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#tfc hc
jensen57 · a day ago
daily aftg hc: andrew absolutely shows neil all the stupid shit he missed out on as a kid. i don't mean movies or experiences, i mean like putting glue on the back of his hand, waiting for it to dry, then peeling it off
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bambazzle · 4 months ago
I know that Andrew and Neil never have kids, that they never adopt or foster or anything, but there’s one thing in my head you can’t convince me of.
You can’t tell me that one year, there isn’t a fox that reminds Wymack so much of Neil or Andrew. And it kills him to see this kid struggling, rejecting their role on the team, fighting him at every turn. You can’t tell me that after trying his best, never gaining their trust, Wymack doesn’t decide that they need a mentor and call Neil. And you can’t tell me that Neil wouldn’t try to help. That he wouldn’t see this kid, so terrified and untrusting, and feel it in his soul that this was himself when he joined the Foxes too.
And sure, the kid is in college, and to them it doesn’t need to be said- but they welcome this kid into their home, and let them know that they are always welcome. There’s an open invitation to every holiday, they get mailed a key to the new house whenever they move after the pros. And they come home. For every holiday. Because they feel safe there, maybe Neil and Andrew were the first people who made them feel safe and protected, maybe Andrew and Neil never say ‘I love you’, but this kid knows that this is what love is really like. So maybe, they don’t adopt or have kids, but they change some kid’s life forever. And that kid becomes a part of their family, and sees them as fathers, because they may be dysfunctional and a little abnormal and they are totally weird and complex, but they look out for this kid when no one else does.
Anyway, you can’t tell me otherwise.
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thefoxholequeer · a month ago
The Foxes x Horror Movies
Nicky falls for every single jump scare and then nervously laughs at himself
Aaron is texting Katelyn instead of watching, but keeps jumping when Nicky jumps and then glaring at him
Matt is getting really into it and starts yelling advice to the characters
Dan is more entertained by Matt and Nicky than by the movie
Kevin keeps pointing out all the inaccuracies and huffing about how he could be watching exy games instead
Allison is trying to take bets on how many times Nicky will spook
Renee is smiling fondly at her friends
Andrew is staring expressionlessly at the screen, but has a hand on Neil's leg and keeps squeezing it every time there is a jump scare. This is his only reaction.
Neil fell asleep an hour ago.
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neil-jortson · 2 months ago
Many people refer to Neil as the glue that held the foxes together, right? Well I think a much more apt metaphor would be that he was sandpaper that smoothed the rough edges of the team. He helped bridge the gap between the upperclassman and the monsters not by pulling as hard as he could but by whittling away at the sharpest, most painful, aspects of their attempts of friendship.
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stick-ball · 3 months ago
Headcanons you will hate me for:
Kevin day drinks mouthwash
Him and Nicky actually, but Kevin is more attached
Shots in the bathroom yk the like
Aaron hates it so much when he finds out
Like oh Gd, steam coming out if his ears
He bans them mouthwash shots
It doesn't work though what did he expect
Kevin and Nicky hide the mouthwash in different bottles, especially the thing you use to wash tiles
Matt once gets up during the night to go to the bathroon to find Kevin in his dorm room in the kitchen drinking from the spare dishsoap bottle Nicky bought
He convinced himself it was a dream, a very bad dream
Water break during practice
Hey can i take a sip of your water
Its not water
Oh Vodka, you were supposed to drink less dude
Its listerine
Its listerine, asshole.
When Aaron catches sight of mouthwash shot taking again, he goes to war. Its the era of salt water.
Which is disgusting, said everyone.
"You said nothing about shots tho"
It's bad. Like thumbs down at the colloseum bad.
Anyway it mellows down untill someone catches Neil eating toothpaste.
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crazy-fangirl2524 · 3 months ago
Kevin day is bisexual and aromantic
Kevin day was ten when he felt a flutter in his chest when he saw the striking auburn hair, blue eyes boy. The bloody ordeal afterwards made him forget all about the weird feeling he had when he looked at the boy.
Kevin day was fourteen when he realised that he looked at boys the same way he did at girls.
Kevin day was sixteen when he kissed the first boy in his life (it was jean). He was also sixteen when riko found out and gave him the worst beating he ever received and did unspeakable things to jean. He was sixteen when he decided that being heterosexual was so much easier.
