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#tfa ratchet

“Hello Humans and otherwise of Tumblr!! Me and my Friends are opening this Ask Blog to Questions, and we will all be answering them to our best abilities! I’m sure it’ll be lots of fun! And very informative for you!”

Howdy hey! And welcome to my TFA Ask Blog, I’m your host and Artist NBWhirlybee, and I am opening up questions to my interpretations of the tfa cast of both SG and the normal timeline! But first some things need to be established:
-This is a canon divergent Au where Blurr never got cubed after the events of the season 2 finale and Shockwave was never revealed.
-While suggestive jokes may show up along with cursing, any sort of attempt to push those boundaries will be hard blocked, I’m a minor.

- Magic anons are welcomed! And encouraged!
-My own biases on characterizations and ships will be prevalent please do not try to push those boundaries either.

-While the occasional rp may be exchanged on here that is not the main focus of the blog, please do not act like it is.
-bigotry of any kind is not welcome at all, towards characters or otherwise.

-characters not shown on the icons above can be asked too!! I take questions for other main characters like the normal timeline cons or sg bots as well as obscure ones such as Scrapnel, oil slick, Rosanna etc.

That’s all for now! Now the Inbox is open and I’m excited to see what all of you will put in it!.

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Bumblebee: *finds something on the sidewalk* woah that’s a cool rock

Ratchet: that’s a piece of road you idiot

Bulkhead: it’s mine now *adds it to his Boulder collection*

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Fusion between tfa Ratchet and tfa Bumblebee, Antitoxin. He’s a fun yet responsible uncle, that as long as no one is endangered is going to let you do whatever you want. But he still make sure that everyone is safe, and is excelent at de-stressing others with his presence and dad jokes. But if he get’s mad, then something dark awakens in him, that makes everyone around extremely distress and wanting to be as far from him as possible. @pastelpaperplanes

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Who are your guy's favorite human excluding sari. you can't say sari cause she's already the number one fav. I meant like your second favorite.

Optimus: Well we don’t know any other humans as much as Sari…. I guess Professor Sumdac would be considered a “second favourite”

Ratchet: He’s the only other human I’m willing to tolerate.

Bumblebee: And if I play my cards right, I can get a sick rocket!

Sari: Bee…. you have a helicopter alt mode

Bumblebee: Doesn’t mean I can fly yet

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“Get my medkit for me, will ya kid?” 


A quick sketch of a convo with @nekonokami23 and they’re DBH androids in Tfa AU, where Prowl takes in and helps deviants but gets discovered by Ratchet. 

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for the sparkling thingy, could we see what ratchet and arcee's sparkling would look like?

Meet Triage an Autobot medic! Stern and Diligent like his sire, though less grumpy. However, Triage did have a strange chewing habit as a sparkling and was always gnawing on his developing limbs. It didn’t go away in his adulthood, he always kept a cup of metal rods on his desk to chew on while in the office.

I have big plans for this sparkling within my AU. Especially involving Bee! 

Triage is Bumble Bee’s sire!

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