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🌱☺️ - UR SO PRETTY, love ur pics! Ur bras and panties look so nice on u! U have really pretty hair and lips toooo!

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Fakat elini tutabiliyorum.


fakat seni öpebiliyorum.


fakat gözlerimi her kapayışımda yanına gelebiliyorum.

…Ben zaten seni hep gözlerimi kapatınca görebiliyorum sevgili papatya.

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Is MC in the daycare au the same as the MC in the peacock dad au? (it would be funny if it was or if both MC's are actually twins)

Mun: Both MCs however are not the same! The MC in the Daycare is gender neutral and doesn’t talk while the MC in the Peacock Dad AU is a woman with they/them pronounces and they talk too. You got a good eye thou XD

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So I cut myself that hard I bruised myself 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

And this little fucker won’t stop bleeding, think it’s day 4 now.

I know it’s not a laughing matter, but if I don’t laugh I’ll be even worse.

If I’ve upset anyone then just stop following me, I’ve always said this is my place to just rant. Through the highs and lows of life.

Mental health is a bitch as it is, but with everything that’s going on things have gotten a lot more unbearable. But believe me I am really trying.

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Maedhros, before a meeting with the dwarves, sitting across from Caranthir (so he’s not so threateningly tall), “Should we practice the pitch?”

Caranthir, “Please give riches to the House of Feanor, to strengthen community and protect your family.”

Maedhros, encouragingly, “Small note, it might sound a little threatening, to their families. Maybe just smile more.”

Caranthir, holding eye contact, baring his teeth in a smile “protect your family.”

Maedhros, “that’s actually more threatening.”

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Imagine getting mad over people calling Kristoff, a fictional character, a king of a made-up, imaginary Kingdom in a Disney movie, because it isn’t accurate with the monarchy of the real world. I mean sure there’s a talking snowman in summer and the former queen had ice powers, but the monarchy has to be historically accurate. I’m just going to keep on calling him a King and let the storm rage on.

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Me trying new playlists on Spotify on my smart tv while I scroll down the dashboard on my phone: lift the head to something sounding good only to discover I saved that song already. My bitch know my taste so well

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💖💕 - HEY! I misses u! I’m happy u finally texted me back. Sorry things got so busy for u but ur really sweet and super funny! Ur really good at art. U have pretty eyes and really nice thighs and hands! Ur voice is nice tooooo!

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