nod with an exhale, and Kuroo can feel your body relax a little bit.
“I’m sorry, for assuming things.” You say softly, and Kuroo immediately shakes his head.
“Don’t be sorry. It’s my fault for not communicating things with you. It’s only fair of you to assume that I was with someone else.” He picks you up and cradles you in his arms. “Now let’s get you home.” You nod and relax into his warm embrace.
Tumblr media
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flareish · 2 months ago
kuroo x reader
summary: Kuroo gets heated after a hard loss and things escalate quickly
genre: hurt/comfort
word count: 1.1k
warnings: arguments, flinching, semi toxic
a/n: I dont think kuroo would ever be toxic but I love hurt/comfort so someones gotta take the fall here
Tumblr media
It was a rough game. Nekoma lost straight sets. It was brutal. It was pretty early too, only the second day and they got paired against a power house school and they got destroyed. Kuroo was furious, he didn’t know what to do with himself. His last year playing highschool volleyball. His last year to play with Kenma. His last year and it was gone before it even began. 
Kuroo had been sat in the locker room for a long time. Everyone else had left, leaving the captain to himself. Being his girlfriend it was your responsibility to be there to support him in anyway he needed. You knew there was nothing you could say to make this better. There was no, “you’ll get them next year”. Just the sucky truth. You waited as long as you could for him to calm down before slipping into the locker room. It was deathly silent. You make your way in further and saw Kuroo sat on a bench with his head in the hands. Quietly, you sat on the bench across from him, trying to calculate the best way to go about this. He didn’t acknowledge you, just sat in silence.
“Kuroo,” You said softly, “I know this isn’t the outcome you all wanted-”
“Oh really Y/N?” His head whips up and his eyes arent even red or puffy from crying just angry, “That’s seriously the best you can come up with.” You duck you head down embarrassed but decide if this is what he needs, you can take some sharp words. Tomorrow, when everything has calmed down, you can talk it out.
“What you have nothing to say now? Not going to tell me that we can get them next time? Oh yeah there is no next time this was it! My last chance and it is gone.” He was now standing. You slowly stand as well. You are now standing face to face with him screaming and you just standing there. You didn’t duck your head this time, now you were making direct eye contact. He kept on going though. Throwing out everything he could think of, every regret he has made his season. This wasn’t going as you wished though because instead of calming him down he was only getting more and more amped up. His voice got louder, his arms moving as he spoke. 
“You don’t understand Y/N. You never will. It’s so easy to stand there in the sidelines and be all bummed about your school not winning but you’re not the one in it. You’re not actually apart of any of it. You have no power over it. No you just stand there doing a shitty job of ‘comforting’ me and pity me.” As he spoke, he took steps closer to you. He hands moving wildly along with his angry speech. His anger had gone from losing to you. 
“You know what just get the fuck out of here because all you are doing is pissing me off-” His hand swung up as he finished his sentence. It felt like it happened in slowmotion but in double speed at the same time. Like your thoughts were clear as day but your body wasn’t yours to control. Just like that, your hands come flying up to protect your face and you stumble a step back. Your body waits braced for an impact you had no idea was even coming but your body saw from a mile away. Although your body had predicted wrong. No hit ever came. Terrified of the new disaster you had just created you slowly pull your arms away from your face. Kuroo’s face looks ghostly pale. His hand is frozen mid air. It was pointing not hitting. His jaw was slack and his eyes wide like he couldn’t believe what just happened. If you look carefully you would notice the wetness gathering in his eyes and the slight shake to his body. He knew he was mad and had gone way over the line blaming you for his problems but he never thought you would be scared of him. How could he? You were always so feisty and strong willed. You never backed down, you stood tall and took whatever head on, even throwing snippy comments in here and there. But now the strong girl who he was supposed to protect was crowering infront of him. 
“Y/N- I woul- how could you ever think that.” his voice cracks and he’s unable to finish his sentence. You fear you made matters worse and quickly slip back to leave the locker room as he wished. He goes to reach for your arm to stop you but he stops scared that he will frighten you even more.
“Please, Y/N, wait,” Kuroo pleads falling to his knees, “I’m sorry. I am so so sorry.” He is now crying. You stop before the door. You weigh your options for a moment but when you look back at the broken Kuroo, reduced to a sobbing pile on the floor, your decision is simple. You turn around and make you way back to him. Once again quietly sitting down across from him. He looks up this time, tears streaming down his face. He reaches for you again be stops and lets out a sob at the reminder of what he caused. You push yourself forward and into his chest, wrapping you arms around his neck. He hugs you back and pushed his face into your neck. Muffled apologies are cried into your neck. You stroke his head and try and calm him down.
He looks up at you, eyes glassy, and begins pleading.
 “Please don’t leave me. I know this was well over a line but I’m sorry, I love you so much, just please don’t leave,” He grabs your face in his hands gently, “I will make this up to you I swear. This will never happen again, I will never argue with you ever. You could do whatever and I would ever start another argument again.” His words are rushed and rambled but you can make out what he is saying. You shush him pulling him back into your neck.
“I know Kuroo. We can talk about this all tomorrow but for right now we are okay. I’m not breaking up with you, okay.” That’s all it takes for Kuroo’s entire body to slack into your grip. Full of relief that he didn’t lose another thing today. 
Tomorrow everything is smoothed over but Kuroo sticks to his words, and without you realizing, he never raises his voice at you like that in another fight again. This moment serving as a reminder of what he almost lost.
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corporalswhore · 5 months ago
includes; oikawa, kuroo, tsukki, kenma, bokuto & suga.
warnings; this is actually a shitpost. kinda funny. curses/nsfw
a/n; i was bored but i’m pretty sure this is how they’d be, they’re so dumb skdjsjs. [pt. 2]
Tumblr media
→ toru oikawa
Tumblr media
→ kotaro bokuto
Tumblr media
→ tetsuro kuroo
Tumblr media
→ kenma kozume
Tumblr media
→ kei tsukishima
Tumblr media
→ koshi sugawara
Tumblr media
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sugawaraxo · a year ago
sex tape
warnings: smut ofc
characters: yu nishinoya, ryu tanaka, tetsoru kuroo, koutarou bokuto
request: Hc of asking your man to make a sex tape with you? With Nishinoya, Tanaka, Kuroo, and Bokuto please! 🖤
a/n: i really like bokuto’s, his was fun to write lol
- with nishinoya traveling all the time because of volleyball, it gets extremely hard not to miss him a lot when he’s gone
- especially when you’re craving his touch 
- most times you’re able to satisfy yourself decently well, but sometimes it’s just not enough
- and porn does absolutely nothing to help you because watching other people fuck just isn’t the same as watching as nishinoya fucks you
- so you get an idea that sparks both yours and nishinoya’s attention
- he’s very excited
“babe, can i ask you something?” you say while you massage noya’s scalp, his head resting in your lap comfortably as you two lay on the couch.
“hm?” he hums, teetering on the verge of sleep at the gentle feeling of your touch.
“what if we made a sex tape?” you question and noya’s head shoots up to look at you, eyes wide with interest.
“is this a joke? like some sort of prank? please tell me it’s not a prank.” he begs and you laugh at his response.
“no, it’s not a prank. i was just thinking about it and sometimes, when you’re away, i get really needy and it’s hard to get the kind of pleasure i’m looking for without you here. so maybe if we make a little sex tape, i can have something to watch and help when you’re away.” you explain. nishinoya stares at you blankly, his brain slowly processing each word you just said. the thought of you getting all needy when he’s not here and touching yourself while watching a video of him fucking you was more than enough to make him and his mini noya very excited. 
“is that even a question? i’m so down, can we do it right now?” he asks eagerly causing you to laugh at him again. 
“i mean, i don’t see why not.” you shrug.
nishinoya props himself up so that he’s hovering above you and he kisses you deeply. your lips always work together so perfectly, synchronizing in a nice steady rhythm. his hands are traveling all over your body in an attempt to get you as aroused as he already is, and it works without a doubt. noya continues kissing you and lightly grazing your sides with his fingers or rubbing small circles on your inner thighs until he earns a moan from you that makes him grin. 
“i know how i want to start the sex tape.” he says confidently.
“grab your phone and start recording.” is his only response. you grab your phone from beside you on the couch and open the camera app, pressing record and waiting for noya’s next move. he slides down your body and effortlessly discards your shorts, tossing them off to the side somewhere. he looks down in between your legs then up at you, you watching him through the screen of your phone. he gives the camera a small smirk before pressing a kiss on the lower part of your tummy, trailing more soft kisses all over your thighs, hips, and waist. he then lightly moves his lips over your core which was only being covered by the thin lace of your underwear. you begin to grow a bit impatient at nishinoya’s teasing, writhing under his gentle yet alluring kisses.
“noya, please.” you whine softly and he looks up at you for a quick second before pulling your panties down and tossing them somewhere unknown. he wastes no time pressing his mouth against your warm folds, licking circles around your clit repetitively. you to let out an airy gasp of his name and he continues to work his mouth around your clit for awhile, progressively sucking and licking more and more aggressively, just so he could selfishly earn more moans from you that make his dick painstakingly hard. and as if his tongue relentlessly moving around your clit wasn’t enough, he sticks two fingers inside of you and curls them upward to hit your spot. 
“holy shit noya.” you moan, reaching your free hand down to grip onto his hair lightly while trying to maintain a steady grip on your phone with the other. he looks up at you and you nearly cum at the sight. his eyes are blown with lust and his face is flushed a pretty shade of pink. you just know this part of the video is going to constantly be on replay when it’s finished. you absentmindedly start jutting your hips against noya’s tongue, a thing you do when you’re about to unravel.
you giving him the clear sign that you’re about to cum is noya’s cue to stop, so he removes his fingers from your soaking hole and wipes his mouth clean as he sits up between your legs. you whimper a little at the cum denial, but you know exactly why he did it.
“wanna see you cum with me inside you.” he mumbles, confirming your guess. 
“me too.” you respond and he smiles down at you softly which makes your heart jump. he pulls his pants down along with his boxers revealing his member. his tip is dripping with precum and you feel your pussy clench as you look at it. nishinoya takes his shirt off before saying, “yours too” and you remove yours aswell. he looks at your now fully nude body and sighs,
“how’d i get so fucking lucky?” he coos and for the second time, your hearts jumps and you can’t help but smile at his words. he presses himself at your entrance, teasing it slowly and you adjust the camera angle so that you can get more of noya’s face and body in it because that’ll come in handy later. he slides into you at a teasingly slow pace, drawing out the loud moan that’s leaving your lips. once he’s all the way in, he looks at the camera and winks before pulling out and thrusting back into you, hitting your spot perfectly. you planned on rolling your eyes at his cockiness, but your eyes end up squeezing shut at the sudden excess of pleasure.
