aleksgivanov · a day ago
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Congrats on the 1.5k/2.5k followers @kusakichan15 ! Your art is amazing, I’m looking forward to seeing what you make in the future ❤️
This dtiys was a great excuse to draw Op and Megs again, they’re always such a delight
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whosafraidofthedjd · 2 days ago
HI WOOF!!!! Perhaps Blurr for the catformers request?
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blue and more blue and more blue
(refrenced his tfa design because it’s very shapes! i tried to incorporate his funny wheel feet into a Coil Tail all the arrow stripes are like representing speed yknow)
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kusakichan15 · a day ago
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Mischief gremlins 🥺🥺🥺
inspired from this doodle I made last year
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retr0scum · 5 hours ago
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three for the price of one
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bts-trans · 2 days ago
[ENG] 211002 The Fact Music Awards - BTS Wins Artist of The Year
Link to the video
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stargems · 4 hours ago
(August 2022) John Boyega posts about Oscar Isaac
Tumblr media
(August 2022) Oscar Isaac says he’d like keep playing Poe Dameron if there was a good storyline and director
Oscar Isaac thinks Finn and Poe getting together is a good storyline
(2023) Taika Waititi (who incapable of making anything hetero) is directing the next Star Wars film
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adhdanni · a day ago
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i blacked out drawing this
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salmonpiffy · 18 hours ago
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College work
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arceespinkgun · 2 days ago
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Every TFA fic be like
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soapbubble-pbb · 2 days ago
Wow, that's something on paper.... To be honest, I'm bad with paints, but I tried. I love you all. 7>7💕💕💕💕💕💕
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zoomzooml · 5 hours ago
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He ✨
I need more chaotic pictures of Bumblebee
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speedfreak01 · a day ago
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hey, remember when i used to do digibashes?
from the animated universe, it's legacy longarm prime! what a nice autobot, so dependable and trustworth-
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copyrittenbones · 23 hours ago
i am once again drawing @blitzy-blitzwing 's hazformers, thiss time its good ol' shockers ehhe
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i swear i'll do an actual render once im out of my rendering-related burnout stage. (i personally consider this a half-baked render bc i didnt get rid of my sketch/linework. normally my usual renders take a minimum of 6 hours, this was pumped out in an hour)
i'll admit that i wasnt expecting to make another work bc generally i dont make more than one fandom related pieces! normally its a one and done deal :)c
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blueshirezz-2 · a day ago
Random, Hothead and Icy on their way to kick lugnut's Aft, after being fed up with "Glorious Megatron" BS
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thewiglesswonder · 2 days ago
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In spite of her psychological studies, Maelstrom always manages to pick the most unsettling holoforms.
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xx-kachi-xx · 2 days ago
Out of His Depth (Part 1)
Blurr, in all honesty, was not having the best day. Things had gotten so off the rails in such little time that really it should have set some kind of new record. Now, he didn't know of any records that quite fit his predicament, but he's sure that there was something out there. Or he could always just make a new one.
New record for fastest way of completely having a mission spiral out of control.
It was maybe a little lengthy for other bots to say, but he could do so with ease.
If only he could say the same thing about the ongoing fight. First, he'd been caught by one of the Constructicons (Scrapper, if he remembered correctly, which he does) and suspended off the ground, lodged into his arms next to Bumblebee. Escape came not long after. Him and Bumblebee managed to take down one Starscream clone and yes, things seemed to be looking a little uphill despite the chaos surrounding them... until everything went wrong again.
Keep reading
Another Starscream clone, plastered in wet cement, crashed into him and his captive. Now all three were encased in cement, stuck together like glue as they were hurtling towards the spacebridge. He can't even try to run from this, his legs confined in a way that freaked him out because he couldn't even move them at all. There's no quick getaway in this situation. For someone like him, that was at the top of his nightmares.
This was the part Blurr found appropriate to panic. He flailed his arms wildly, an endless string of words leaving his mouth with pleas that would go unanswered.
"Get it off get it off get it off get it off get it off, will someone get it off, is anyone gonna get it off? Somebody-"
And then he disappeared into the spacebridge, the Starscream clones with him.
Right away, he could tell this was not a normal trip through a spacebridge. There was this feeling of being pulled, no, ripped in every direction, as if even the bridge itself wasn't quite sure where to spit him out at.
Another thing he knew was that spacebridge travel was not supposed to take this... long. Well, currently it wasn't exactly long, but in all other times he had gone through a bridge, his arrival to his destination had been instantaneous. This was nothing like that. They were floating in empty space, surrounded by a void of blues and greens that made up the exterior of a spacebridge. Sparks of energy crackled in the air, some getting much too close for comfort. He wasn't too keen on finding out what would happen if one strayed close enough to hit.
To top it off, it was painful. He heard his frame creak from the stress it was enduring, his plating shifting as they got pulled on. At one point, he was certain that it was going to detach his torso from the rest of his body, and then yank his arms out next.
He wasn't even paying attention to the Starscream clones' shrill voices screaming out in alarm beside him, begging for some kind of saving grace.
It came eventually. For Blurr, at least. The whiplash of the spacebridge was powerful enough that it split him free from the clones, though small pieces of cement still clung onto him. Still an improvement! Anything was better than being stuck to two dangerous Decepticons.
There was a light now, a bright white light. One that was getting closer, and closer, and closer-
Nope! Nope, nope, nope. Was Blurr about to die? Was that his path to the Allspark? Because he was not ready for that. In his humble opinion, he still had far too much left to do before dying. He needed to get to Cybertron and warn them of the spy. All the stray Decepticons had to be rounded up and brought to justice. Okay, that was only two things, but they were two very major things!
