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#tf2 spy
teratotiddies · a day ago
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low effort meme
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whaleofatjme1920 · 2 days ago
support classes being flirted with
Support Classes Being Flirted With
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: literally my favorite class of mercs <3]
Literally the king of flirting.
You cannot actually flirt with him he has you beat on this topic lmfao. You can TRY but it just doesn't work.
You try your darndest and it makes him laugh. Not in a mean way either, he's just amused you even tried. The effort is very appreciated. He almost goes along with it.
He's so smooth and knows when to say things like, it's hard for your face to not be warm after just speaking to him.
Spy is a smooth mf and he knows it. You cannot fluster him, you will not fluster him.
His flirting ranges from genuine compliments to physical touches (within your boundaries) that make you heated.
It is this man's life goal to make you flustered.
You can compliment him on things. If they're super genuine on small things he doesn't think people will notice, he might short circuit.
But seriously you do not fluster this man. Impossible.
He compliments your attempts with a small smile and in French.
No, it's literally a game with this man. He's not dense, but it takes him a hot second to get it.
And when he does??? OHOH he will out flirt you daily.
You gotta actually say like, medical flirty things to him. They make him giggle.
Honestly your flirting attempts make him smile. Never flustered or warm, but they make him smile.
Medic will actually make heat rise to your cheeks. He says a wide range of things varying in appropriateness, but it's cute,,,,
You can catch him off guard with genuine compliments tbh.
Those will make him turn his head slightly. Archimedes will sometimes egg the two of you on.
It's a daily thing between you. You are one of the brightest part of Medic's day.
He might literally give you a heart.
No, I'm serious.
The moment you start flirting with this man he turns RED.
He's just not really used to the attention. It takes him out of his element.
Takes him a second or two but he actually really likes when you flirt with him. It makes him feel fuzzy.
Sometimes, he'll flirt back.
The attempts are actually pretty smooth?? Where did he learn that???? What???????????
If he manages to fluster you, he feels triumphant for the rest of the day. Normally though, he's the one feeling flustered.
As time goes on, he becomes immune to your flirting and you gotta up the ante. Sniper takes careful notice of this and finds it more than amusing lmfao.
Sniper is so, so soft, like he's a romantic at heart please be nice to him.
He acts like your flirting bothers him but the attention is kinda nice. Is really receptive to the flirting that compliments his skills as a professional lmfao.
Literally just stay genuine with him. Always gonna make him blush that way.
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wasserdrache333-blog · 2 days ago
Get the broom!!
There's a Spyder.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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thoundcarriers · 2 days ago
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partners in crime!! another request.
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tf2-but-incorrect · 2 days ago
Scout: I can't believe clowns are real...what the fuck...
Spy: Did you just discover mirrors?
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iiquizy · 21 hours ago
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my target🎯 (click for higher quality)
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tf2-pngs · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when you and your colleague are both hung - @c-ookie alternatively when you’re camping the intel and hear that one spy uncloak -  Original on the left, fixed [spy's head, demo's speech bubble and skin colour, and minor shoulder fixes] version on the right
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cooltf2facts · a day ago
Tumblr media
Spy why are you hiding in a closet? And why are people calling you bald?
“Who knows?” Spy grumbles. “It started with slapping bald heads, a debate about whether or not I was bald, and now…I’m here.”
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lt-soder1 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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precious-evil · 2 days ago
AHHH! LOOK!! Spooky, scary, STICKERS. and omg the Heavy drawing is so cuuuteee!!
Tumblr media
@sodafrog13 (check out there stuff <3)
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whaleofatjme1920 · 2 days ago
Elsie i see that request slot open yknow i gotta slide in, i adore your writing so damn much
Spy, scout and sniper cuddling headcanons, need more fluff in my life, you can never have enough fluff
Spy, Scout and Sniper Cuddling Headcanons
[Warnings: like, none?]
[AN: Thank you so much love bug!! I love these three characters SO MUCH literally everyone in tf2 is lovable.]
Spy acts like he's above physical affection but we all know that's a big lie lmfao.
