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Tfp show review!!:

Now that the shows over, let’s get to the pros and cons!


  • The animation was LOVELY. You hardly see any errors, most you get is the occasional clipping, and even then, they aren’t G1 levels of distracting.
  • The backgrounds and surroundings. Gorgeous.
  • The fact that this show, while serious, has the capacity for humor, is honestly great. Its very well timed.
  • Wordplay and puns abound. It’s magical, befitting the most daddest of jokes.
  • The bonds between the humans and their Cybertronian guardians. It felt realistic and genuinely caring.
  • Lob ball. Simple, good shit.
  • The double meaning in episode names. TMI was LITERALLY too much information for Bulkhead.
  • Starscream’s sounds.
  • Starscreams bullshit.
  • Starscream’s constant need for validation.
  • Airachnid. Shut up.
  • The ACTION SCENES. Are the best I’ve seen in any series. Its realistic, its gorgeous, and no two fighting styles are exactly the same.
  • The humans are ACTUALLY helpful holy shit. I was shook when they needed the humans in ways that made SENSE.
  • The different character interactions. From Arcee to Cliffjumper, to Optimus and Dreadwing. So many characters are given thought and interactions. Its lovely.
  • The poor Steves. Fucking idiots who deserve cookies after fucking up construction.
  • Soundwave having the only braincell in the decepticons.
  • Knockout constantly trying to get dicked down.
  • Slight nods to older generations like g1 and beast wars.
  • Fowler and June not only being good characters, but capable, with the kids interest in mind.
  • The fact that you will care. At some point, for some character, you will be attatched to a character. And it WILL fuck you up.
  • Cybertronian biology and technology. Is so good and satisfying.
  • Voice acting is 100% on point. You wiill not be disappointed here, especially with Knockout and Starscream.
  • Theres hand drawn scenes in some cases. They. Are GORGEOUS. Completely.
  • The constant twists and turns with characters. You are GUARANTEED to be surprised at some point.
  • Character progression, especially Smokescreen’s and Arcee’s. So good, SO satisfying.


  • The mouth movements sometimes make me REALLY uncomfortable. Like I sometimes want them to shit the hell up with how they move.
  • Jack. He’s just. He’s not AWFUL, he’s just my least favorite kid, and I hate how he’s made to feel so special. Tbh, I think getting rid of him, giving Miko a chance to be mature at times, and just roping June herself as the guiding figure would’ve been great. In my opinion.
  • Megatron fucks up his chances of success so often, just because he wants to be a dick. All he had to do was be nice a few fucking times and he might’ve fucking won the war.
  • Fuck Silas. I like the whole MECH idea, but Silas just isn’t an interesting bad guy to me.
  • This one is a big ass gripe of mine. Blackarachnia and Breakdown were killed off, purely because they were low on budget. Because they paid the Rock ONCE to voice act. I approve of how they died, they were creative, but the reason as to WHY they had to, was just exhausting to me.
  • This is a smaller gripe. The theme of this series on the whole is ‘find something, cut off decepticons in the meantime, while simultaneously protecting the humans’. Its repeated with different objects. And its not necessarily BAD, it has lots of variety, but it’s a small gripe.
  • Dreadwing. His character was himself was great, but he felt rather wasted. I would’ve loved for him to join the autobots. Spoilers here, but in the movie, Knockout joins the autobots. It’s characteristic of him, sure, but it was kinda…random of Knockout to just join them and not someone like Dreadwing. Him and his brother just felt kinda wasted tbh?

To recap!!:

The gripes i have with this show are minimal. The show, on the whole, is VERY good, very heartfelt, very easy to meme on and laugh about. Its a feel good show, and it was my introduction to this fandom. On the whole? 9/10!

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Since I have to stay at home, I’m taking this time to finish all those wips I’ve never finished.

First one: this sweet giant boi too,he finally has a definite form



Straitjacket has a defect in the liquid’s regulator that allows him to spit fire, so this creates a “drool problem”. This is way he also doesn’t talk or open his intake often.

He’s very calm and silent, except when enraged or afraid, in that case his bestial and predatory side comes out violently.

Sometimes he is also sweet,caring…a lovely giant bot.

Compared to his brother, he treats his victims better and doesn’t attack unless threatened or hungry.

Straitjacket is afraid of crowds and being touched (even if they’re bots that he has known for a long time, he still has difficulty to shake their servo or receiving an encouragement pat)

He has an absolute love for all types of felines, robotics and organics; always remains with the main optics covered with the visor, in shame and shyness (he doesn’t have much confidence in his ‘predacon look’ like his brother)

Carnation and Straitjacket, as diverse as black and white.

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I’m the “look like them” anon, and I meant like, dressed up like them, sorry for the confusion! The way you interpreted it is cool too!

Ohhhhhhhh, that was my initial thinking, but I wasn’t sure!

