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#texas chainsaw massacre
s0ftmary · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
All my homies hate Hoyt
No matter how many people Tommy killed, Hoyt was mean to my sweet baby so I won't forgive him
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neopolpleb · a day ago
Could you do something where the reader is always happy and bubbly helping Thomas and luda with anything they need, once a victim escaped and the reader kills them
Thomas Hewitt with an s/o who is always happy and bubbly who kills an escaped victim HC
Thomas Hewitt x GN!Reader HC
Warnings: Canon-Typical violence, mild detail on the killing part, fluff for the most part
I hope you enjoy!
Every since meeting the Hewitt family you seemed to just click with Thomas
He ADORES your loving nature, and after a little while of luda mae playing matchmaker you two fell in love ( ⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝)
Luda Mae really didn’t have to work too hard at it, Thomas was basically ready to get down on one knee when he first met you
You were one of the incredibly few people who ever treated him with kindness, you shocked him with the basic human decency but then you went above and beyond in his eyes
You helped out Luda Mae quiet often at the gas station, which she appreciated not only because she can’t move like she used to, but also because she enjoyed your naturally calming nature
It seemed as though you never got annoyed or angry and she had only had seen you sad a few times, and it was refreshing to say the least
You definitely got a few jabs from Hoyt coz of it, your happiness seemed to get on his nerves, he believed no one was that happy and it made him uncomfortable that nothing he seemed to say or do got on your nerves, you would just give him a smile and walk off to find Thomas
They all thought of you as some helpless puppy, how could you ever protect yourself when you see the world in such a bright light. They all kept an eye out for you, especially Thomas.
but puppies are still dogs, and idk if you seen what happens when you threaten a dogs family but uh👀
One evening you were helping out with chores around the house, Thomas had just brought a group down to the basement so you were trying to pass time until he was done.
You were doing the dishes alone, Luda Mae was in the laundry room and god knows were Hoyt was
Suddenly you hear the basement door slam open and foot steps coming closer and closer to you
You turn to see a man running towards you, but he stops in his tracks once he notices you
He beings shouting at you to let him leave or else he’ll hurt you
But it all sounded like white noise to you
You knew Thomas wasn’t far behind the victim but you were acting on pure instinct as you grabbed the closest solid object, which happened to be a frying pan
You moved quickly towards the man and slammed the pan into the side of his face
He falls on the ground, you don’t even check if he’s still conscious before continuing the brutal assault, slamming the pan again and again until you suddenly feel Thomas pulling you off the man
You didn’t hear nor see Thomas come in, which is shocking considering he came in with the chainsaw already revved up
You stare at the lifeless body, before clearing your throat and looking at Thomas
“Are you alright honey?” You ask him with a concerned face
Thomas.exe has stopped working
Thomas’s hands grab your face as if to say “no are YOU ok???”
You let out a small laugh, and see Luda Mae standing off to the side
“Oh gosh, I’m sorry, I’ll finish the dishes” you say smiling at her as if there wasn’t a corpse less than a foot away
Luda Mae tells you its alright, and that you should go take a break for the day
You hesitate but agree, giving Thomas a small peck on his mask before going upstairs to your guy’s shared bedroom
Thomas and Luda Mae both just kind of look at each other for a minute after you leave before returning to their previous work (thomas cleaning up the body)
Neither of them expected this side of you, though it was comforting in away
It felt as though you had officially made yourself apart of the family, there was no going back to a normal life now, you were Hewitt in their minds
It also comforted Thomas a whole lot to know that you can in fact handle yourself, doesn’t nt mean he won’t protect you with everything he has, but it feels like a tiny weight has been lifted off his shoulders
slight nsfw
Also like you two definitely got it on good that night
Thomas whole brain was just
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riphimopen · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“haha i dont have a favorite sawyer brother” except i lied. i do. its nubbins hes my favorite sawyer brother. (there is a chop top in there as well out of obligation)
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masksandchainsaws · 2 days ago
Date Headcanons with my Fav Slashers!