He's a bizarre mix of wanting to show extreme PDA and wanting to be weirdly cordial all the same. So, when he is in a cuddly mood, you know. You know.
In the softer moments where it's just the two of you, you'll feel his arms around your waist.
Rests his head on the top of yours, or your shoulder, murmurs French poetry in your word.
Will hang out with you in his smoking room. Please rest your head on his lap!!
He honestly just loves the little things.
Let him sleep on your chest. It's his favorite way of cuddling.
He becomes such a sleepy nerd when he cuddles with you. Your touch is like, a calming agent. Y'know?? He adores you, so so much. You're one of the only people who can make him feel safe.
This man thrives off physical touch.
We all know that. He is ALWAYS cuddling with you. Just holding you, wants to pick you up and never let you go.
You're kind of a security for him?? If he's not feeling it or whatever, just seeing you makes him remember it's going to be okay.
He's like a big dog, holds you, hugs you, smothers you in kisses the entire time.
Says some cheesy things to you lmfao.
Likes to rest his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat while the two of you read or watch TV or something.
The two of you are big fans of doing your own thing while laying on each other. He'll be listening to Tom Jones and you'll be listening to something else just hanging out.
While cuddling, you must call him by his real name plz. Makes him feel safe and secure.
This man is SO touch starved. Once in a healthy, functioning relationship?? All he wants to do is cuddle with you. He's gonna hold you, kiss you kinda shyly, but you know you're so loved by him.
Honestly a little awkward at first, but it works out y'know, you honestly are more on top of the physical contact that he is.
Takes him a hot minute but he grows to be absolutely infatuated with your touch.
I feel like he's a giant cat?? He'll crawl onto your lap, rest his head on your thighs and take a nap while you work.
You gotta thread your fingers through his hair PLEASE. It might make him purr.
Call him Mundy,,,,,,,, makes him blush.
If you hum while cuddling with him?? he might tear up something about it just makes him feel so at home, so safe, and so secure. He probably whispers mythology to you. Romantic sap.
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river-town-citizen · 2 days ago
TF2 Obligatory Atlantis AU
Location: the long lost kingdom of Australia.
Plot: Billionaire adventurer finances the expedition to find the lost kingdom of Australia and turn it into his new underwater resort/hunting ground. He tasks the Administrator to procure him the best of the best personnel. Little do they all know, the sunken kingdom is alive and kicking with unexplained mix of science and magic powered by unknown source and it's prince is patiently awaiting the change imminent to their way of life.
Saxton Hale as a financier/leader of an expedition
The Administrator as his lieutenant/personnel procurement specialist
Miss Pauling as The Admin's Assistant
Reiner DuPont aka Spy as an Espionage Specialist
Jane Doe aka Soldier as a Soldier
Jeremy O'Connell aka Scout as Reconnaissance Agent
Pyro as Pyrotechnics Specialist
Tavish Finnegan DeGroot aka Demoman as a Demolition Specialist
Mikhail Volkov aka Heavy as Heavy Weaponry Specialist
Dell Conagher aka Engineer as Chief Engineer
Dr. Ludwig Wagner aka Medic as Chief Medical Officer
Mundy aka Sniper as a prince of Australia
Please send asks if you're interested in more!
OTP related, my main one is Speeding Bullet so this will be THAT kind of story.
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tf2-but-incorrect · 15 hours ago
Engineer: I will not hesitate to strangle you.
Spy: Can you even reach my neck?
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fruit-teeth · 2 days ago
I had a weird dream while I was napping that I went to a little gas station/diner that only served pizza and tacos. The mercs were also there for some reason, and they acted really happy to see me like they recognized me. I then tried to order a “taco box” (a giant pizza box full of tacos) but the lady behind the counter kept getting really angry at me for some reason. Eventually Spy had to order for me because I was anxious though he seemed annoyed that he had to do it. Afterwards I apologized to him but he was like “it’s all right, you’re just an unripe strawberry. And we love you” and I woke up crying
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pink-buggie · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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