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#tf2 soldier
smilinfr3ak · a day ago
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A small shitty tf2 comic i made with my finger and ibispaint (which I forgot to post here)
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jellazticious · a day ago
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Let's go let's go LET'S FUCKING GO
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valsgiftbasket · 10 hours ago
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cleaned up Aggie sketch of a demoman for your soul <3
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thisisjay · 2 days ago
<Rainy day with crush>
(scout, sniper, soldier, engineer)
Even when he heard the weather forecast says that it's going to rain, Scout won't bring his umbrella. Because of his laziness, and actually because of the expectation that he could share your umbrella.
In the end, he'll share a umbrella with you successfully and grin in red. While taking a shower that night, he thought even one shoulder completely wet, today was a valuable day.
When you were playing with Sniper in his van, unconsciously looked out the window, and realized it's raining outside. Since you didn't expect the rain, theres no umbrella to you and unfortunately so in his car. 
Then he'll let you stay longer until the rain stops. While pouring another cup of coffee for you, he thinks it would be nice if it rains all night.
Soldier don't use umbrellas. Real men do not use umbrellas! With this logic, he just gets rained on or wears military raincoat. 
But when he sees you without an umbrella, he will immediately put you under his raincoat. He'll become stiff several times more than usual because of the close distance, and maybe try to hold his breath.
It suddenly rained while helping to move the Engie's toolbox. It rained so much that you two rushed under the roof of the nearest building to avoid the rain. And for a while, you and he will be stuck there until the rain stops.
But you will soon enjoy the relaxation of talking together while looking at the rain. Feeling a little romantic about the calm scenery and the sound of the rain, he secretly thinks about the umbrella deep in the toolbox.
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polyam-tf2 · a day ago
Somehow I never thought of the mercs in a polycule- I do love the concept tho!!! Got any general headcanons you'd like to share?
-The polycule is basically divided into The Idiots and The People Who Stop The Idiots from Hurting Themselves
-Poor Medic tries to get them to Learn
-They never learn
-Movie nights are UNIMAGINABLY Chaotic
-From War Movies to Nature Documentaries to INCREDIBLY Bad Rom-Coms
-Somebody is always Bored and Somebody is always making Out by the End of the Movie
-They teach each other bits of their Skills
-Engie tries to Teach them how to fix stuff but It Never Works
-"...Care to explain how the sink blew up?"
-Demo, Medic, Pyro and Engie all know a bit about Eachothers Jobs which Makes them More Deadly
-Heavy and Soldier watch, Head Over Heels, as Their Loves Explode someone from The Inside Out
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cooltf2facts · 2 days ago
Soldier has been introduced to bread with dipping sauce. Now he won’t stop trying to dip all of the bread in all of the sauce.
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writersmilex · a day ago
Here is something i wrote while i had TF2 brain cavity some year ago...
"You failed!!"
After hearing the announcement on (C/n)'s side of the team. They drop their weapon and raise their hands into the air in surrender. "Oh bullocks..."(C/n) mumbles in annoyance, walking backwards into a corner and crouching. Hoping that the winning team won't see them and walk past them.
"anyone still alive, Has let me- aaargh!!" (C/n)'s medic tries to flee back to the respawn point while complaining about the team's effort, but he's shot in the back of the head and killed with one critical hit. Someone of the winning team is near! That causes (C/n) to cower in to the corner, praying that no one sees them. They can hear an enemy Soldier's war cry grow nearer. (C/n) squints their eyes closed, ready for impact any time now. They hear a pair of boots get nearer and skit to a stop right beside them.
At any moment (C/n) expect to be blown up into many pieces, their blood and guts creating a new paint job into the walls behind them. ...
The impact never came? (C/n) assumes the winning team's Soldier would feel more than honored to kill the enemy without any mercy. Hesitantly, (C/n) slowly opens their eyes. The Soldier is just standing there, staring at them. They lowers her hands slightly to get a better look at him.
He seems to be fighting with himself internally. He wants to kill them, but also doesn't? Shotgun still aimed at them, he keeps looking down at his weapon then back up to (C/n) repeatedly for a moment.
(C/n) blinks with confusion at the man. Why doesn't he just kill them already? The longer it takes the scarier it feels, just get it over with!
To (C/n) surprise, the Soldier let's out a roar of frustration and runs of, sparing them. (C/n) looks after the Soldier as he disappears behind the corner and fails to notice the enemy Demoman who doesn't think twice about shooting a bomb their way. The moment the flying explosive hits (C/n), they explode into many bloody pieces.
(C/n) respawns at the respawn point. They huff, putting their hands on their hips. "I can't believe we lost! What went wrong then?" Sniper respawns right beside (C/n), "Should hav' saved a bullet for you blokes!" He growls, crossing his arms.