“that feel good?” noya asks, already knowing the answer but still wanting to fuel his ego. you can’t even answer in actual words as he continues to thrust into you deeply, so you just nod and moan in response. he grins in satisfaction and thrusts into you a bit harder, not letting up on wanting to milk you of every moan you could possibly utter. he wants this video to be really nice for you since he feels guilty about being away for so long sometimes. he wants to make you feel so good so that every time you look back at this, you remember how amazing he can make you feel. he reaches down to play with your nipples a bit, making you squirm in pleasure. you use your free hand to start playing with your throbbing clit, not being able to hold back the lewd noises building in your throat. you’re a moaning mess beneath him, shaking and struggling to keep the camera steady as you get closer to your orgasm.
“here, let me take it.” noya says, grabbing the phone from you as he notices you struggling. he focuses it down on you, watching himself go in and out of you on the screen and he lets out a groan.
“noya, i’m so close.” you whimper, your chest heaving heavily as you start rubbing your clit more aggressively.
“good girl, cum for me.” nishinoya coos, making his thrusts sharper and deeper against your g-spot.
a few more thrusts and you’re arching your back off the couch and practically screaming nishinoya’s name. he smirks as you tremble beneath him, the sight completely destroying him aswell. he pulls out of you and cums all over your stomach, grunting and panting while he reaches his peak.
he wipes his mess up with his fingers then places them at your mouth, you sucking all of his faintly salty remnants off obediently and his cock twitches. after getting that all on camera, noya stops the recording and collapses next to you.
“that felt so good.” you sigh before placing a kiss on his cheek.
“it really did.” he replies, returning a kiss on your forehead. “now you can watch it whenever you want. and you better send me that video, i need it too.” he continues, handing you back your phone. you laugh at his statement and give him a quick peck before sending him the video.
you guys definitely watch it that night and go for another round.
Tumblr media
- he would be the one to bring it up actually
- tanaka just enjoys taking lewd photos of you in general
- he’ll come up behind you as you look at yourself in the mirror after getting ready and take a handful of your boob before snapping a pic
- or he’ll have you sit on his lap, facing towards him so he can take a mirror pic of him grabbing your ass like that
- he doesn’t post them or anything, but just likes looking at them every once in awhile
-  he did print out the ass grabbing one and put it on the dash board of his car though
- it makes him feel a sense of security that he’s the only one you’ll pose in pictures like that for 
- and he’s always had the desire to film you guys while having sex, to have a permanent memory of the encounter
- which is no surprise to you
tanaka is balls deep in your mouth, fucking your face at a slow yet rough tempo while muttering all sorts of nonsense as he does so. he’s leaning against the edge of the kitchen counter and you’re resting on your knees in front him, pleasing him the way he loves the most. your eyes are shut tightly as you try your best not to choke on tanaka’s length, them beginning to brim with tears a bit at the feeling of him continuously thrusting into the back of your throat. you open your eyes so that the tears would fall and you could wipe them away. but when you open them, you’re met with tanaka’s phone camera facing down at you and him looking at you with a shy smile.
“is this ok?” he asks, motioning to his phone.
“mhmm.” you hum, your mouth too full to talk.
you think it’s kind of hot being recorded actually. knowing that tanaka will go back and watch this vid countless times the same way you always catch him looking at the nsfw pictures that you two take every so often. it also gives you the motivation to be a little extra with your sucking. you wanna make tanaka weak with moans so whenever he goes back to watch the video, he’s reminded of just how crazy he is for your lips around his dick.
you hollow your cheeks a bit more, moving your wet mouth down his shaft at a teasing pace, maintaining eye contact with him in the process. he throws his head back and lets out a deep groan as your nose touches his abdomen, you completely taking tanaka’s length down your throat. 
“holy fuck y/n.” tanaka pants and you smirk, now circling the tip of his dick with your tongue. you suck the tip gently, remembering to slide your tongue over the slit occasionally which causes tanaka to grip your hair roughly as he moans your name. he watches you through his phone screen, basking in the fact that he knows this will be his favorite video on the planet.  
“i’m not gonna last very long if you keep this up.” he sighs breathlessly, looking down at you through hooded eyes. it’s taking every bit of his strength not to just release in your mouth right then, because you look so destroyed on his cock. there’s saliva and precum on your swollen lips and rolling down your chin in thin clear strands, your face is stained with the tears that spilled from your eyes whenever you took tanaka’s full length down your throat, and your hair is a little messy from tanaka instinctively gripping it whenever he feels his tip hit the back of your throat. it’s definitely a sight to see, a sight that has tanaka teetering on his edge. you’re about to try deepthroating him again, but he pulls you off by your hair and gestures for you to stand up.
“bend over the counter.” he grunts.
you get up and rest your stomach on the edge of the cold counter, bending over for him. he lifts one of your legs, placing it on the counter while you maintain balance with the other still planted on the floor. now your cunt is fully exposed to him and both of you shiver, you at the feeling and him at the view. tanaka makes sure he has a decent camera angle before thrusting into you. no teasing, no gimmicks, just straight to it. your body lurches forward a bit, tanaka is not taking it easy on you today and you don’t mind at all. his eyes are glued to your ass on his phone screen, watching it bounce every time he thrusts into you.
“fuck.” he moans, the grip that his free hand has on your hip growing a bit tighter. you’re whimpering with each thrust, each and every one of them hitting that spot that makes you feel dizzy. if anyone were to speak to you right now, anything you tried to say would sound like a bunch of babbling. that’s the power tanaka’s cock has over you, and he absolutely loves it.
“you ok down there baby?” he asks but you can hear the smirk he’s carrying in his tone. you say nothing, just continue to let your sweet, loud moans bounce off the walls of the kitchen. tanaka pulls you up so that your leg is still lifted on the counter, but your back is pressed flush against his body. he switches to the selfie camera and sets the phone down, resting it against a vase on the countertop so that both of you are in view.
“i want you to cum like this, ok?” he says and you nod eagerly in return. he begins thrusting into you again, placing tender kisses on the sides of your neck while his hands roam all over your body. you watch him on the phone screen, he looks just as fucked out as you do which makes you pulse around him. you move your hand down to your clit, knowing that neither of you would last much longer. tanaka slows the speed of his thrusts, but increases the precision as he aims directly for your special spot. 
“oh my god ryu, i’m gonna- fuck, you’re gonna make me cum.” you moan, throwing your head back against his shoulder and he looses it, just as well as you do.
he pulls out of you and cums all over your backside, some dripping onto the floor as you use the counter to stable yourself from your weakening legs. he kisses your shoulder before reaching down to grab his phone and stop the recording. then he grabs your hips and turns you towards him and plants a gentle kiss on your lips.
“that was insanely hot.” he says as he uses the back of his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead.
“you’re telling me.” you sigh, still shaking slightly from your orgasm. he cleans up the mess he made on the floor with a paper towel, then makes his way back over to you and picks you up bridal style. 
“well let’s go shower and maybe we can record another one while we’re in there.” tanaka smirks and you shake your head as you laugh.
i guess that’s what happens when you have a boyfriend with high stamina.
Tumblr media
- like tanaka, kuroo would initiate it
- kuroo loves to take pictures and videos of you to show you off
- like he’s definitely one of those boyfriend’s whose instagram has more pictures of their partner than themselves
- he just thinks you’re so cute and wants the whole world to know you’re his
- but he doesn’t want them to know what you guys do behind closed doors
- so those pics and videos stay private, for his and your eyes only
- but he definitely loves taking them while you guys are in the heat of the moment
- is 100% the type to fuck you while watching your own sex tape
“kuroo, i’m kinda in the mood to ride you.” you say bluntly to your boyfriend who is sitting across from you on the couch. he pulls his phone away from his line of vision so he could look at you, searching for any signs of a joke in your expression. but you’re dead serious.
“i mean, what am i supposed to say to that? no?” he smirks that infamous smirk of his and you have to force yourself not to roll your eyes.
“just wanted to give you a heads up is all.” you say, climbing your way over to him and straddling his lap. he lays his phone on his chest and his hands instinctively find their way to your thighs, rubbing the smooth skin gently. 
“hm, go for it. i’m all yours.” he grins then lifts his arms above his head as if permitting you access to his body. you smile down at him amusedly, desire eating away at you as you process his appearance. he’s shirtless, so his muscular build is on full display for you to inherently drool over. he’s wearing a pair of shorts made of the same material sweatpants are made out of, the fabric loosely resting on his hips dangerously low now that you’re sitting there and unintentionally pulling them down a bit. he catches your wandering eyes and chuckles at you.
“you know you can look and touch, right kitten?” he teases and you allow yourself to roll your eyes at him this time.
“sheesh, can i not just admire my hot boyfriend?” you huff jokingly before rubbing your hands up his chest and down his torso tenderly. you don’t fail to miss the slight blush raising over the bridge of kuroo’s nose which makes you smile.
“only if you let me admire you back.” he says, tugging at the hem of your shirt as a signal for you to take it off. you do, bringing the piece of clothing over your head slowly, quite literally feeling kuroo’s gaze burning through you the entire time. once your top half is just as naked as kuroo’s, he starts massaging your boobs lightly and you let out a sigh at his touch. he moves his hands down your sides and over your thighs, letting them rest there again while rubbing his thumbs over your now tingling skin. 
“can’t wait to watch you fuck yourself on my cock.” he groans as he scans over your entire body with eager eyes and a flush of heat runs through your body. 
“yeah?” you question, beginning to roll your hips over his clothed shaft. his breath hitches and he picks up his phone that’s still laying on his chest.
“mhm, i’m gonna record it. so put on a show for me.” he grins and you feel a surge of arousal flow through you. you pull off the only piece of clothing you have left which is a simple pair of underwear, and pull down kuroo’s bottoms just enough so that you can get what you need. you grind your damp cunt against kuroo’s now hardening member in an attempt to get him fully erect. it works with ease, him getting hard for you in just a matter of seconds as he watches you desperately rock your hips against him. 
you reach down beneath your body, grabbing his length and giving it a couple strokes before placing his tip at your center sinking down on him and feeling every inch stretch and fill you up perfectly. you let out a shaky breath and kuroo holds back a moan by biting his lip harshly. you begin to set a steady pace for yourself, lifting your hips up and letting them fall back down slowly enough for you to get used to kuroo’s above average size. you sturdy yourself by placing your hands on his chest, now picking up the pace of your movements. 
“you’re so hot.” kuroo groans as he reaches down to grab your ass before giving it a harsh spank. you wince at the pain, but also moan at the pleasure from him massaging the cheek afterwards. you lift yourself a bit higher off of his length and sink back down quickly, causing you and kuroo to moan in unison. you continue this, lifting your body all the way up to his tip and then crashing back down to take all of him inside of you, making you both just a jumble of moans and pants. 
“fuck, turn around. i wanna see that ass.” kuroo smirks and you follow his order. your now facing away from him, reverse cowgirl style, while he teases your hole with his tip. he has a firm grasp on his dick as he rubs it against your glistening folds, admiring the view in front of him.
“you ready?” he asks.
