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thewiglesswonder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't know if this counts as a screenshot redraw, but I always felt like Swindle should have had more of a reaction to this
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sunaco · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
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wing-locked · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kofi request: TFA Ratchet 🎃
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fangirlingpuggle · 2 days ago
So More ideas for secret Decepticon leader Optimus (Link here for first bit)
Optimus and team prime having to run back and forth from normal duties to their other persona’s, Lugnut and Blitzwing do good distractions. But them sometimes forgetting to take full disguises off which leads to
One of team prime accidentally walking into base in disguise
Cue staged fight and whoever it was having to be picked up by Blitzwing currently in random form laughing his head off.
Optimus kicking aft in disguise and then sitting there trying not to smirk as Sentinel recounts how he ‘held his own against the weak tiny Decepticon that didn’t hit him through a wall at all…no one can prove anything why are you laughing?’
Also moments of just
Jazz:Hey Prowl did you hear that there’s apparently a cyber ninja Decepticon?
Prowl*panicking* ummm nooooo
Wasp: I’m here to destroy bumblebot
Bumblebee*in disguise*:...
Also Starscream trying to ingratiate himself with Orion and trying to figure out who he is/how he got Blitzwing and Lugnut’s support...basically Starscream thinks he’s connecting all the dots when he has connected none of them.
Megatron meanwhile is stuck with the problem of ‘Orion his equal capable leader’ and ‘little Prime who defeated him holds his own in battle’ and WHY IS HE INTRESTED IN BOTH OF THEM? HE’S NEVER BEEN INTRESTED IN ANYONE BEFORE AND NOW 2 OD THEM?? He’s in what he thinks is some love triangle while Optimus is just screaming into pillow because FUCK he keeps flirting with Megatron as both Optimus and Orion and he’s really embarrassed.
Lugnut very happy with the idea of the 2 glorious leaders forming a partnership, everyone else trying to get him to chill and not matchmake them....mainly because all the others have a bet on how long it’ll take him to figure it out.
Bonus: Megatron figuring out while their on a negotiation call with the autobots and him just freezing and then slowly turning to Optimus/Orion and just staring at him making the autobots on the other end of the call really confused. They have to hang up.
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I am obsessed with the idea that tfa!scream operates on cartoon logic like some kind of demented Roger Rabbit
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This started out as a tiny idea and turned into a gigantic comic, haha... This is loosely based on a scene from The Villain.
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starcreamed · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
oh to be sentinel and be held hostage by decepticons
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sirgawainofgalifrey · a day ago
So in Latin Class the other day, we learned that Ultra meant "beyond"
And Magnus, pretty obviously means "great"
So..... Ultra Magnus' name literally translates to
Beyond Greatness
And I'm just like
Tumblr media
Yes, yes he is.
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rawmeknockout · 2 days ago
Tfa prowl coming back to his hab only to find his human s/o wearing the fuckin uhhhhh cat lingerie thats really popular
//i know what cat lingerie youre talking about and i personally hate it and dont think its cute so im going with different cat lingerie//
It's cute, Prowl thinks, as he hovers over your lounging form. The bra and panties are a bright purple made of fake feathers. It matches your collar and the ear headband. It's cute. But he shouldn't encourage this behavior.
"Nya!" The sound makes his half pressurized spike wither, "Wet's fuck, Prow!"
The sadistic glee in your eyes tells him he knows you know. He knows you're pleasure comes from watching him cringe and groan in exasperation. And you know that he knows. Still, though, he's going to let you get away with it. Because he loves you.
Prowl gives a world-weary sigh as he begs the energies that be for strength and guidance, transforming his panel aside to let his spike pressurize between your thighs.
"Is for me? I can has?"
Tumblr media
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oldrudshore · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Not trying 2 spread any rumors about the good and wise Master but. I do not think this is a coincidence ladies
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wing-locked · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fangirlingpuggle · a day ago
Listen.. I need tfa megatron trying to court tfa Optimus in the au of when Optimus just snaps at sentinel.. like they escape and megatron one plan is to court the autobot on his side... please
Sooo Decepticons escape, war starts back up and Megatrons just like ' Optimus Prime is not to be probably couldn't kill him but if you kill him i'm destroying all of you' and that's the start of the Decepticons army hell of Megatron focusing only on courting Optimus Prime.
Problem turns out Megatron...not great at courting...any confessions or advances come off as declaring Optimus is only equal enemy/rival which in his mind like 'you are the only one worthy to rule by my side'...but comes off to everyone else as 'I want to kill you'
It's only when they get outside help of Blackarachnia and others who understand that communication is key...which leads to strange results.
There's the gifts...that are like oh the history text I wanted...with a note saying 'I am the only one allowed to destroy you'....huh
Like Megatron won't just threaten in battle he'll start explaining his rhetoric and philosophy and then Optimus joins in and eventually everyone else is kind of just standing there while these 2 are still fighting and bantering/debating...the ones fighting have actually left gotten something to eat and then come back and neither Optimus or Megatron noticed...same with videocalls to negotiate/intimidate...the entire council left the room broke for lunch and got paperwork done and then came back and...nothing had changed...they never noticed...
It's...a work in progress but at this point like other conflicts have stopped and it's mostly just these two working their shit out so...everyone seems to have collectively agreed to try and just stay the fuck out of this.
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Out of all the Starscreams, who is the loudest snorer?
AH YES... Drawing my favorite characters sleeping is, like...the best thing...
Tumblr media
Bayscream snores kinda loud, but it's not as threatening as his regular attitude, so it's kinda endearing. It reminds you he's smol.
Tumblr media
TFAscream is a cartoonish dude, so he's got some comically loud snoring. (Some of that "SNORT, mi mi mi mi mi" kind of stuff.)
