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12 Days of Ho - Day 7


Yomo and 117
Prompt: “Stop being so cute.”

Requested by @miadraws0
Warnings: some fluffy smut, so none really.

Renji is usually not so… so… relaxed? While he has his moments sometimes when he’s obviously softer, but not like this. A smile on his face, that’s what it is. It’s so out of place, but so beautiful gracing his face. He drops his keys in the glass dish on the shelf by the door before coming in to greet you.

“What’s gotten into you?” You kiss his cheek softly and he frowns at you.

“Oh, sorry. Let me just look miserable.” He stops smiling, making himself look angry and slightly sad.

“Stop it!” You giggle using your thumbs to force his lips back into a smile. “I didn’t mean it like that, and you know it!” He moves your hands from his face, but retains his previous smile. He leans down, wrapping his arms around you.

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I HATE it when a beautifully crafted story gets a nonsense ending that makes no justice to neither the worldbuilding nor the characters. As a creator one has a responsibility towards one’s creations. You don’t let the entire motif of the story and the individual personalities of the characters go to waste just because you want to rush the ending of the story. You made them ALIVE. Creating massive settings and casts is amazing, but if you then let that enormous set of contrasting forces wipe off the individual entities, you have lost control as an author. If you forget the sacred rule of fiction that things need to make sense and follow a pattern of cause and effect in order for the story to be solid [even if in real life things don’t always go like this], you are an immature writer. It’s not a matter of how innovative your ideas are, how realistic your characters: if in your order of priorities the top one is only making sure that everything falls in place into a well established trope in time for the ending credits, even if it butchers all that you’ve carefully devised up to that point, then you are dismembering everything that you’ve given life to and disappointing those that follow your story. Shame.

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I’m just dealing with a lot of past trauma processing and re reading Tokyo ghoul is honestly helping a lot.

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Here are the links to all my masterlists, organized by fandom. My requests are always open, just follow my rules when requesting something. 

Note: these are only one shots or commissions. I’m not including all my of my works, including hcs or drabbles, because there is simply just too many of them. You can easily find all that content by searching my blog with tags. I always tag hcs and drabbles with the character’s name. I’m only adding my favorite ones. 



2020 Kinktober

Tokyo Ghoul

 ☾JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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Tokyo ghoul has ended. For good. But my love for Kaneki? hell no.

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Remembering that Seidou was in love with Akira the whole time, probably still is, probably always will be but acknowledging and even assisting her to be happy with Amon will always mess me up….like that’s real selfless love ok.

They weren’t friends either, they were bickering rivals…he envied her talent and wanted to reach her level, yet when it really came down to it he just wanted what was best for her and made her happy: Koutarou Amon.

But Seidou didn’t completely luck out like it seems he did at the end, no, he got something he always wanted…

He became Akira’s hero.

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Touka in Kaneki’s mask. I thought it would be cute. I haven’t posted in a while so have a cute doodle.

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‘’Kaneki was a bit of a self-insert, so he was a difficult character to write until the end.’’- ISHIDA SUI


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