Kevin day was twenty when he felt the same flutter when he saw Andrew Minyard. It may had been because of how the blonde promised to protect him. It was also unfortunate that he felt the same flutter sometimes when he saw Aaron. He tried to ignore it.
Kevin day was twenty two when he broke up with his girlfriend because he didn’t feel any romantic attraction, besides the sexual feelings had faded and they just didn’t have the time.
Kevin day was twenty four when he hooked up with a random guy in Eden. That was when he finally came out as bisexual to the foxes. Money were exchanged. He was twenty four when he finally went to his first pride with the foxes and felt seen.
Kevin day was twenty eight when he first heard of the term aromantic. He told Neil about it, Neil just nodded and said that it made sense.
Kevin day was twenty nine when he told the foxes that he was aromantic. Several bets were finally settled.
Kevin day was thirty one when the press caught him kissing someone of the same sex in his team. Kevin day finally came out to the world as bisexual. He braced himself for backlashes but Andrew and Neil came out too, and then Jean and Jeremy, and Renee and Allison. Kevin day was flooded by the support he felt from his fans, friends and family.
Kevin day was thirty seven when the press asked him if he was dating this girl he was caught kissing. The media had labelled him as a player and heartbreaker. Kevin day was thirty seven when he finally once again came out to the world as aromantic. There were confusions and uproars by heartbroken fans. But those loyal ones and his family never stopped supporting him and Kevin day was okay with it.
Kevin day was forty when he adopted two dogs and felt this quite buzz of happiness.
Kevin day has his foxes, his family, his friends, his two dogs. Kevin day does not need anyone else to be complete because Kevin day is happy by himself and that’s all that matters.
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archiveofourfoxes · a month ago
For the HC thing: Andrew meeting the new recruits Neil's second year?
i'm not saying we can make it angst but also
you have a proBleM
no i don'T
we can but also am i enabling your addiction??
no it's fine
okay so i mean obviously andrew is not and will never be a people person and neil isn't either so i imagine the new recruits is an especially interesting time, especially cause we're talking about jack and sheena
i like to think the part from the ec about him offering neil a spot to bury jack is like so soon after they arrive cause he's so done with his shit but knows neil needs to handle it
he's like ugh just kill the guy already
and it's only like 2 weeks in to pre-season practice
andrew can read it in his posture, his mannerisms, the entitled look he gives neil every time they cross paths
and sheena is another carbon copy of every shitty female theyve both encountered
you think jack and sheena remind neil of nathan and lola?
and andrew can see that within the first minute they meet?
yes they absolutely do
and neil tries not to make a big deal but it's andrew and he'll do anything to protect neil lbh
he's such a quick and good judge of character he sees jack once and is like jfc this year is gonna suck
just the pure negativity radiating off of every word that leaves his mouth
like he can see the way neil stays away from them, and keeps quiet to a concerning amount of their comments
like andrew is negative, but in more of a logical way
jack is just a whining asshole who doesnt know when to stay in his own lane
but he knows if he says something neil will deny it, no matter how hard he's trying to get over his "i'm fine" reaction, because he wants the team to get along
there are absolutely times when neil is talking to jack and andrews just off in the corner like punch him do it knock him tf out babe
in his head of course
he's just watching it happen and he wants neil to do something so bad
neil is trying to go for the nice co-captain vibe which obviously is not right for him but it's week one and he is Trying
and jack is such a fucker neil is like okay never mind then
by the end of pre-season neil is like why oh why did i not ask where the perfect spot to bury him was
jack makes some really shitty comment about the team itself (and possibly the twinyards or matt) and neil is literally like alright you asked for hell im going bury you there alive
i think it's after one truly difficult practice, maybe they were already having a bad day and jack would just not shut up and it made both of them spiral even further than neil decides he has to do something
yeah it was after a pretty big loss or something so theyre all already short tempered
and then jack has to open his fucking mouth and neil is just like absolutely not
andrew is like sorry that was a one time deal i'm not killing him this late in the game
so neil must take matters into his own hands (i like to call this you know, i get part 2)
yes neil just sitting on the bleachers one night like please god just stab him through the heart or something
and andrew totally makes some asshole remark like 'then youd be down a player' just to fuck with neil
he so so does and that's when neil is like time to die by words then
the verbal dressing down jack undergoes the next day at practice is truly unmatched
like jack thought he was hot shit as the new team member and neil just k i l l s him
i feel like andrew would be standing off the side (having a gay panic, as one does) with a blank expression but internally hes like 'oh shit neil is actually verbally murdering him alright'
i like to think that he does it after an entire practice of andrew blocking only jack's shots so jack is thoroughly mad and the second he tries to go for andrew neil is just standing there like hey time to die
neil totally has a whole section of it where he says jack is a nobody who none of them have ever and will ever give a shit about
andrew's just like "maybe we'll need that grave after all" because jack is so red he looks like he might pass out
jack runs off the court right?
