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felicindy · 3 minutes ago
cutting john’s family from the show is a really bizarre choice because when hes written well (mark gruenwald and chris priest my beloveds) hes by and large defined by them. he joins the army and buys superpowers following in his brother’s footsteps, losing his parents is the catalyst for stepping down as cap, and now hes losing his title as the usagent because of his sister. i understand the point of making him a generic army guy with no backstory but i think it weakens the character in the long run.
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ironjesterr · 5 minutes ago
Listen here's the deal
Torres has a crush on Sam, Sarah has a crush on Bucky, Bucky has a crush on Sam, Sam has a crush on Bucky
None of them make a move
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sergeantsilver · 6 minutes ago
I can't stop thinking about Sam and bucky playing laser tag thank you SO MUCH for the imagery you're amazing
SJSJJS you’re welcome now I can’t stop thinking about it 😭 I just know they’d knock over a bunch of kids “by accident”
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slytherclaw2005 · 6 minutes ago
Sam, looking at his sister and his husband: I love you guys, you're the best thing that's happened to me.
Bucky: We're the best thing that's ever happened to you?
Sam: Yes!
Sarah: I'm starting to feel a little sorry for you.
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itzjessjen · 6 minutes ago
Yo this new captain america be pissing me off
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horjuvuus · 7 minutes ago
if sambucky not canon why sambucky hold hands for ten seconds while gazing into each other's eyes
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redwingsupportgroup · 13 minutes ago
if anyone needs download links for any of the five episodes of the falcon and the winter soldier, message me!
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julilentille · 13 minutes ago
Apple Music link
* seriously my brain is so weird.
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smol-hufflepuffle · 15 minutes ago
Tumblr media
me, going from stucky, to sambucky, to peggy carter obsession in one week:
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mackelenastan · 18 minutes ago
Am I the only one who feels that Zemo really wanted Bucky to kill him in this scene? He looks so disappointed.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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slytherclaw2005 · 19 minutes ago
Sharon: Truth or dare?
Bucky: Dare.
Sharon: I dare you to kiss the cutest person in the room.
Bucky: Okay, Sarah?
Sam: *angry at Bucky for flirting with his sister*
Sarah, confused af because aren’t Sam and Bucky dating or smth: Yes?
Bucky: Can you move over so I can get to Sam?
Sharon, relieved: Yep.
Sam: *confused af but also overjoyed* :O
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my-fanfics-and-stuff · 20 minutes ago
"You should smile more" - sambucky
I’m a sucker for Bucky’s smile so obviously I had to project that onto Sam and write a fic - I use the word ‘smile’ waaaaaay too much in this fic, but whatever
This is my first ever marvel fic, so sorry if it's too ooc but I actually kinda like this one hah
Big thank you to @tasteslikestrawbebbies for beta-reading ♥♥♥
Here it is on Ao3
Enjoy ♥
One of the things that really struck him was that he kinda loved Bucky’s smile. Once he saw that real, genuine, happy smile on Bucky’s face… all he wanted to do was to make him smile again and again. Which was a crazy thought. Insane. He should not be thinking that, and he tried not to. But then Bucky would smile again, and Sam would melt.
His smile was… really nice. And beautiful. And it was impossible not to smile as well when you saw it. He seemed so relaxed and at peace… Sam has never seen him like that before, but he definitely liked it. He knew there was still work to do, and they would have to get to that sooner or later, but for now, he really enjoyed just hanging out with Bucky, fixing the boat together, talking, which apparently they did now, another surprising thing. Bucky opened up to him, and that meant he trusted him, not only in battle. This made Sam almost giddy.
He wasn’t ready to say goodbye. He knew they would see each other soon, but he selfishly wanted Bucky to stay, to keep him company… to smile at him. God, he was gone on that fucking smile.
He almost considered making up something else that needed repairing that Buck could help him with, but that would require actually having something to do… and he was not about to break something on purpose. Not that that hasn’t crossed his mind… but he wasn’t that far gone. Or that desperate. At least yet.
He convinced himself that he was fine, that not seeing Bucky for a while wasn’t a big deal. Because it shouldn’t be. They had barely talked before Walker was given the shield. And it was fine. It would be fine now, too.
But then, as Bucky was about to leave, the words just slipped out of his mouth.
“You know, you could stay for a while. If you want.” he wasn’t looking at Bucky, his eyes focused on the trees they were passing.
Bucky was quiet for a moment and Sam was afraid he fucked up their relationship, which has improved significantly over the past few days.