"velcome back to zhe, 've lose once again' fest." The Medic, who (C/n) witnessed being head-shot exclaims with an unimpressed tone. The doctor points a finger at the (C/n). "I saw jou cower..." he scolds.
(C/n) huffs through their nose. "what? They won fare and square. Don't go deny good and bad days!" (C/n) is quick to defend herself.
Every time when the team loses, many just blame it on the others or sulk. (C/n) instead uses it to reflect on themselves and improve their tactics for the next time. But still they're bummed about losing regardless. ___________________ It still think it’s kinda good? Maybe i should do something with this...
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gruvu · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Scout drowned btw but anyway pretty sure this meme has been done before but I don’t to draw a lot of raccoons. Enjoy my rare TF2 art
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violetkatgrove · a month ago
he’s doing great actually
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original post
made in
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anonymous-astronaut · 2 months ago
Mercs as Toilets Part 2
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Tumblr media
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thisisjay · 2 days ago
<When their lover suddenly nosebleeds.>
(soldier, heavy, demo)
Soldier usually has a lot of rough sides, but he is also the one who is most surprised by your sudden bleeding. If others bleeds he just says "Wipe your nose, maggot!" but if it's you, he will overreact a little to your blood. 
First, he'll be really surprised and try to wipe it with his bare hands. Then, he'll tilt your head back roughly (softly in his standard) thinking that he shouldn't let your blood flow. And after a few seconds someone in the base will see that and running to you shocked with tissue and bow your head downside.
Heavy will be shocked if your nose bleeds. He'll hold your face with his big hand with surprised before you notice that you're bleeding. Then he will pick you in his arms and run straight to Medic. He'll shout "Doctor!" really loudly while running like you're suffering any major injury.  
Medic would be even more surprised to see him running like a bear making an earthquake on the base. And seeing you bleeding a little in heavy's arms with stable pose would make medic speechless.
Demo will surprise a little and react quickly. Bring tissues and give you first aid right away. He won't be overreact at that time, but his eye is full of caring for you.
After cleaning up, he will continue to hold you in his arms. He'll keep cuddle with you, and talking about he always worries your condition. Sweet words with short kisses, such a sudden cuddle time will soon end in nap time.
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polyam-tf2 · 23 hours ago
The Team's Thanksgiving
-Solder Organized it as He Does with every American holiday
-Archimedes flew into the Turkey
-Demo was Banned from Drinking more than Three Bottles of Scrumpy that day So he decided to Cheat the System and put Alcohol in the Turkey
-Spy and Medic spiked the Stuffing with Truth Serum to get the Team (ie Sniper) to admit their Feelings for One Another
-Also Spy isn't opposed to Blackmailing his Boyfriends to get them to Do Better
-Engie brought Cranberry Sauce and Green Bean Casserole
-Soldiers Raccoons ate all of the Cranberry Sauce and Green Bean Casserole
-Apparently Alcohol infused Turkey and Truth Serum Stuffing don't Mix Well
-Sniper found out
-"Which one of you-" *barf* "hot pieces of shit decided to poison me?"
-He was sick for the next three days
-Spy has yet to admit to his crimes upon his boyfriend
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2-fart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
12 years later and I'm still thinking about the TF2 war update
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cooltf2facts · 2 days ago
It’s my birthday, so can I have some nice and positive words from everyone?
Of course. All of the mercenaries wish you a happy birthday, but here are some personalized messages from a few of them:
“Only those who see may understand. And you, mister are one who sees. I see that I am your house, and you my home.”
— Medic
“You are what you are. You are and will always be my friend.”
— Heavy
“Your greatest love is my greatest fear, and I love you more.”
— Soldier
“My dear, you are the most beautiful and mysterious person I know. You are a human being who wears the mask of a legend. You are a character created by myself that leaves me spellbound.”
— Spy
— Pyro
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soggy-lizard · 10 months ago
there is no good or christian way to say this but i was rating the tf2 models’ ass sizes based off gmod models and i have never ever in my life seen a fictional fucking rear as concave as the soldier from tf2. there isnt just nothing there, its entirely void, like it was deflated by a pin or removed by a cosmic force, this man has whatever the opposite of cake is, some sort of sour liquid ration, absolutely no ass to speak of, merasmus kicked him out and cast spells of incurvate your ass, its what he lost in the war, its the price he pays for hot russian single in his area, solid -6/10. holy shit.
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karuuhnia · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You can’t tell me this wouldn’t be canon.
Poor Uncle Misha.
Please do not alter, repost/reupload or redistribute my artwork anywhere! (Reblogging is perfectly fine, of course.)
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