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#tg meme
4, 21, 26, 27

                                         - TG Ask Meme -

4: What’s your favorite quinque?


21: Is there a character with whom you share a birthday? If not, who are the characters born in the same month as you?

None :c
Tsukiyama Shuu, Shirazu Ginshi, Yamori, and Koma!

26: If you could meet Kaneki right before his date with Rize, what would you say to him?

I would hand him a photoshoped photo of her with a guy… so he’d skip the date.

27: If you could join any organisation in the TG universe, which one would it be and why?

Anteiku!! Peaceful, cozy, warm….COFFEE!!

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9 and 19!

                                             –  TG ASK MEME

9: List the 3 moments that made you laugh the most.

  • When everyone was trying to drag Saiko out of bed XD
  • When Arima was telling Hirako he should have at least cut an arm out of Owl and Hirako’s like: … are ou for real?! XD
  • All the omakes tbh

19: You’re in the Attack on Titan universe! (Surprise!) You get to have a team of 5 TG characters of your choice, who do you choose and why?

  • Arima Kishou
  • Houji Kousuke
  • Kaneki Ken
  • Amon Koutarou 
  • Yomo Renji

…because they’re all very strong so I don’t have to worry about dying. Plus, having handsome people by my side *cough* is reassuring. 

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14, 15, 16 and 17!

                                       –  TG ASK MEME –

14: What’s your OTP (if you have one)?

Arifura: Arima Kishou x Fura Taishi 

15: List 3 other ships that you like except your OTP.

  • Mutsuki Tooru x Urie Kuki
  • Touken: Kirishima Touka x Kaneki Ken
  • HideKane: Hideyoshi Nagashika x Kaneki Ken

16: What are your top 3 BROTPs?

  • Hirako Take & Itou Kuramoto 
  • Hirako Take & Ui Koori
  • Amon Koutarou & Yonebayashi Saiko

17: Tell us 3 headcanons about your favorite character(s) or ship/friendship.

  • Fura used to notice whenever Arima was feeling bad, although Arima never really shows it… yet Fura can tell. Then, Fura would ask Arima to hop behind on his motorcycle. Fura would take him around the city for hours, then on a deserted road, driving and driving.. without saying a word. It always made Arima feel better.
  • Amon probably kept browsing the web for donuts made abroad. He kept wondering how they taste like. He even bookmarked some famous shops’ websites… one day he was determined to visit them when he travels abroad. 
  • Akira probably cries every once in a while, on lonely vacation days… She’d remember her parents… Seidou.. and Amon. She keeps a robust front every single day, for endless hours… sometimes, she just wants to scream out loud, but she cries instead. On the following day, no one can tell what happened… [I made myself cry].
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mutsuki and nico!!

Mutsuki: Are you afraid of anything?

what am I not scared of lol. I’m mostly scared of clowns and needles as weird as that sounds. Also big dogs scare me a lot but I’ve been working on it lol

Nico: What do you find attractive in a person?

honestly humor and kindness. I don’t like people who are arrogant and rude. Also if we’re talking psychical, I love build-ish arms (like some muscle but not body builder status) and pretty eyes.  

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Tsukiyama, Rita, Ayato and Saiko! (btw what a pretty theme aaaah )

Tsukiyama: Do you know a second language?

not fluently at all! Just bits and pieces! I can understand a lot of languages though lol



Ayato: What is your relationship with your siblings?

I have a really good relationship with my sibling! I only have a little brother, who has autism, and he’s literally the most caring and kind person in the world. 



Awwwww!!! Thank you so much! ; v ; I was a bit cautious with the graphic placement so I’m really glad it looks good!  

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yamori and saiko c:

Yamori: What is your guilty pleasure?

k dramas all the way

Saiko: Do you play video games? 

why yes I do! I play quite a few!

Thank you!

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Sasaki Haise: What’s your favorite book? Why?

Mutsuki Tooru: What makes you feel strong?