“mhm.” you hum. you move your hips around, eagerly waiting to feel him fill you up again. he chuckles at you before pushing himself into you, thrusting a couple times before letting you take the lead again. you start bouncing your hips up and down his shaft and kuroo nearly passes out. watching you ride him with your ass on full display for him is testing his strength, but he pushes through. he grabs onto your ass tightly and guides your hips to move at a bit of a slower pace.
“jesus, fuck.” kuroo moans, his grip on his phone faltering a bit as he begins to feel overwhelmed with pleasure. he tightens his grasp on the phone and starts fucking into you, matching the movements of your hips. 
“yes kuroo, just like that.” you sigh, throwing your head back at the sensation. 
“touch yourself, i want you to cum first.” kuroo breathes and you do as told. you rub your clit as you continue to grind on kuroo’s cock, meeting his thrusts halfway. 
“mm, kuroo-” is all you manage to get out before you’re trembling and moaning, your core pulsating as you orgasm.
“fuck.” kuroo pants as he pulls out of you, giving himself a few tugs before spurting warm cum all over your ass. you two sit like that for a few seconds, letting yourselves regain stability. once you feel as though you can move again, you turn around and lay on kuroo’s chest. he’s still recording so he flips the camera to face you guys, lifts your chin, and presses your lips together lovingly.
“probably the hottest one we’ve recorded yet.” kuroo says after ending recording.
“yeah?” you laugh at his enthusiastic expression.
“mhmm, because you’re the star of it.” he smiles. 
Tumblr media
- he comes home from practice and finds you waiting on the bed naked with your already recording camera set up on the side table
- babie is FLUSTERED
- like he just stands in the doorway, mouth gaped open, as if he’s too scared to walk in
- he’s seen you naked numerous times but you still take his breath away every time
- he’s so adorable 
- finally snaps out of his trance and joins you on the bed
bokuto removes his shoes and climbs into bed with you. the contrast between him being fully clothed and you being completely naked makes both of you blush a bit.
“what’s all this about?” he asks with a quirked eyebrow, scanning your entire body which makes you tense under his stare.
“umm well, i was thinking about it and i thought it’d be really hot if we made a sex tape.” you explain.
“you wanna make a sex tape?” he questions.
“i mean yeah. it’ll be nice to have something to look back-”
“say less.” he cuts you off and practically tears off his shirt. you giggle at his excitement, already knowing that he was probably going to react this way. within the next few seconds, you aren’t the only naked one anymore and your eyes trail down bokuto’s body. just like how you never fail to amaze him, he never fails to amaze you. the way his toned muscles flex whenever he moves makes all your heat rush to your core. 
“the view’s nice huh?” he teases and flexes his biceps a bit.
“shut up.” you laugh, “but yes, it is.”
bokuto grins at your compliment, then cups your face in his hands and captures your lips with his passionately. your lips mesh together effortlessly, as if you guys were made to kiss each other. bokuto deepens the kiss by swiping your bottom lip with his tongue, alerting you that he’s about to insert it into your mouth. he does just that and you let out a breathy moan that shoots right down to his dick. he hardens at your noises, kissing you deeper just to earn more. you could honestly kiss bokuto for hours. the way he always makes you feel like you’re the most fragile and precious thing he’s ever touched when he kisses you makes you feel overwhelmingly loved. though today’s makeout session is unfortunately cut short when bokuto pulls away and flips you over onto your stomach as if you weigh nothing. you let out a gasp, a little startled by the sudden force.
“sorry babe, i just really need to be inside you right now.” he admits and you laugh a little. you prop yourself up onto your elbows and knees, preparing for bokuto to insert himself into you.
“mm, look at that. all pretty and perched up for me.” he groans, rubbing your exposed cunt with two fingers. you tense at his light yet arousing touch, desperately wanting him to do more. as if he read your mind, he inserts those fingers inside of you at an antagonizing pace. you move your hips back in an attempt to speed up the friction but instead he pulls his fingers out and rests his hand on your ass.
“be” he spanks one cheek, “patient.” he finishes as he spanks the other. you whine at the stinging yet pleasurable pain and bokuto smiles sadistically while entering his fingers back inside you at a much faster rate. you moan as you watch yourself on your phone screen. you intentionally set it up using the selfie camera so that you could watch as bokuto fucked you senseless on the screen, and boy are you glad you did that. the smug look on his face while he fingerfucks you and thrusts into his own hand makes you clench around his fingers, craving something a bit bigger than the two digits.
“please just fuck me kou, i need it.” you moan. bokuto tries to pretend he’s not flustered by your words but is clearly taken aback. he could be the dominant one all he wants, but it’ll never change the fact that he goes completely weak when you beg for him.
“yeah? you want me to fuck you?” he grins, pulling his fingers out and replacing them with the tip of his painfully hard member.
“mhmm, please kou.” you hum, knowing that begging gets you anything you want with him. this instance just further proves that statement because he begins pushing into you at the same antagonizing speed he moved his fingers at. but you can’t complain since it helps a lot with getting used to his size, because he most definitely does not have the smallest tool in the shed. he continues slowly pushing his way in until his lower abdomen is pressed against your ass, his cock buried deep within your tight hole.
“fuck, you feel so good.” he moans. you glance at your phone to see what he looks like and his head is thrown back, eyes shut tightly and mouth open slightly. your body tingles at the sight, pleasure is written all over his expression and you love it. he pulls out of you and thrusts back into you with brute force. his favorite thing to do ever since he learned that it makes you scream. he pulls out of you exceptionally slowly, waits a short second, and then slam back into you relentlessly. your toes curl at his his little trick and you bury your face into a pillow in an attempt to muffle your loud moans of his name and plenty other profanities. he does this a few more times, smirking at the way you’re completely falling apart beneath him, then takes a break and fucks you at a more steady pace. though he’s no longer pounding into your sweet spot, his tip is still brushing against it and your head goes fuzzy with pleasure.
“you fuck me so good kotaro.” you moan into the pillow, gripping the sheets around you tightly.
“only the best for my pretty girl.” he smiles “here, turn over. wanna see your face.”
you flip over onto your back, now looking up at bokuto who’s smiling down at you lovingly.
“beautiful, so beautiful.” he coos, rubbing his thumb over your cheek softly. your heart drops into your stomach. you know you probably look a hot mess right now. makeup ruined from you shoving your face into a pillow, face flushed from the immense pleasure, and hair a bit messy from it all. but he still thinks you’re the most beautiful girl in existence and your heart almost can’t take it.
“can’t wait to make you cum.” he finishes and without any warning, he grinds his hips into you smoothly yet assertively. he has a tight grip on your hips as he rocks into them and you are just about losing it beneath him. you’re gripping onto his biceps, surely leaving bruises that’ll form by tomorrow. but he doesn’t mind whatsoever. he loves seeing you all fucked out as he pounds into you, sputtering all sorts of moans and lewd words here and there with each thrust. he can tell you won’t be able to hold on for much longer, so he brings his thumb to your clit and rubs small and quick circles on it. he matches the tempo of his thrusts and watches you turn into a blabbering mess at his touch.
“fuck kou, jesus christ. i can’t-you’re gonna make me-oh my god-i’m gonna-“
you’re grip on his arms gets a bit tighter as you succumb to your forceful orgasm. your eyes roll back, your back arches off the bed, and you swear your vision goes dark for a few seconds. bokuto can almost never get a full thrust in after seeing you cum and this is no exception to that. as soon as he sees you come undone, he pulls out of you and releases all over your stomach with a rich moan of your name.
“i came so hard i went blind there for a second.” you admit and bokuto busts out laughing.
“shit sorry. not really though.” he shrugs, collapsing next to you.
“hush. i’m just glad we got that all on camera. i’ll definitely be watching that soon. speaking of, can you hand me my phone?”
bokuto reaches over to grab your phone of the nightstand and you stop recording.
“twenty minutes of gold content.” you say as you look at the length of the video.
“wanna make it twenty more?”
“say less.” you reply smugly.
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bakugohoex · 3 months ago
hq! boys reaction to your thirst trap (part. two)
Tumblr media
characters; rintaro suna, shugo meian, tetsuro kuroo, wakatoshi ushijima x female reader
cw; nsfw, established relationship, timeskip!
summary; in which haikyuu boys react to your thirst traps
part one (atsumu, iwaizumi, bokuto, oikawa)
back to haikyuu masterlist
Tumblr media
- rintaro suna
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- shugo meian
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- tetsuro kuroo
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
- wakatoshi ushijima
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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vantastic210 · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
a/n: we all know they’re a little freaky underneath those jerseys, c’mon. here are some of your favs guilty pleasures, enjoy freaks xoxo
nav - haikyuu!! mlist - kinktober mlist - ko-fi!! <3
warnings: NSFW 18+ minors dni, all characters are 18+, spanking, pet play, titty fucking, choking, daddy kink
kuroo - spanking
i know there are mixed opinions on this subject but i feel like kuroo is more of an ass guy than a boob or thigh guy. perhaps in highschool he was all about the d cups, but college made him see just how wonderful a thick girl can be.
groping your ass may as well be a hobby for him. he’ll shamelessly grab a handful of you while in public and when you look back at him he’ll meet your sneer with a grin and probably play dumb like, “what is it baby? something the matter?”
when you two are at it, you can expect a lot more of that, paired with callous taunts about how much you whine when he holds you there.
he’ll give you a firm squeeze, fingers digging into your skin as he feels the way you clench around when you’re positioned like this. he absolutely loves taking you from the back where he can feel and see you bounce on his dick.
kuroo is a bit of a tease so he always eases into it, starting with small, playful pats that eventually evolve into near-painful smacks. he gives you breaks in between so you can gather your senses, but every so often he’ll take it a little too far and you’ll snap your head back to which he yelps out a “sorry!” (but he isn’t really).
he doesn’t necessarily use it as a punishment tactic or as a roleplay, he really just likes feeling you up. however, that doesn’t mean he’d hesitate to give you a good ol’ spanking sesh if you decided to go all bratty on him. 
he’d taunt you as per usual until you’re begging him to take you, which was of course his goal.
you’ve suggested looking into paddles with him before and he showed some interest while looking through the adam & eve catalogue with you, but he much prefers using his hands. nothing can match the feeling of him feeling you jiggle and scream underneath him. 
seeing you take his cock and his smacks without so much as a flinch makes him go crazy, it’s like you were meant for him to mess you up.
bokuto - pet play
“that’s my good little kitty,” he hums as you lower yourself between his legs.
he can’t quite remember how exactly this kink of his developed, but he does remember that one halloween you two went costume shopping and you had jokingly put on some cat ears from the clearance aisle. he remembered the ridiculous hard-on he got just from looking at you.
at first he was embarrassed. but then he began to experiment, indulging in his newfound interest by buying you the same pair of ears you were holding the day before. you thought at first it was a cute gift, but then when he started to makeout with you and ask you to meow a little bit you put two and two together.