There’s one statement that works for all of their reactions: They’re confused.

Optimus finds it kind of endearing that you ended up dressing in a similar way to his paintjob, even if it was unintentional.

Ratchet’s iffy. He doesn’t really know how to feel about it, aside from, at least there’s human medical attention here? He’s lost.

Arcee thinks it’s cute but won’t articulate it that way. She mentions how she likes your jacket and leaves it at that.

Bumblebee is just confused. How did this happen???

Smokescreen is more or less just thinking “unintentional twining” while his door wings flutter to exert the happy.

Bulkhead makes sure you know that he likes your outfit. “It looks good on you!”

Wheeljack is a cheeky little rat and makes subtly flirtatious comments about it

Ultra Magnus has no words other than “how?”

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While I’m on the subject of things that don’t make sense in TFP but that DON’T bother me, or that I find hilarious:

1) The fact that Starscream, an F-17 jet, is the same size as the carformers. That’s something TFA did right: the Autobots should be at least half the size of the Decepticons, at least the flying ones. (This would also highlight the fact that they’re basically a bunch a civilians fighting against heavily armed, trained warriors a lot better too)
        -On the same note, the fact that Arcee and Airachnid are the same size. On what world is a motorcycle the same size as a helicopter.

2) Optimus and Ultra Magnus have entire BEDROOMS inside them somewhere

3) And don’t let me get started on what Ratchet probably has. It’s already 100% canon that he has sirens, but what about all the other stuff? Does he know what it’s for, or that he even has it in the first place?
       -Again on this note: Orion Pax, the archivist, had airhorns (probably)

4) The fact that Bulkhead can play music in root mode isn’t that strange, but his having to manually flick a hidden switch on his chest to do so IS

5) The Wreckers’ aforementioned daughter pocket (not my term lol) which is something I’ve already commented on extensively in a different post

6) Out of all the Decepticons, Soundwave is the one most stuffed with bombs, yet he never uses them? Actually, why is Starscream the only one to use missiles, when they’re shown to cause more impact than blasters? Dreadwing loves explosives, so whyyyyyyyyy

7) Predaking sounding like an angry goose (which is pretty terrifying actually, nvm)

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How would ratchet, Optimus and bulkhead react to a reader who is having an asthma attack, or is just having some sort of trouble with their asthma.

I don’t know a lot about asthma, but I tried


•Ratchet knows of your medical condition but he had never really seen it in action so to speak

•You’re holding your chest and wheezing pretty badly

•You ask him to get your inhaler from your backpack and he almost rips the bag because he is in such a hurry and he has big hands

•The asthma attack passes and you’re okay, just a bit out of breath still

~Optimus Prime~

•Optimus is aware of your condition and I swear he probably carries an inhaler in his glove box for emergencies

•When you have an asthma attack he kinda goes in his head like “OH NO!”, but on the outside he is calm and collected and there to help you


•When you say you have asthma, he has no idea what that means, but he is eager to learn

•And it’s good you told him, because when you eventually have an asthma attack he knows what you need

•Obviously he can’t do much, because it’s an asthma attack and you need your inhaler, or if it gets really bad, a ride to the hospital but he is there to make sure you get what you need

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Tfp with Optimus and bumblebee where they never have to feel jealous of their human s/o possibly wanting to get with someone else who is human or another bot because they give the most genuine and wholesome compliments to the two bots? S/o thinks they’re bot is just an awesome person and love having them around and it shows. (If someone tries flirting they get ignored). (Oh can we have starscream or knockout too? Be interesting a cons reaction to this).

I’ll do these 4 ‘cause its just 1 more but please read my rules please. 3 characters per prompt.

TFP Optimus

  • After all the trauma he’s suffered how could he have gotten a piece of light like them
  • He happily returns the genuine compliments with his own. Optimus calls them traditional names of affection like ‘my love’.
  • He does have his own insecurities about being in a inter-species relationship but SO is quick to counter any worries with warm affection.

TFP Bumblebee

  • Sincerely flattered that he’s got their attention and has them as a partner
  • Bumblebee is always flustered when they give him these compliments. SO, please stop he’s getting embarrassed.
  • Very easy to tell when he’s flustered and if SO is constant in giving compliments, then his doorwings are fluttering all over the place all day,everyday
  • He’s got insecurities but he talks to them about it and just reassures them by telling SO that he would never take what they have for granted.

TFP Starscream

  • Finally someone who’s loyal to him!
  • Starscream was expecting the usual kiss ass routine that he gives others
  • However he becomes a complete mess when they pay him genuine compliments with a soft look on their face.
  • That can’t be right, maybe its a trick. He proceeds to loss his mind more when they’re out (he’s in holoform) and a stranger flirts with SO.
  • He thinks their intentions are revealed, and they are, when all eyes are still on him.