“Uh, I’d really like to.” Bucky started. “I would, but I think I need to go. In New York there’s someone who really needs closure, and I’ve been putting it off long enough.” he sighed, and that’s when Sam looked at him again. He seemed nervous and Sam understood.
“Of course.” he smiled. “But, you know, you’re always welcome here, man.” he added.
“Thanks.” Bucky smiled, and Sam’s heart fluttered. Damn, this could not be happening. “I guess I’ll see you- What?” he stopped mid-sentence to look at Sam in confusion.
“What ‘what’?” Sam raised an eyebrow.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
“Like what?” Sam felt his face heat up and looked away. He kept his cool since Bucky showed up, and now he’s getting caught at whatever his face was doing while he was admiring Bucky’s gorgeous smile? He was pretty sure he was smiling, but what else could be visible in his expression, he had no idea. He was fucked.
“I don’t know, but it’s weird.” Bucky was frowning, his tone slow and confused.
“Bad weird?” Sam couldn’t help but ask, looking back at Bucky, who just shrugged.
“Just different. What’s up?” he asked, not wanting to let go. And of course Bucky, the expert of staring and observing, noticed the difference in Sam’s expression. Of course.
“Nothing, it’s stupid.” Sam laughed, feeling more than ridiculous.
“Now you gotta tell me.” Bucky nudged his arm. “What was that look about?”
“I was just thinking. Forget it.” he shook his head, he tried to brush it off, but he knew it was pointless. One more smile from Bucky, and he was going to melt into a puddle.
“Okay, well, I’m not gonna push.” he lifted both hands in defeat, but he was smiling. Whatever he saw in Sam’s face, had to be positive. Of course it was, he had been thinking about Bucky’s smile. “I’ll get it out of you another time.” he winked, starting to walk again, and Sam wasn’t sure when they stopped walking. “Call me when you have a lead.” he repeated his previous words, clapped Sam on the shoulder, and was about to walk away.
“You should smile more.” Sam said before he even realized he had opened his mouth. How was it that suddenly he couldn’t think around Bucky?
“What?” Bucky turned around, Sam was staring at him, probably looking as surprised as Bucky. But he said it, so there was no backing away now.
“I mean, that’s what I was thinking about.” he swallowed hard. “It’s a good look on you. When you smile.” he said, trying to sound as confident as he could. Slowly, another one of those amazing smiles showed up on Bucky’s face.
“Wow, I did not expect that.” he said, his expression smug.
“Shut up.” Sam rolled his eyes, forcing himself not to smile back.
“You thinking about my smile often?” Bucky then asked, because of course he had to tease Sam about it now.
“I haven’t seen you really smile until, like, yesterday, so no.” Sam answered and thought, damn, where is this conversation going and how did we get here . “And I’m just saying,” oh God, he so needs to shut up already, but his mouth is still moving and the words are pouring out despite his efforts to stop it. “I wouldn’t mind if you did that more often.”
Bucky chuckled, and boy was that a nice sound, and looked down for a second. Seemed like someone was shy about getting complimented. Alright, Sam got it, Bucky probably hasn’t been complimented at all for the past seventy years. But Sam also kinda liked making him blush - because that’s what was happening, Bucky’s cheeks were starting to get pink, and now Sam couldn’t contain his smile.
“That’s, uh, nice.” Bucky said, looking back at Sam. “I just feel really good here, you know?” he confessed. So now they were seriously going to start talking, huh? Sam couldn’t say he was complaining.
“So you gonna come back?” the question was out of his mouth before he could stop himself. Again. Damn, what was happening to him?
“I haven’t even left yet, Sam. Relax.” Bucky chuckled again, his beautiful, teeth-baring smile not disappearing from his face. Then he sighed. “I promise, once we deal with Karli, I’m gonna visit again and I’ll stay so long you’re gonna beg me to leave.” he added, teasingly. Sam just involuntarily smiled.
“Imma remember that. You better keep your promises.” he said, finger pointed at Bucky to accentuate his words.
“Always do. But now I really gotta go if I wanna catch my flight.” Bucky added, almost apologetically.
“Right.” Sam wanted him to stay, but he already said that, and he wasn’t about to beg. He wasn’t that desperate. And he knew Bucky had to go, he had things to do, people to see, he had to do the work and get better, and it seemed like he was really going to. “Uh, answer my calls and texts this time, will you?” he tried to sound casual and exasperated, but the longing and a bit of hope was audible even to him.
“You plan on contacting me a lot?” Bucky raised his eyebrow.
