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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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yibo will be racing on my bday so i realllyyyyy realllyyyyy wish for his safety (among other personal things of course lol)

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So, I’ve been getting more time off, and am preparing for Halloween pieces!

Just a little note about me. One of my favorite monsters are werewolves and since this year’s Halloween night will have a full moon, I’ve been getting real excited about making all sorts of werewolf pieces. I have this recent tradition where I make a very highly quality piece of a werewolf.

I decided that I was going to do one this year, and I’m basically done with it, but I will still wait till October to post it, as well as any other werewolf piece. I have other things that I was planning on working on as well (Which I’ve pushed back… I should really get to it…) so I’ll be working on that till I’m done, then work on more werewolf stuff for the holiday.

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Since this is for all three, I’ll do just 2 each! c:


  • He cannot fall asleep with a full stomach if he does not self-administer rubs first. Not only is the motion very soothing against a full belly, but it’ll help make sure that everything is settled and digesting comfortably before he drifts off. Levi wasn’t born a vampire, so he suffers with temporary digestive issues since his body is still getting use to the new diet, so he’ll give himself rubs before bed to make sure he doesn’t get bloated and crampy when he wakes up.
  • Levi also cannot fall asleep without a eye mask; he’s nocturnal and has a very high light sensitivity, so unless the room is completely dark / he has an eye mask, the poor guy won’t be able to rest very well 💔


  • Poor dude doesn’t always get as much sleep as he’d like due to his job / stress, so on the days he’s able to take some time off, he’ll spend those days nestled up in his bed under lots of blankets, binging whatever reality dramas he can find, and resting up for as long as he desires 💕 if someone needs him, they’ll just have to send a voicemail.
  • He has a Very Sassy border collie named Missy who hogs his bed whenever they’re cuddled up together, hehe. Oftentime she’ll sprawl on his legs while he’s sleeping, and he’ll end up waking up to pins and needles.


  • This gal always sleeps better with a partner ❤ She’s super affectionate and touch-starved, so if there’s the option, she’ll drag a friend or her partners into bed with her for a cuddle pile. It just makes her feel super warm and loved, opposed to sleeping alone.
  • Her tummy is suuuper noisy when digesting/upset, even when she’s asleep. Not overly loud, but if the room is quiet you’d definitely be able to hear it. She’s sometimes stirred awake by one of her partners rubbing her grumbling tummy, obviously woken up by the noises and asking if she’s feeling alright (and even commenting on the noises, obviously flustering the poor gal), and when they’re able to calm her vocal tummy down a bit, they all settle back down into their nap once more ❤
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