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The stars are dim and hazy tonight,

A little nebulous, if I may say

The lazy wind that blows so light

Leads the mountain mist astray

The city below dimly twinkles

Just as foggy as the stars

I can see them, just barely, through the night’s wrinkles

Like a prisoner, through their bars

The rooftop I sit on is cold and moist

As the droplets begin collecting

I picture myself, the pinnacle of grace and poise

With my hands on my lap, wringing and complecting 

The moon is nigh invisible

Hidden beyond tonight’s foggy clouds

It attempts to show, a task quite unfeasible

And in the distance, somewhere, a raven shouts

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wish a girl was tucking my hair behind my ear for me and holding me close rn

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do you guys know HOW LONG i’ve been OUT of the supernatural fandom and now i’m getting dragged back in by this hellsite. is destiel fucking canon or what i can’t take anymore of seeing old beloved gifsets and having spn-related emotions please it’s been years

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