“Maybe.” Sam was suddenly all too aware of the distance between them. He would have to take two, maybe three steps, to get to Bucky and… and what? He wasn’t sure. “Are you gonna answer?” he asked again, taking a step towards Bucky. What was he doing?
“Of course.” Bucky answered. Sam must’ve looked surprised, because Bucky snickered. “How else will I know that you have a lead?”
“You’re an ass.” Sam rolled his eyes, his cheeks heating up. And here he was hoping they would actually start talking on a regular basis… not that he wanted that. Definitely not. Why would he?
“But if you call me without a lead, I might not hang up on you.” Bucky said, a bit reluctantly, a teasing smirk still on his face. “Depends on my mood.”
“You can call me, too. If you ever wanna talk. No matter what time it is.” Sam took another step, while Bucky watched him curiously.
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
“And, uh, thanks. For all the help, you know.” Sam shrugged. There was still a small distance between them, and he was contemplating crossing it and hugging Bucky.
“Of course.” he said, as if him helping Sam was the most natural and obvious thing in the world. “Anytime. But now I really have to-” he didn’t finish his sentence, because Sam took the final step. But instead of hugging Bucky, he pressed his lips against Bucky’s.
It was a split second, rash decision, he did not intend to do it. At all. It was either letting Bucky go and dreaming about that smile and longing for him for the next indefinite period of time until he saw him again… or kissing Bucky and possibly changing their whole dynamic, risking rejection and making things weird again, possibly weirder than ever.
But Bucky immediately kissed him back, as if he was expecting it. And Sam could feel him smiling, which only added to the fluttering feeling in his stomach.
At first, it was chaste, just lips against lips, but that lasted a whole two seconds before Bucky opened his mouth, deepening it. He dropped his bag, his metal hand finding its way to Sam’s hip, while the flesh one cupped Sam’s cheek. Sam’s hands were in Bucky’s hair, running his fingers through it, and trying to bring him even closer. Honestly, Sam wanted to stay in that moment forever. Bucky’s lips not only looked good and irresistible - the man was an amazing kisser. Sam wanted more. He needed more. And one of his hands started trailing down Bucky’s arm to the hem of his shirt, but then… Bucky broke the kiss.
“You really want me to miss my flight, huh?” he asked, his forehead pressed against Sam’s. He was smiling, and both their breaths were quickened.
“I told you, you could stay.” Sam said, not able to contain a smile either. “We could… uh, have some fun , if you stayed.” he added, his tone deliberately suggestive. He decided to stop being tentative about his feelings. They just made out, he was aroused, and he was pretty sure Bucky was too. He desperately wanted him closer, wanted their bodies pressed together. Preferably undressed. Oh fuck, when did he go from Bucky has a beautiful smile to I wanna fuck him ? This was happening fast. Or maybe those thoughts were always there, lurking, as he tried to convince himself he’s not attracted to the guy. Maybe.
“I would love to.” Bucky said, sighing, and his breath hit Sam’s mouth, making him shiver. He wanted those lips on his again. But Bucky pulled away, hands still on Sam, but now his piercing blue eyes were staring at him again. This time, Sam didn’t mind. The staring stopped bothering him a while ago.
“But?” Sam tried to keep disappointment out of his voice.
“But, before this,” he waved his flesh hand between them. “Develops any further, I need to deal with some stuff.” he said, and Sam felt his heart swell. First of all, Bucky seemed so sure that this thing between them would turn into something, so Sam didn’t have to worry about what the kiss meant, they were both on the same page. And second of all, Bucky actually wanted to work on himself first before getting into a relationship. Which filled Sam with pride. He knew that it wouldn’t be a problem for them - he knew a lot about Bucky and his trauma, and he would love to help, in any way he could. But if Bucky thought it was something he needed to do by himself, and was actually willing to do the work, that was amazing.
“Okay.” Sam said, smiling fondly. “Just, you know, not all the stuff, yeah? I’m not gonna wait for an eternity.” his tone was jocular, but he needed Buck to know that he was in, despite all his shit. He hoped his message was at least a bit clear.
“Yeah.” Bucky smiled, leaning in for another kiss, this time brief, leaving Sam chasing after him as he was pulling away. “I’ll see you soon.” he added, finally picking up his bag and starting to walk away. Again.
“You better answer your phone or you’ll see me sooner than you think.” Sam yelled after him. Bucky turned around to shoot him one of his genuine, amused grins that made Sam’s knees weak, and made it impossible not to smile back.
