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lezzyharpy · 12 hours ago
our collective psyche is owed compensation for the tiktok text to speech voice and that oh no oh no oh no no no no no song
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mentalquotes · 18 hours ago
The moment you feel like you have to prove your worth to someone is the moment you absolutely and utterly have to walk away.
Alyssia Harris
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eliteknightcats · 2 days ago
does anyone else remember grass. the warmth of the sun
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dreamquackity · a day ago
Tumblr media
he’s posting memes on instagram like im not shaking and crying wondering if he’s going live or not
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desultory-suggestions · 2 days ago
I always spread lots of positivity that you will succeed at what you’re trying to do, and that’s because it’s important to be positive and has proved to help performance.
However, I want to remind you that if you failed it’s ok. If you had a dream, a goal, an idea and it didn’t work out? That’s okay. I am so proud of you for trying. You are not a failure. You are not lesser for failing at something. You are going to be okay.
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carnival-phantasm · 2 days ago
Every time I read anything about paracetamol/tylenol/acetaminophen it's just scientists and doctors talking about how much it fucking sucks, and it's not even safe, how the fuck did it become the most used pain medication in both the US and Europe???
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lunaflower · 2 days ago
You know I would actually quite like it if the direction they're going with this is c!Tommy following c!Phil's advice until it gets him in serious trouble with c!dream somehow, kinda like phil telling him to tear down the walls cause he'd be safe and all that and then immediately after there's like a creepy message from dream in Tommy's home, but bigger scale. And then this leads to c!Tommy actually going "hold on a minute, I don't think the advice you gave was quite that right Phil" and that's when he finally stops putting c!phil in a pedestal. I'm not saying like a fallout with him or anything, just c!Tommy finally realizing that he can trust his own judgment and he doesn't need to follow what other adults say are the best for him, because they're actually not all knowing wise beings like c!Tommy seems to think c!phil is
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metfell · 8 hours ago
reblog to blow the tits clean off of the previous person
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wocs · 2 days ago
hey yall im currently stranded at the beach. i was with some old frens and it turned into a bad confrontation which lead to them ditching me here w no ride and my phone at 40%. i have $30 in my acc but its for christmas dinner/gifts. i’m sorry to do this again but i have no way of getting home since they were my ride and i’ve not really been in this area before. this is my cashapp. venmo. paypal. i also do astro readings and i would much prefer to do u a service for your help!
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thebookquotes · 2 days ago
That didn’t happen, of course. Things never happened the way I imagined them.
John Green, Paper Towns
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tayorswift · a day ago
Men need to stop trying to cover Taylor Swift songs…. don’t touch that it’s not for you…
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mentalquotes · 2 days ago
Be willing to walk alone. Many who start with you won’t finish.
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eliteknightcats · 20 hours ago
you can literally feel your brain become fully developed at age 25 btw. i was dumb as shit before then. i still am but in different ways
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pineapplefishh · 2 days ago
prison breakout? ghostboo?? what are you talking about? the prison just started getting built! now c’mon and watch stream, bad just found some weird red vine things in his basement and tommy’s second exile stream is tomorrow!!
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bugbenevolent · 2 days ago
So Santa didn't just put Dream on the nice list. He's also going full #shields4dream in the replies and is now fighting antis.....not what I expected to happen today but I'm liking this development
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dramadeewani · a day ago
Thank you for choosing Backaof Travel Agency
For those of you that have left the roof, we hope you are currently enjoying the beach and the seaweed snacks we provided
Next week's destination is the graveyard. No not for the spooky aesthetic but for the mass casualties we will have from all the flirting
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metfell · 2 days ago
can everyone reblog this with a screenshot of c!ranboo please i want to compile them all
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nonetoon · 2 days ago
I have made a purchase
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