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-Back when Lila stilled lived on Cybertron, her carrier basically ended up doing most of the decision making for her.

-Most things Lila knows besides fighting are all things she was forced to learn by her carrier.

-One of the things Lila was forced to learn was learning on how to be a “proper femme”. So that ended up with Lila being forced to learn about beauty, grace, higher ranked standers, etc etc.

-Lila was forced to learn ballet like dances when growing up since her carrier thought it would help her be more femme like and less of a brute mech.

-She doesn’t admit it much, but ballet was a okay thing Lila liked doing by herself. Sometimes those instincts or reflexes kicked in whenever she’s fighting. 

-Lila doesn’t really like to do dancing much now ever since she left home, at least not in front of others. She does do ballet when she’s by herself sometimes though.

-The pink paint on Lila isn’t from a electronic paint job like most other Cybertronian’s have. 

-Her paint job is something she’s personally done because she thought it would make a bolder statement for what she believes in and what she stands for. Also because Lila wants to still somehow have her purple paint job

-At this time both Lila and Melody are together.

-Lila actually really loves to draw. In her free time back in the Archives she used to draw on this data pad she had before leaving it behind in her escape from home.

-Her biggest dream growing up was to become a visual designer for the stained glass windows and tapestries for the Guard’s council. Not a lot of bots know much about her dream except her family and Scout.

-Lila’s carrier didn’t want her to have this job because she thought it was too much of a lower class standard. Lila wanted to have this job because it was special to her and few others, but carrier never listened to her.

-Lila told Scout about her dream and Scout was practically thrilled! Scout never knew her friend had a taste for artistry. Scout has told Lila that she could help her, but Lila told her that right now isn’t the greatest time. Lila doesn’t have much inspiration along with the fact that she’s scared to really start drawing again.

-Reason she’s afraid is because she’s afraid she’ll somehow end up making her art too personal or dark for others interests. Most of Lila’s old drawings were of how in pain she was growing up under her carrier’s control.

-With use to being a Archivist, she loves reading. Her favorite type of books are always gonna be some form of fantasy books. Having the imagination of different worlds with extremely unknown powers were always something she liked.

-Some of Lila’s favorite types of clothing she’s seen humans have are those really big sweaters and hoodies to help hide your body, forms of masks humans were as fashion, combat bots, dyed hair with extremely fun colors, really anything that helps her make herself stand out and show of how much she’s in control.

-Lila has been practicing her singing to make sure she won’t end up mind controlling innocent bystanders whenever she’s just singing freely. She and Scout don’t wanna end up with Team Prime or anyone else somehow mind controlled for a whole another hour. 

-Lila surprisingly doesn’t have that many fears or isn’t afraid of most things. With being on Earth for a whole stellar cycle (whole year), she’s gotten use to most things around her.

-She’s barely scared of bugs, most of the humans aren’t that threatening to her, she just sees them as more of daily annoyances, along with the fact that Lila still barely knows most common things about Earth so she doesn’t have much fear.

-Only thing she fears is are the Decepticons that try and hurt her friends and the Earth and her carrier. She can stand up to the Cons with force if Scout or the others are endangered, but her carrier is somebot she can barely stand to.

(Scout is owned by my friend @authorchanlove)

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ITS TRANSFORMERS ANIMATED WEEK and I got the date right this time yessss Okay is for day one Action not only did I get the date right but here’s some lore for my Cybertron’s Future AU the war is still going on while this au is taking place so blurr and the Autobots and Autocons have build a mini space bridge aka the ground bridge so they just found out there’s a spy on Cybertron so Blurr goes through the ground bridge to warn the Elite guard but Radio tags along with out him noticing by the time Blurr dose notice his son he’s not happy but he doesn’t have much of a choice but to take his son so he picks him up and rushes to the Space Bridge port to warn the guard only to find somebot who hurt him Shockwave Blurr was pretty horrified to see him as well as Shockwave but then he saw it the thing that took Blurr from him the thing that blow his cover he was so in raged he didn’t think twice about attacking Blurr quickly dogged it and run to the tunnels to get to Cybertron Command to warn them only for the doors in front of him to close then the behind them they started closing in Blurr resized what was happening he’s going to kill him he’s going to kill Radio rage took over quickly activating his Enrgon Saw (I think that’s what is called) And cut his way through they barley made it out rage, hurt, betrayal, sadness filled him he didn’t even hesitate to try and kill them before he ran off all he could say while crying and holding what was most important to him was DONT TOUCH ME OR MY SPARKLING AGAIN

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Is this an art blog? Yes.