Yeah, he definitely loved Bucky’s smile. And he already couldn’t wait to see it again.
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fandom-imagination-ss · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Imagine: Being Life long friends with Sam and meeting Bucky unexceptionally when your in the middle of a life crisis
Being Sam Wilson best friend, and his family and your being family friends made your life fun growing up. It was like having a brother- but a brother you could send away too his home when you wanted too be more “girly” and play with his sister Sarah. Growing up with Sam it was a adventure he always got you in trouble. But it made life Fun.
You were one of the billions of people who Blimped. However when you returned. You were stunned too learn your husband Not only remarried but was married too the opposite sex of what you are. And that was a Curve ball you weren’t expecting. You and his new Partner fought for a week over who was the home wrecker. He stated you were since you were whipped from existence, while you said He was. Since you married your dum dum of a husband first. In the end your husband said he wasn’t going back too you.
Honestly you were relieved- you were having issues before you disappeared and you simply said that you wanted your stuff and you would leave... that’s when he informed you that he sold your stuff within a Week of dissapearing and giving your Favorite panda bear teddy bear too the neighbor who had a girl who was now five years old. You were MORE upset about the Teddybear then the marriage, or your stuff being Gone. Mr. P (your trusted companion thru out your life) has been their for you Thur heartbreak, the ups and the down. And you ere heartbroken that he gave up hope so quickly. But Mr. P being gone was the last straw.
luckily the neighbor understood and felt pity that you returned too Nothing and your husband left you for a man. And that you didn’t have a Job anymore. And basically had the cloths on your back and the few pieces of shirts you took from your husband. So they gave you back Mr. P.. who was missing a eye now and smelt of someone else. It didn’t smell like you and it made your return home too your parents depressing.
Sam was gone, he was blimped. Your friend Sarah was left with two little kids as you helped out. But when you got the divorce papers seeing your no good of a husband was claiming abandonment and wanting everything. You snapped. And you went too Europe for the summer.
Traveling, the food, the culture. Yu were Never alone in bed. It was a well needed mental break, No responsibility, No husband, No drama, just a break from reality. Then you returned home too see Sam was back. Captain America was Gone, and your life came crashing back. Fun was over. Time too restart your entire life.. and try too move on with your life.
Sam returned home as you and him had a few beers after work. Talking about life, the Avengers, Europe. (Most stories were glazed over. Mainly because you didn’t want too talk about the string of lovers you left behind in Europe that wasn’t you. You weren’t the sort of person too kiss or tell. Plus Sam was struggling he wasn’t mentioning it out loud but the lost of Tony Stark, and Now Steve he’s close friend in Washington it took a toll on your friend.
you use too ask about the Winter soldier The hot mysteries Killer who just Dissapeared and then was helping the avengers with the battle of basically life. Sam said he was a ass and that he wans’t much. You disagreed saying the mystery man was Hot. Which only made him question your values.
Sneaking over too the Wilson family was a common thing, you always walk right in, and they do vise versa. Today you got in early with a box of donuts from your mom shop you got up at 4 am too bake them as you got inside exhusted from your short shift it was almost eight am. As you got in seeing the boys were playing with a Captain America shield you walked over seeing someone sleeping on the sofa. Stepping over looking at it, ‘Holly crap that looks so real.”
“it is! Uncle Sam brought it over.”
“Shut up!” The youngest handed it too you as you held it. It was lighter then you imagined as you three played with it until you heard a deep voice. “Hey”
The three of you turned seeing the man awake he had a smile on his face as he waved at the three of you as you gasped, “Scatter!” The boys bolted as you put the shield down as you spoke, “Sorry-..” putting the shield down you spoke up, “I’m Y/N... ugh... sorry i walked in on the boys playing with it and- i couldn’t help myself.” He chuckled weakly shifting up as he said No worry as Sam walked into the kitchen.
“Hey Y/N” he reached over kissing your cheek it was a common greeting you both had. Since you were seven. You smield saying hey as he spoke, “what’s going on here? Your face is all red?”
Laughing weakly you shook your head, “Nothing! Nothing hey where is Sarah?”
“Not here- she went too the boat i think.”
You groaned hearing that. You were just at the docks at her boat looking for her- she wasn’t there. “No i was just there-“
“Sorry- oh so you meet?”
Shaking your head, “no- i mean i gave my name. He didn’t give his.”
Sam spoke, “good lets keep it that way.” You rolled your eyes, ‘your a prue gent Sam.” He rolled his eyes as the man chuckled as he spoke ‘I’m Bucky.”
