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thefloatingstone · 11 days ago
I have a friend who is very into sumo.
Trying to casually understand sumo is a little like trying to casually understand cricket. But I more or less get the basics just from watching tournaments with her.
But the one part of sumo that will always baffle me, even AFTER it was explained, is the giant macaron...
I legit thought these were photoshoped until I sat down and saw a match myself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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dead-dyke · 11 days ago
You wrote about murder?? Murder is illegal?? You wrote about this dude killing someone and you didn't even say 'murder is bad' at the start of the book, wht wtf, wtf is wrong with you? I can't believe you condone murder, I can't believe you're pro murber, oh my fucking God don'ttalk to me when ou literally kill people, freak. I'm calling the cops, what the fuck, I'm shaking and crying.
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literalnobody · 3 months ago
Gender? You know that’s not real right? They just made it up to sell more pink and blue explosives to Americans
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bunabi · 2 months ago
at the beginning of the pandemic we learned millions of citizens view washing their hands as ethically weak or clinically unnecessary
and now we're supposed to trust strangers are being honest about their understanding of basic hygiene and let everybody go maskless on a good faith basis
just return to raw public air on cramped trains, uncovered coughing fits in windowless spaces with no ventilation, during a pandemmy with new variants cycling
absolutely not lmao
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m-eltdown · 4 months ago
my phone: *rings* me: absolutely not
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literalnobody · 2 months ago
Nothing is funnier to me than Mr Darcy telling his best friend not to propose to the girl he loves bc 1. Her family are unsuitable and 2. She doesn't truly like him enough to marry... only to then himself propose to a woman who is 1. From the exact same family and 2. Has done nothing but roast him since they met
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thelucilles · 4 months ago
meghan markle: i don’t understand the disparity in treatment compared to my sister-in-law, who is lovely and a wonderful person btw. all my in-laws are wonderful and they welcomed me to the family it’s the institution itself and the press that i feel victimized by.
prince harry: my dad’s a dick, my family is cuckoo for coco puffs and granny’s on thin fucking ice.
tomorrow’s press (probably): why would meghan markle say all of these horrible things about the royal family. she made the queen cry...
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anarkiddo · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
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fruit-teeth · 2 months ago
Me thinking about my own writing: man I’m not a great whole life is a lie
Some writer at Disney, 100% serious: so anyway Cruella is the way she is because dogs pushed her mom off a cliff
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johnboyega · 4 months ago
i don’t think we as a society appreicate anthony mackie’s acting enough. his comedic timing and ability to switch to being funny to more serious moments so smoothly is so well done and not talked about enough.
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anarkiddo · 3 months ago
the moment we stopped viewing the LGBT community as a necessity for civil and social rights and started viewing it as a fun club where everyone within it needs a Very Specific Sexual Identity and Everyone Is Valid and there are Hard Boundaries between every sexuality and gender was the moment we were all fucked.
When we insist every identity under the LGBT umbrella is incredibly unique and different from every other identity, there is a deep artificial divide created between bi women + lesbians, bi men + gay men, etc. there’s so much biphobia in the community and i think its rlly due to people focusing way too hard on making sure Every Identity Feels Secure and not enough on solidarity.
you guys add stone butch blues to your reading lists but i don’t think any of you actually read it considering the way you’re treating bi women like they aren’t real wlw or transhet men like they can’t resonate with lesbian experiences. I’m sure this is a fucking newsflash for you, but we’re all the same to cishets. no single sexuality under the LGBT umbrella- yes, this ABSOLUTELY includes hets, as long as they’re trans- oppresses another. “appropriating other sexualities” just isn’t a thing unless you’re cishet.
The divide ppl insist is there is entirely made up and actually HELPS cishets, so can we please reduce these fake ass intracommunity conflicts and focus on real ones like transgender, specifically transfem, oppression at the hands of cisgays? or is that REAL issue too uncomfortable for you guys to handle lmao
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justlgbtthings · 2 months ago
white privilege is NOT:
I can do whatever I want and face no consequences because I'm white
being white gives me special secret services like a vip club
white privilege IS:
my life is not made any more difficult because of my skin color
so people with white fragility saying "well my life is hard too🥺": no one is saying it isn't. it's just that your life is not negatively impacted by the color of your skin. saying "white privilege doesn't exist" because you can't see what your privilege does for you or see the hardships others go through that you don't experience is ignorant and false.
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