Will this stop me from posting some writings featuring tf ocs? No

Am I supposed to be asleep since it’s almost 2am at the time of posting? Yes

Will that also stop me? NO

So take Cinderclash being a dumbass and experimenting with the Allspark EVEN THOUGH THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU DO, WHO LET THE MEDIC NEAR THE FUCKING ALLSPARK-


Just a few more tests. They needed to perform a few more tests, and then they’d go get some recharge.

Cinderclash sighed as they sat back, staring at their workstation. Why did they think it was a good idea to experiment with the Allspark and its abilities. It felt like one big mistake.

But they had to keep going. Just a few more tests.

After what felt like hours, they’d found that the Allspark seemed to react to their healing abilities. Or, well, built in repair equipment. But also, their emergency staff. Made sense, that had Allspark energy infused into it… but what about the repair equipment. 

Touching the Allspark wouldn’t hurt, right..? They usually weren’t one for bad decisions, that was mainly Aquamarine’s thing, but they were intrigued as to what was happening.

Big. Mistake.

Aquamarine ran in just in time to see his sibling freeze in pain as the energy of the Allspark interacted more with the repair equipment.

“CINDERCLASH, GET YOUR SERVO OFF THE ALLSPARK! PLEASE! IT’S HURTING YOU!” he yelled, tears in his optics. No. No, this couldn’t be happening. He couldn’t have just failed to save them from total catastrophe.

Cinderclash let out a pained yell as they let go, severely overcharged from the amount of energy. They seemed to have lost control of their flamethrower gun as well, as that suddenly set off a ring of blue blame around the room. 

“I-I can’t stop it! I CAN’T STOP IT!” they exclaimed, trying to suppress the energy. “Can you transfer it back?!” “I DON’T KNOW HOW! Oh Primus, this was a bad idea, Dad’s going to kill me- screw that, I’ll probably be the cause of so many deaths!" 

The more this continued, the more Cinder was losing control. They were beginning to lose control over their bodily functions, and was in complete attack mode.

A blinding blue light filled the room, which was accompanied by Cinderclash’s screams of agony as the energy finally broke free from the limitations of their body and re-entered the Allspark.

Aquamarine opened their optics fearfully, and rushed to Cinder’s side once he saw them unconscious. 

They were barely alive.

Aquamarine was terrified, before crying out for their parents. Optimus should know how to help, right…?

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>w> (submitted by @soezithetrollsiren​ )


Poor override, being fucked with by his own brother-in-law! I have no idea how Wong Dongle got him in that outfit. But I love him for it.

(also for context as to why my friend drew Override in Danny’)s stage outfit is cause i headcanon danny as Override’s VC)

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Yup, another mock Almanac page. 

This time, it’s @katninjagirl97​‘s lovely OC, Siren (because I love this character dammit!). In her AU, Siren is not only Megatron’s sparkmate, but she’s also Prowl’s mom, making everyone’s favourite ninja and tyrant father and son (drama~!!!!! jk, her stories are crazy good. You can check ‘em out here. She’s also got amazing TFP and Marvel fics if anyone’s interested).

She was a bit harder to do than the rest. Mostly because there wasn’t just one character that I could easily base her off, so I kinda had to Frankenstein with different parts of different bots. For the most part, I ended up using Prowl and Slipstream as style references.

On DeviantART


Per usual, the blurb is in text below the cut (written by @katninjagirl97 and narrated by Megatron. a.k.a., a big ol’ romantic) 👇👇👇

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