TFP Knockout

  • He knows that he’s got their attention and absolutely loves it
  • A part of him is eating the compliments up while the other part is quick to deflect them out of knowing that he is just that good
  • Knockout is quick to pay back the compliments.
  • Flirtatious compliments in front of others and heartfelt compliments and soft affection in private
  • Never had any worries when it came to the relationship. He’s Knockout why would they leave him for some ordinary human.
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@extrahorribledynne requested: Gimme some of that sweet aligned Optiratch. Optimus tries to get Ratchet to warm up to Earth, takes him to watch a pretty sunset and stargaze, see the natural beauty.

Optiratch: Stargazing

During the Golden Age, it was said that Cybertronians never truly said goodbye to their home when they journeyed through the space bridges, searching for new worlds and adventure out in the stars. They were all brought into being from the very core of the planet itself. Its lifeblood ran through their fuel lines. They were Cybertron.

So, why did Ratchet feel so disconnected from the odd world they now called home? Despite their unfortunate circumstances, his fellow Autobots took a liking to Earth, even warming up to the locals. Optimus loved to go on about how scenic everything was, how endlessly fascinating he found human cultures. 

Keep reading

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Does Nightlight have hobbies???

yes! she likes to sculpt and paint small sculptures, which she makes out of metal and, more recently with her time on earth, clay.


she also enjoys lurking and posting on The Big Conversation and different cybertronian imageboards, watching cartoons, and working with small machinery. 

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;the the equestrian thing for my ask, I meant they were a professional horse rider. Sorry.

Ohhhh! Okay! That’s also a pretty cute idea!

  • When Arcee met you, she was nervous. What were the others going to think of yet ANOTHER human being brought back
  • The others were rather calm when you explained that you were a horse rider and heard Arcee huffing and it made you concerned that there was a horse in danger
  • You helped her feel steady on her new feet, and you also helped her learn “controls” that would help her during battle
  • Click - buck
  • Cluck - kick
  • Whistle - trot/run (depending on duration)
  • Clanging (since it’s easy for bots to do) - rear back
  • She learns quickly, and you believe that she could learn a lot of neat little “party tricks”
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Hello! If your asks are still open, would you mind doing TFP cons reacting to a human they 'captured' (The human accidentally crawls into a random vheicons car to hide from... someone... while the vehicon is on patrol and now the vehicon takes them to megatron or some) , but the more time goes on the more they realize that the kid came from a bad home and now they're like 'Well? Frag. We cant be mean to them now." If you don't wanna write this its completely understandable, have a nice day. uwu
  • As soon as the words “I hate my home life” leave your mouth, the room falls silent
  • “Is.. is that why you crawled into 76589?”
  • “Yeah…”
  • They don’t know what to do
  • Megatron is the one who puts his pede down with the decision before anyone else said it
  • “You’re staying here. If they care so little for you know, why would they care if you go “missing”? You will live with us.”
  • The human ends up finding the nemesis to be their favorite place. So many entertaining things happen everyday, even if it’s a simple thing, such as someone tripping over their words
  • The cons love this little human as much as if they were their own little sparkling
  • The human doesn’t have to worry about anything hurting them, because they have at least 8 cons with maternal instincts ready to kill
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Okay, how about stuff like arcee gaining a horse alt mode, and HCs of a male equestrian reader helping her adjust to it, including tacking her up in the horse alt mode, and riding the horse alt mode around. That okay?

First of all, she’s hating it right at the beginning. Her legs feel all kinds of weird, and when she transforms it takes a little bit to even stand, let alone walk

(I’m going to make the reader a centaur, cause I couldn’t tell if that’s what you meant or not. If they’re supposed to transform into a horse I’m sorry, send another ask in. He’s going to be a cybertronian for the sake of being easier to write)

  • When Arcee met you, she was honestly astounded. You towered over her, even when she was in her new alt.
  • She was also shocked at how soft you were, your hooves were as big as her face and yet here you were, being as gentle as say Ratchet with certain types of repairs
  • When you offered to help her get used to well, walking and standing on her new legs, she was skeptical. Were you just doing it cause you felt she was weaker than you?
  • When you saw her look of “do you really think you can undermine me and get away with it?” You merely shook your head and explained that it was only natural to be clumsy with the new legs. You were once a filly too.
  • After you showed her some old clips your creators had tormented you with throughout your childhood, she believed you, and let you help her.
  • When it came time for you to show her some fun ways of kicking tail pipe, she was all for it. Hell yeah she wants to kick some cons aft into the next room, show her please
  • When you show her how powerful a kick from a hind leg could be, all she could was stare. Holy frag, that could kill someone, no matter where you hit them with it
  • After her few training sessions with you, she tells Optimus she wants to go on a mission again
  • He lets her as long as she brings someone along
  • She brought Bulkhead. And she had some much fun showing him her newfound roundhouse kick of doom
  • You feel like a proud parent
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