Tumblr media
The winner, however, is Primescream. Since TFP is a more realistic universe, it's much more annoying than funny like the other ones. Fortunately, the only time it's heard is when he's stuck in the medbay with poor KO.
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starcreamed · 23 hours ago
A reminder that tfa Starscream called Megatron “Meggy” in the AllSpark Almanac because he really is that bitch
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sentinelpri · 2 days ago
AM anon here: inspired by your latest post, imagine minibot reader and Megatron trying to have a date of sorts only everywhere they go there seems to be somebot they know that they have to avoid because secret relationship
Hey, AM! Happy to write for ya again. For those of my readers who haven't read the other two parts, here's the first part where Megatron falls in love with the reader, and here's the second part where he confesses/trys to woo them. All of these parts have slight NSFW, so proceed with caution! This is part three, headcanons below the cut; enjoy!
So, after that night (as described in part two), the two of you start... Dating. Or, at least trying to the best you can considering your circumstances.
It starts off as late nights sneaking out to one another’s places, hooking up, laying together and talking, but eventually Megatron decides that you deserve something more romantic and tries to plan a “date”.
Not really his thing. He asks Shockwave for help- not revealing that it’s you he’s going on the hypothetical date, of course- and Shockwave is equally as confused. So are Soundwave, Blitzwing, and Lugnut. So he’s kind of left perplexed until Starscream, who happened to be lurking around, overheard the conversation and made a suggestion that actually wasn’t horrible (whilst teasing him for having a date); a walk in the park. 
Maybe it was a little more public than he’d liked, but you seemed to enjoy being outside and nature on earth, so he figured it would be fine if the two of you did it at night when there weren’t too many people out who would recognize him.
So he tells you about his idea, packs a nice little energon picnic, and takes you to the park... Only, the second you two arrive, you see Bumblebee and Blitzwing, clearly together and holding servos while they stroll through an empty path. They’re heading in your direction, so the two of you end up having to hide up in some large oak trees until they leave. Megatron would be angry if he didn’t find it hypocritical, to be honest, but the loud yellow one who had called him ugly the first time they met? Really, Blitzwing?
Fine, date idea scrapped. Even after Blitzwing and Bumblebee leave, you can’t get over the fact that you saw Blitzwing and Bumblebee, so you two just end up sneaking back into the Decepticon base and talking about that all night.
You’re the one to plan the next date, and thankfully, you’re a little more aware of dating customs than Megatron so you don’t need help, but you still find yourself asking Bumblebee what he thinks a good date would be- not telling him that it’s Megatron, of course, no matter how hard he presses you to tell him. 
Bumblebee tells you that he’s been flying a couple times since he’s been on earth and that’s been nice (he frames it like he’s been in a large airplane or something, but we all know Blitzwing was the one who took him, Bumblebee just said it without thinking and had to backtrack). You tell Megatron about the idea, and a few nights later you go; him flying in his jet mode, you in his cockpit, the two of you flying through the sky when you suddenly hear a “OH, PRIMUS, SOMEBOT RIP OUT MY OPTICS!” from Megatron. You’re confused as to what could possibly have Megatron so unusually expressive until you look a good distance in front of you and see what had offended him so- oh-
Starscream and Optimus Prime, high up in the air, Starscream’s wings fluttering to keep him in flight and slender arms around Optimus Prime’s waist to keep him both in the air. You swear they’re so close they’re about to melt into each other, tongue and dentas and hands all over each other, so you decide not to interrupt (though you do find it funny that Optimus, the rule following anti-cross-faction-fraternization leader of yours looks like he’s about to frag Starscream, arguably the worst out of all the Decepticons, in the middle of the sky where anyone could fly by at any minute) and Megatron flies down.
Night ruined, again. Megatron tries his best this time to plan a date so unique and special that the two of you couldn’t POSSIBLY run into anyone else you know, so he orders a ton of fireworks, takes you to the middle of nowhere, and starts a fireworks show. It goes well at first, the two of you sitting together with you on Megatron’s lap, sharing the occasional kiss as he rubs his shoulders and watches the fireworks with you...
Only for a small blue Autobot and his giant purple Decepticon rival to come running through, clearly in the midst of a fight, not even noticing you and trampling the remainder of your fireworks in their tracks right as the last of the ones you had lit burnt out.
Okay. Well, at least you got a partial date, and at least Blurr and Shockwave hadn’t looked like they were about to fuck (or were they?).
The two of you decide your luck is just horrible and decide that you clearly need to have all of your teammates schedules accounted for before deciding to go anywhere. 
So, you do. Ratchet will be working in the med bay, Bee and Bulkhead are watching television with Sari, Optimus is busy with paperwork, and Prowl has a yoga class tonight. Shockwave is busy working, Blitzwing and Lugnut have plans to get trashed on energon, and Starscream will probably either be bothering Optimus on the Autobot base or be planning some new nefarious scheme like he almost always is. 
You and Megatron decide to try the park date again and it ends up going pretty well at first. No people out since it’s around midnight, a clear sky full of bright stars and a beautiful full moon. You two lay out a large blanket and go on a picnic, sharing energon and talking with you laying your head in Megatron’s lap until- 
“Tch, young love,” You turn around to see no other than Ratchet standing there, arms crossed and face etched with disapproval. You only offer him a guilty smile, and Megatron just sits there feeling like he’s a newspark being interrogated by his lover’s sire (this is exactly what this is, as Ratchet is the team’s dad/grandpa). “I’m just gonna ignore this, but what time are you going to be home, (y/n)?”
“U-Um... I’ll be there by five, Ratchet.”
“Good. Be safe, okay?”
After that, you and Megatron decide that dates at home might just be the best idea after all.
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thewiglesswonder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
My new passion is redrawing screencaps but with More Emotion
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