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  • Akira: Alright Seidou, you take the 500 ghouls on the left, I’ll take the 500 on the right.

  • Seidou: Screw you, I’m taking 501.

  • Akira: That’s the spirit.
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  • Saiko: [ tears up ]

  • Urie: We are not in that stage of our friendship yet. Please do not cry in front of me.
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the birth of fruit-chan

i gotta hand it to ishida-sensei considering how smoothly he placed furuta in the story as a side character

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baby takizawa ;_;

reblog for good luck and future pineapples

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Tokyo Ghoul makes my heart ache with sorrow :((( i just want them to be happy and loved and cherished

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oh my god i forgot about this wtf xdddd

i cant im wheezing too hard

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i am now a ken keneki fanpage. no i will not be taking suggestions.

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Yeah, ikr!! And i think, Hsaio would definitely own a pair cuz of Saiko even if she doesn’t wear them. Hairu probably had (it hurts to write in the past tense. I wrote ‘have’ and remembered her fate) something pink and something with polka dots. Maybe even tiger pattern. Official arts by sensei does imply that she liked those kind of patterns. I have a feeling Takizawa would have a yellow pair. Urie might have a dark purple pair. And Mutsuki would like beige and deep green coloured. Hinami probably wears those floral ones, the ones with laces attached like flowers to the elastics. And I almost forgot about Tsukiyama. I wonder if there’s any colour or pattern socks he doesn’t have lol.God, I have so many headcanons about their socks!!! I mean it’s insane! Like, I didn’t even realize I had those until you mentioned.

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(First of all I do apologize for answering this so late)

I think a lot of them would actually, if they didn’t simply deny it or assume it was fake or a joke. There were plenty of die-hards at the time that would make a drama show about how they would drop the series if Thotken didn’t become canon/if Hidekane became canon instead. 

A certain Blog™ I remember even made a post, I think around the time people were celebrating for a potential turnaround for Hidekane, along the lines of “Ugh…I can’t take all this drama…the mods need a break from the series because there’s just too much going on and we can’t keep up 💔” And told their fans that they were taking a break from it, essentially until Thotken came back full-speed. And lo and behold, they came back only when their precious abuse ship got more attention. (I don’t exactly remember the timeline of events very well, but you get my point.)

But yeah, and pretty much the whole fandom was tied to the series with ships or fave characters at that point anyways. Theorists struggled to grasp what little info they could work with, and the main discussions in the fandom were only ships or character development, but not really the actual story.

I’m pretty sure even if Ishida came back for a glorious “fuck you”, those fans would probably still hide behind the “it’s canon” excuse anyways, so there might not actually be as much turmoil as I’m thinking 🤔 The real turmoil might be when the antis starte laughing about it and the die-hards would then attack them as a way to take out their anger probably.

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Since Mutsuki, I have a thing for green


Yes the color is grassy green on the color pan it just fades to a yellowish tone when I paint it onto the paper it is the dry grass green I don’t take criticism

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Alright I’ve just read a bunch of tg re salt posts that are super valid but now I gotta blow off some steam

So I’m gonna vent it off by rambling about an OC I made that was super gay for Eto and their backstory and shit

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