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YALL im finally home and gonna be for an entire week so maybe i’ll finally edit after years

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what are you doing,
right now? at this very
moment that i am
writing sweet nothings

and weeping tears to
never see the light of day,

what are you doing?

i hope you are happy,
prospering, dreaming
without a broken heart
in that i am so sorry i

ever caused you grief.

the universe hates me,
now, so the tables have
surely turned and all i am

doing for the rest of
eternity is burning in
eternal damnation.

haha wby

01 10 10
13 JUNE 2020

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I beat allister now I’m going to watch tiktoks for the next 8 hours

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interacting with people be like why must i constantly embarass myself [heartbreak emoji]

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makes a bunch of notecards w plot points written on them and arranges them so that i can picture the order theyre all in

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