sheena follows and all of the foxes are just watching this happen like holy shit wtf neil
the second jack and sheena are gone they all die laughing
but before sheena can get off the court neil is like wait a fucking minute im not done
i'm listening 👀
and rips into her to because shes trying to be like jack and its just pathetic
he's like ah so jack's copy cat, it's your turn
neil is so smug and andrew is not blushing under his helmet thank you very much
poor andrew over there just having a heart attack
just IMAGINE the next day at practice
do jack and sheena even come??
they don't show up for like three days
the walk of shame on day 4 is made even better by wymack and dan and neil laying in to them for missing practice
wymack obviously cannot publicly condone this behavior but he also doesn't have to reprimand them per se
imagine the freshmen had heard rumors of the great riko roast from the orignial foxes and where like it couldbt have been that bad
but then that happens and theyre like oh shit it was that bad
wymack is just like oh its a mystery they just magically got their act together
no idea why
the new foxes who are actually nice are like holy shit glad i was
(white is @jensen57)
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anonknown · 3 months ago
The PSU Foxes vs. Family and Friends in a Charity Exy Game
So I had this idea that the PSU exy team picks a charity every year to donate money to, and the sums get to be a lot bigger after winning their initial championship due to exposure and publicity. During Neil’s Junior year, they decide to hold a pickup exy game with current foxes vs. old foxes, coaches and non-exy loved ones. 
This hasn’t undergone like any editing so...yeah
The teams are as follows
The Current Foxes - Kevin, Andrew, Matt, Aaron, Nicky, Neil, Robin, Jack + other unnamed new recruits from the EC
Fox Alumni, Coaches, and Friends/Family - Wymack, Abby, Betsy, Katelyn, Renee, Dan, Allison, Erik, a few of Dan’s stage sisters, Jim from improv (as a throwback to the banquet)
It first comes up when the team is brainstorming ideas for a fundraiser for the season’s end and they suggest one based around running because of Wymack’s marathon threats going viral earlier in the season
Wymack always participates in the fundraiser activities, and when the foxes remember that, they quickly shoot the idea down
Wymack didn’t understand why, and Nicky quickly explained that they didn’t want to put him through that in his “old age” 
Of course Wymack reacts negatively 
He basically says “What the fuck? I’ll be fine. I’m a natural born athlete.” 
Andrew, being a master of the brutal one liner, steps in and says “Yeah. Naturally born over 50 years ago.” 
Marathons were signed up for 
That inspired the idea to have a exhibition game with all ticket sales going to the charity of the year
The foxes, of course, have a few bets centered around it 
For example, there is: 
Does Wymack get a Charley Horse? (No, but he nearly passes out from exhaustion)
Does Andrew attempt to block any goals? (Yes)
Biggest trash talk? (Neil)
Does Kevin hold back because it is not a true match? (Technically, yes)
The game gets a lot of attention because of the fact that the foxes are notorious not only for impressive exy abilities, but impressive entertainment abilities as well
The tickets sell out fast and donations are impressive
(USC is in huge support, they all attend and donate)
The day of the game, it is explained that while the rules will basically be the same, violence will be less tolerated while all other penalties will probably be let slide for entertainment purposes 
Here is the outcome/happenings of the game 
Andrew only lets Bee and Renee score 
Both Renee and Andrew score goals from within their own goalie box 
Nicky “cannot bear being pitted against the love of his life” so he switches teams halfway through to be with Erik
He then decides he “cannot bear to force his cousins to compete against him” and then switches back
Abby is surprisingly good, Katelyn is passable, Bee is...bad. Like really bad
Wymack is also predictably solid, but ends up playing backliner
This would be fine, but he is assigned Neil as his mark and Neil has him on the verge of passing out by the end of the game without even breaking a sweat. 
