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My most recent THG video (I wrote the script). Teuta, Pirate Queen, general badass and unlucky ruler. It’s interesting to me that she was unprepared for retaliation from Rome, and it makes me wonder if she was not really aware of who they were. Certainly, with the benefit of hindsight, her kingdom was no Carthage, which Rome had just beat.

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Teuta 231-227BCE. The “warrior queen” of the Illyrians. In ancient Illyrian society women held high status and were seen often as state figureheads. It is unclear whether their role was symbolic or if the women did make important political desisions but there is one documented Illyrian woman who gave the Roman Empire trouble which resulted in the first Roman-Illyrian war; her name was Teuta.

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Teuta ran into Burner and couldn't help but wonder what about him seemed familiar. The markings on his face looked awful! "I'm curious to know, name and if any affiliation with a certain group" She was careful to choose her words wisely, many Octarians have escaped the clutches of the army and seek refuge here in Inkopolis. Though some hold the heavy toll of PTSD.

Burner turned and jumped at the sight of Teuta. Another Octoling! … OUT IN THE OPEN STREETS.

“Shh, please keep your voice down.” He whispered with a finger up to his lips. His eyes darted around, making sure no one heard that. He felt that they were being watched, but it may just be his paranoia. He was about to answer her question, but immediately some of his own popped up.

“Why aren’t you wearing a disguise?” He asked, but then looked down at his own hands thinking, ‘Am I really that easy to spot?’

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Sorry I haven’t been on in forever, I had to participate in a youth parlament project and I’m studying for finals like an idiot because I procrastinated through whole year….yeah, pray for me.

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Hahah languages are awesome until you’re tired or drunk and they all mix together in a big language salad and it’s all one big mess and your friends look at you funny, not entirely certain if they should call for help or let you be :)

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Yass, I’ve been learning Hindi for a year now as I’m planning to go work in Delhi for six weeks next summer. Perfect place to practice! Zahra also speaks decent Hindi so we can work that in!

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teuta being drunk as fuck on a bottle of wine

february 2016

i fucked my bike
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teuta after gloria explained her the plans for the day


your day sucks earlier than usual
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Portal Mistress Mira: "who the heck are you guys?"

Teuta: “You might wanna check this page and this page out buddy! It tells you all you need to know!”

Erink: “I can explain a little! We’re some Inklings and Octarians who like to hang out and have a good time. It’s usually just Charlotte, Teuta, Jr, and I, but sometimes our other friends come and hang out too. This page has our other friends!’

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