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#text msg

Hey… has anyone something positive to share.. I am in a bit of a bad situation well-being wise and a lot of things went down today hence I just wanna get to bed and wake up when september ends pretty much… so if you have some memes or cute animal pictures or some cute headcanons about your ocs or even any of mine, I’d glad to read or see them in the comments. I am trying to search for something uplifting to not sink into that bad situation and end up depressed again. I want to draw but at the same time every line comes out wrong … gomen for the post and thank you in advance if you take the time to share something, i’ll appreciate it deeply even if I might remain quiet and might not respond.

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Lucy 💬 Levi
Lucy: hey, you wanna catch a movie or do something else together this weekend? we haven't hung out in ages
Lucy: i'm sure dad wouldn't mind watching the little miss while we're gone, but if not, we can take her with us :)
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