It gets memed, but not the fun kind that goes viral on tumblr or twitter, its the kind that old people on facebook use (Neil’s ass got signed up for a marathon for that one) 
Abby and Aaron are nominated as their team’s respective doctors, so there are compilations online of them running around checking on people’s “injuries” mid-game 
Speaking of in-game injuries...this match has some people looking like they are trying to win Oscars for best performance in the flop category
By the last 5 minutes, it seems Allison is going to have the most impressive one (a false ankle sprain); she had the entire stadium on the edge of their seats 
Everyone is shocked when Kevin goes down, clutching his bad hand to his stomach in the last two minutes of the game after Allison bumps into him
The stadium is silent, and several players rush over to him
The cameras are zoomed in on the scene when Kevin pulls his hand away from its concealed position, flipping Allison off with a shit eating grin of his face 
The cameramen don’t have enough time to censor it, it was too unexpected and they were unprepared
That is also memed, it becomes a new version of the “call an ambulance but not for me” meme
Needless to say, everyone loses it
The game is also mic’d up, so everyone can hear the commentary 
While not all of it is understood because only half of it is in English, everyone can tell that Neil’s roasts are just as on point in Russian, French and German as they are in English 
Articles are coming out for weeks explaining the multilingual exchanges made during that game 
The winner was the current foxes, but it was surprisingly close all things considered
The score ended up being 16-10, current foxes favor 
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neilanthromorphic · 4 days ago
The Foxhole Court in Squid Game
*light/vague spoilers* 
Seth: He wouldn’t make it past the first round, respectfully. He’d be too busy pissing people off to play the game. He’d be the one causing a majority of the fights among players and would probably be killed by the guards. Luckily, Allison would stay strong despite his taunts. 
Allison: She might make it to the chess bridge. With her connections and knowledge of investment, she’d be more cunning/intelligent than what people assume she could be. She’d be a surprise for sure. 
Matt: Matt would be too kind. He’d be in the group of people that left and came back, but got killed on episode six. He’d probably be smiling as he got shot, too.
Dan: She would also make it to the chess bridge. She’d follow behind Allison--rookie mistake. 
Nicky: He’d vote against the game. Honestly? He’d want to leave and never come back. But when he sees the twins are staying, he stays with them. When they break off into pairs, he stays with Aaron. Aaron would win by chance.
Aaron: He’d be smart but reserved. He wouldn’t do alliances. Eventually, he’d be the one to work with the guards on harvesting organs. He’d do what it takes to make sure his brother survives, because Kaitlyn is out there alone and she can do so much better than him, who might run their family into the ground over false doctorial practices and lawsuits. 
Kevin: He’d be too busy fighting with Seth and everyone else and get easily distracted. He might make it to the chess bridge, emphasis on might- if his ego doesn’t get in the way. 
Andrew: He’d probably be a finalist. Alongside Neil and Renee, Andrew has the cunning it takes to win Squid Game. That and it helps he doesn’t give a flying shit about anyone else but himself, and maybe Renee. So he won’t get easily distracted or sentimental about others.
Renee: Renee would be a Sangwoo type. Nice and observant, but clever. However, she wouldn’t pull a Sangwoo. She’s not about betraying her teammates. She wants to play a fair game. That doesn’t mean she’s a pushover by any means and won’t do what it takes to win--she just won’t do what it doesn’t take, if that makes sense. 
Neil: The final battle between him and Andrew would be intense. But Neil needs the money to pay back his father’s goons. Even if it hurts, he has to win. He has to win...
Wymack would be the spy. Wymack would infiltrate the facility, even if it means risking his life. He can’t let Testuji do this to people. Word has to get out. 
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irishpeoplecollector · 2 months ago
i think kevin day should have been a man whore, imagine how great it would be if he was just unhinged
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jensen57 · 2 days ago
aftg hc of the day: sometimes when andrew can't sleep, even after getting up and pacing, having a cigarette, getting a snack, etc. neil just lays with him and let's his head rest against his lap or chest. he talks about nothing important, going from topics of which classes were his favorite to a sunset he remembers from six years ago. neil runs his hands through andrews hair, gently scratching at his scalp and practicing his braiding skills (not that andrews hair is long enough or that he knows what he's doing, but he tries). eventually andrew drifts off, usually after staring at neils face and hands and anything else he can see, and neil always tells him goodnight whether he's awake or not
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pontiacsbandit · 5 months ago
neil josten be like “i know a spot” but then run away
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neil-jortson · 2 months ago
Neil Josten is the designated bug killer of the Josten-Minyard household. Even if Neil is on the phone Andrew will just loom at the doorway to get Neil’s attention and then he will point to the bug. If Neil is not at the house and Andrew sees a bug he will enlist the cats for help. He once lifted King like Simba up to a point on the wall in order for King to kill a bug.
