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#text: bughead
oryoucouldstay · a year ago
Can we talk about that look Betty threw Jughead when she realised his theory about FP I was correct? She was about to jump his bones in the Blue and Gold and I bet that's exactly what she did.
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winterambers · 4 months ago
Reggie: Jughead Jones... How do I even begin to describe Jughead Jones?
Archie: Jughead Jones is flawless
Veronica: I hear his beanie's ensured for 10,000 Riverbucks
Kevin: I hear he does burger commercials... In Japan
Betty: His favorite book is " The Call Of Cthulhu"
Toni: One time, he met Cheryl Blossom at a party, and Cheryl told him he was pretty
Malachai: One time, he punched me in the face ... It was AWESOME
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jemmablossom · 16 days ago
Honestly one crumb of Bughead and I’m back on the Riverdale trash train
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thiswholewriterland · 7 months ago
Barchie is not a slow burn romance. Neither is any of the Riverdale ships. Learn your tropes, folks! That's all, thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
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oryoucouldstay · a year ago
Everyone in fandom: I wonder what's gonna happen now, I have 3728 theories.
Me: I can't wait for the Bughead reuniting sex marathon.
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kyloren · a year ago
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mmmm, *chef’s kiss*
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heartunsettledsoul · a year ago
bughead & friends drabble challenge, day 1:
[attracted to your lips]
It’s distracting, really, the way that Jughead chews on his bottom lip when he’s thinking. Betty often finds herself running her tongue across her own lip, soothing his by proxy. She wonders what it would be like to run it across his, or to have his teeth bite into her lip. 
The day that he looks up, the electric jolt of an idea breaking through his thoughts, and catches Betty staring at him—his mouth—is perfectly ordinary. The sun is shining, the coffee is hot, the Blue & Gold layout is out, and Betty Cooper is thinking about kissing Jughead Jones.   
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bettycreeper · 8 months ago
Oh hey there. Today marks one year of me making & posting gifs. In fact, This kitten set was my veeery first gif set ever. (Fun fact: I initially planned to be an entirely pale gif maker. Joke’s on me. Turns out I live for the colors.)
Thanks for all the support & love while I figured out wtf I was doing at first (especially with Riverdale’s lack of lighting except now I just think this is normal lighting) & now as I’m ever-so-slowly getting closer to where I want to be creatively. I started giffing because I wanted to make my own nonsense all the time & honestly, it’s been great. Haha.
So here’s to another year of my foolishness! As always, I’ve got big Bughead related plans from now until eternity (My nonsense has a true north. We know it.) & I can’t wait to get into them.
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nessa007 · a year ago
lmao alex meyers blocking the barfie kiss with a bored person vacuuming in his new riverdale video is a big mood 😂
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i-own-five-ovens · a year ago
*at a stalemate during an argument*
sweet pea:
sweet pea:
sweet pea: water isn’t we-
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