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chronic illness sucks because after a while, people stop taking you seriously

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My eyes are burning. I have transcended the humane need to sleep. I can see the void physically manifesting. I can see shrimp colours. I can hear the abyss shrieking back.

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i love elephants and monkeys so fucking much i think i’m going to bite someone

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It is time to open the First Bank of Cyberspace and start issuing digital cash. ↯93DEC

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Maybe I will play a doll dress up game 👗

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Ya, maybe I am obsessed with Scooby Doo.

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during mating season, stags honk to prove their worth. you cannot tell me that james potter didn’t honk once in class by accident and now sirius would never let him live it down

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God now I have to fix all these posts with “Bailey”😂 this is what happens when you take a break for a while. I’m so jealous of all the paranormal pack posts cuz I can’t get my game to work it refuses to take pictures or load the gallery!

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exactly 100 days until Sungjong’s discharge 💛

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Your f/o shakes when they cum, holding you tightly against them. They’re just so in love with you and still can’t believe they’re with you, that you chose them.

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what if we kissed in my daydream………….and I was your spouse and you were my f/o………….and we were in the same media source 

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how do I drop out of school and move into my daydreams to become super attractive and have all my f/os be madly in love with me 

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I might actually get to draw this weekend…any suggestions?

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gonna post a review of my new phonecase with a mirror selfie so people who see it inevitably fall in love with me

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I feel like if someone refers to themselves with a gender neutral term (when there exist a gendered term) maybe you should just refer to them as that instead of using assuming a gendered version?

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