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pyapyu · 3 months ago
I love that whoever tf fixed Kevin’s tattoo was probably aware that shit was about to go down bcs of it and was just absolutely there for the drama
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crazy-fangirl2524 · 3 months ago
“Can we?” Neil tugged at their linked hands, gesturing at the obscenely colourful photo booth.
“Oh okay,” Neil’s face fell for a split second and then a smile was back on his face. Neil began walking away but Andrew hadn’t moved.
“You owe me at least ten pints of ice cream,” Andrew said before pulling them towards the photo booth. Andrew pointedly ignored the beaming smile on Neil’s face and that disgusting look he gave him.
Neil grabbed a bunch of headbands and props and Andrew shook his head. After a long stare off, Neil triumphantly got two foxes headbands, one pink and one blue. The blue one matched Neil’s eyes and it definitely did not make Andrew feel anything. Carefully, Neil put the pink one on Andrew’s head after asking yes or no.
Finally they settled down in the photo booth. For the first frame, Andrew flipped off the camera with a bored expression, Neil did the same, middle finger raised with a blank expression. The photo would’ve been scary if they weren’t wearing the ridiculous headbands.
The next frame, after asking, Neil put his arm around Andrew’s shoulders and flashed up a peace sign. Neil’s wide smile and Andrew’s grumpy look made the photo almost comical. Neil stared at the photo with such a fond look that Andrew had to wipe it off his face.
“Yes or no?” Andrew asked, Neil immediately turned his attention on Andrew, as he always did whenever Andrew spoke.
“Hmn, yes?” Neil said, perplexed.
Andrew brought his hand behind Neil’s neck and pulled him down until their lips met and Neil let out a little sigh. The kiss was long enough that a photo was taken. Andrew pulled away first, their breaths still mingling together, foreheads touching. Neil had the most disgusting smile on his face and Andrew was scowling hard at him. The fourth picture was taken without them noticing.
“Thank you,” Neil said, looking at Andrew like he hung the stars and moon.
“Shut up, 374%”
Neil laughed. He stepped away and went to choose the frame for the photos. Neil chose a bright orange one even when Andrew threatened to bury him six feet under with his bright colours.
The photos were printed and Andrew wanted to cut the last two photos out because no way he ever looked that soft and no fucking way he’d ever look at Neil like that. But the look on Neil’s face made it all worth it.
Neil was tracing their faces as if he couldn’t believe that it was real. That there was proof that Neil josten existed with Andrew minyard.
Andrew gave Neil a few moments before snapping, “you owe me ten ice creams,”
Neil’s smile should have blinded him by now, “okay,”
The extra big sundae and ten pints of ice cream brought back made it almost worth it. But it was the way Neil carefully cover the photo in plastic so it wouldn’t gather dust and then put it in his safe that did make it worth it.
And if Andrew kept his in his wallet then no one had to know.
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ninyard · a month ago
I’d like to read your thoughts on Andrew’s trigger re: Proust, also do you think others notice or know about what happened besides Neil? I feel like Bee and Renee and Aaron definitely do not know during the books but might find out what happened later. Kevin might know or suspect but not directly ask because he knows he won’t get a straight answer or he just doesn’t want to know for sure.
Oh I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!!! Anon you spark my imagination in such ways that HURT BIG TIME
CW; Drake mention, Proust, Andrew’s past, knife mention
Here’s my opinion on who knows/who doesn’t know and honestly, I think anyone outside of the people you mentioned are just…not options. It would break Nicky to find out. Coach doesn’t need to know. Abby sees some new scars but she doesn’t ask. But Bee, Aaron, Kevin and Renee?