Brahms Heelshire
Tumblr media
- He’d take you to some sort of orchestral concert - He prefers string orchestras but is very particular about them - He does a lot of research into the string orchestras playing because he knows how tricky violins are - He wants to make sure that the orchestra he takes you to is actually good - Regardless of whether it’s a first date or not, he’s clingy - Always touching you in some way or another  - Hand holding, bicep pressing up against yours, thigh pressing up against yours, offering his arm for you to hold - He’s also v chivalrous - Gives you roses, opens doors for you, protects you in crowds - He pays for everything - Buys you champagne and makes sure you have the best seats - Afterwards, he’d be very insistent that you come home with him  - If you say no he’ll be disappointed but he won’t force you - He’d get a chauffeur to take you home  - If you agree to stay at his mansion, he’ll still get a chauffeur, but you’ll share one as you’re going to the same destination - Wants to kiss you goodnight. Will you accept?
Thomas Hewitt
Tumblr media
- FARMER’S MARKET - This man would wanna make you a home. cooked. meal.  - He wants to look after you so bad - So he takes you to one so you can pick out the foods you like - (No he isn’t going to cook you human, he seemed kinda apprehensive to eat it himself when Hoyt served it to the family) - (So of course he’d wanna give you something nicer) - When you get home if you try to help him he’d huff at you and usher you away - He wants you to relax - You resort to hugging him from behind, resting your hands on his tummy - He sets the table as fancily as he can - Gets candles!! - Tries to sit opposite you like people do on restaurant dates, but he hates it - So he sits next to you, arm pressed against yours because he’s so broad - OR!!!! he’d take you to a county fair - Thomas isn’t very interested in rides - He’s apprehensive around them because he’s so big - He tends not to fit in them - No, what he’s really there for is the food - Caramel apples, candy floss (cotton candy), corndogs, churros, shaved ice, huge-ass burgers, you name it, Thomas can really put food away - He makes sure you have a bottle of water tho, it’s so hot in Texas and he doesn’t want you to dehydrate from the heat and salty foods - Is determined to win a prize for you - He does but only because he’s strong and knocks down all the bottles with a ball despite them being nailed down - When you get tired from all the walking around and all the bright lights, he carries you home while you doze off in his arms
Vincent Sinclair
Tumblr media
- Vincent would take you to an art gallery - His fav styles are Renaissance and Impressionist. He loves the realism of Renaissance while loving the colours of Impressionist - He is also quite fond of marble sculptures - It leaves him mesmerised seeing how well fabric is conveyed through the intricate carving of solid marble - He’ll be very quiet, silently contemplating pieces - But all the way through he’s just gently holding your arm - He’s always checking to see if you’re interested - If he knows there’s a piece he’ll like/is anticipating seeing, he’ll grab your hand and rush you to said piece because he’s excited and wants to show you - When it’s over he’d hug you, and you’d almost certainly run your fingers through his hair - OR!! he’d sculpt you - (He wouldn’t spray hot wax on you though don’t worry) - (But that’s because he likes you) - So he painstakingly takes hours - If you’ve been dating for a while he might request to sculpt you naked - Every 20 minutes he lets you take a break, brings you drinks, helps you stretch your legs and massage your joints - When he’s done he runs you a warm bath with salts in to relax your body, and Vincent might want to join you, but only if you’re comfortable with that
Billy Lenz
Tumblr media
- He doesn’t take you anywhere - He can’t be bothered layering up to go out into the cold  - Billy would much prefer a date night in - He essentially builds a fort in the attic: lots of blankets, pillows, and Christmas lights, sets up his crappy TV - There’s planty of snack food like popcorn, crisps (chips), etc - But what he’s really focusing on his hot chocolates - Billy should NOT be allowed around sugar but that doesn’t stop him from over accessorising his hot chocolates like Ned Flanders - It’s so full of cream, chocolate sprinkles, wafers, and marshmallows that it’s more food than liquid - He’s quite proud of them and he wants to share them with you - Billy is restless though, he twitches a lot  - And he’s always very close to you, nuzzling up to you to the point where you almost spill your hot chocolate - He bites too, but it’s his way of showing you affection - He makes you watch Christmas films, regardless of the time of year - He’s particularly fascinated by Nativity!  - He thinks every school in Britain is like the one portrayed in Nativity! - He also likes the songs - He sings them (badly) - Ends up passing out on your lap