you entertained his requests, going the extra mile to purr while he was in your mouth. it drove him nuts - you’d never felt him so hard. 
you realized that this new pet play thing was becoming a win/win situation so you did some research and bit by bit you acquired the whole collection: a tail, a leash, and a collar with a lil’ bell on it. you even went so far as to customize it the label, which read, “PROPERTY OF KOUTAROU.”
yeah, you couldn’t walk for a week after he saw that.
bokuto was a gentle lover, the whole dom/sub thing never really appealed to him, he just got off on making you feel good. but maybe seeing you in something so different changed the pace in a good way. maybe being a little selfish wasn’t so bad sometimes.
and so he would use the new gear to his full advantage, tugging on the leash when he wanted you closer, pulling on your tail when you were being bad. you were at his full disposal at the flick of a leash and he absolutely loved it.
atsumu - titty fucking
remember how we said kuroo eventually grew out of his tiddy-loving phase? well atsumu did not.
it’s not even the size of your breasts that gets him, it’s the way they swell under your collarbones, curving between your arms before dipping into your waist. all he thinks about is how perfectly he’d fit between your chest and how smooth your skin would feel against his bare cock.
when he proposed it the first time, you weren’t exactly sure how to go about it, so you knelt down and squeezed him between you as best you could and rocked your body up and down.
with a hand on your shoulder and a tender smile to meet your gaze, atsumu says, “relax, baby, you’ll hurt yourself like that. here, let me show you,” and with that he guides your wrists holding your breasts together up and down as your tits slide gracefully against his cock.
you notice a bit of friction so instinctively you spit on him, rubbing your tits around in the wetness so you can move them better. he groans at the sensation, his moaning getting louder with every movement.
you thought at first this would serve as foreplay, but more often than not when you decide to titty fuck atsumu he cums all over you before he even has the chance to enter you.
not that you mind him getting off on riding your tits; to be quite frank, the hot spurts of cum feels tingly (in a nice way) on your skin, not to mention you have the perfect view of his cute face while he busts. he always looks so happy when doing a number on your boobs. “it must be one of his guilty pleasures,” you thought.
well, guilty may be an overstatement because atsumu doesn’t ever feel embarrassed about busting one over you, though maybe he should because it can be a pain kneeling for so long, and sometimes the friction hurts your skin, and sometimes he misses your body and globs of seed hit your eye.
but then he peels you off the ground in one swoop and kisses you so passionately you forget how to think and says, “i’m sorry baby, you just felt so good i couldn’t stop,” and then he bends you over the nearest piece of furniture and shows you just how sorry he really is.
oikawa - choking
oikawa is similar to kuroo in that he’s more of a soft dom. he doesn’t really use force with you because he doesn’t have to. he much prefers seeing you crumble with a smart remark; knowing that all it takes for you to lose your mind is him whispering something dirty in your ear drives him crazy.
he has, however, developed a thing for choking you.
it started when you were acting bratty once and you kept talking over him and for whatever reason he couldn’t knock the words out of you with his cock this time so in frustration he grabbed your neck with both hands and snarled a, “would you shut that pretty little mouth and listen to me please?”
you were taken aback so you went still, pupils shrunk and focused on him. he snickered, taking a moment to relish in your sudden obedience. and then he suddenly feels wetter while still inside you and he looks at you with a cocked brow like, “you really got off on that, huh?”
you tried doing the same thing to him once before too: slender fingers wrapping around his strong neck as you ride him. he didn’t protest, he didn’t stop you - not a peep out of him except sinful moans.
he had no problem letting you think you had the upper hand because in a moment he’d flip you over with one arm and prove you wrong, but it did feel nice to lean back and let you fuck him. 
you weren’t as strong as he was so your hands felt delicate, comforting even, around his throat. you were warm and surrounding, and he liked that.
he loves hearing your moans strained because of his fingers. the way you just lay there and take it without complaint is incredibly sexy, although he can’t say he doesn’t miss when you fight back.
so sometimes he’ll lure you into a playful fight, teasing you until the brink of an orgasm and then stopping until you can’t hold back your tears and you say something he’s looking for, something he wants to make you regret even thinking.
and then his hands are wrapped around your throat and he smiles victoriously because he’s finally gotten what he wanted and can make you finish in peace knowing that he’s the one who got you to this point, knowing he can take it away as fast as he can give it.
daichi - daddy kink
you know, i’ve never written for him but the thought came to mind and i had to share.
daichi was captain of the highschool volleyball team, and although he was never one to get drunk of authority, he does have a natural affinity for leadership, so naturally he takes the reins in bed.
daichi is also selfless, he’d give anything for his family, his friends, his teammates, you. he puts everybody in his life before him and he never puts up a fuss about it, but sometimes, just sometimes, he couldn’t hurt to have something done for him, to feel appreciated.
and you of course recognize this so you do your fair share of work in the bedroom - blow jobs, cowgirl, the whole nine yards. his favourite thing, however, is when you call him daddy.
when you look up at him with pouted lips and utter the magic word he goes feral. he rarely does, keeping his composure even when upset, but the d word is his trigger. he hears it and immediately you’re bent over, not even caring enough to remove your clothes as he slides your underwear to the side and does you like it’s his last day on earth.
he’d never ask you to say it because deep down he’s a little embarrassed to enjoy something he thinks is vile, but you picked up on his kink the first time you said it.
his muscles had tensed, so you thought maybe he wasn’t familiar with it or it bugged him so you were about to apologize until the thought was knocked right out of you as he thrusted so hard you were sure he had bruised you.
it’s fun playing around this newfound kink. he gets so uncharacteristically horny when you call him daddy, you can’t help but say it every now and then. it’s like a light switch, one minute he’s all cutesie and lovey and the next he’s ready to tear you apart.
indeed it is fun, but be warned not to overuse it because you will end up getting yourself into trouble, or as he says, “careful what you say, love.”
kinktober tags: @iimichie @patata52 @ballofsadness @jadke-bean @giyuusonlyfan @silversslut @angelofthorr @kyokokittykat​
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toru-oikawas-milkbread · 4 months ago
Messy Nights
Pairing: Tetsurō Kuroo x f!reader x Kōtarō Bokuto
Prompt/summary: When there’s basically a blizzard outside, Bokuto starts to get cabin fever after only a few hours. Because Bokuto was unable to play volleyball or entertain himself, Kuroo takes matters into his own hands and decides that the both of you need some teasing. As things in the bedroom with the men always was, things were passionate as they both got their chance with you, but you couldn’t help how overstimulated you got by time they were both inside of you at the end
Word count: 9.6K
Warnings/contents: Smut: Oral, lots of squirting, lots of kissing, lots of moaning, light biting, clit stimulation, light nipple stimulation, teasing/loving sex, you and Kuroo teasing Bokuto a lot, Kuroo teasing both of you, both anal and pussy penetration. Fluff, very smutty, strong language, very 18+
Notes: I did it 😫 I finally finished it. It took me awhile, and I was originally planning on resting my tense shoulders for a bit and posting this later tonight my time, but I decided to post it as soon as I could because I’ve sort of teased everyone with this one for a long time whenever I thought that I might be able to work on it. My motivation is kind of coming back and that makes me really happy! I got a lot of work done on Makki’s FWB to Lovers story, so that will most likely be the next thing that comes out!
I hope that you enjoy this chapter. I love BoKuroo, and this didn’t help how badly I want both of them to rail me until I cannot breathe 😔
Tumblr media
It was absolutely freezing outside today. A cold winter Saturday that had blocked you in your apartment with your boyfriend Kuroo and your other boyfriend Bokuto. The blizzard outside had only gotten worse since this morning; after practice was cancelled for Bokuto and Kuroo had to call into work, the three of you had been lounging around all day, drinking tea and watching the snow out of the living room window.
Bokuto was starting to get restless, however; he had played boardgames with the two of you, he had watched a few movies, he had tossed a volleyball lightly around with Kuroo for awhile, he had stretched and made lunch with you, but now it felt like there was nothing left to do. He was bored, struggling with cabin-fever like he’d never felt before. Even though practice had been cancelled before because of a snowstorm and he’d been just as restless then as now, it felt like it was the first time ever to Bokuto.
You were currently cuddled up on the sofa with Kuroo, watching a movie and occasionally glancing over at Bokuto when he paced into the room mumbling something about hating the snow he was loving on less than two hours ago.
“Kō, why don’t you come sit down with us?” You asked, catching your boyfriends attention as he glared out the window, whining like a little boy.
“But… (y/n)— the snow is ruining everything.” He complained, looking back outside as he passed in front of the tv and finally caught Kuroo’s eyes. “Look at it. Dropping everywhere. Cold and blindingly white. Ruining volleyball practice. What if I forget how to spike, huh?” He asked, glancing back at you. Kuroo snickered while you raised an eyebrow at the overdramatic man that you had fallen for so long ago.
“I doubt that you’ll forget how to play volleyball, Kō” Kuroo teased, but your two-colored haired boyfriend only huffed in return, looking back out the window and giving a dreamy sigh. “We can play volleyball tomorrow. Or maybe we can toss the ball around a little bit. Maybe we could even see if Akaashi wants to come play with us tomorrow.” He suggested. Your cheeks heated a little bit at the mention of the boy that the three of you were rather close to in high-school, though Bokuto had always been closest to him, after the last time you were all together and they had somehow convinced Akaashi to join you in the bedroom, the man had struck a bit of anxiety up in you because of the bit of feelings you’d sworn you wouldn’t gain.
“Hmmmng.” Bokuto mumbled, crossing his arms and sulking away from the window. Kuroo playfully rolled his eyes, opening his free arm for the man who plopped down onto the sofa almost immediately upon being greeted. “Stupid snow… always ruining volleyball…” You couldn’t help but give a little laugh at how dramatic your boyfriend was being, though it only seemed to increase his sulking when he heard it. “(y/n), always being so mean to me…” This time, however, it was Kuroo who laughed out loud.
“Kō, (y/n) is way nicer to you than I am,” Kuroo gently nudged Bokuto with his elbow, earning only a soft grumbling from the man. With a soft little laugh, you leaned up away from Kuroo’s warmth to peek at the man who was refusing to look at either of you, arms crossed and his hair a mess. It was slowly falling despite the gel that he had put in it, though it was mainly because earlier you had been playing with it a little bit. “Aww, poor baby— were we too mean to you with all our affection today?” Kuroo asked, though he couldn’t stop himself from laughing nearly immediately afterwards.
“You guys are so mean…” He mumbled beneath his breath, moving to face a little ways away from Kuroo though he made no effort to actually get up and move. With a soft, feigned aww of innocence and apology, Kuroo leaned closer to the man, his arm slowly pulling out from behind you as he pressed his forehead to Bokuto’s neck.
“Aren’t you just so unloved.” He sighed dramatically for show, pressing a soft kiss to Bokuto’s neck that made the mans ears turn noticeably red very quick. “Poor baby Bokuto.”
“I am not a baby…” Bokuto stumbled over his words while Kuroo’s teeth gently caught his skin.