Firstly, I have a different opinion on Andrew/Bee’s relationship than what Nora said in the extra content, and honestly I refuse to believe Andrew just…doesn’t really talk to Bee about things? I think for a good year of their relationship things were hot and cold, and a lot of the time he would stop her when their conversations started getting too personal, or when he felt he was opening up just a little too much. But when Neil said “I knew who Drake was.” And Betsy said “How? Did Andrew tell you about him?” I kind of read that as a tell on Betsy’s part that she kind of might find it hard to believe Neil knows, because she didn’t find out for a LONG time. Andrew laughed when he first told her, and oh did he love how the pity filled her face. He left the session early when she started asking more, and she probably cried when he was gone because it hurt her so much, the love she felt for Andrew and the way he talked about the crimes like they were silly anecdotes. So honestly, I think if anyone knows about Proust other than Neil during the books, it’s Bee.
She knows the way Andrew reacted when she asked about Drake, or any of the other foster fathers. She saw that violent, unmedicated reaction when she asked about Proust, how well-decorated he was in the mental health field. Obviously I don’t think she knows about EVERYTHING, because her confidentiality as a therapist would have to be broken if she knew how badly Andrew was treated, but slowly but surely she finds out little details. The day he dies, he calls Betsy to organise an emergency session. In Andrew fashion his reaction isn’t normal, isn’t grief, but in a throwaway Andrew comment (“Just another one dead to add to the list.”) she asks him again, he’s dead now, what did he do to you? It’s probably one of the closer times Andrew has got to crying in a session, and when Betsy had a free hour, she let him stay, curled up in the chair, vulnerable, but safe. Andrew was mad when Betsy showed up in Columbia after Drake because he knew how much this would hurt, for him and for her, and she already knew. He didn’t get to tell her this time. How long had she been letting herself think and her mind wander about what had happened on her drive to get him?
I don’t think Aaron ever finds out. Andrew has kept so much of his trauma sheltered from Aaron that I think he probably keeps this to himself, too. Maybe it slips out at one of their joint sessions, but Andrew doesn’t talk about his time at east haven specifically because he knows Proust will come up. I think finding out that, when Andrew was supposed to be getting better, he was being abused, oh man, that would kill him. Him and Andrew get closer post-TKM, but not that close. Aaron killed his Brothers rapist, and for a while when Andrew was committed he almost called Pig Higgins to find out if anyone else hurt Andrew so he could kill them, too. I think if Andrew told Aaron it would change something in their relationship that they might not be able to fix at the stage their relationship was at post-TKM and for a while into the future.
Oh KEVIN, little knowing Kevin, skeptical Kevin, the Kevin who couldn’t keep that dark part of his mind quiet, the part that told him Riko was behind Drake. Kevin knew what he was capable of to an extent I don’t think anybody else, even anyone on the Ravens, knew. He told Andrew at his “audition” for the Ravens he could take him off his meds, that he could do anything he needed. Kevin knew Riko had friends in powerful and important places far more than Neil knew. To Neil, before Proust, it was cops, judges, doctors, people with importance and power. Kevin knew it was the receptionists who would sign the right paperwork at the right time, to make sure everything would fall into the right hands. He knew it was the janitors, who would turn a blind eye to whatever mess they found, or the security who would kindly delete whatever security footage you asked, no questions or qualms. Kevin knew it wasn’t just the doctors; it was the people prescribing medication, it was the student assistants, it was the people who shut the doors behind them. So when Betsy said Easthaven, and Neil said Riko bought the prosecution on Drake’s trial, and then Neil said do you know what he’ll do to Andrew if I don’t go? Kevin knew without being told. That sentiment was enough. Riko’s sick, sadomasochistic nature, and the lengths he’d seen him go to before? If Riko said go, Proust would do whatever he wanted. Kevin knew from the second Neil punched Riko in the face at the Christmas Banquet what was going to happen to Andrew. It took a month after Andrew’s return, a month of sheepish looks and barely being able to look him in the eye, before Andrew snapped and asked him what the hell was wrong with him, surely he’d been around as many victims in the nest that this wasn’t new to him? Kevin only had to say “Riko.” And then a stuttered, “Your Doctor in Easthaven-” before Andrew reached beneath his bands and threatened him with a knife and then Kevin had his answer. He never found out details, and he never asked again.
Also, Andrew spilled a secret or two about a corrupt doctor to Renee at their sparring sessions, but she never asked, and he never told. Renee had never seen Andrew properly sober before, but she could still read him well enough to know something terrible had happened. She told him she was there for him but all that got her was a trip to the ground and a smile-without-a-smile from Andrew, a finger over his lips to tell her to be quiet, but a nod in understanding. Renee knew enough about Andrew’s past to know something bad went on in Easthaven, but to her, that was all she needed to know.
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