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Tutti i diritti riservati. I mie disegni non possono essere ne riprodotti ne utilizzati senza il mio permesso
All rights reserved. My drawings  can’t be reproduced  or used  without my permission.

Optimus Prime è proprietà della Hasbro./ Optimus Prime is the property of the Hasbro.
(Traduzione italiano/inglese by Google Traduttore)

My art © Me
Optimus Prime (Transformers Prime) © Hasbro

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Imagine a year after TFP Predacons Rising… And one day Bumblebee, Bulkhead and Arcee find Starscream walking aimlessly around Cybertron. Arcee and Bulkhead start yelling and accusing. But Bumblebee asks: “How did you survive the predacons!?“ 

Starscream just looks at them, no emotion on his face and says: “I didn’t.” And then the Autobots finally look at the seeker, really look at him and realize that he is transparent and his optics are pure white. 

Starscream smiles sadly. “I guess my luck finally ran out…”

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My followers: hey can u draw normal shit

Me:  b ug m ou th ! 😀😋😊😉🤗🤩 haha buggy! bugy mouttth haha

So yeah anyway this au has become my new brainrot and you all have to suffer through it. HEADCANON TIME!

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