Smiling at him Sam spoke, ‘hey- so.. Don’t mention the shield okay.”
he nudged his head at the shield that was leaning against the wall as you shook your head, “didn’t see a thing.. it’s not the real one is it?”
“yea- long story.”
you gasped gripping his arm, “Will I meet one of the Avengers? If I the Avengers are involved I’m going home too change out of my floured covered shirt.”
“No- No this is just Steve stuff.”
you meet Steve and even commented too Sam (when Steve went home) that if you weren’t married you would drool over Steve But at last.. you were married and couldn’t. But he was Fun too look at.
You nodded your head, “okay. Just- dont break it! With playing with it.”
Bucky grinned hearing that, you soon left as Bucky spoke, “So who’s that?”
“Family friend, she’s the kids godmother. And she’s like a sister so No flirting with her!’
“she’s not your special friend?” Bucky grinned seeing how he kissed her when he arrived as Sam spoke “gross No1 she’s like a sister she’s my best friend growing up she’s sensitive leave her alone.”
Tumblr media
Later that day you arrived too Sarah’s Boat seeing Sam and Bucky were fixing it up for Her. As you walked over too the boat staying on the docks. Staring up at the two. they were having a drink as Bucky noticed you instantly wearing a plaid oversized shirt, some jean shorts that were covered in flour a grey -T shirt under the open plaid shirt and a grey hat. You wore sneaks as he smiled brightly, “hey Y/N.”
Smiling up at him saying Hey as Sam turned seeing you, “Yo Y/N what’s up?”
“where is your sister?! I haven’t seen her all day! It’s a small town!”
Sam rolled his eyes, “if you just carried a Phone you could joint the 21st century and Text her.”
Rolling your eyes at that. You stopped carrying your phone once you return from Europe mainly because you were getting Way too many text’s from the one night stands and everyone you wanted too talk too- you saw all day. You knew you should carry it for security and safety reasons. Plus playing music while you are alone in the morning working at the bakery would be nice. But you just keep forgetting. “I shouldn’t have too! She’s always other three places!”
Sam didn’t have the energy too fight but Bucky asked why you needed her so badly. As you spoke, “oh- Me and Sarah had planned something for tonight and I needed help with something nothing major I’ll keep looking for her-“
you all turned seeing Strewart dash over too you saying he had the fireworks . Which made you smile brightly, “seriously? “
“why you need fireworks?” Sam called out as you waved him off saying he would see later. You and Strew dashed off. Bucky couldn’t help but grin seeing you so gleeful.
“Hey- Stop looking at her-‘ Sam spat as Bucky chuckled softly saying okay.
Tumblr media
It took you all day too find Sarah and too Get the “ritual” all set in motion. The Only thing your no good for husband had was your wedding dress. Mainly keep it because it was so exprience and he let he’s new Love wear it for a drag show. (The top was stained with makeup and it was in desperate need of some TLC ) but you got it.
Sarah suggested you just get ride of it. Which was such a marauded response. Get Ride of it? You couldn’t bar the thought of it being worn by anyone else. And the fact your husbands lover wore it. And ruined it. Made you decided too burn it. Too fully start anew.
your mom wasn’t thrilled with that idea. But Sarah was soon convinced espically seeing that the ball gown dress took majority of your closest.
it was her sons idea too attach it too a firecracker and fling it up into the air. And set it off. Which was a perfect idea.. which wasn’t very realistic So instead you figured. Fireworks by the water, and a huge Fire on the beach burning your dress and burning everything you had left of your former life.
Sam didn’t care one way or another that you did all this. He never personally liked your husband. By the time the fireworks were done, the parents went home and Sara’s kids went home which meant she went home. So Sam, Bucky and yu were sitting around the fire having drinks as you watched your dress burn.
“Y/N?” Bucky asked as you looked up too see him As he’s eyes brow frowned looking a t you, “you alright?”
nodding your head weakly you took a big gulp of beer as Sam spoke, “Hey maybe you should slow down.”
Shaking your head as you spoke, “I’m being reborn. Tonight Sammy.. No more stupid husband. i am officially Miss Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N again! I dont feel guilty anymore.”
“what you have too feel guilty for?” Sam said as you shook your head, “it wasn’t working before i dissapeared. Honestly we fought all the time. He was so controlling and demanding. LIke remember when i said that Winter soilder dude was incredibly Hot?” Sam chuckled as Bucky was stunned as he spoke “yea i remember you mentioning it.”
