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we traveled the backroads
always searching
for cool fields of blue,
deadwood in rural pastures,
and random vintage Americana.
Isolated in our vehicle bubble
we cruised the winding lanes
singing along with the radio
viewing the blooming wildflowers
in vibrant spring green…
in the new world order
of corona
and hand sanitizers
and masks.

Photo and poem by Amber Maitrejean

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URGENT FOSTER NEEDED: This sweet, Senior is handsome Heiner (A0614137) and has found himself at Dallas Animal Services after his owner passed away.⁣⁣He can’t see very well but his sniffer works great and he loves to devour some treats! After a few treats, he quickly opens up.

Heiner needs a comfy couch to relax on and possibly live out his golden years. At 14 years old and only 38lbs, he’s the perfect addition to a quiet, quarantined household.⁣⁣If you’d like to foster Heiner, or have questions about the fostering process, please email⁣ #StayHomeAndFoster

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