“Says the man acting like a baby.” You teased, making Kuroo chuckle and earning a little whine from Bokuto who was trying to act like Kuroo’s lips on his neck wasn’t bothering him. “We’ve been together for almost 3 years now, Kōtarō. Can’t you handle a little bit of teasing?”
“You’d think he’d be used to it by now since we do it so much.” Kuroo mumbled, pressing a little kiss to the shell of Bokuto’s red ear. “But he still gets so flustered. Just look at him, trying to act all tough, but he’s already so red and I haven’t even hardly touched him.” Kuroo gave another little teasing, dramatic sigh, pulling back to look at the man who refused to meet his eye. “Come on, Kō— you’re acting like (y/n) when I act like I’m gonna kiss her and then pull back.”
“Hey, I thought we were teasing Kō here, not me!” You complained, earning a laugh from Kuroo. The corner of Bokuto’s lips quirked up, but he didn’t smile for long. Kuroo’s lips went back to his neck, though this time he slid his tongue out and slowly licked a line along Bokuto’s neck. It earned a quick, shocked gasp from the man.
“I can tease both of you at the same time.” Kuroo mumbled, pressing a soft kiss to Bokuto’s Adams apple while he reached back with his other hand to teasingly slide between your legs. “Poor Kōtarō here is all restless stuck inside like this. I think maybe if he gets inside of something else, it might cure his cabin-fever a little bit.” You couldn’t help how fast you felt your ears grow warm, but even then Bokuto still seemed even more flustered than you had.
“We can never just tease Kōtarō— you’ve always gotta add me to the torture.” You mumbled, earning a muffled chuckle from Kuroo as he sucked a small hickey onto Bokuto’s collarbone. “One of these days, I’m going to get you back for it.”
“I’ll be waiting.” Kuroo promised, pulling back and looking at Bokuto with a little smirk before he turned his attention to you. “Now what do you think? You started the teasing today— should we go to bed or should we stay here?” Kuroo asked, glancing back at the window that your thin curtains were pushed back from. “The snow is probably thick enough. Who’s gonna see?”
“Aside from the pervy neighbor with the binoculars?” You asked, raising an eyebrow and earning a soft hum from Kuroo in return.
“Bedroom it is.” He said, standing up and extending a hand down to each of you. “Come on, before the snow lightens up and Kōtarō gets distracted.”
“Sometimes you act like I have the attention span of a goldfish, but you know what— I don’t. I can pay attention to several things at once, like— hey, there’s that albino squirrel I was telling you guys about yesterday!” Bokuto suddenly yelled. You bit your tongue, sharing a look with Kuroo before glancing out the window to where Bokuto was pointing. Though you saw no squirrel, he was still swearing that he saw it as he caught you making eyes with Kuroo. “I saw it! It was right there, I swear!”
“I’m sure that you saw it, Kō.” You said, gently patting the mans muscular arms. “Maybe we’ll see it another day.” With a little sigh, Bokuto continued following the two of you into the bedroom. Kuroo kicked the door shut before turning his attention back to the two of you.
“Alright, now since Bokuto got so much attention out there, I think it’s (y/n)’s turn.” He said, taking a few steps closer and sliding his arm around your waist. You smiled, leaning up onto your toes to press a kiss to his lips. He eagerly kissed you back, reaching down to grope your ass and earning a shocked sound from you at how hard he had done it. “This is just too easy.”
“It just shocked me, that’s all.” You grumbled, cheeks red as Kuroo picked you up. Instinctively, you wrapped your legs around his waist and held onto the man who leaned in to kiss your shoulder.
“Don’t worry, chibi-chan, you know I think it’s sexy when you’re so submissive.” Teasingly, he licked your neck, walking you over to the bed and looking at Bokuto as he laid you down. “Why don’t you come here too, Kō.” He offered, sitting on your waist but pulling you up to slide your shirt off. You easily took the clothing off, tossing it aside for the man who hummed and took his own shirt off. Bokuto licked his lips, sitting on the edge of the bed beside the two of you and leaning in to kiss your shoulder. “Take your shirt off.” Kuroo whispered, pressing a quick kiss to Bokuto’s shoulder before he leaned into you and started to slide your bra off. Kuroo looked at you, smiling as he leaned in to kiss your lips. “You’re so beautiful, chibi-chan.” He hummed, tossing your bra aside at the same time that Bokuto tossed his shirt down.
Before you could reply, Kuroo cupped your breasts in his hands and leaned in, burying his face between them and kissing your skin quickly. You glanced at Bokuto, cheeks warm as the man gazed at Kuroo. He met your eyes, smiling lightly and leaning in to kiss you. Your hand went up into Bokuto’s hair, your other hand pressed flat to the bed to hold yourself up as Kuroo buried his face between your breasts and rolled your nipples between his fingers.
Kuroo hummed, pulling back a little bit to enclose his mouth around one of your nipples. He sucked hard, earning a moan from you into Bokuto’s mouth as the man reached up and held onto the back of your neck with his hand. You moaned into Bokuto’s mouth again as Kuroo’s fingers slipped between your thighs, pushing through your legs that were closed tightly and brushing against your clit over your sweatpants.
“Why do you have your legs closed so tight, chibi-chan?” Kuroo asked with a hum, pulling back and licking his lips as he watched you part from the kiss with Bokuto to look at him. “You hiding something from me?” He chuckled when you averted your eyes, moving back and getting on his knees off the bed. He looked at you as if asking permission as he curled his fingers around the hem of your sweatpants. You nodded, lifting your hips.
The man didn’t hesitate to take the clothing off, his cock aching in his jeans as he got back on the bed, though this time he pushed you down on the bed and watched your breasts bounce, chuckling before leaning in and pressing a kiss to your chest. He trailed kisses down your body, looking at Bokuto as he kissed your lower stomach.
“Why don’t you get more comfortable. Take your pants off, too.” He said, licking along your stomach, looking up at you and seeing you already looking at him. Kuroo sent you a wink, something that made you smile before he nibbled on your skin and made you moan quietly. Bokuto moved, taking his jeans off and tossing them aside. He felt relieved to be out of the restricting clothing, looking at you as Kuroo pressed a kiss to your clit over your panties.
Bokuto moved, catching your attention as he leaned in to kiss you. You absentmindedly lifted your hips for Kuroo, who moved your body for you and tossed the underwear aside. He wrapped your legs around his shoulders, leaning in to press a wet kiss to your clit before he licked a line along your folds. You gave a soft, content hum into the kiss that you shared with Bokuto, though you moaned again quickly when Kuroo reached a single hand up and groped at your chest.
A bit jealous, Bokuto reached down and groped at your other breast, rolling your nipple between his fingers and adding to the soft whimpers you gave into his mouth. Kuroo buried his face between your thighs, sucking on your clit and making your body twitch beneath the man occasionally.
“Mmm, Tetsurō…” You moaned against Bokuto’s mouth, making the man more jealous as he squeezed your breast roughly and made you break the kiss with a yelp and a gasp. “Ah, Kōtarō!” You whined, shifting beneath the men, though quickly getting distracted again when Kuroo sucked hard on your clit and shoved a finger inside of you, curling it up inside of you suddenly and making your head jerk back against the pillows as you moaned. “Ah-ha—! Tetsurō!” Your cheeks were hot as Bokuto grumbled, leaning down to suck on your nipples, rolling one between his teeth and earning a moan from you.
Kuroo looked up at the two of you, watching Bokuto suck on your nipple while his hand played with your other. He chuckled, closing his eyes and shoving a second finger inside of you easily. Kuroo peeked back up when you gave a loud moan, looking at Bokuto and pulling away from you for just a moment.
“Kō?” The man looked away from your nipples and down at Kuroo, humming in question as to what the man could want at this exact second. “Why don’t you sit back on the bed and watch.” He suggested, licking your clit and listening to your panting as his fingers curled inside of you.
“What? No way! I want to make her moan too, Tetsurō.” Bokuto frowned, but Kuroo quickly shook his head.
“Watch and touch yourself for me.” He said, licking another line along your clit. “Jerk yourself off while I make her squirt.” Kuroo said, eyeing the man as he leaned down and enclosed his mouth around your throbbing clit. Your lip quivered as your back arched a bit, pushing yourself closer against Kuroo’s mouth. With a huff, Bokuto sat back on the bed, indulging the desire he really did have to touch himself. There were a lot of times that one of you would sit there and touch yourselves while the other two were taking some time one each other, however Kuroo was usually the deciding factor as to who did what in the bedroom. He’d always sort of taken charge and neither you or Bokuto had argued much.
Kuroo pressed another kiss to your clit, though this time as he started to move his fingers inside of you faster, he brought his mouth back a ways and moved so that he could rub his fingers against your clit. You moaned, toes curling as the stimulation hit you all at once. Bokuto watched the two of you, his cock undeniably hard in his boxers. He took the clothing off, tossing them aside as the urge to touch himself only grew as he listened to your moans.
Your back arched, pushing yourself against Kuroo’s fingers more than before and making the man chuckle as he curled his fingers inside of you, trying to keep a steady pace with both of his hands so that he could push you towards an orgasm. Bokuto’s hand wrapped around his cock, starting to jerk himself off as he watched Kuroo start lapping near your entrance.
The added sensation made you give a moan, your head laid back as you moaned and brought your hand down to tug on Kuroo’s hair. The man on top of you chuckled, curling his finger inside of you for a split second with his fingers as a way of teasing you before he went back to teasing your entrance. You moaned, barely sparing Bokuto a glance when he moaned as well as he stroked his cock.
Kuroo licked at your entrance by his fingers, lapping at you while you moaned and curled your toes against the sheets. You could feel the impending orgasm building up, but you weren’t quite ready to squirt. You didn’t want to come undone on Kuroo’s fingers quite yet. You liked to give the man a run for his money, but you also couldn’t help but squirm every time that his fingers curled deep inside of you.
“Mmm, Tetsurō,” you moaned, back arching against the bed as he rubbed quickly on your clit and licked right by his fingers. He hummed, peeking up at you and watching your breasts shift with your movements, the thought of sucking on your perky nipples making his cock ache in his jeans. Bokuto swallowed hard, his hand moving fast on his shaft as he switched his gaze between the two of you, partially wishing it was himself that Kuroo was looking at like that. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, moaning as precum was sliding down his shaft. “Fuck, Tetsurō!” You moaned, toes curling against the bed.
A soft chuckle came from the man as he pumped his fingers inside of you. He couldn’t help himself from rubbing against the bed a bit, his cock throbbing in his pants all the while. Bokuto heard that desperateness in your tone, peeking back at the two of you through half-lidded eyes.
Your entire lower body jerked as Kuroo’s fingers quickly rubbed your clit while he used his other fingers to pump inside of you quickly, licking at your entrance and staring up at you the whole time. Bokuto gave a soft moan beside you, his cock aching in his hand as he watched you squirt down into Kuroo’s mouth. The man laughed, swallowing the squirt but not stopping his fingers inside of you and only making your body shiver more as he tortured you.