As much as he tried to fight it, there was no escape in sight. He squeezed his optics shut, having no choice but to accept it as he got swallowed whole.
Blurr immediately became reacquainted with the ground as he got tossed from the spacebridge face-first. He nearly broke down right there, too overcome with gratitude and even letting what one might call a manic laugh while he just appreciated being alive.
Focus. He needed to focus.
Upon getting over the relief of not being one with the Allspark, he was able to pick himself off the floor and take in his surroundings. Organic life flourished around him, green being nearly everywhere he turned. He had been on Earth long enough to recognize a forest when he saw one. His arrival had caused a bit of a stir. It was evident from the way he had left an imprint on the dirt and broken twigs that littered the area. He was sure that some of the birds had taken off at the sight of him too.
The Starscream clones were nowhere in sight, probably halfway across the galaxy. Was that a problem solved, or one he would need to worry about later?
He shook his head quickly, snapping himself out of it. That didn't matter right now! He needed to contact Cybertron.
Putting a finger to his commlink, he didn't waste another second. "Agent Blurr to Cybertron Command, come in Cybertron Command! Code Red! Megatron is online, Decepticon invasion imminent! Is anybody there? Can anybody hear me? Is this blasted commlink even working?!"
There was no response. Maybe his commlink had sustained damage when he'd been lost in the spacebridge?
"Oh, now this is just perfect because not only am I cut-off from Cybertron, I'm also stranded in an unfamiliar place with no telling how far away I am from Detroit. Optimus Prime and his team could have been taken offline by now and Megatron is on his way to take over Cybertron! Or maybe there's the smallest chance I'm completely wrong and they've managed to defeat Megatron before his plan succeeds!" Usually, Blurr was able to keep himself steady. But every now and then, there would be a rare instance that something would creep along and set him off. This was one of those instances.
What should he do? What was he supposed to do?
Calm down. He needed to calm down, that's what he should do. Once he did that, he could work on making his way back to Detroit. He just had to get out of this forest first. When that was done, he was sure he would be able to determine where he was.
Wherever he was, he just prayed that he could make it back on time to lend a servo in Megatron's defeat... or else Cybertron was doomed to fall.
It was a particularly slow day today. There wasn't much Decepticon action, which Ratchet could live with, considering the arrival of Smokescreen and how Bulkhead was sulking, despite Miko's best efforts. If anyone called him out for it, he would deny it, but Ratchet knew sulking when he saw it.
He supposed he could relate to feeling useless. It wasn't true, of course. But that didn't stop how crushing the weight of it could be. He thought about reaching out, but... well, emotional comfort was not his strong suit.
He liked to think he was improving though.
A beeping from one of his monitors pulled his attention away and a frown settled on his face once he took a look.
That was strange.
"Optimus," he called out to his old friend. "Come take a look at this." He waited a moment for him to come over and by that point, so had everyone else in the base. "By all accounts, it appears to be an Autobot life signal... though underneath the surface, it isn't quite like ours."
Smokescreen raised an opticbrow and tilted his head. "Okay... so what does that mean?"
"I don't know," Ratchet answered, typing and attempting to analyze it some more. "It's possible that the Decepticons could have somehow replicated our signal. It would explain why it appears faulty... and I find it strange we should find someone new so soon after you, Smokescreen."
Optimus, to no one's surprise, did not close his mind to the other potential outcomes. "We cannot rule out the possibility of another Autobot making it to Earth. And I fear if we do not go to investigate, the Decepticons will."
That practically decided it.
"Then let's give 'em a warm welcome," Bulkhead said. His statement could go both ways depending on who would be waiting there to greet them.
"No, not you," Ratchet said. "You aren't recovered enough yet."
"Ratchet, I'm fine-"
He raised a servo. This was not a discussion. "You're fine when I say you're fine." He stared at Bulkhead until the ex-Wrecker decided it wasn't worth it, shaking his head and retreating down the hall with his leg dragging behind him.
A twinge of guilt struck him, but he shook it off. Bulkhead was unfit for battle and if Ratchet had to snap at him to get him to understand that, then so be it. Better that than dead.
Now, onto business.
He plugged the coordinates into the groundbridge, watching as it came to life, ready to welcome the team through.
"Autobots," Optimus began. "Proceed with caution."
He better prepare the med-bay, just in case.
::Agent Blurr to Cybertron Command, come in Cybertron Command! Code Red! Megatron is online, Decepticon invasion imminent! Is anybody there? Can anybody hear me? Is this blasted commlink even working?!::
Megatron listened to the message Soundwave had intercepted one more time.
It was strange.
"And this does not match anything you have in your archives?" he asked for confirmation. Soundwave's response was a simple nod. "It would seem that whoever this is, he's an Autobot. And yet he speaks of Cybertron..."
This was shaping up to be a very interesting day indeed.
"Trace the source and lock onto those coordinates," he ordered. "Dreadwing."
At the mention of his name, the seeker looked alert. "What do you wish of me, Lord Megatron?"
"Assemble some vehicon troopers and investigate. Find the Autobot and bring him here alive." It wouldn't hurt to interrogate him to figure out what he was prattling on about. And if he proved to simply be crazy, then all that would be necessary was an execution.
A race had begun and the prize at the end of the finish line... was the newcomer Autobot.
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adhdanni · 2 days ago
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