Bubba Sawyer
Tumblr media
- Bubba takes you to his favourite diner - He wants to show you all his favourite foods (which is all of it) - Insists you try everything he orders even if you’re full - He’s just so!!! excited!!! He wants you to experience the joy he feels!! - He has you share a milkshake just like they do in the movies - It’s so cheesy but you love it and it makes you laugh, which makes Bubba laugh in return because he’s happy you’re enjoying yourself - It’s probably around midnight too, and Bubba chose that time on purpose because it’s quieter - When you’ve finished at the diner, Bubba isn’t finished yet - He takes you to a crappy petrol station for slushies, a large one that you both share - And then he takes you to an open field where you can just look up at the stares and forget about the trials and tribulations of life - Bonus if there are cows in said field - If there are cows Bubba gets v excited - He loves them - But they’ll probs scare you a bit, especially if their eyes catch the light - But Bubba seems to have a way with them and he just gently takes your hand to press it against a cow’s snout - He’s always looking at your face to see if you get excited - When you smile, he smiles - You end up dozing off in that field, but when you wake up, you’re safely tucked into bed - Mask  🎭
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gateway-artist · a day ago
Tumblr media
Guys be quiet, he’s in love 🙄
Just some doodle of our boy Bubba while I’ve been in bed sick lmao. If you have a slasher you want doodled, send em my way ✌️😎
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brahmscardigan · 19 hours ago
Bo/Thomas/Brahms w/ a shy and quiet S/O
Why are you so quiet when I’m around? You shy?
He’s an asshole about it at first. Especially if he likes you.
He’ll feel like you’re scared of him but once you’ve told him that’s it’s just how you are he’ll tone down the teasing.
Are you scared of me? Did I scare you?
He finds it cute to be honest. He’ll want to protect you so he lingers around you for a while
He’s very gentle with things around you.
Why are you blushing? I only asked to spoon.
Both of you were very shy at the beginning however Brahms’ shyness was replaced with confidence fairly quickly.
He’ll use your shyness to get his own way.
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biskitchip · a day ago
Tumblr media
it's been a while since i drew my favourite slasher... here he is with a baby chick :)
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scrhemlin · 2 days ago
Hello again! I have come to request some Bubba Sawyer content. Lol. I was thinking that you could maybe write something with Bubba being protective of his S/O? Like a victim shoves them in their haste to escape and Bubba just kinda goes beast mode on the poor victim? Or anything with Bubba being all glaring and growly as he uses his body to shield his S/O, really.
Ofc! Im a little new to writing fics so I hope this okay :PP
“MOVE!” The victim says, shoving you harshly to the ground, in a haste to get away from your intimidatingly massive boyfriend.
You groaned, hoisting yourself up with your elbow god was that a hard fall you thought. A sudden shadow hurried to your side, big pairs of shaky hands grabbed your face, turning it side to side. You realised it was Bubba, in a panic, inspecting your face for any injuries. He hugged you while caressing your hair.
He was panting, from the chase that was abruptly stopped by your sudden fall. His pants suddenly slowed, turning into a growl. He hugged you tighter, not to the point where it hurt, but you can tell that he was angry. Not at you, But at that son of a bitch that dared to lay a finger on your, what Bubba would think of, perfectly delicate self.
He slowly released his embrace, getting up. Lending you a hand but putting his other hand on your shoulder to help you steady yourself as you rose to your feet. He looked at you worried.
“Im okay, Bubs” you breathily chuckled. “Just a harsh fall”
He looked at you, in a serious way. Bubba has never gotten angry before you thought, a little bit worried. He them patted your head, kissing your forehead. He then looked at the direction of the victim and sprinted. So fast that he was out of your sight in seconds, probably less than that. Youve never seen him run so fast before.
*time skip*
You were sitting in the couch, eating some chips as you heard the door open loudly. You looked to see your boyfriend, kicked open the door with a bag. You gagged at the smell. He looked to see you sitting there, dropping the bag and running towards you, practically tackling you down on the couch as he nuzzled your neck. You held your breath as he was stinking of gore.
You only knew that he definitely decapitated that person, but you didnt want to know the horrendous details.
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dunkingtruth · 2 months ago
shhhh….it’s bubba sawyer
Tumblr media
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