“Tetsurō!” You gave a drawn out moan, your back arching on the bed as you buried your head back against the pillows, eyes squeezed shut tight. Bokuto’s cock twitched in his hand as he watched Kuroo slowly pull back from you, his fingers till moving inside of you even though his forearm was burning.
“Such a sexy little baby,” he teased, peeking at Bokuto and sending the man a wink. “You want some action too, Kō?” He asked, watching the man nod as his hand slowed down on his cock. Kuroo hummed, leaning down to press a kiss between your ribs, slowly kissing up your chest in a straight line. “Just a minute and you’ll get some.” He said, kissing the space between your breasts that shifted as he fingered you. “Does it feel good, baby?” You nodded, peeking at the man through half-lidded eyes before he leaned in to kiss you. “Here,” he said, finally stopping his fingers inside of you and chuckling when you gave a soft whine. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you cum again.” He promised, licking his fingers as he got off of you. “Right now, I think Bokuto wants your attention.
You looked at the man who looked at you lustfully, making your racing heart pound hard in your chest as you caught your breath and sat up.
“Do you want me to suck you off, Kō? Or is it Tetsurō’s mouth that you want?” You teased, knowing the bit of jealousy that Bokuto had felt when either of you were giving each other attention. There wasn’t much jealousy in your relationship, but when there was it nearly always came from Bokuto.
“I want you, baby owl.” He said, watching as you sat up on your knees.
“Well then, who am I to deny you?” You hummed, sliding your hands along Bokuto’s thighs as you slowly pressed your chest onto the bed between his legs and pushed your ass up in the air. Bokuto licked his lips, cock twitching as you eyed him and leaned in, licking along his shaft.
“Ah, you’re so sexy baby.” He ran his fingers through your hair, watching as you took his cockhead into your mouth, his attention quickly drifted to Kuroo as he snuck up behind you, now only wearing his boxers after taking his jeans off. Sliding his warm hands along your back and making you give a soft moan against Bokuto’s cock in shock, Kuroo sent Bokuto a wink, leaning down and giving your ass a soft bite that earned another shocked sound from you around Bokuto.
“Look at this tasty ass of yours, chibi-chan,” Kuroo hummed, licking a slow line along your ass. “Mind if I dine on it while you suck Kō off?” He asked, though he didn’t wait for any answer seeing as your mouth was around Bokuto’s cock. With a hum, Kuroo spread your asscheeks, leaning in to lick a slow line along your asshole, his hands giving you a light squeeze while you shifted on your knees.
Bokuto gave your hair a soft tug every time that you made a noise around his shaft, swallowing hard as you sucked on his cock. Your tongue worked along his shaft, making Bokuto’s throat seem to tighten as a moan came from deep inside his chest.
“Ahh, baby owl,” he bit his lip, glancing back at Kuroo who was focusing on you, though when Bokuto had spoken he sent the man a quick glance before he went back to preparing you. He knew just what was happening tonight with the two men there. As every other time, they kept you close between them and made your entire being shake to its core. It was a feeling that you swore every time you’d never fully get used to, but when it came to moments like these, every inch of your being ached for both of their cocks inside of you, making you scream out their names in an almost pathetic way.
Your hands that held onto Bokuto’s thighs gave his legs a soft squeeze, something that involuntarily made the mans cock twitch inside of your mouth.
“God, you’re making me feel so good, baby.” He praised, giving your hair a tug and flushing as you looked up and met his eyes. A soft hum came from you around his cock as some of the spit that gathered up in your mouth fell past your lips and slid down his shaft. Kuroo’s noises as he ate your ass became more prominent in the room, something that Bokuto gave a shaky chuckle at. “You’re so dirty, Tetsurō-kun,” the man teased, catching Kuroo’s eyes, though he didn’t stop licking at you. “You like eating ass that much that you have to do it nearly every time to (y/n) and I.” Kuroo hummed, a soft smirk on his face as he buried his face between your asscheeks and slid a single hand around your body, fingers teasing your wet clit. Even though he hadn’t touched you there again, you were nearly dripping as you sucked off Bokuto and had Kuroo’s face back there.
“Mmm, I’d say that (y/n) is the dirty one, here,” He said in a teasing manner, not sharing the luxury with Bokuto as the man peeked down and saw how your cheeks flushed as he spoke. “I’ve hardly even really touched you again and you’re dripping up here. You get off to sucking of Kōtarō that much?” Bokuto gave a soft moan that mixed with a laugh.
“Why wouldn’t she? Sucking me off is a turn on,” he said, moaning not even a second later when you teasingly slid your teeth along his shaft. “You know you like my cock in there that much, huh?” He asked, making Kuroo snicker as he went back to eating your ass out, trying to find a less awkward position for his hand as he started to rub his fingers against your clit. Your body jerked a bit as he did that, starting to make you give more moans around Bokuto’s cock which in return elicited more sexy moans from the man in front of you.
You gave a muffled grunt against Bokuto’s shaft when Kuroo’s fingers teased your entrance, though he went back shortly afterwards and quickly rubbed at your clit. Even as it was harder for you to focus purely on Bokuto’s cock, you were trying to suck him off as well as you could while the pleasure was increasing in your entire body. Your fingernails dug into Bokuto’s thighs, and while it earned a soft whine from him, it hadn’t hurt.
As Kuroo’s fingers moved quickly on your clit and his tongue was lapping at your ass, occasionally pushing inside a bit and making your body jolt, it was harder to focus on Bokuto’s cock that was in your mouth, aching to be sucked on. Your toes curled against the bedsheets, your mouth lagging a bit on Bokuto’s cock as you struggled to hold yourself up. Bokuto watched you struggle, enjoying the moment while it lasted until it was all too much for you to handle. That point had always come, not only for Bokuto, but there were a lot of times that you were sucking on Kuroo’s dick and you would get lost in the pleasure Bokuto’s mouth was bringing you that you ended up not sucking on Kuroo anymore.
With a moan, Bokuto’s cock popped free from your mouth as you leaned down, panting while Kuroo was edging you closer to squirting again. He gave a soft chuckle when you instinctively rolled your hips back, nails digging into Bokuto’s thigh as you rested your forehead down on his leg. Bokuto gave a chuckle, pushing your hair back a ways and watching you moan against his thigh.
Since you were distracted, Bokuto brought his hand up and started to stroke his own cock, giving a soft moan as he switched his gaze between you and Kuroo a few times. Kuroo’s jaw was starting to ache and his arm was cramping, but neither of those things were on his mind for longer than just a few seconds as you moaned louder. You gave a moan of his name, something that made his cock ache in his boxers as he tried keeping a steady pace on your clit, though forcing his burning arm to move faster and making your body twitch.
“Ahh, Tetsurō! You’re gonna make me squirt!” You said, burying your nose further into Bokuto’s thigh and making the mans cock throb in his hand as you squeezed his legs. Kuroo hummed, not bothering to pull back and speak to you, instead only burying his nose further against your ass and stroking you with his fingers. With a few more moans and clenches around nothing from your pussy, you came undone, squirting while Kuroo’s fingers quickly moved against your clit.
He didn’t pull his fingers back right away, making your orgasm last longer as you moaned against Bokuto’s leg and gave another loud moan of Kuroo’s name. When the man finally pulled back, you were panting, legs shaking against the bed as your toes slowly uncurled and were left numb.
“Fuck me, chibi-chan, you sure do know how to make a cock ache for you.” Kuroo hummed, pressing a kiss to your shoulder. “You’re such a sexy little thing, chibi-chan,” he hummed, licking along the back of your neck while you slowly caught your breath. Kuroo looked at Bokuto, sending the man a light smirk as he leaned over you more, the erection in his boxers pushing against your ass as he leaned over, a hand on Bokuto’s thigh right below your own, to press a kiss to the mans lips. “I think I have a better idea, why don’t you fuck me?” He asked quietly, kissing Bokuto again before he pulled back a bit and gently cupped his face in his hand.
“Fuck you?” Bokuto asked, his cock twitching at the thought of plunging inside of either one of you at this point.
“Come here and lay down.” Kuroo said, guiding Bokuto and lightly pushing his muscular shoulders so he fell back on the bed. “Now, chibi-chan,” Kuroo moved to lift you up, pressing a kiss to your forehead and pulling you into a quick hug before he nudged you over to Bokuto. “You sit on his face.” Bokuto glanced at you as you looked down at the man and sent him a bit of a weak smirk.
“How come you’re trying to act all tough now after you squirted all over the bed, huh?” Bokuto grumbled, stealing a glance at Kuroo who watched the two of you as he stripped his boxers off. “And how come you’re always bossing us around, huh? I am older than you.” He complained, but Kuroo only laughed as he moved to straddle Bokuto’s waist.
“Because you do everything that I say.” He said, watching as you put your knees on either side of Bokuto’s head and faced Kuroo, slowly lowering down as Bokuto grumbled something beneath his breath, though happily reaching up to grab onto your thighs and ready to bury his face between your legs. He had to admit, he was always a little bit jealous when Kuroo was eating you out. Ass or pussy, Bokuto loved to make you squirm, especially when you were sitting on his face.
“Ahh, what a perfect view.” Kuroo hummed, leaning up, pressing a palm flat to Bokuto’s chest, and pressing a kiss to your lips. You smiled against his mouth, kissing the man back and reaching up to hold onto his shoulder in a way of steadying yourself. You’d always been a bit anxious when it came to sitting on their faces, worried you might fall over or lose your balance when it felt too good.
Kuroo gave a moan into your mouth, though when Bokuto moaned against you as well, there was only one thing that could have happened as the man leaned down to kiss your neck. Keeping your eyes closed, you leaned your head back, sliding your hand up into Kuroo’s soft hair and giving a moan as Bokuto sucked on your clit.
“Mng, fuck—” Bokuto moaned as he pushed his fingers inside of you and Kuroo was lowering himself down onto his shaft. “Fuck, Kuroo—” He moaned again, curling his fingers inside of you and making you moan as Kuroo cupped his hand around your breast. Now that he didn’t need to hold onto Bokuto to get himself situated on the mans cock, he groped at your chest, teasing your nipple with his fingers all the while. “Feels so good,” Bokuto moaned, though as you shifted on the man, you lowered down a bit more and quieted the man down.
Though soft moans were still coming from Kuroo as he sat on the mans cock, trying to adjust quickly to his size. Bokuto had a thick cock, and unlike you when he was preparing you for his own cock that wasn’t quite as thick, Kuroo was unprepared. Bokuto moaned against you again as Kuroo shifted on him, moaning quietly against your neck as he merely rested his head on your shoulder. Your fingers played with Kuroo’s hair as soft moans came from you when Bokuto’s fingers curled inside of you.