“that Jack ass- got so jealous. And of Steve! He kicked me out one night just because I had lunch with him and you.- that guy was a jackass and who gives up on their love after a week?” taking another drink you looke d at Bucky you were Far passed just a little tipsy. You didn’t care how drunk you got. Sam was here. And you were safe. “Would you give up on me. If we were in love? After a week?”
Bucky took a drink of his beer debuting on his answer mainly because he was worried he was overstepping on something between you and Sam. “No” he finally said as he spoke, “No i wouldn’t..” you nodded your head as you reached over patting his shoulder, “that’s because your a true gentleman!” He chuckled as Sam spoke, “okay.. your clearly drunk if your calling him a gentlemen.”
you laughed as you spoke, “i may be drunk Sir! But i can tell a gentlemen when i see one-“ you got up as you stumbled as Bucky swooped up fast catching you as you grabbed his arms. Feeling the hard metal arm as you chuckled weakly. “Hey you got a metal arm like that incredibly hot guy.” He chuckled as he went too talk but you patted his face, “you know- I told Sam the guy probably didn’t have enough hugs growing up.. you know your suppose too get ten hugs a day? Doctors prove it helps-“ you stumbled again as Bucky spoke, ‘I’m sure that’s it.” You chuckled as Sam got up, “Okay Y/N time too go home.”
“okay.... hey your getting blurry-“ and with that you passed out. Bucky grabbed you before you fell down as Sam sighed, “she’s having a hard time adjusting— I’ll carry her-“
“I got her.. lead the way.”
Sam didn’t argue he iddn’t really want too carry you all the way home.he could do it. But Bucky wouldn’t stugggle as much. Plus he was slightly tipsy and wasn’t sure he could carry you- without dropping you.
Sam let you all into your house. As Bucky carried you too your room. As Sam followed seeing how Odd how careful Bucky was with you. When you settled into your bed you mumbled something as Bucky covered you up As he smiled too himself before turning and leaving with Sam.
Sam watched as they left.
“So she doesn’t knwo about me huh?”
“No- thought i can’t wait too tell her tomorrow” Sam stated as Bucky grinned weakly. He couldn’t wait too see you tomorrow
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capnwinghead · 23 minutes ago
Look, I’m thinking they’ll most likely have red and white because those are Falcon’s colors... but if the Wakandan wings were a similar color scheme to Bucky’s arm, I will lose my mind!! 😭
(I think they made him wings, not just a suit.)
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ljones41 · 25 minutes ago
"THE FALCON AND THE WINTER SOLDIER” is proving to be one of the most overrated productions in the history of the MCU I have ever seen.  People are so focused on little moments and scenes that very few have noticed how the series' narrative seemed to be all over the map.  
How on earth did Bucky managed to evade being arrested and charged for helping Helmut Zemo escape from prison?  Because the Dora Milaje didn't rat on him?  They would not have to.  Both the U.S. and other national intelligence agencies should have been suspicious of Bucky after learning about his visit to Zemo.  How was he able to visit Zemo in the first place?  How was Bucky able to re-enter the U.S. without the U.S. government being the wiser in order to visit the Wilsons in Louisiana?  Why didn't the Federal authorities question his missing presence?  Who is the main villain in this story?  What as the point in breaking Zemo out of prison in the first place?  What is this fucking story about?
In the last episode, there was a scene of two black kids playing with Captain America shields.  Someone had commented that the shields (especially in the hands of non-white children) represent hope to the future of race relations in the U.S.  Why?  How?  This country had a president who was biracial for EIGHT YEARS.  Yet, the racial policies in the U.S. (and in other countries) is just as bad in 2021 as it was in 2008.  This is a prime example of how human beings put so much faith in imagery and symbolism.  And it is a FALSE FAITH.  Why is the only way for Sam Wilson to become relevant within the MCU is for him to take up the mantle of a costumed hero that was previously occupied by a white man?  What was wrong with him being “the Falcon”?  Why does the MCU feel that the only way for Sam to be relevant is as the new Captain America?  Sam Wilson becoming the next Captain America is not going to save the U.S. in regard to race relations - not in real life and not in the fictional world of the MCU.
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slytherclaw2005 · 26 minutes ago
Sam: Tonight, one of you will betray me.
Bucky: Is it me, Sam?
Sam: No, it’s not you honey.
Sharon: Is it me, Sam?
Sam: It’s not you either.
Zemo: Is it me, Sam?
Sam, mockingly: Is IT mE Sam?
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