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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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You know, I really wish one of the DLC costumes in Royal was the cross-dressing outfits from DSN.

Can you imagine, Joker running around the metaverse in…THAT?

I need this right now, Atlus.

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It is hilarious how I waited for the summer, as now I wait for the september because it is always a time when swimming pool starts. I hope I could go to the swim sport school this year, God bless these year to people.

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Imagine being like a catering waiter and being called to Mary Geois for the Shichibukai living there before the Paramount War and after all that shit has gone down you’re tweeting stuff like


  • Blackbeard loves cherry pies. If you’re living on the Grand Line, especially in the New World, hoard all the cherries you can get your hands on
  • etc…

bc honestly what else would you do, these people are so weird, might as well cash in on the 15 minutes of internet fame while you’re at it, right?

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The fact that the final evangelion movie was supposed to come out this month is wild to me cause the last movie came out when I was fucking 17

Like what the actual fuck is time, I was in my senior year of high school then and now I’m a senior in university??

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One thing I’ve wondered about, is what was up with that All Might poster in the League of Villains hideout.

In the anime, (I can’t remember if it’s in the manga or not) after the attack on UA, we go back to the hideout. And in the background, on the wall, is a poster of All Might that has been *shredded*.

So my question is, how did it get there?

Was it already in the bar when they took it over?

And if so, was it already destroyed or did Shigaraki do it as a sort of christening gesture?

If not, did Shigaraki go get it for himself, or did AFO instruct Kurogiri to get one for him so as to stoke his hatred?

And did they steal it or did someone have to wait in line and buy and All Might poster for this specific purpose?

Did they bribe someone to buy it for them as if they were underage kids wanting alcohol?

It has me so curious, what’s the deal?

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