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when you think about it, kaneki becoming haise is actually very important ♡


right before he was haise, kaneki was bouncing in between shironeki (shiro kaneki, white haired kaneki) and centipede (his kakuja state). as y'all probably know shironeki was arguably one of the most self-hating and depressed versions of kaneki (the other one being oek kaneki or even black reaper) and centipede would only really come out whenever kaneki was in the worst possible mental state, the most unstable headspace.


by the end of tokyo ghoul (NOT :re) during the owl operation, kaneki can be said to be very irrational and depressed to the point where he bordered being suicidal. kaneki was in no shape to keep going living his life to the fullest. he would have kept running into the same wall of unmotivation and despair (ಥ﹏ಥ)


when kaneki was in the underground sewer as centipede and after that hide moment just happened, you know what I’m talking about :’( he inevitably met with arima. arima’s skill pretty much solidified the conclusion that kaneki would not make it. and babie boi did not make it. it kinda makes it feel like he actually died (kaneki dies like 5 times in the entire story God bless) and that kaneki is truly no longer. and that is true to some extent :’(

kuroneki (black haired kaneki) is l o n g gone after being tortured (even though he still carries some of his habits like holding his chin when lying and his love of books) and now shironeki is gone with evey stab through the eye oof I’m so sorry. essentially kaneki is gone while maybe not technically dead. as kaneki now enters into his new life as #240, he is m i s e r a b l e and wanting d e a t h (at that point arima was not a character I liked but we’ve passed that so we chill again). everything kaneki was and all of his worries like being strong enough for everyone, saving everyone, getting rid of the world’s evil and so on were now on full blast during #240.


H O W E V E R, arima and the ccg brainwashing telling him to choose a new name and giving no information on who he is or was even though they been knew who is he but okay starts to form a new person…

♡ H A I S E S A S A K I ♡


Originally posted by nemurenakute

now haise is basically just pure sweetness overload. he’s caring, he’s patient, he’s a great leader. i’ve read an analysis one time on how haise is probably the most accurate to kaneki’s true personality seeing as he remembers n o n e of the abuse or torture he withstood whether from his mom, his aunt, other kids, rize, yamori/aogiri tree, or arima. he’s in a way “free” from the pain of his past. kaneki’s personality changes based on the people around him and he was hurt so much, his personality was buried under all that pain. so haise having temporary memory loss, in a way, gives kaneki a break from constant remembering and reminders that life is suffering.


Originally posted by its-izzy-lol

while haise still struggles within himself especially with babie smol shironeki and centipede constantly talking to him inside his head, haise is relatively in a more stable spot than kaneki had been previously. from haise would come black reaper who only lasts for so long, oek kaneki who feels more stable yet just s o o o sad :’(, dragoneki, (dragon kaneki,,he’s not conscious though poor babie), and finally to post dragoneki who is married, a father, and finally settled down ♡ IT’S WHAT HE DESERVES :’)


so the introduction of haise in a way ended some of the part of kaneki that was very hurt and in immense pain and guilt until it comes back after kaneki’s fight with juuzou oof my hEART NO </3


without haise, all of this might not have happened or at least would’ve taken a lot longer to happen and kaneki might’ve been suffering even longer (ಥ﹏ಥ)

in conclusion, APPRECIATE HAISE OR ELSE >:(

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Requests Open

FOLLOW MY RULES OR ELSE (i get hella bitchy if you break my rules). 

This includes the character lists! I will not write for anyone not listed in the character lists for each fandom. 

I had 9 requests in my inbox, and they have been in there for who knows how long, so i deleted them. They have probably been in there since July. So I wanted to start fresh, and I am in the mood to write. So here we go. 

You can request: 

One shots


If you have ANY questions let me know! 

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can you imagine if yoriko finally put her foot down and said enough is enough! imagine if yoriko was as observant as hide is and what she would’ve done differently with touka… I think yoriko would’ve been a baddie if she knew that touka was a ghoul. she would’ve gone the distance to make sure her bestest friend was F E D and H E A L T H Y >:(


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Here are my rules for matchups

Minimum requirements:

- 3 positive personal traits (qualities)

- 3 negative personal traits (flaws)

- at least 1 hobby?? Pls??

Other things you can add on:

- music taste (I’m very music-oriented so this can help me a lot)

- appearance

- traits you look for/don’t like in others

- star signs, personality types, Hogwarts houses, etc…

- fun facts about yourself!!

And remember:

The more information you send in, the more I can write for you!!! I base my matchups on the logical stuff and personality compatibility.


- Haikyuu!! (I’m not caught up with the manga!!)

- BNHA (I’m not caught up with the manga, so it might only be 1-A, 1-B, the Big Three, LOV…)

- Tokyo Ghoul (I finished this one lolol)

Types of matchups

Regular: in which you give me all the information necessary and I match you up with a character! From then on, I’ll give a few points as to why I’ve matched you up and I’ll give you four songs that remind me of the two of you! (Valid for Haikyuu!!, Tokyo Ghoul And BNHA)

Musical: in which you give me all the information necessary and I match you up with a character yet again! From then on, I’ll put together a playlist (10-15) songs that remind me of you and the character (or your relationship) (Valid for Haikyuu!!, Tokyo Ghoul And BNHA)

Team/school: in which you give me all the information necessary and I try to pair you up with a school/team that fits your personality! I usually try to make it so that your result has you fairly close with the team I chose!! (Valid for Haikyuu!!)

Class: in which you give me all the information necessary and I try to pair you up with a class and friend group! (Valid for BNHA)

Species: in which you give me all the information necessary and I try to decide if you’re a ghoul or a human!! If ghoul, I’ll determine a kagune type and a clan. If human, I’ll give you a brief description of how I think your human life would go (work-wise) (Valid for Tokyo Ghoul)

Please make sure to request one type and one fandom per ask! If you’d like more than one type/fandom, you can send the two (or more) requests separately!


For Haikyuu fans, I totally recommend starting with the regular match up and then asking for a school one!! This way, I can merge both of them and you really do be feeling like you’re the main character. 👁👄👁

Note: I’ve been away from the Haikyuu fandom for like two years, so I’ve yet to update myself with some of the characters!! For BNHA, I’m still rather familiar, but there again I haven’t updated myself with the anime/manga!!

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Thank you too! Thoughtful things like this mean a lot to me and it makes me so happy to have my efforts recognized. I really appreciate it tons and you’re right I absolutely adore and love my followers!! 🥺🌸✨

🌨: snowstorm headcanons

Eto loves snowstorms solely for the fact that it means she gets to spend all day indoors with her favorite person: You. She doesn’t usually get downtime, so she’s going to take full advantage of this day. You both sleep in later than usual because you have no specific plans for the day. She uses the snowstorm as a perfect excuse to snuggle up with you all day. 

Whenever you decide to make yourself a meal, she sits on the counter next to you kicking her feet back and forth, teasing you occasionally. She always makes comments about humans food and how it looks so good, but tastes so foul.

After you’re done eating you both cuddle on the couch, watching the snowstorm from the warmth of your home. The view looks serene, the peaceful gray sky and trees covered in the white. It’s calming. 

Later on while you’re having some downtime Eto decides to work on her latest novel, you lay near her while she’s working on it constantly asking her about what she’s writing.  it’s a very chill day; you feel so lucky to get to share this time with her. 

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