Ginshi Shirazu: Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? If you haven’t, do you want to?

Kuki Urie: What’s your greatest ambition? How far would you go to achieve it?

Saiko Yonebayashi: What’s your favorite game? What makes you love it?

Hanbee Abara: Who is the center of your world?

Suzuya Juuzou: How’s your relationship with your mother?

Akira Mado: Has anyone ever underestimated you? Did you prove them wrong?

Takeomi Kuroiwa: How’s your relationship with your father?

Arima Kishou: Would you rather be seen as untouchable, or hopelessly flawed?

Take Hirato: Is there anyone you hate?

Nutcracker: What makes you feel beautiful?

Uta: If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be?

Takizawa Seidou: What’s your favorite food?

Tsukiyama Shuu: If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Kanae Von Rosewald: What’s your favorite flower? What does it mean to you?

Hinami Fueguchi: If you had to give up one of your five senses to sharpen the others, what would you give up?

Karao Saeki: What’s the most attractive part of the human body?

Noro: How do you usually wear your hair?

Roma Hoito: Are you clumsy?

Touka Kirishima: Who would you wait for? 

Ayato Kirishima: Would you risk your life for someone you loved?

Eto: Do you have any artistic talents?

Chie Hori: How many pictures are on your phone? 

Mirumo Tsukiyama: How do you deal with your emotions?

Matsumae: Who do you protect?

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I took this from vetur02 who does amazing TG art, you guys should check it out.

get to know your fellow fans! reblog/repost this survey and fill it in ^^ (make sure to reblog it as text and not a link, otherwise you won’t be able to edit the whole thing!)

  1. manga fan/anime fan/both? The manga is definitely better but I love both. It’s nice to see iconic scenes animated.
  2. your favorite ghoul character: Kaneki and Tsukiyama are tied
  3. your favorite human character: Kaneki and Amon are tied!!
  4. favorite ghoul investigator: Since I picked Amon for human already he automatically counts but I’m going to say Suzuya Juuzou in second place
  5. favorite dead character: Ahh this is so hard to answer because?? it might mean admitting I think some ‘missing’ characters are dead T__T I’m going to say Seidou. He was so precious and the chapter where he had to write his will was really touching.
  6. character that you grew to like: Tsukiyama. I saw him in the anime first and I thought his creepiness was off the scale. It was only after I read the manga that I realised the anime had made him way more ridiculous and his character was actually really interesting.
  7. character that you grew to dislike: I don’t think there’s any characters I grew to dislike over the course of the series though our little traitors at the end probably deserve a special mention.
  8. a character that deserves more love: Yomo ;w;
  9. character everyone dislikes but you like: I don’t know, I haven’t really seen a lot of character hate?? I guess there’s still a lot of people who don’t care for Tsukiyama.
  10. character everyone likes that you dislike: I don’t think there is one.
  11. favorite pairing: ShuuNeki/TsukiKane/whatever it’s called, without a doubt
  12. pairing you don’t think you’ll ever ship: Touka and Kaneki. I think they’re cute but I don’t ship it like some people do.
  13. character you will never love: Man I already said I don’t really dislike anyone.
  14. character you would fuck: ahahahhhahahahhahhhhhhh…. Tsukiyama?? and um Tatara don’t ask why
  15. character you would like to see get beat up: Ayato. Again OwO. Also Uta probably. Tsukiyama.
  16. kurokane or shirokane? I can’t choooose I love them both for very different reasons!!
  17. anteiku, ccg, aogiri, restaurant, or kaneki’s group? Aogiri are so so so interesting aaaaa~
  18. how do you like your coffee? Black without sugar, just like a ghoul!
  19. if you were a ghoul, what would be your kagune type? I’d probably be a bikaku. Maybe a rinkaku! I don’t have the speed or strength for the other two.
  20. last thoughts? this series was probably both the best and worst thing to happen to me in years.

Thank u for your time uwu

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