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fly-far-ikaros · 2 days ago
I wish I could accurately convey how wonderfully freeing it is to find a femme that complements your butchness in all forms. To be with a femme who can see right through your tough outer butch shell and get right down to your soft childlike center and coax it out. A femme who somehow makes you feel the safest you've ever felt, even if she has heels on, a face full of makeup, or her nails, you just instinctively know she would step in front of you to protect you. I implore you to wait for that femme goddess who ignites your hopeless romantic butch heart. I hope she reminds you that you are worthy and capable of being a soft gentle person the world cannot see in you. Even on your worst days, especially on your worst days. I hope you wait for that once in a lifetime femme who will know how precious it is to have your soft butch heart. 💙
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longlostcatlin · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Yi City Disaster Crew as Text Posts Part 45 | Part 44
Well it’s been a long time since I did one of these posts. There’s a part 46 in the works too.
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Jonathan Crane be like: Yeah, I’m GAY. 
Your Worst Nightmare
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thanatoastie · a day ago
Athena: *whispering under her breath* no, no! If I do that, it will give my opponent a key strategical advantage
Dionysus: she does realize she’s playing Candyland, right?
Artemis: just let her have this
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dysfunctional-dad · a day ago
stockholm syndrome and chill?
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aromantic-enjolras · 18 hours ago
Liveblogging Les Mis the musical: Part 1
I finally, finally, found the moment to watch the Les Mis recording from the Madrid production that @partloma sent me. I’ve gone all the way to the Intermission, so here are my first impressions, fresh out of my watch.
The Spanish was a lot less jarring than I was expecting! Yes, I didn’t understand a word for a bit because my brain was trying to understand it in English, but from one point onward I just changed registers and it worked quite well. The translation isn’t bad, either, there are a few lines which are really badass, but they give up rhyming on the last sentence sometimes, it’s kind of jarring.
They changed the number on Valjean’s chest to fit into the metric scheme! It’s not really important, but it’s weird to hear.
Seeing Valjean get the shit kicked out of him when him being supernaturally strong is such a big plotpoint was kind of funny, I’ll admit.
The lovely ladies have the best outfits in the show. I’ll die on that hill.
The actress playing Fantine is amazing, holy shit. She is so expressive, and I actually felt that “fuck you, Monsieur Madeleine” feel I got from the French Concept Album. I don’t know who she is, but I like her.
Javert popping out every time Valjean does something is hilarious. Does this man have nothing better to do than hunt down an escaped convict for over a decade??? Get a hobby!
... Did Valjean almost get into a fistfight with Thénardier in the middle of Paris..?
Why did they change it so that Thénardier knows who Valjean is and can tell Javert about it? It adds nothing to the story that I can think of, and I don’t understand how he would have known. What purpose does the change serve?
Marius being super involved in the Revolution will never stop being weird.
ENJOLRAS!!!!!!! *fangirls all around the room* <3 <3
Hm, after seeing the Red & Black sequence from the film, I kind of expected Grantaire to be more front and center. His outfit was a little dull, not as eye-catching as Enjolras’, and he didn’t interact with Enj as much as I was expecting. If I wasn’t actively looking for him I’m not sure I would have picked him out from the other people in the room.
Is the Ami in the glasses supposed to be Combeferre? *hearteyes*
The set changes during ‘Do You Hear the People Sing’ are amazing. I love how people seem to pour out of nowhere to join them.
Okay, seeing this I understand why people tend to make Éponine Marius’ best friend in fanfics. They seem to have almost an equal footing relationship here, a lot more like a friendship than the weird crush of the Brick. It’s very different, but I kind of like it, they’re cute.
I wonder if they’ve ever thought of making the same actress play Fantine and Cosette. I think it would be an interesting way to highlight their relationship.
Okay, let’s be honest: that moment when Valjean is having an intense crisis in the foreground while Cosette and Marius are smooching less than a meter behind him is just amazing. I almost laughed.
There is this split second when Marius introduces Éponine to Cosette and they both stop and just look at each other which I love, and I wish more people explored. There is a moment of tension there when I’m left wondering if they’ve recognized each other, and what their thoughts are, and it’s so fascinating!
‘One Day More’ is awesome. But please, someone hire a choreographer for them, that weird shuffling step they do is very undignified. Someone get them a real choreography, I’m begging them.
That red flag at the eeeeeeend. <3
And that’s all for now! Tune back tomorrow for my thoughts on the second act! I’m terrified!
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bujokookie · 18 hours ago
Lmaooo Gi-hun in squid game is legit just full of dumb luck! And it’s so interesting to see how far it takes him cause he’s genuinely so stupid yet so full of empathy. There is no brains no brawn no intuition, just luck. I’m not even rooting for anyone I’m just looking. Ok I lied I’m rooting for HER™️
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hey-op-just-kill-me · 2 days ago
Race cleaning up the kitchen
Jack: oh candy apples I love these things
Race as Jack bites into it: wait-
Jack letting the candy drop from his mouth: Racetrack
Race: yes Jackie?
Jack: why are these onions?
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richard: ben, i think locke-
ben: wants to kill me. yes, i know. i am going to handle it appropriately. i will kill him first before he even knows whats happening. he will never even think about killing me again
richard: no. ben. he has a crush on you
ben: oh
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weirdlyinsaneasss · a day ago
There are so many amazing songs that I so desperately want to share with someone but oh well there is really no one
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The Internet: !!!HOT SINGLES IN YOUR AREA!!!
Jonathan Crane: Oooh, free test subjects
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thanatoastie · a day ago
Ares: I’m a fool to love Aphrodite
Hephaestus: *bursts in* SO ARE YOU TWO GOING TO BREAK UP?
Apollo: probably not, she just took the last cookie
Hephaestus: so they’re going to break up?
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dysfunctional-dad · a day ago
I just wanna ruin a cute girl's innocence so all she knows is my fucked up world and think it's just the best thing ever!!
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