“Mmm, Kōtarō, just like that,” you moaned softly, trying to resist the urge to grind yourself down on his face as he moaned back in response to your words. Kuroo sighed in content, starting to slowly move himself on Bokuto’s cock, making the mans entire body seem to jitter beneath the two of you. “Mmm, it feels so good.” You moaned, resting your head against Kuroo’s while the man slowly worked himself against Bokuto’s aching cock.
“Fuck,” Kuroo moaned softly beneath his panting breaths, his cock hard and dripping pre-cum as he licked your skin lightly and started to slowly work his way towards really riding Bokuto’s cock. The man beneath you moaned, sliding his hand along your side and groping at your breast, though his fingers brushed against Kuroo’s hand as he blindly reached up. Your pussy clenched around his fingers as Kuroo’s mouth sucked on your neck. He was right earlier, your pussy was dripping even still, aching for just what Bokuto was giving you. “Fuck, it feels so good, Kō.” Kuroo mumbled against your neck, aching as he struggled to take Bokuto’s entire cock inside of him with every movement, though still managing either way.
A muffled sound came from Bokuto beneath you, though he didn’t seem to care enough to pull away from you to speak as his fingers pumped fast inside of you, leaving you panting and struggling to hold yourself still enough to give Kuroo something to lean against. Bokuto gave a bit of a thrust up inside of Kuroo, making a shiver shoot down the mans entire spine as he put more of his weight onto you and moaned against your neck.
The first few times that you’d had sex with the men, you couldn’t have helped but wonder almost regretfully what you’d gotten yourself into. They were both a lot to take, but you couldn’t have been more glad that you ended up with them. You all balanced each other out nicely, making for a relaxed little life.
You reached down, grasping Kuroo’s cock in your hand while he slowly rode Bokuto, making the man shiver as you started to stroke his shaft. The precum slid down his shaft, aiding in the ability to move your hand faster along his cock. Because of the added stimulation, it had made Kuroo move a bit more on Bokuto’s cock to try and thrust against your hand, making both of the men moan more as you leaned against Kuroo and moaned softly because of Bokuto’s mouth.
“Ah, Kō— it feels so good.” You said, giving Kuroo’s hair a gentle tug with your free hand as you moved your other hand quickly on his shaft, bringing him towards his orgasm faster than Bokuto’s thick cock inside of him was.
“Mmm, chibi-chan— just like that with your hand,” Kuroo moaned, nibbling gently on your neck, though when Bokuto thrusted his hips up again, it had shocked Kuroo and his teeth clamped down on your neck, earning a shocked yell from you. “Sorry,” he mumbled, pressing a few kisses to your skin and gently sucking on it. Since he was certain that he was going to leave a mark anyways, he figured he might as well give you a good one that you might even struggle to cover up— just for shits and giggles.
Bokuto gave a muffled moan around your pussy, his cock aching inside of Kuroo. He was almost ashamed of how quickly he’d felt the urge to cum, but with the way Kuroo was squeezing around him and how you were tasting, he couldn’t help it.
“Mng, baby,” Bokuto moaned, but neither you or Kuroo were really sure which one of you he was talking to. “I’m gonna cum,” he moaned, his toes curling as he shifted beneath Kuroo who was steadily moving himself on Bokuto’s cock. Kuroo bit his lip, pulling back to look at you, though pressing his forehead against yours and closing his eyes quickly.
“Fuck, me too.” He said, his cock twitching in your hand. You couldn’t help but give a little giggle at the man. There was no doubt that Kuroo was an extremely dominant man, always leaving you and Bokuto both a moaning, breathless mess, but when he really got overstimulated, it was almost cute. How much he moaned. How he would pant. How loud he’d moan when he was cumming down your throat. You moved your hand faster on the mans cock, making him moan again as he tried to stay even on Bokuto’s cock.
All it took was a few more thrusts from Bokuto beneath him while your hand worked on Kuroo’s shaft for the man to cum, and it was obvious in the way that he moaned and pressed his sweaty forehead down to your shoulder, though obvious to Bokuto as he felt Kuroo’s cum hit his chest. You shifted on top of Bokuto, moaning as the man came inside of Kuroo and moaned against your pussy. You licked your lips as Bokuto’s mouth started to lag on your cock and Kuroo leaned into you, panting.
You could hear Kuroo’s back pop as he shifted, moving to get off of Bokuto’s cock and rest back on the bed, still panting a bit. You chuckled, looking down at Bokuto’s body. His cock was still hard, a bit of his cum sliding down his shaft and falling onto his stomach, though Kuroo’s cum was still on his chest.
“I never did finish sucking your cock,” you said, suddenly moving off of Bokuto’s face and surprising the man who looked at you as you sat on your knees beside him. “Go on, sit down by the headboard.” He nodded quickly, moving as his cock twitched at the thought of you sucking him off. Sure, he had just cum and he knew that this was going to overstimulate the hell out of him, but your mouth was too warm to pass up. You got back on your knees, peeking at Kuroo who licked his lips and looked at you as you leaned in and immediately took Bokuto’s cock into your mouth, not going slow as you shoved him down your throat and gagged around him, making the man moan loudly in shock.
Kuroo stretched his arms out and groaned, leaning over and licking some of his cum off of Bokuto’s chest, making the mans cock twitch in your mouth. Kuroo’s tongue slid all along Bokuto’s neck, curling around his jaw as he took the cum into his mouth and swallowed before pressing a kiss against the other mans lips. You focused on Bokuto’s cock, eyes closed as you sucked and gagged on his shaft. The man gave a moan into Kuroo’s mouth, but Kuroo didn’t stay for much longer. He pulled back, gently caressing Bokuto’s face for a moment before he moved, his legs tired, but he forced himself to move behind you.
He was still hard as a rock, slapping his cock gently against your ass and slowly grinding himself against your pussy. You gave a soft hum as his cockhead brushed against your clit, though he didn’t leave you for long before he pushed himself inside of you slowly. Kuroo listened to both you and Bokuto moaning, bringing a hand up to brush his hair back as he slowly rocked his hips to push himself inside of you. The way that your pussy clenched around him made the man bite his lip, softly rocking his hips against yours and moving you a little bit around Bokuto’s shaft.
As Kuroo slowly picked up the pace inside of you, you stopped forcing yourself to choke on Bokuto’s cock, instead letting Kuroo move your body along with his thrusts. Kuroo’s hands grabbed your hips tight, keeping you against him though edging you closer to Bokuto with every thrust.
“Oh, baby owl…!” Bokuto moaned, raking his fingers through your hair while you looked up at him for the first time since you started sucking his cock, your eyes half-lidded and teary. You gagged around his cock with every thrust from Kuroo, something that it seemed like you were always left doing. Always left choking on the mans cock in this very same position as Kuroo worked your pussy towards another orgasm. It had felt so good that you were unable to think of anything as the man rammed you closer to Bokuto, his hips making sounds as he slapped against your ass with every thrust.
It almost hurt as you gagged around his cock, though you didn’t care much for anything else aside from how good it was feeling every single time that Kuroo’s hips thrusted against your ass. Your toes curled against the sheets, eyes squeezed shut as you reached your orgasm around Kuroo’s cock at the same time that Bokuto came inside of your mouth. The man leaned his head back as much as he could against the headboard, moaning as he came in your mouth, but you were still left gagging around him as Kuroo continued to thrust inside of you.
“Aww, you two came at the same time,” Kuroo said in a teasing tone as a little smirk crept back onto his face. “How cute~” He cooed, giving your hips a squeeze that made you moan as you swallowed some of Bokuto’s cum around his cock, though most of the cum was sliding down your chin with spit that was in your mouth, some falling down onto Bokuto’s thigh and some sliding down your neck and chest. Bokuto tightened his hand in your hair, moaning as he was overstimulated.
“Ah, baby owl!” He moaned shakily, barely peeking his eyes open to peek back at Kuroo, who’s head was tossed back as he moaned, edging himself closer to his own orgasm with every thrust inside of your wet pussy.
“Fuck, I think I’m gonna cum,” Kuroo said through a pant, his hips slamming hard against your ass in a steady pace. Your hips squirmed back against him as you gagged around Bokuto’s cock. “Ah, fuck!” Kuroo moaned loudly, cumming inside of you and leaning over you a little bit as he did, pushing down on your shoulder and making you gag even more around Bokuto. Kuroo panted, gently thrusting his cock inside of you as his cum spilled out, slowly seeping out of your pussy and around his shaft, though it worked its way down your leg and a little bit against your pussy as well.
Kuroo pulled back, pushing his hair back and watching as you pulled away from Bokuto’s cock. Bokuto’s head was laid back against the headboard, panting as he had cum down your throat a little bit again as Kuroo pushed your shoulder down. You swallowed, reaching up with your arm and wiping your mouth off, though you were still a complete mess. You were panting as Kuroo pulled out of you and sat back on the bed. You sat up on your knees, wiping your mouth with your other arm and relaxing back against Kuroo. His arms slowly wrapped around you, holding you close as he leaned down and pressed a kiss to your shoulder.
“Oh, baby,” he whispered in your ear, kissing your neck before you leaned your head against his, eyes still closed as you reached up to grab his hand that rested on your chest innocently. “You make me feel so fucking good.” He said, pressing a kiss to the side of your head. Bokuto peeked his eyes open at the two of you, huffing and moving. His legs were wet with spit and cum, but he didn’t care. He joined the two of you, wrapping his arms around you both and burying his face against your stomach. You giggled softly, running your fingers through his hair and leaning your head back to press a kiss to Kuroo’s lips.
“I love both of you so much.” You said, twirling a piece of Bokuto’s fallen hair between your fingers.
“I love you guys, too.” Kuroo said, kissing you again.
“I love you both, too.” Bokuto said, peeking up at the two of you. “Even when you’re both teasing me.” A similar smile curled onto both of your faces around the same time as you rubbed his head gently.
“You know that you love to be teased just a little bit.” You teased. “Or else you wouldn’t be with either of us let alone both of us.” You said, and Bokuto only grumbled something incoherent beneath his breath as he buried his nose against your stomach. You gave another quiet giggle as Kuroo softly chuckled in your ear, leaning down to kiss your neck. You shifted against the man, feeling how hard his cock still was and biting your lip as you wondered if Bokuto was as hard against the bed as Kuroo was against you. “Are we… done?” You asked. “Are we going to go shower now?” Kuroo’s tongue slid slowly along your shoulder.
“I can always fuck you in one more position, chibi-chan,” Kuroo whispered in your ear, though Bokuto didn’t fully hear it as he peeked up lazily at the two of you.
“Man, you guys are horny.” He complained, making you laugh.
“Well, you don’t have to join in,” you said, knowing damn well that Bokuto wouldn’t leave. “If you’re too tired, you can always go ahead and go shower and Tetsurō can fuck me all by himself.” Kuroo sent the man a little smirk as he kissed your neck, watching Bokuto’s eyebrows furrow inwards.
“Hey, don’t try and leave me out!” He said, leaning up closer to you. You wrapped your legs around the man, leaning in to kiss him when he got closer.
