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sillyshelterdogs2 days ago
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Boston Terrier |M| Gainesville, TX
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halfwaypost2 days ago
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marjoree6 hours ago
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yesterday, in order
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mami-chulada2 days ago
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New glasses day
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black-belly-bella2 days ago
I鈥檓 doing minimalist portraits for the holidays to raise a bit of money for my new business and rent
This is something I can do chillin at work since I鈥檝e pick up a few extra shifts
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This i do have the downloadable file for this specific image for sale in my back up Etsy.
$20 for solo or couples portraits with color details +$5 for more that 2 people (mid chest and up)
$15 for lines only +$5 for more than 2 people (mid chest and up)
Extra detail such as flowers, butterflies, moons, sparkles and such will vary depending on detail and amount starting at $30
I can also do just butterfly prints $10
鈥淣oods鈥 $40 I am not doing penis portraits
For noods references please be 18+ and in swim suite I鈥檒l require a photo of license sent BEFORE reference photos
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Please don鈥檛 send references photos until design and prices have been agreed upon. I collect payment before sending the finished piece, you well get to approve rough sketches before payment but to protect myself as artists and my art it鈥檚 self fully finished art will not be shown until after payment. I do not consent to my art being used for commercial use unless proper payment copyrights agreement is discussed between parties.
If you want to see more of my art check out the my art tag on my blog. It鈥檚 not everything but it gives you more insight on my art background.
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Hudson Bend Residence: LaRue Architects @laruearchitects Designs a Cliffside Home with a Clad Metal Box in #Austin, Texas Read more: Link in bio! Photography: Dror Baldinger @drorbaldingerphotographer. Award winning LaRue Architects designed a unique residence perched on a lakeside cliff with a 150 feet vertical drop, located on Austin鈥檚 beautiful Lake Travis. #usa #texas #邪褉褏懈褌械泻褌褍褉邪 鉁 A collection of the best contemporary architecture to inspire you. #design #architecture #amazingarchitecture #architect #arquitectura #luxury #realestate #life #cute #architettura #interiordesign #photooftheday #love #travel #construction #furniture #instagood #fashion #beautiful #archilovers #home #house 鈥#amazing #picoftheday #architecturephotography 鈥#賲毓賲丕乇蹖 (at Lake Travis, Austin)
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ineversurrendera day ago
What do you think about the idea of "Texit" ? The Republic of Texas again?
I鈥檓 for states rights. If any state was actually to leave the union it would be Texas. Texit was DOA and will never see the light of day anytime soon because they won鈥檛 even allow it on the floor. That鈥檚 right, it didn鈥檛 even get a hearing鈥f Texans want it the bill heard, they might have to string up a few lawmakers on both the left and right side of the aisle to even get a vote on the floor.
Texas is one of the few states that has the economy to support itself and make it on its own. They do not need federal dollars in the first place. If Texas ever succeeds, I鈥檇 move back there in a heartbeat.
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politishauna month ago
masondenverr: Senator in Hell with Demon Receptionist!
they鈥檙e backkkk!
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doujadiabloa month ago
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They鈥檇 flush $20,000 dollars down the drain, rather then have a shred of humanity.
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dark-haired-hamlet3 months ago
My very sweet and VERY Catholic coworker: this new abortion law鈥 they鈥檙e saying God doesn鈥檛 believe in killing the innocent babe to save the wicked mother鈥. Well I have some news for them about what he did to his own son.
Me: oh my god.
Her: honey. Exactly.
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