“Not in a million years.” You promised, kissing the man again while Kuroo kissed your shoulder and neck. You pushed your tongue into Bokuto’s mouth, feeling around for a second before a little smile from you broke the kiss. “Do you like that?” You asked after he’d given a soft hum against your tongue. “You like tasting yourself in my mouth?” Bokuto’s cheeks were bright red as he looked at you. “Naughty boy. Maybe you should eat me out again and taste Tetsu inside of me.” You leaned against the other man as he nibbled on your shoulder, closing your eyes. “Mmm, Tetsurō…”
Bokuto huffed, leaning in and enclosing his mouth around your nipple suddenly. He sucked gently, catching your attention as you looked down at the man.
Kuroo carefully moved out from behind you, getting off the bed and stretching out, his spine popping loudly a couple times as he stretched.
“Fuck… alright, come here you two.” He said, catching both your and Bokuto’s attention. Bokuto left your nipple with a soft ‘smooch’ sound, looking at the man with a similar look that was on your own face. “I think it’s time (y/n)-chan took us both inside of her again.” Your cheeks quickly warmed at the thought; it had been a little while since you’d last had both Kuroo and Bokuto inside of you at the same time, though you only could remember every time how much it stretched you out in both your pussy and your ass as they rammed inside of you.
Gulping, you got out from beneath Bokuto and stood up on your shaky legs. Kuroo opened his arms for you with a smile, bringing you in for a gentle hug before he lifted you up easily. You gave a soft sound in shock, wrapping your legs around the man on instinct. He kissed your head, looking at Bokuto quickly as he held your thighs.
“Am I doing all the work?” Kuroo asked, watching Bokuto quickly shake his head and stand up. “Here,” Kuroo helped you turn in his arms when Bokuto got closer, knowing that it would hurt you less if Bokuto fucked your pussy. Kuroo pressed a kiss to the back of your neck and held onto your hips while Bokuto held your thighs. You laid your head on Bokuto’s shoulder, anxious about the feeling of the two men inside of you while Kuroo slowly slid his hands down and guided himself inside of you.
You gave a little whine, grabbing onto Bokuto’s shoulders tightly and earning a soft sound from the man as your nails dug into his skin. Kuroo peeked at the man, his eyebrows furrowing inwards as he gently pushed himself inside of you.
“Hang on,” he told him, pressing his head against yours and kissing your hair gently as he slowly got you adjusted. Bokuto waited patiently, sliding his hand gently along your thighs while Kuroo pushed himself all the way inside of you. He licked his lips, looking at Bokuto as he gently moved inside of you. Your body jerked against Bokuto as you clung to the man, making another sound come from him as your nails dug at his skin. “Just another second,” Kuroo said, trying to help get you adjusted. You weren’t completely dry since some of your squirt, a little cum, and not to mention spit, had slid back from your pussy and around your ass, but that didn’t mean that it didn’t still hurt a bit.
“Oh, fuck, Tetsurō!” You moaned, burying your nose against Bokuto’s shoulder as the man slowly rocked his hips against yours. It slowly got easier, so he looked at Bokuto and nodded. The man bit his lip, reaching down with one hand and guiding himself to your pussy. You clenched your jaw hard as Bokuto slowly edged his thick cock inside of your pussy. It didn’t hurt as much as your ass being stretched out by Kuroo, but you were left panting as the two men were slowly moving inside of you, though off rhythm with each other.
A shaky moan came from you as you buried your nose against Bokuto’s shoulder and dug your nails along his back. He moaned softly as you clenched around him, glancing back at Kuroo as his hair stuck to his sweaty forehead. Kuroo’s eyes were closed as he thrusted inside of you, trying to focus on going slow and gentle as to not hurt you. Even as the urge to fuck you hard was in his mind, he bit down on his lip and slowly moved his hips against yours. Bokuto moved a little bit faster than Kuroo, making you moan, though it wasn’t quite as pleasurable as it had sounded before.
“Does it hurt you too much, baby?” Kuroo softly asked, slowing down a little bit more inside of you even as you shook your head.
“No, no— keep going,” you said, though Kuroo was still a bit worried as he thrusted inside of you. Bokuto stole a glance at the man, panting as he edged himself deeper inside of you. Your legs were so tight around the mans waist that they were nearly numb. “Ah, Bokuto,” you moaned, biting your lip as he slowly picked up the pace. “Mmm, it feels so good!” You said, burying your nose against his neck and squeezing your eyes shut so tight that you saw stars.
Kuroo gently fucked your ass, watching as your shoulders shook as you clung onto the other man. Bokuto was starting to move faster, tossing his head back as he moaned and your lips lazily pressed a few sloppy kisses to his skin. Kuroo swallowed hard, slowly starting to move a little bit quicker as your moaning got lighter. The less pained you sounded, the more he wanted you. The last thing that either of them wanted was you to hurt, though Bokuto was getting too lost in the pleasure to think about anything but how good you felt around him, leaving Kuroo to have to do all the thinking even as he was as overstimulated as Bokuto was.
“Ah, it feels so good!” You moaned, scratching at Bokuto’s back and making the man moan a bit louder as he rocked his hips against yours. Sure enough, you were wetter than before around the man, getting close to reaching your orgasm he was sure. As stretched out as you were by the two men, you were loving it— getting lost in the pleasure as tears slid down your cheeks. It was just almost too much for your body to take, but even when it hurt, you forced yourself to lean into Bokuto more, holding tighter onto your boyfriend and seeking comfort from the man in the painfully pleasurable moment.
Kuroo moaned as he was able to move a bit faster, not feeling just how wet you were around Bokuto.
“Oh, you like it, baby owl?” Bokuto asked, cradling your head in his hand and holding you up with only one hand while Kuroo held your hips. “You like how he’s fucking your ass while I fuck this little pussy of yours?” He hummed, gently trailing his fingers along your spine while you dug your nails into his skin. “You’re so fucking wet around me, baby.” He said, moaning as he thrusted himself up inside of you a few more times, moaning as his orgasm was nearing. “God, I’m gonna cum again!” He said, tossing his head back.
Kuroo looked between the two of you, panting as he nearly slid himself out of you and pushed himself back in with every thrust, making you moan loudly every single time as Bokuto also stimulated you from the front. Your clit was throbbing, but you were too scared of how quickly you would come undone if either of them were to touch it.
Much to your dismay, it seemed as if Kuroo had read your mind, sliding his fingers around you and pressing them to your clit. As little as you had wanted the added stimulation, seeing as it made your body jerk that much more between the men, it had felt so good to be touched there that you didn’t care. Even as Kuroo’s fingers worked slow, you were quick to squirt around Bokuto’s cock, edging the man even closer as you tightened around him. Kuroo chuckled, kissing the back of your neck.
“Such a sexy baby.” He said, peeking at Bokuto who was trying not to cum. Kuroo moaned a bit louder, only making Bokuto’s throbbing cock ache more as he plunged inside of you. Kuroo’s fingers still worked on your clit, making it hard for you to do anything aside from moan and pant against Bokuto’s chest. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” Kuroo said, catching Bokuto’s attention. “You gonna cum with me?” He asked, looking at Bokuto who nodded as you moaned against the mans chest. Kuroo licked his lips, closing his eyes and resting his forehead against your back as he inched himself deeper.
Just as Bokuto came inside of you, you reached another orgasm around the man. Kuroo moaned, thrusting inside of you a few more times before tossing his head back and moaning loudly as he came. His hand grabbed tightly onto your hip as his other fingers shakily rubbed against your clit to make your orgasm longer. After a few seconds, Kuroo’s fingers stopped moving and he slowly pulled himself out of you, earning a soft whine from you.
“Fuck,” he mumbled, panting as he sat on the edge of the bed and peeked at the two of you. Bokuto gently laid you down on the soft bed, pulling himself out of you and burying his nose against your shoulder while you still clung to the man. There were scratch marks on Bokuto’s back, something that he had always found attractive and Kuroo had to admit that he did too. Your forehead was sticky with sweat as you leaned your head back on the bed and panted.
“You guys really take it out of me.” Bokuto mumbled against your skin, but both you and Kuroo were too tired to give a snarky remark, something that made the man smile as he wrapped his muscular arms tighter around you. He took a breath of your scent, but in the room really all he could smell was sex— the scent of the three of you fucking in this bedroom until not only Bokuto was overstimulated, not only you were overstimulated, but even Kuroo was overstimulated.
The man laid back on the bed, closing his eyes as he licked his lips.
“I’m so tired.” Kuroo mumbled, making a soft chuckle suddenly come from you that vibrated beneath Bokuto’s ear.
“I swear if either of you fall asleep on me before I can get into the shower, I’ll be the one breaking this relationship up.” you joked at the expense of the comments you’d heard when you all confirmed you were dating. Many people said that Bokuto would be the one who broke the three of you up. Bokuto snickered against your neck, pressing a quick kiss to your skin before standing up on his sore legs.
“She’s right, we should all go shower together!”
“I don’t remember saying those exact words,” you said, making Kuroo chuckle as he rolled over and leaned in to press a kiss to your chest. “Then why don’t you go and shower and Kō and I can stay here,” he teased you, and it made you remember your comment at Bokuto from earlier. Playfully, you rolled your eyes, making the man snicker as he looked down at you.
“Fine, let’s all go shower together— but then I’m going to sleep.”
“I call sleeping on top of Kuroo tonight!” Bokuto yelled as you made your way to the bathroom.
“What? No! You got to lay on Kuroo last night!”
“I called dibs!”
“You can’t call dibs on laying on Kuroo, you can only call dibs on the front seat in the car!”
“And you always get to sit up front!”
“You sat up front last week!”
Kuroo couldn’t help as he chuckled, following the two of you to the bathroom as you argued and shut the bathroom door so that the steam from the shower he knew was going to be hot would stay in the room afterwards when you all stepped out.
“You know that I have two sides— you both can sleep on my chest.” Kuroo said. It was silent for a second before you looked at Bokuto.
“I call left side.”
“No way, I wanted left side!”
“Too bad, I already called dibs!”
“I thought we couldn’t call dibs on Kuroo!”
“Well, I can now!”
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forbidden-gardens · 2 months ago
Boys who are fun to praise
Bokuto, Oikawa, Kageyama, Atsumu, Nishinoya
Boys who like praising you
Daichi, Mattsun, Osamu
Boys who like when you say naughty things
Iwaizumi, Kenma, Kita
Boys who like saying naughty things to you
Kuroo, Sakusa, Osamu, Suga
Boys who are fun to make out with
Oikawa, Tanaka, Suna
Boys who like to grab your thighs
Mattsun, Bokuto, Ushiwaka, Osamu, Daichi
Boys who like to grab your waist
Kageyama, Oikawa, Atsumu
Boys that make pretty noises
Bokuto, Oikawa, Hinata, Kenma
Boys that love the noises you make
Iwaizumi, Sakusa, Kuroo, Kita, Suga
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